[SCM] Samba Shared Repository - annotated tag tdb-1.4.1 created

Stefan Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Tue Aug 20 13:39:33 UTC 2019

The annotated tag, tdb-1.4.1 has been created
        at  3d3f37db288036eac7025a7e769e3555484529e3 (tag)
   tagging  75cad1d79f68a8a81e24c74b42fadaaa13812e7a (commit)
  replaces  ldb-1.6.3
 tagged by  Stefan Metzmacher
        on  Tue Aug 20 15:39:26 2019 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
tdb: tag release tdb-1.4.1


Aaron Haslett (18):
      paged_search: perf testing paged search
      ldb: cmocka test for empty attributes bug
      lmdb: iterate_range cmocka testing
      ldb: <= and >= indexed searching
      ldb: activating <= and >= indexing for integers
      ldb: tests for <= and >= integer indexing
      ldb: version 2.0.0
      samdb: test for schemainfo update with relax control
      dsdb:samdb: schemainfo update with relax control
      selftest: tagging tests for new schemaupgrade_dc target
      repl: test for schema object and LA repl across chunks
      selftest: split schemaupgrade testenv out
      ldap: test for empty attributes list
      selftest: correcting empty attribute usage in requests
      ldb: removing alloc from unpack_data
      ldb: perf test for pack format
      ldb: removing msg and dn copying from filter attrs
      ldb: remove unpack only attr list functionality

Amitay Isaacs (3):
      ctdb-common: Avoid race between fd and signal events
      ctdb-tests: Add reqid wrapping test
      ctdb-common: Fix memory leak in run_proc

Andreas Schneider (97):
      s3:lib: Increase debug level for messaging_send_buf message
      s3:script: Fix running rsync in fake_snap.pl
      s3:script: Fix running cp in modprinter.pl
      libcli: Use a define for the SMB_SUICIDE_PACKET
      s3:smbd: Make clear that we got a suicide packet
      s3:torture: Move the init of the locking out of the loop
      s3:torture: Improve the debug message output
      s3:waf: Fix the detection of makdev() macro on Linux
      third_party: Update socket_wrapper to version 1.2.3
      selftest: Increase nss_wrapper max host entries handling
      docs: Update smbclient manpage for --max-protocol
      s3:utils: Add 'smbstatus -L --resolve-uids' to show usernames
      selftest: Add smbstatus to testhelper
      s3:tests: Add test for smbstatus and smbstatus --resolve_uids
      s3:libads: Print more information when LDAP fails
      s3:libsmb: Add some useful debug output to cliconnect
      auth:creds: Prefer the principal over DOMAIN/username when using NTLM
      s3:libnet: Use more secure name for the JOIN krb5.conf
      s3:libads: Make sure we can lookup KDCs which are not configured
      lib:util: Add support to keep talloc chunks secret
      lib:util: Add test for talloc_keep_secret()
      lib:util: Include talloc_keep_secret.h in samba_util.h
      autobuild: Build also Samba AD with MIT Kerberos
      s3:modules: Fix size types
      s4:heimdal: Disable format truncation warnings
      bootstrap: Fix dnf commands
      bootstrap: Add missing packages on RPM distributions
      bootstrap: Add missing packages for XFS quota support
      bootstrap: Add glusterfs and cephfs packages
      gitlab-ci: Enable fedora29 and update generated dists
      gitlab-ci: Remove Ubuntu 14.04
      lib:audit_logging: Use C99 initializer for server_id in audit_logging
      s3:lib: Use correct C99 initializer for 'struct flock' in messages_dgm
      s4:dsdb: Use C99 initializer in dsdb util_trusts
      s3:libsmb: Fix C99 initializer in cli_smb2_fnum.c
      wafsamba: Enable warnings for missing field initializer
      gitlab-ci: Install missing krb5-kdc package on Ubuntu/Debian
      bootstrap: Only install required packages on Fedora
      bootstrap: Only install required packages on openSUSE
      gitlab-ci: Update for building new containers
      replace: Add ZERO_ARRAY_LEN() macro
      lib:util: Sync memory.h with replace.h
      waf: Add mandatory requirement for GnuTLS >= 3.2.0
      s3:tls: Remove #ifdef for GnuTLS
      s4:rpc_server: Remove obsolete gcrypt init
      waf: Remove configure steps from source4/lib/tls
      waf: Move gnutls_pkcs7_get_embedded_data_oid to main gnutls file
      waf: Add check for gnutls_x509_crt_set_subject_unique_id()
      waf: Move check for gnutls_aead_cipher_init to main gnutls wscript
      waf: Remove unused GNUTLS defines
      s3:modules: Use GnuTLS SHA256 in vfs_acl_common
      s4:utils: Use gnutls SHA256 in oLschema2ldif
      s4:libcli:smb2: Use GnuTLS SHA256 HMAC for signing
      libcli:auth: Use GnuTLS SHA256 HMAC for credentials
      libcli:auth: Add return code for netlogon_creds_init_hmac_sha256()
      libcli:smb: Use GnuTLS SHA256 HMAC in smb2_key_derivation()
      libcli:smb: Use GnuTLS SHA256 HMAC in smb2_signing_sign_pdu()
      libcli:smb: Use GnuTLS SHA256 HMAC in smb2_signing_check_pdu()
      libcli:smb: Introduce a structure for the smb2_singing_key
      libcli:smb: Use 'struct smb2_signing_key' in smbXcli_base.c
      s3:librpc: Rename the data blobs for keys in smbXsrv.idl
      s3:librpc: Add smb2_signing_key to smbXsrv.idl
      s3:smbd: Start to use the smb2_signing_key structure
      libcli:smb: Add smb2_signing_key_destructor()
      libcli:smb: Use smb2_signing_key for smb2_signing_sign_pdu()
      libcli:smb: Use smb2_signing_key for smb2_signing_check_pdu()
      auth:gensec: Use GnuTLS SHA256 HMAC for schannel
      auth:gensec: Add return code for netsec_do_sign()
      lib:crypto: Remove unused SHA256 and HMAC SHA256
      lib:torture: Fix size type in torture macro
      s4:samdb: Make sure value is initialized with 0
      waf: Also check for gnutls_privkey_export_x509()
      bootstrap: Fix yum commands
      bootstrap: Make sure that the python3 interpreter is installed
      bootstrap: Move to python 3.6 on CentOS
      bootstrap: Install correct python modules on CentOS7
      gitlab-ci: Enable building on CentOS7
      libcli:smb: Use GnuTLS SHA512 in smbXcli_base
      s3:smbd: Use GnuTLS SHA512 in smb2 server
      s3:smbd: Use GnuTLS SHA512 in smb2 session setup
      lib:crypto: Remove unused SHA512
      ctdb: Fix format in db_hash_test
      wafsamba: Enable warnings about format overflows
      wafsamba: Enable warnings about zero-length formats
      s4:auth: Fix debug statement in gensec_gssapi
      s3:rpc_server: Do not free the tdbname before we printed it
      s4:ntvfs: Do not free eadb before we printed an error
      s4:torture: Do not print NULL strings we just checked before
      lib:torture: Fix string comparison macros where we directly pass NULL
      s4:torture: Do not free full_name before we printed it
      ctdb:common: Do not print NULL if we don't get a sockpath
      s3:winbindd: Do not free db_path in idmap_tdb2 before we printed it
      s3:utils: If share is NULL in smbcquotas, don't print it
      s3:utils: If share is NULL in smbcacls, don't print it
      s3:smbspool: Fix regression printing with Kerberos credentials
      gitlab-ci: Install libtasn1-tools on Fedora based distributions
      s3:libsmb: Add missing OOM check in fill_quota_buffer()

