[SCM] Samba Shared Repository - annotated tag ldb-1.4.0 created

Stefan Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Wed May 30 13:30:41 UTC 2018

The annotated tag, ldb-1.4.0 has been created
        at  7558352d92528cb3d7d92c0a05e18ee48fb262d5 (tag)
   tagging  4e2eb5660a11cea215d39495844aa76ffb5a1a2e (commit)
  replaces  talloc-2.1.13
 tagged by  Stefan Metzmacher
        on  Wed May 30 15:30:34 2018 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
ldb: tag release ldb-1.4.0
Version: GnuPG v1


Aaron Haslett (5):
      ldb: removing prior secret from logs
      samdb rid: clear cache to prevent old ntds_guid
      devel: removing unused code from chgkrbtgtpass
      auth: keytab invalidation test
      auth: keytab invalidation fix

Amitay Isaacs (20):
      ctdb-client: Remove ununsed functions from old client code
      ctdb-build: Drop unnessary dependency on ctdb-client
      ctdb-daemon: Move ctdb_client.c to server/ subdir
      ctdb-build: Rename ctdb-client2 subsystem to ctdb-client
      third_party: Update popt to 1.16 release
      ctdb-packaging: Package all helpers using wildcard
      ctdb-common: Add command line processing abstraction
      ctdb-common: Add utility code to get various paths
      ctdb-common: Add path tool
      ctdb-tests: Setup $CTDB_BASE/{run,var} directories
      util: Add tini to samba-util-core
      ctdb-common: Add config file parsing code
      ctdb-common: Add config options tool
      ctdb-common: Refactor log backend parsing code
      ctdb-common: Add a function to validate logging specification
      ctdb-tools: Add logging config options to config tool
      ctdb-common: Fix CID 1435599
      ctdb-event: Add event daemon config file options
      ctdb-tools: Add event daemon config options to config tool
      socket_wrapper: Add missing dependency on tirpc

Andreas Schneider (35):
      wafsamba: Add '-Werror=strict-overflow -Wstrict-overflow=2' to the developer build
      s3:passdb: Do not return OK if we don't have pinfo set up
      s3:smbspool: Fix cmdline argument handling
      selftest: Make sure we have correct group mappings
      nsswitch: Add a test looking up the user using the upn
      nsswitch: Add a test looking up domain sid
      nsswitch: Lookup the domain in tests with the wb seperator
      selftest: Add a user with a different userPrincipalName
      nsswitch:tests: Add test for wbinfo --user-info
      winbind: Remove unused function parse_domain_user_talloc()
      winbind: Fix UPN handling in parse_domain_user()
      winbind: Fix UPN handling in canonicalize_username()
      s4:dsdb:tests: Add return code check
      s3:winbind: Initialize validation_level in winbind_dual_SamLogon()
      s3:modules: Initialize pointers in vfs_virusfilter
      s4:torture: Make sure variable is initialized in oplock test
      libcli: Fix coverity warning in smb2cli_notify_send()
      s3:smbd: Fix converity warning with _smb_setlen_large()
      ctdb: Check return values of tevent_req_set_endtime()
      s3:libsmbclient: Use const for setting and getting strings
      s4:torture: Do not leak memory in libsmbclient test
      s4:torture: Do not leak file descriptor in smb2 oplock test
      s3:utils: Do not segfault on error in DoDNSUpdate()
      s3:winbind: Add sanity check when closing fd
      s3:winbind: Check if we have an open file descriptor
      lib:util: Fix string check in mkdir_p()
      s4:torture: Use strlcpy() in gen_name()
      s3:lib: Use memcpy() in escape_ldap_string()
      s3:passdb: Fix size of ascii_p16
      s3:winbind: Fix uninitialzed variable warning
      lib:util: Fix parameter aliasing in tfork test
      lib:util: Fix size types in debug.c
      s4:ntvfs: Fix string copy of share_name
      lib: Fix array size in audit_logging
      s3:utils: Remove double error check

