[SCM] Samba Shared Repository - annotated tag samba-4.8.10 created

Karolin Seeger kseeger at samba.org
Thu Apr 4 10:15:32 UTC 2019

The annotated tag, samba-4.8.10 has been created
        at  5c1c63d028fa8d7f50c7216947b0465652db13a6 (tag)
   tagging  4575c88005d9af55cfff644e887406c0e8fd80de (commit)
  replaces  ldb-1.3.8
 tagged by  Karolin Seeger
        on  Thu Apr 4 12:15:01 2019 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
samba: tag release samba-4.8.10


Amitay Isaacs (3):
      ctdb-common: Add line based I/O
      ctdb-protocol: Avoid fgets in ctdb_connection_list_read
      ctdb-common: Add fd argument to ctdb_connection_list_read()

Andreas Schneider (9):
      lib:util: Move debug message for mkdir failing to log level 1
      s3:script: Fix jobid check in test_smbspool.sh
      s3:client: Pass DEVICE_URI and AUTH_INFO_REQUIRED env to smbspool
      s3:client: Evaluate the AUTH_INFO_REQUIRED variable set by cups
      s3:client: Make sure we work on a copy of the title
      s3:client: Fix smbspool device uri handling
      s4:librpc: Fix installation of Samba
      s3:waf: Fix the detection of makdev() macro on Linux
      s3:lib: Fix the debug message for adding cache entries.

Andrew Bartlett (1):
      selftest: Make setexpiry test much more reliable

Björn Jacke (1):
      sambaundoguididx: use the right escaped oder unescaped sam ldb files

Christof Schmitt (3):
      passdb: Update ABI to 0.27.2
      lib/winbind_util: Move include out of ifdef
      lib/winbind_util: Add winbind_xid_to_sid for --without-winbind

David Disseldorp (3):
      vfs_ceph: add missing fallocate hook
      vfs_ceph: fix strict_allocate_ftruncate()
      vfs_ceph: remove ceph_fallocate/ceph_ftruncate fallback

Günther Deschner (1):
      WHATSNEW: mention new vfs_glusterfs_fuse module

Jeremy Allison (8):
      s3: smbtorture3: Add POSIX-MKDIR test for posix_mkdir case sensitive bug.
      smbd: SMB1-POSIX: Add missing info-level SMB_POSIX_PATH_OPEN for UCF_UNIX_NAME_LOOKUP flag.
      smbd: unix_convert: Ensure we don't call get_real_filename on POSIX paths.
      s3: torture: Add additional POSIX mkdir tests.
      s3: smbd: filenames - ensure we replace the missing '/' if we error in an intermediate POSIX path.
      s4:torture: Fix the test_owner_rights() test to show permissions are additive.
      s4:torture: Add test_owner_rights_deny().
      s4:torture: Add test_owner_rights_deny1().

Jiří Šašek (1):
      notifyd: Fix SIGBUS on sparc

Karolin Seeger (2):
      WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.8.10.
      VERSION: Disable GIT_SNAPSHOT for the 4.8.10 release.

Marcos Mello (1):
      Send status to systemd on daemon start

Martin Schwenke (1):
      ctdb-tests: Add some testing for IPv4-mapped IPv6 address parsing

Noel Power (2):
      python/samba: PY3 port for ridalloc_exop test to work
      python/samba: extra ndr_unpack needs bytes function

Ralph Boehme (13):
      winbindd: make a copy of xid's in wb_xids2sids_send()
      winbindd: make xids a const argument to wb_xids2sids_send()
      winbindd: convert id to a pointer in wb_xids2sids_dom_done()
      winbindd: update xid in wb_xids2sids_state->xids with what we got
      winbindd: switch send-next/done order
      winbindd: track whether a result from xid2sid was coming from the cache
      winbindd: set idmap cache entries as the last step in async wb_xids2sids
      s4:libcli: remember return code from maximum access
      s4:torture: add a Maximum Access check with an Owner Rights ACE
      libcli/security: add "Owner Rights" calculation to access_check_max_allowed()
      libcli/security: correct access check and maximum access calculation for Owner Rights ACEs
      s4:torture: Add test_deny1().
      libcli/security: fix handling of deny type ACEs in access_check_max_allowed()

Stefan Metzmacher (18):
      s3:passdb: add create_builtin_guests()
      ndr_spoolss_buf: fix out of scope use of stack variable in NDR_SPOOLSS_PUSH_ENUM_OUT()
      selftest: force running with TZ=UTC
      blackbox/dbcheck-links.sh: reproduce lost deleted object problem
      dsdb:repl_meta_data: allow CONTROL_DBCHECK_FIX_LINK_DN_NAME to by pass rename
      dbcheck: use DSDB_CONTROL_DBCHECK_FIX_LINK_DN_NAME when renaming deleted objects
      dbcheck: do isDeleted, systemFlags and replPropertyMetaData detection first
      dbcheck: don't move already deleted objects to LostAndFound
      dbcheck: don't remove dangling one-way links on already deleted objects
      dbcheck: add find_repl_attid() helper function
      blackbox/dbcheck-links.sh: add regression test for lost deleted object repair
      dbcheck: detect the change after deletion bug
      python/samba/netcmd: provide SUPPRESS_HELP via Option class
      dbcheck: add --selftest-check-expired-tombstones cmdline option
      blackbox/dbcheck*.sh: pass --selftest-check-expired-tombstones to dbcheck
      blackbox/dbcheck-links.sh: prepare regression test for skipping expired tombstones
      dbcheck: don't check expired tombstone objects by default anymore
      dbcheck: use the str() value of the "name" attribute

Volker Lendecke (14):
      messages_dgm: Use saved errno value
      torture3: Extend read3 for the "messaging target re-inits" failure
      messages_dgm: Properly handle receiver re-initialization
      lib: Make idmap_cache return negative mappings
      idmap_cache: Only touch "sid" on success in find_xid_to_sid
      winbind: Initialize "expired" parameter to idmap_cache_xid2sid
      winbind: Now we explicitly track if we got ids from cache
      idmap_cache: Introduce idmap_cache_find_xid2sid
      torture: Add tests for idmap cache
      winbind: Use idmap_cache_find_xid2sid
      lib: Introduce winbind_xid_to_sid
      lib: Add dom_sid_str_buf
      passdb: Introduce xid_to_sid
      passdb: Make [ug]id_to_sid use xid_to_sid

Zhu Shangzhong (1):
      ctdb: Initialize addr struct to zero before reparsing as IPV4


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