Andrew Bartlett (32):
      selftest: Correct name of flapping smb2.notify test
      CVE-2019-3870 pysmbd: Include tests to show the outside umask has no impact
      CVE-2019-3870 pysmbd: Move umask manipuations as close as possible to users
      CVE-2019-3870 pysmbd: Ensure a zero umask is set for smbd.mkdir()
      ldb_kv: Skip @ records early in a search full scan
      ldb: Avoid calling talloc_get_type() in ldb_kv_parse_data_unpack()
      ndrdump: change behaviour of flags to operate as flags
      selftest: Move simple-dc-steps.sh to correct folder
      build: Remove build of replacetort
      replace: Fix "make test" to actually test libreplace
      talloc: Follow pattern of ldb and tdb to ensure "make test" depends on a build
      pidl: No longer use Python3 compat define: PyInt_FromLong -> PyLong_FromLong
      pidl: Always call PyLong_FromLongLong() in ndr_PyLong_FromLongLong()
      pidl: Always call PyLong_FromUnsignedLongLong() in ndr_PyLong_FromUnsignedLongLong()
      pidl: Call PyLong_FromLongLong() directly rather than via inline helper
      pidl: Call PyLong_FromUnsignedLongLong directly rather than via inline helper
      build: Remove ndr_PyLong_FromUnsignedLongLong wrapper from NT_STATUS and W_ERROR table generator
      s4-winbindd: Removed unused wb_utils.c
      lib/tls: Remove unused source4/lib/tls/tls.c (tls socket wrapper)
      torture: Remove unused torture_ldap_connection2()
      torture: Remove unused torture_join_server_dn_str()
      torture: Remove unused dsdb_attribute_ldb_to_drsuapi()
      libnet: Remove unused source4/libnet/libnet_samsync_ldb.c
      libnet: Remove unused source4/libnet/libnet_sam{dump,sync}:
      ldb_kv: Remove incorrect reference to LDB_UNPACK_DATA_FLAG_NO_DN
      ldb_kv: Use ldb_msg_add_steal_value() in msg_add_distinguished_name()
      ldb: move ldb_kv's filter into pack code
      ldb: Release ldb 2.0.1
      s4 dsdb/repl_meta_data: allocate new extended DNs during ADD on a better context
      tdb: Do not return errors from tdb_repack() in the tail of tdb_transaction_commit()
      dsdb: Add tests for large LDAP responses
      tdb: Release tdb 1.4.1

Anoop C S (2):
      s3/vfs_glusterfs: Dynamically determine NAME_MAX
      s3/vfs_glusterfs_fuse: Dynamically determine NAME_MAX

Björn Baumbach (6):
      samba-tool: fix some typos
      doc: add missing samba-tool user edit documentation
      doc: fix typos in samba-tool documentation
      doc: add missing "samba-tool computer" entry
      doc: add missing "samba-tool ou" entry
      s4:rpc_server: add missing newline to error debug message