Andrew Bartlett (88):
      ldb: Fix missing NULL terminator in ldb_mod_op_test testsuite
      samba-tool domain classicupgrade: Do not mix python-samdb transactions and passdb modifications
      ldb: Ignore these tests in mdb test mode
      ldb: Allow GUID index mode to be tested on TDB
      ldb_tdb: A more robust check for if we can fit the index string in
      provision: Set @INDEXLIST first when building dummy sam.ldb
      samba-tool: Escape username and computername in ldb search filter
      samba-tool: Use same method for removing trailing $ as elsewhere in the tool
      s3-lib: Remove support for libexc for IRIX backtraces
      lib/util: Log PANIC before calling pacic action just like s3
      lib/util: Move log_stack_trace() to common code
      lib/util: Call log_stack_trace() in smb_panic_default()
      dsdb: Check for userPassword support after loading the databases
      dsdb: check for dSHeuristics more carefully
      ldb_wrap: Remove ldb_transaction_cancel_noerr from ldb_wrap_fork_hook()
      dsdb: Ensure to cancel the transaction if we fail to save the prefixMap
      dsdb: Do not create a transaction in partition_init()
      dsdb: Allow search before init() call in encrypted_secrets
      dsdb: Wait until a transaction starts to call dsdb_schema_set_indices_and_attributes()
      selftest: Make a transaction before @INDEXLIST etc is checked in dsdb_schema_attributes.py
      dsdb: Create rootdse_get_private_data()
      dsdb: Move ldb_set_default_dns() into rootdse_get_private_data()
      dsdb: Allow search before init() is called in extended_dn_out
      dsdb: Load schema during the read_lock() hook, not the search
      dsdb: Rework schema reload during the read lock
      dsdb: ensure we take out a read lock during the dsdb_init
      dsdb: Use talloc_get_type_abort() in schema_load_{start,end}_transaction
      ldb_wrap: Remove the magic cache of database handles except for sam.ldb
      s4-lsa: Fix use-after-free in LSA server
      selftest: Allow make test to run with --address-sanitizer
      autobuild: Extend build combinations tested to include --without-ldap
      gitlab-ci: split up gitlab-ci file
      gitlab-ci: Use YAML templates to reduce duplication
      gitlab-ci: Run samba-ad-dc-2 in the shared environment
      ldb_tdb: Disallow reads without a transaction or read lock
      vfs_virusfilter_fsav: Initialize stack pointers per README.Coding
      ldb_tdb: Prevent ldb_tdb reuse after a fork()
      ldb: Reset errno before checking it in ltdb_connect()
      ldb_tdb: Allow use of a TDB for ldb_tdb after as fork()
      ldb: Add tests for ldb_tdb use after a fork()
      ldb: Ensure we can open a new LDB after a fork()
      selftest: Add a test for creds.{get,set}_secure_channel_type()
      build: Make --with-json-audit the default
      build: Make --with-libarchive the default
      build: Make --with-gpgme the default
      selftest: Require libarchive for --enable-selftest
      samba-tool domain provision: Move more OpenLDAP options behind TEST_LDAP
      samba-tool domain: Create a common set of options for provision/join/dcpromo
      samba-tool domain: Add --quiet to common options
      samba-tool domain: Add --machinepass to common options
      samba-tool domain: Extend --plaintext-secrets to dcpromo by moving to common options
      samba-tool domain: Extend --backend-store to join and dcpromo by moving to common options
      samba-tool domain: Create a common --use-ntvfs option for provision, join, dcpromo and classicupgrade
      samba-tool domain: Spit out common options between dcpromo and join
      selftest: Make setexpiry test much more reliable
      FIXUP: Improve memory handling on py_net_change_password
      auth: Use DBGC_AUTH as DBGC_CLASS for AD DC NTLM auth code.
      s4-drsuapi: Call security_token_debug() with DBGC_DRS_REPL and a proper log level
      auth: Use DBGC_AUTH as DBGC_CLASS for AD DC auth session code.
      selftest: Clean up ldb on tearDown from each packet in TrafficEmulatorPacketTests
      ldb_mdb: Use mdb_env_get_fd() to get the FD for fstat() and FD_CLOEXEC
      ldb_mdb: Run the ldb_mdb_mod_op_test
      ldb: Reject a possible future ldb_mdb with the index in a sub-database
      selftest: Run ad_dc and vampire_dc with --backend-store=mdb
      autobuild: build ldb --without-ldb-lmdb
      gitlab-ci: Include system-info.txt to give info on possible failures
      gitlab-ci: Do not hide a possible out-of-space condition by cleaning up the tree
      autobuild: Include information of disk free in system-info.txt
      torture: Give extra information on WINBINDD_SHOW_SEQUENCE failure
      autobuild: cover the Gentoo case with python disabled all down the stack
      torture: Cope with WINBINDD_SHOW_SEQUENCE failure for fake trusts
      ldb: Reset error string before running prepare_commit() hook
      s4-repl: Try to give more information in the error codes for prepare_commit failure.
      repl_meta_data: Remove el_count from replmd_delete_internals()
      repl_meta_data: Cope with the strange but unusual case of isDeleted: FALSE in replmd_process_linked_attribute()
      samldb: Add useful error string to explain why a group may not be deleted.
      samldb: Explain why the odd error code is expected.
      selftest: Rework BasicDeleteTests.test_all() into setUp() and a test
      selftest: Lock down the expected parents in BasicTreeDeleteTests
      dsdb: Remove sort from subtree_delete and add comments.
      subtree_rename: Correct comments
      ldb: Save a copy of the index result before calling the callbacks.
      ldb: Indicate that the ltdb_dn_list_sort() in list_union is a bit subtle.
      ldb: Explain why an entry can vanish from the index
      ldb: One-level search was incorrectly falling back to full DB scan
      ldb: Add tests for when we should expect a full scan
      selftest: Add test to show that sam.ldb does not do a full scan in startup
      ldb: Release ldb 1.4.0