Christof Schmitt (25):
      memcache: Introduce struct for storing talloc pointer
      memcache: Properly track the size of talloc objects
      memcache: Increase size of default memcache to 512k
      torture: Add test for talloc size accounting in memcache
      vfs_full_audit: Fix logging of get_real_filename output
      nsswitch: Add testcase for checking output of wbinfo --sid-to-name
      winbind: Query domain from msrpc name_to_sid
      winbind: Query domain from winbind rpc name_to_sid
      winbind: Query domain from winbind sam_name_to_sid
      winbind: Return queried domain name from name_to_sid
      winbind: Use domain name from lsa query for sid_to_name cache entry
      nsswitch: Fix usage information of test_wbinfo_name_lookup.sh
      vfs_gpfs: Remove usage of gpfs_prealloc
      vfs_gpfs: Remove gpfs:prealloc from manpage
      gpfswrap: Remove unused gpfs_prealloc wrapper
      vfs_gpfs: Block punchhole calls for non-sparse files
      selftest: Add gid-to-sid lookup to idmap_ad test
      selftest: Use fl2008r2dc for ad_member_idmap_ad
      selftest: Make trusted domain information available for idmap_ad environment
      selftest: Add idmap configuration for trusted domain for idmap_ad
      selftest: Pass trusted domain information to idmap_ad test
      selftest: Add trusted domain tests for idmap_ad
      wscript: Remove checks for shm_open and shmget
      wafsamba: Add compiler check for missing field initializer check
      smbd: Move deadtime default to parameter definition and man page

David Disseldorp (9):
      vfs_snapper: drop unneeded fstat handler
      build: add explicit cephfs include path for vfs_ceph builds
      vfs_ceph: explicitly enable libcephfs POSIX ACL support
      docs/vfs_ceph: describe new ACL behaviour
      ctdb/build: fix ctdb_mutex_ceph_rados_helper builds
      vfs_ceph: fix cephwrap_flistxattr() debug message
      vfs_ceph: drop fdopendir handler
      vfs: add ceph_snapshots module
      docs: add vfs_ceph_snapshots manpage

Douglas Bagnall (76):
      selftest: use test smb.conf in provision
      perf-tests: rename paged search test for regex disambiguation
      spell "recursive"
      dsdb mods/extended_dn_store: used the ldb we already have
      dsdb/modules: minor comment typos in samba_dsdb
      autobuild: attempt authenticated email if environment suggests it
      ldb_kv_search: avoid handling uninitialised dn
      pytest/segfault: segfault with nameless element
      pyldb: avoid segfault when adding an element with no name
      s4/replmd: delete checks flag before laborious search
      s4/replmd delete: optimise attribute preservation with binary search
      dsdb/pytest/ldap: revive commented out test for attr size range
      dsdb/pytest/ldap: use idiomatic 'e' for exceptions
      s4/tests.py: shorten lines with common path
      dsdb pytests: test the effect of reordering modify requests
      pytests: try ldap.modify_order with normal user
      pytests: slightly better errors in Testcase.insta_creds()
      dsdb/modules: a module to count attribute searches and results
      script/attr_count_read: load and correlate all data
      talloc torture: avoid NULL dereference
      rpc/dnsdata: do not crash if message attr missing (CID: 1414773)
      rpc/dnsdata: avoid crash on missing attr (CID: 1414757)
      rpc/dns: leak less on memory failure (CID 1363191)
      rpc/dns: reduce the CID count on temporary variables
      s4/rpc/dns: check for IP address errors at startup
      s4/rpc/drsuapi/writespn: check the actual error code (CID 1034691)
      s4/rpc/dcerpc_roh_channel_out: check ndr_init (CID 1273065)
      s4/rpc/dcerpc_roh_channel_out: check ndr_init (CID 1273062)
      tdbtool: avoid theoretical NULL dereference (CID 1361462)
      lib/texpect: avoid theoretical NULL dereference (CID 1273099)
      s4/auth/sam: silence CID 1435849
      dsdb/modules/acl: avoid deref of missing data (CID 1107200)
      dsdb/modules/dirsync: avoid possible NULL dereference (CID 1034800)
      dsdb/modules/dirsync: remove useless function call
      dsdb/modules/dirsync: ensure attrs exist (CID 1107212)
      dsdb/modules/linked_attrs: remove pointless check (CID 240768)
      auth/creds/guess: avoid segfault with NULL lp (CID 241187)
      auth/creds/torture: add a test showing segfault
      pyrpc: ndr PY_CHECK_TYPE checks for NULL as well as type
      pyrpc: remove crutch for python <= 2.5
      ldb: avoid NULL deref in ldb_dn_from_ldb_val (CID 1034730)
      ldb_ldif: avoid NULL dereference with unexpected arguments (CID 1107195)
      ldb_map: check a return value (CID 241354)
      ldb_mdb: check fcntl return values (CID 1435851)
      ldb modules: paged_search checks control is not NULL (CID 241355)
      librpc/ndr: make push_charset_to_null UTF-16 safe (CID 1399648)
      s4/dnsserver: handle broken zone values in sort (CID 1414763, 1414769)
      s4/dnsserver: delay return when trying to log (CID 1444976)
      s4/dsdb/util_samr: check some return codes (CID 1444977)
      dsdb/mod/count_attrs: set ldb var before using it (CID 1444979)
      s4/ldap_bind: notice backend init failure
      s4/messaging: do not deref NULL state (CID 1437973)
      s4/policy/gp_filesys: avoid SIZE_MAX smbcli write (CID 1034779)
      ldb.h: improve comment for LDB_ATTR_FLAG_INDEXED
      ldb.h: spelling of 'means'
      dsdb/util: spell "equivalence"!
      kdb_kv_search: spell 'linearized'
      ldb: use ldb_msg_new(), not talloc/talloc_zero
      s4: use ldb_msg_new(), not talloc/talloc_zero
      dsdb/mod/extended_dn_out: zero whole fake_msg struct
      dsdb mods/extended_dn_out: remove element using ldb_msg api
      dsdb/replmd: use ldb_msg_remove_element()
      ldb_ldap: trust db_msg_new() to return empty message
      ldb_ldap: use ldb_msg API to add elements
      ldb/tools/ldbtest: initialise msg object
      ldb_kv: use ldb_msg_remove_element()
      ldb_msg: remove_element() checks element array bounds
      dsdb/mod/extended_dn_out: use faster removal filters
      dsdb mod/linked_attributes: fix_link_slow(): clarify a comment.
      s4/lib/policy/gp_ldap: use ldb API to find messages
      util/charset/convert_string: always set length
      util/charset/convert: do not overflow dest len
      util/charset/convert: do not overflow dest len in corner case
      util/charset/convert: when retrying, retry from the start
      util/charset/convert: do not pretend to realloc
      util/charset/torture: ensure each cp850 high bytes is 3 utf8 bytes

Fabrice Fontaine (1):
      test_regfio.c: include stdint.h before cmoka.h

Garming Sam (18):
      dlz: Add test to ensure there are writable zones
      acl_read: Fix regression caused by db15fcfa899e1fe4d6994f68ceb299921b8aa6f1 for empty lists
      libnet vampire: NULL access bug fix
      lmdb: iterate_range implementation
      ldb_kv_index: Make the edge keys slightly cleaner and generic
      ldb_kv_index: Add a giant comment in regards to index_format_fn
      schema_syntax: Add comments for our index format functions
      ldb: Add ORDERED_INTEGER to the proto-schema handling
      ldb: tests for <= and >= integer indexing with duplicates
      ldb_mdb: Add some warnings about poorly constructed callbacks
      ldb_kv: Remove unnecessary space
      ldb_mdb: Change function declaration as per README.coding
      ldb_kv: Avoid memdup of database records in the case of base searches
      tests/ldb_kv: Add another case for completeness
      selftest: rename schemaupgrade_dc (+pair) to schema_dc
      CID 1363287: Resource leak using str_list_append
      CID 1363286: Resource leak by failing to free tmp_ctx
      ldap: Add a database open after fork to speed-up prefork binds

Gary Lockyer (20):
      prefork tests: disable restart tests MIT
      flapping tests: Add samba3.smb2.notify
      lib ldb key_value: Remove index cache lazy initialisation
      lib ldb key_value: Pass index cache size
      lib ldb key_value: Add get_size method
      lib ldb key_value: set the cache size for re-indexing
      lib ldb key_value: Set index cache size on open
      python join: Set index transaction cache size.
      lib util debug: Increase format buffer to 4KiB
      s4 heimdal_build: disable leak checks for asn1 compiler
      selftest: Utils.cmd_output returns byte string
      nsswitch pam_winbind: Fix Asan use after free
      s4 dns_server Bind9: Log opertion durations
      s4 lib socket: Ensure address string owned by parent struct
      s4 librpc rpc pyrpc: Ensure tevent_context deleted last
      s3 rpc_client: Fix Asan stack use after scope
      s4 dsdb: fix use after free in samldb_rename_search_base_callback
      selftest: enable undefined behaviour sanitizer
      s4 dsdb/repl_meta_data: fix use after free in dsdb_audit_add_ldb_value
      samba_autoconf: fix undefined behaviour sanitizer compile flags

Guenther Deschner (3):
      s3:libnet: Fix debug message in libnet_DomainJoin()
      auth:ntlmssp: Add back CRAP ndr debug output
      s3:ldap: Leave add machine code early for pre-existing accounts

Günther Deschner (10):
      s3-libnet_join: always pass down admin domain to ads layer
      s3-libnet_join: setup libnet join error string when AD connect fails
      s3-libnet_join: allow fallback to NTLMSSP auth in libnet_join
      lib/replace: define NAME_MAX for platforms that don't have it
      s4-torture: include torture/util.h in lease break handler
      s4-torture: add new smb2 multichannel suite skeleton.
      s4-torture: move oplock break handler out of the replay testsuite.
      s4-torture: add test for interface information retrieval for multichannel.
      s4-torture: add torture_block/torture_unblock smb2 transport functions
      Revert "lib/replace: define NAME_MAX for platforms that don't have it"

Isaac Boukris (2):
      CVE-2018-16860 selftest: Add test for S4U2Self with unkeyed checksum
      CVE-2018-16860 Heimdal KDC: Reject PA-S4U2Self with unkeyed checksum

Jeremy Allison (8):
      CVE-2019-3880 s3: rpc: winreg: Remove implementations of SaveKey/RestoreKey.
      CVE-2019-3880 s3: rpc: winreg: Remove implementations of SaveKey/RestoreKey.
      s3: SMB1: Don't allow recvfile on stream fsp's.
      s3: net: Harden guess_charset() against overflow errors.
      s3: net: Harden act_val_hex() act_val_sz() against errors.
      s3: net: Harden srprs_str() against memcmp overread.
      s3: net: Rewrite of reg_parse_fd() to harden against buffer overwrites.
      s3: net: Test of fuzzer problems with net rpc registry import.