Arvid Requate (1):
      Check "auth event notification" param in log_json

Björn Baumbach (8):
      samba-tool: implement computer management commands
      tests/samba-tool: add tests for new computer management commands
      docs-xml:samba-tool.8: document computer management commands
      s3-mdssvc: allow build with --enable-spotlight and libtracker-sparql-2.0
      build: add option to choose to build with or without JSON audit support
      build: fix build without JSON audit support
      samba-tool computer: fix wrong computer container in help message
      docs-xml:samba-tool.8: fix wrong default computer container name

Björn Jacke (2):
      printing: return the same error code as windows does on upload failures
      s3/wscript: remove test, that we do in lib/replace

Christof Schmitt (19):
      test_smbclient_s3.sh: Use correct separator in "list with backup privilege" test
      nsswitch: Fix wbcListUsers test
      nsswitch: Fix wbcListGroups test
      Add test for wbinfo name lookup
      winbindd: Do not ignore domain in the LOOKUPNAME request
      rpcclient: Print number of entries for NetSessEnum
      selftest: Add testcase for querying sessions after smbd crash
      rpc_server: Fix NetSessEnum with stale sessions
      loadparm: Remove unused realm_original
      selftest: Add dfq_cache share with 'dfree cache time' set
      selftest: Add test for 'dfree cache'
      memcache: Add new cache type for dfree information
      smbd: Cache dfree information based on query path
      smbd: Flush dfree memcache on service reload
      smbd: Move dfree_info struct
      vfs_gpfs: Adjust debug level when get_winattrs returns EBADF
      vfs_gpfs: Remove wrong get_full_smb_filename from ntimes function
      vfs_gpfs: Remove get_full_smb_filename from is_offline check
      vfs_gpfs: Use full_path_tos instead of talloc_asprintf