Joe Guo (32):
      samba_dnsupdate: small tweaks to make code more pythonic
      bootstrap/config.py: mv locale setup from bootstrap.sh
      bootstrap/config.py: change UTF-8 to utf8 for locale name in Dockerfile ENV
      bootstrap/config.py: adjust package list to align current ci image
      bootstrap/config.py: add missing dev packages
      bootstrap/config.py: rm ENV for ccache since we didn't use it any more
      bootstrap/config.py: add ARG in Dockerfile to allow add sha1sum into docker image
      bootstrap/config.py: link ld to ld.gold when available
      bootstrap/template.py: render locale.sh for each dist and make shell scripts executable
      bootstrap/template.py: add sha1sum support
      bootstrap/.gitlab-ci.yml: add ci file to trigger image auto build
      .gitlab-ci.yml: make use of bootstrap/.gitlab-ci.yml and use the new defined image
      traffic: make code more pythonic
      traffic: define kerberos_state to simplify code
      traffic: load dns query from file and write stats to file
      .gitlab-ci.yml: keep samba-ci-private tag only for private jobs
      bootstrap: add lcov to generate code coverage report
      .gitlab-ci.yml: rm abs path in artifacts
      .gitlab-ci.yml: add docker tag back for private jobs
      samba_dnsupdate: flush dns update cache file after write
      selftest/target/Samba4.pm: increase max_wait from 60s to 120s to avoid timeout failure in samba-ad-dc-backup
      wscript: mv --enable-coverage option to global
      script/autobuild.py: rename sdir to test_source_dir
      script/autobuild.py: mv find_git_root and gitroot to top
      script/autobuild.py: mv optionparse to top
      script/autobuild.py: add --enable-coverage option
      script/autobuild.py: replace more placeholders in cmds for coverage
      script/autobuild.py: add ENABLE_COVERAGE placeholder in configure cmd option
      script/autobuild.py: define LCOV_CMD and run it after each make test
      .gitlab-ci.yml: add var SAMBA_CI_AUTOBUILD_ENABLE_COVERAGE
      .gitlab-ci.yml: add pages job to generate coverage report and publish to gitlab pages
      script/.gitlab-ci.yml: do not run o3 jobs if coverage enabled

Kristján Valur (5):
      pytalloc: Refactor the pytalloc_reference and pytalloc_steal to use a common method.
      pytalloc: Further refactoring to eliminate duplicate code.
      pytalloc: Handle memory errors when creating pytalloc objects.
      pytalloc: Check for errors during module initialization.
      make some auth functions return an NTSTATUS like other similar functions for better diagnostics.

Lutz Justen (2):
      waf: install: Remove installation of PIDL and manpages.
      waf: build: Respect --disable-python for third_party modules

Martin Schwenke (34):
      ctdb-scripts: Reindent some functions prior to making changes
      ctdb-scripts: Rename variable nfslock_service to nfs_lock_service
      ctdb-scripts: Add test variable CTDB_NFS_DISTRO_STYLE
      ctdb-scripts: Factor out nfs_load_config()
      ctdb-scripts: Stop/start mount/rquotad/status via NFS call-out
      ctdb-scripts: Start NFS quota service if defined
      ctdb-scripts: Add systemd services to NFS call-out
      ctdb-tests: Update NFS test infrastructure to support systemd services
      ctdb-scripts: Default to using systemd services in NFS call-out
      ctdb-scripts: Allow load_system_config() to take multiple alternatives
      ctdb-scripts: Update statd-callout to try several configuration files
      ctdb-scripts: Do not "correct" number of nfsd threads when it is 0
      Revert "ctdb-scripts: Do not "correct" number of nfsd threads when it is 0"
      ctdb-daemon: Revert "We can not assume that just because we could complete a TCP handshake"
      ctdb-build: Add check for getrusage()
      ctdb-daemon: Log when ctdbd CPU utilisation exceeds a threshold
      ctdb-tools: Fix ctdb dumpmemory to avoid printing trailing NUL
      ctdb-tests: Extend test to cover ctdb rddumpmemory
      ctdb-scripts: Drop script configuration variable CTDB_MONITOR_SWAP_USAGE
      ctdb-tests: Change sanity_check_output() to internally use $out
      ctdb-tests: Make try_command_on_node less error-prone
      ctdb-tests: Avoid bulk output in $out, prefer $outfile
      ctdb-tests: Wait to allow database attach/detach to take effect
      ctdb-tests: Fix usage message
      ctdb-tests: Don't clean up test var directory in autotest target
      ctdb-daemon: Never use 0 as a client ID
      ctdb-tests: Add dump-logs command for local daemons
      ctdb-tests: Actually restart if cluster doesn't become healthy
      ctdb-tests: Remove old socket wrapper state directory during setup
      ctdb-tests: Capture output in $out on failure as well
      ctdb-tests: Make ctdb reloadips tests more reliable
      ctdb-tests: Fix logic error in simple ctdb reloadips test
      ctdb-recoverd: Fix memory leak
      ctdb-common: Fix memory leak

Mathieu Parent (6):
      Fix tests whithout lmdb
      Spelling fix s/informations/information/
      Spelling fixes s/overrided/overridden/
      Spelling fixes s/conficts/conflicts/
      Spelling fixes s/verson/version/
      Relax GPGME version check

Michael Hanselmann (6):
      Split oLschema2ldif into library and binary
      Remove ad2oLschema man page
      waf: Simplify condition for undefined symbol detection
      oLschema2ldif: Resolve multiple parsing bugs
      ndrdump: Remove local variables for pipes
      read_smb_length: Use correct function name in debug message

Michael Saxl (1):
      s4:dlz make b9_has_soa check dc=@ node

Noel Power (20):
      s4/scripting/bin Remove unecessary scripts
      s3/registry: Fix func cast error (diff in params size_t vs uint32)
      s3/registry: Fix incompatible func casts
      s3/registry: fix various 'cast between incompatible function' warnings
      s3/rpcclient: Fix bad (and illegal) func cast
      python: Create macro to hide ugly function signature cast
      pidl: Call PY_DISCARD_FUNC_SIG in generated code to avoid ugly warning
      s3/smbd: squash 'cast between incompatible function types' warning
      s3/ntvfs: squash 'cast between incompatible function types' warning
      s4/librpc: squash 'cast between incompatible function types' warning
      s3: squash 'cast between incompatible function types' warning
      s4: squash 'cast between incompatible function types' warning
      squash 'cast between incompatible function types' warning
      lib/tdb: squash 'cast between incompatible function types' warning
      lib/tevent: squash 'cast between incompatible function types' warning
      lib/talloc: squash 'cast between incompatible function types' warning
      lib/ldb: squash 'cast between incompatible function types' warning
      lib/ldb: Fix incorrect return type for (setter) func type
      lib/ldb-samba: squash 'cast between incompatible function types' warning
      lib/crypto: squash 'cast between incompatible function types' warning

Philipp Gesang (3):
      libcli: permit larger values of DataLength in SMB2_ENCRYPTION_CAPABILITIES of negotiate response
      provision: use ASCII quotes
      python/samba: ignore encoding errors while reading files

Ralph Boehme (20):
      bootstrap/config.py: add glib2-dev
      bootstrap/config.py: add libicu-dev/libicu-devel
      bootstrap: move flex to common packages
      waf: fix array access out of bounds exception in the check for flex
      s3: build: seperate out check for Gnome Tracker from Spotlight
      s3:wscript: fix flex and bison detection message when not installed
      s3:wscript: fix flex and bison detection
      s3/lib: new tevent_glib_glue subsystem
      s3/lib: add a tevent_glib_glue subsystem test
      s3/lib: tevent-glib-glue test utiltity with Tracker
      s3-mdssvc: add tevent context arg to mds_init_ctx
      s3-mdssvc: call [un]become_authenticated_pipe_user()
      s3-mdssvc: use tevent_glib_glue in mdssvc RPC service
      s3-mdssvc: use default g_main context
      s3-mdssvc: add missing call to g_cancellable_new()
      s3-mdssvc: make mds_ctx_destructor_cb static
      s3-mdssvc: add a comment to mds_init()
      s3:utils: use struct initializer in async-tracker long_options
      waf: only set mandatory to False if not already set by the caller
      s3:smbd: don't use recvfile on streams

Ralph Wuerthner (5):
      s3-messages: modify msg_pool_usage() to allow enhanced memory reports
      s3-messages: add mallinfo() information to pool-usage report
      s3:debug: use struct initializer
      s3:debug: adjust indention
      s3:debug: enable logging for early startup failures

Richard Sharpe (1):
      s3: smbd: Don't log at WARNING level when exiting the server on error.

Rikard Falkeborn (1):
      lib:util: Fix tfork return value if sigprocmask fails

Robert Sander (1):
      s3: modules: ceph: use current working directory instead of share path

Sachin Prabhu (14):
      s4-torture: move torture_wait_for_oplock_break() to central oplock handler.
      s4-torture: Add function declarations to lease_break_handler.h
      s4-torture: Add handlers to ignore incoming oplock/lease break requests
      s4-torture: Increase timeout for lease/oplock break handlers
      s4-torture: Add #defines required by the new tests
      s4-torture: Add helper functions to create channels.
      s4-torture: Add handlers to block channels for testing
      s4-torture: Add oplock break retry tests - test1
      s4-torture: Add oplock break retry tests - test2
      s4-torture: Add lease break retry tests - test1
      s4-torture: Add lease break retry tests - test2
      s4-torture: Add lease break retry tests - test3
      s4-torture: Add lease break retry tests - test4
      s4-torture: add test to check for max. number of channels per session.