David Disseldorp (2):
      vfs_ceph: add fake async pwrite/pread send/recv hooks
      s3:libsmbclient: cleanup smbc_setWorkgroup() usage

David Mulder (10):
      gpo: Rename the inf_to class to gp_ext_setter
      gpo: Move gp_sec_ext __init__ to base class
      gpo: Move the file parse function to gp_ext
      gpo: Create base class gp_inf_ext
      gpo: Move implementation from samba_gpoupdate
      gpo: Create a gp_sec_ext module
      param: Add python binding for lpcfg_cache_path
      libgpo: gpo_copy_file() shouldn't explicitly call smb1
      gpo: python chardet is not a dep of samba
      python: create test for pysmb module.

Douglas Bagnall (19):
      python/tests/graph: actually test graphs, don't print
      ldb/pyldb: initialize optional parameter in ldb_connect()
      nbt/pynbt: initialize optional parameter in nbt_name_register
      nbt/pynbt: initialize optional parameter in nbt_name_refresh
      s3/py_passdb: initialize optional parameters earlier
      s4/lib/py-registry: initialize optional parameters for open_* functions
      s4/webserver: initialise optional parameter
      samba-tool visualize: use correct DC in graph label
      python.gpo.ADS_STRUCT: check type of loadparm argument
      auth/pycredentials: correct spelling of reponse
      auth/ntlmssp_client: correct spelling of response
      autobuild: add compiler version to results tarball
      perftest: ad_dc_medley failing base search failed to catch exception
      gitignore .gdb_history anywhere in the tree
      .gitignore .agignore
      sambatool tests: make assertMatch use assertIn
      samba_kcc: remove an unused variable
      autobuild: do not try to send email to no recipient
      traffic: ensure we are using the same division in py 2 and 3

Garming Sam (18):
      ldb: Change some prototypes to using ldb_val instead of TDB_DATA
      ldb: Change remaining fetch prototypes to remove TDB_DATA
      samba_dnsupdate: Put samba.kcc import after path insert of bin/python
      tests: Replace some references to tdb with ldb://
      netlogon: Add a comment regarding one of the DC location calls
      dsdb: Allow the disable of the Windows server site fallback
      netlogon: Allow return of error code in future asynchronous winbind forwards
      tests/getdcname: Add a number of tests for GetDCNameEx
      winbindd_irpc: Add an IRPC call to trigger a DC locate
      netlogon: Forward GetDCNameEx2 to winbind via IRPC
      netlogon: Store the client site to clobber any plausibly returned via winbind
      netlogon: Allow zero-GUID to act the same as NULL in GetDCNameEx2
      Fix spelling s/woks/works
      gpo: Ensure all files are retrieved in fetch
      pysmb: Add some more documentation for conn.list
      ldb_mdb: Implement the lmdb backend for ldb
      ldb_mdb: Enable LDB_FLG_NOSYNC in ldb_mdb
      ldb_mdb: Store pid to change destructor on fork