Samuel Cabrero (14):
      s4:torture: Initialize tm struct
      selftest: Woraround uid wrapper issues when using bash shell
      s4:dsdb: Check errno to determine if crypt or crypt_r succeeded
      selftests:password_hash: Raise SHA256 rounds to 5000
      selftest: Do not include system krb5.conf in s4 test environments
      bootstrap/config.py: Add gzip, which and hostname to base packages
      bootstrap/config.py: Use generic lsb-release package name
      bootstrap/config.py: Fix lmdb-utils package name for RPM family
      bootstrap/config.py: Create the 'samba' group in containers
      bootstrap/config.py: Add openSUSE Leap 15.0
      selftests: Place credential cache file inside environment directory
      credentials: Initialize krb5 client to retrieve creds from ccache
      credentials: Workaround krb5_cc_remove_cred not implemented in MIT kerberos
      .gitlab-ci.yml: Allow overriding the default image using a variable

Shyamsunder Rathi (1):
      s3:loadparm: Ensure to truncate FS Volume Label at multibyte boundary

Stefan Metzmacher (54):
      dbcheck: use the str() value of the "name" attribute
      dbcheck: fix the err_empty_attribute() check
      s4:libcli/raw: don't schedule idle handlers on a dead connection
      s4:libcli/smb2: don't schedule idle handlers on a dead connection
      s4:torture/raw: test_notify_tcp_dis trigger idle event every 0.25s
      s4:torture/smb2: test_notify_tcp_dis trigger idle event every 0.25s
      s3:smb2_write: add missing initialization of state->in_offset
      s3:smbd: fix SAFE_FREE() vs. TALLOC_FREE() in list_sessions()
      smb2_ioctl_network_fs: remove unused fsctl_srv_copychunk_state->aapl_copyfile
      smb2_server: allow smbd_smb2_request_pending_queue(0) to avoid STATUS_PENDING
      smb2_sesssetup: avoid STATUS_PENDING responses for session setup
      smb2_tcon: avoid STATUS_PENDING responses for tree connect
      smb2_sesssetup: avoid STATUS_PENDING completely on session logoff
      smb2_tcon: avoid STATUS_PENDING completely on tdis
      vfs_default: fix DEBUG messages in vfswrap_offload_write_*_done()
      vfs_default: fix vfswrap_offload_write_send() NT_STATUS_INVALID_VIEW_SIZE check
      smb2_server: grant all 8192 credits to clients
      s4:libcli/smb2: fix smb2_getinfo_send() marshalling
      s4:libcli/smb2: calculate the correct credit charge in smb2_getinfo_send()
      s4:libcli/smb2: align struct smb_ioctl.smb2 to [MS-SMB2] names
      s4:libcli/smb2: calculate the correct credit charge in smb2_ioctl_send()
      s4:libcli/smb2: calculate the correct credit charge in smb2_notify_send()
      s4:torture/smb2: add smb2_create_simple_file() and torture_setup_simple_file()
      s4:torture/smb2/notify: make use of torture_setup_simple_file() in test_valid_request()
      s4:torture/smb2: replace torture:cn_max_buffer_size option with the negotiated max trans size
      s3:smbd: fix max_buffer handling of initial notify requests
      drsuapi.idl: add DRSUAPI_ATTID_schemaInfo
      ldapcmp: ignore 'schemaInfo' if two domains are compared
      s4:provision: split out provision_self_join_modify_schema.ldif
      python/provision: use provision and relax controls for schema provision
      dsdb/repl: we need to replicate the whole schema before we can apply it
      .gitlab-ci.yml: remove before_script section of .private_template
      .gitlab-ci.yml: print out /etc/os-release
      .gitlab-ci.yml: print out /proc/swaps
      .gitlab-ci.yml: show the system state also as after_script
      .gitlab-ci.yml: run samba-schemaupgrade on the private runner
      .gitlab-ci.yml: remove outdated comments
      .gitlab-ci.yml: require samba-ci-private tag for our private runners
      bootstrap/config.py: add patch, rsync and tar
      bootstrap/config.py: add a hind how to rebuild generated files
      bootstrap/config.py: generate rendered files into bootstrap/generated-dists/
      bootstrap/template.py: generate Vagrantfile just once
      bootstrap: remove unused docker.py
      bootstrap: add the result of bootstrap/template.py --render
      bootstrap/READMD.md: update the instructions to reflect the current code
      .gitlab-ci.yml: split AUTOBUILD_JOB_NAME from CI_JOB_NAME
      .gitlab-ci.yml: run the samba-o3 job on each working container image
      .gitlab-ci.yml: use the ubuntu1804 image as default
      s4:torture/smb2: add smb2.stream.names3 test
      smbd: allow case insensitive opens of named streams
      s4:libcli/raw: add RAW_FILEINFO_NORMALIZED_NAME_INFORMATION support
      s4:torture/smb2: add smb2.getinfo.normalized test
      smbd: implement SMB_FILE_NORMALIZED_NAME_INFORMATION handling

Swen Schillig (13):
      ctdb-test: Modify ctdb_io_test test_setup to provide queue reference
      ctdb-test: Adding test case verifying data in buffer move
      ctdb-test: Adding test case to verify queue resizeing
      lib: modify string conversion wrapper to handle invalid strings
      lib: Update error check for new string conversion wrapper
      utils: Update error check for new string conversion wrapper
      modules: Update error check for new string conversion wrapper
      ctdb-protocol: Update error check for new string conversion wrapper
      ctdb-tools: Update error check for new string conversion wrapper
      common-lib: Update error check for new string conversion wrapper
      libcli: Update error check for new string conversion wrapper
      source4: Update error check for new string conversion wrapper
      lib: remove duplicate check

Tim Beale (11):
      selftest: Restore IPs 12-16 for selftest client
      s4/torture: Update winsreplication to only use IPv4 addresses
      tests: Add test for setting min/maxPwdAge
      netcmd: Use python constant for -0x8000000000000000
      netcmd: Add some timestamp conversion helper functions
      netcmd: Fix passwordsettings --max-pwd-age command
      CVE-2019-3870 tests: Extend smbd tests to check for umask being overwritten
      CVE-2019-3870 tests: Add test to check file-permissions are correct after provision
      selftest: Add new 2-DC testenv for live schema upgrade
      traffic_replay: Assign users to groups by default
      traffic_replay: Avoid Exception if no packet rate is specified

Volker Lendecke (87):
      rpc_server: Simplify make_server_pipes_struct
      rpc_server: Fix an error path memleak in make_server_pipes_struct
      rpc_server: Make make_server_pipes_struct API safer
      rpc_server: Favor talloc_move over talloc_steal
      rpc_server: Simplify named_pipe_accept_function
      rpc_server: Avoid casts in DBG statements
      tstream_npa: Avoid an unnecessary ZERO_STRUCTP
      tsocket: Simplify tsocket.h
      librpc: Add a required #include
      rpc_server3: Add a \n to a DEBUG message
      libsmb: Fix cli_smb2_get_reparse_point_fnum_send
      lib: Make fd_load work for non-regular files
      libsmb: Fix valgrind errors in cli_smb2_get_reparse_point
      libsmb: Rename "readlink_state" to "cli_posix_readlink_state"
      libsmb: Don't pass "cli" to cli_posix_readlink_recv
      libsmb: Change cli_posix_readlink to return talloc'ed target
      libsmb: Rename InfoType from [MS-SMB2] according to the spec
      libsmb: Make "struct smb2_lock_element" generally usable
      libsmb: Make cli_posix_chown/chmod proper tevent_req functions
      rpc: Don't crash if npa_accept fails
      auth: Add necessary decoration to auth/auth_util.h
      rpc: Fix a typo
      rpc: Add tstream_u32_read
      rpc: Convert npa_tstream.c to use tstream_u32_read_send
      ctdb: Slightly simplify ctdb_ltdb_lock_fetch_requeue
      ctdb: Fix a typo
      lib: Initialize getline() arguments
      lib: Initialize variables in parse_resolvconf_fp
      smbd: Factor out map_lease_type_to_oplock
      leases_db: Make leases_db_rename atomic
      leases_db: Make leases_db_add use leases_db_do_locked
      leases_db: Make leases_db_del use leases_db_do_locked
      build: Move smbstatus definition to source3/utils/wscript_build
      smbd: Remove some unused includes
      utils: Move conn_tdb.c to utils/
      smbd: Small optimization for break_to_none
      smbd: Introduce a helper variable in delay_for_oplock()
      smbd: Introduce a helper variable in delay_for_oplock()
      smbd: Pass lease parameters explicitly to find_fsp_lease
      leases_db: Add share_mode_lease info to leases.tdb
      leases_db: Add getter/setter for share_mode_lease metadata
      smbd: Use leases_db_set()
      smbd: Add lease key to share_mode_entry
      smbd: Use share_mode_entry's lease data in delay_for_oplock()
      smbd: Use share_mode_entry's lease data in delay_rename_for_lease_break()
      smbd: Use share_mode_entry's lease data in is_same_lease()
      smbd: Use share_mode_entry's lease data in remove_share_mode_lease()
      smbd: Use share_mode_entry's lease data in remove_share_mode_lease()
      smbd: Use share_mode_entry's lease data in vfs_default_durable_reconnect()
      smbd: Use share_mode_entry's lease data in lease_match()
      smbd: Use leases_db in delay_for_oplock()
      smbd: Use leases_db in get_lease_type()
      smbd: Use leases_db in fsp_lease_update()
      utils: Use leases_db in smbstatus
      smbd: Don't pass lease_idx down to set_share_mode()
      smbd: Don't pass up lease_idx from grant_fsp_lease
      smbd: Add update_share_mode_lease_from_db()
      smbd: Split up grant_fsp_lease()
      smbd: Use leases_db in try_lease_upgrade()
      smbd: Use leases_db in downgrade_lease()
      smbd: Use leases_db in vfs_default_durable_reconnect()
      smbd: Use leases_db in process_oplock_break_message()
      smbd: Make find_share_mode_lease() static
      smbd: Use leases_db in lease_match()
      smbd: Add share_mode_forall_leases()
      smbd: Use share_mode_forall_leases in rename_share_filename()
      smbd: Use share_mode_forall_leases in do_break_to_none()
      smbd: Use share_mode_forall_leases in share_mode_cleanup_disconnected()
      smbd: Remove share_mode_lease and the leases array from share_mode_entry
      winbind: Fix overlapping id ranges
      smbd: Use smbd_check_access_rights in reply_setatr()
      smbd: Make "check_access()" static to trans2.c
      smbd: Use a struct initializer
      libcli: Remove an unnecessary #include
      libcli: Align integer types
      smbd: Use "ISDOT" in reply_setatr
      dbwrap: Fix tdb_data_buf()
      dbwrap: Adapt tdb_data_buf's overflow handling to modern conventions
      g_lock: Apply some const
      g_lock: Fix a typo
      smbd: Use a direct struct assignment in reply_setatr()
      smbd: Fix a typo
      smbd: Slightly simplify delay_for_oplock()
      smbd: Remove an obsolete comment from share_conflict()
      smbd: Remove a pointless "continue" statement
      smbd: Use send_break_message() in send_break_to_none()
      smbd: Do oplock break messages in ndr


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