Gary Lockyer (60):
      upgradeprovision: Do not copy backup lmdb -lock files
      ldb index: Fix truncation key length calculation
      ldb index: Add tests for truncated base 64 index keys
      ldb test: close pipes to stop forked tests failing on failure
      ldb tests: ldb_mod_op_test use correct ldb to create dn
      ldb_tdb: ltdb_tdb_parse_record map tdb error codes
      ldb_tdb: ltdb_tdb_store require active transaction
      ldb_tdb: ltdb_tdb_delete require active transaction
      ldb tests: add cmocka tests of kv operations
      python: Add wrapper of mdb_copy that we can call from python
      provision: allow provisioning of a different database backend
      dsdb: add lmdbLevelOne as a required feature.
      source3: initilize_password_db after a fork.
      ldb: Unwind transaction counter if start_transaction fails
      upgradeprovision: detect and handle lmdb databases
      ldb-samba: require pid match for cached ldb
      ldb_tdb: Make sure max_key_length != 0 requires a GUID index mode
      ldb: make key/value backends expose if there is an active transaction
      ldb_tdb: Do not make search or DB modifications without a lock
      ldb_tdb: Disallow TDB nested transactions and use tdb_transaction_active()
      ldb tests: api ensure database correctly populated
      ldb tests: add cmocka tests of kv operation interactions with transactions
      dsdb:partition_metadata: make use of ldb_relative_path() in partition_metadata_open()
      dsdb:schema_load: make use of ldb_relative_path() in partition_metadata_open()
      ldb: Introduce new generic ldb:// prefix to allow backend autodetection
      ldb-samba: Handle generic ldb:// url scheme in ldb_relative_path()
      tests/dlz_bind9: support for multiple db types by using ldb://
      ldb: Prepare to allow tests to operate on ldb_mdb (by using the GUID index)
      ldb/tests: add tests for transaction_{start,commit}/lock_read across forks
      dsdb: refactor password attibutes to constant
      auth: Add unique session GUID identifier
      auth log: Log the unique session GUID
      auth logging tests: Add tests for sessionId
      auth logging tests: Clean up flake8 warnings
      dsdb: pass the remote address to samdb connect
      samdb: Add remote address to connect
      samdb: Add transaction id control
      auth logging: Extract common audit logging code
      logging: add ldb audit classes
      smb conf: Add DSDB event notification parameter
      idl messaging: Add DSDB and Password events and message types
      auth_log: Use common code from audit_logging
      auth_log: tidy up code formatting
      auth_log: Rename the json variables
      messaging idl add group membersip events
      smb.conf: Add dsdb group change notification parameter
      debug: Add group logging classes
      ldb_mdb: Don't allow modify operations on a read only db
      ldb_mdb/tests: Add tests to check for max key length and DB size
      ldb_mdb/tests: Run api and index test also on lmdb
      ldb_mdb: Apply LMDB key length restrictions at key-value layer
      ldb_mdb: Wrap mdb_env_open
      ldb_mdb: handle EBADE from mdb_env_open
      ldb_mdb: prevent MDB_env reuse across forks
      ldb_mdb/tests: Tests for wrap open
      ldb_mdb: Remove implicit read lock and remove transaction counter
      ldb_mdb/tests: test large index key value
      ldb_mdb/tests: add tests for multiple opens across forks
      ldb: Add MDB support to ldb://
      ldb-samba: Handle generic mdb:// url scheme in ldb_relative_path()

Günther Deschner (5):
      s3-winbindd: use fill_domain_username_talloc() in winbind.
      s3-winbindd: remove unused fill_domain_username()
      s3-printing: fix format-truncation in print_queue_update()
      s4-torture: fix format-truncation warning in smb2 session tests.
      s3-utils: fix format-truncation in smbpasswd

Jeremy Allison (62):
      s3: smbd: Fix memory leak in vfswrap_getwd()
      s3: smbd: Unix extensions attempts to change wrong field in fchown call.
      s3: vfs: vfs_streams_xattr: Don't blindly re-use the base file mode bits.
      s3: smbd. Generic fix for incorrect reporting of stream dos attributes on a directory
      s3: tests: Regression test to ensure we can never return a DIRECTORY attribute on a stream.
      ceph: VFS: Add asynchronous fsync to ceph module, fake using synchronous call.
      s3: VFS: Add a synchronous smb_vfs_fsync_sync() call, built from async primitives.
      s3: vfs: Use the new smb_vfs_fsync_sync() call in place of SMB_VFS_FSYNC().
      s3: VFS: Remove fsync_fn() from the VFS and all modules. VFS ABI change.
      s3: VFS: default: Remove fallback if we don't have HAVE_PREAD set. Samba doesn't work without pread.
      s3: VFS: default: Remove recursion into the VFS inside the default pread call.
      s3: VFS: Default. Move vfs_read_data() out of source3/smbd/vfs.c to the printing code, which is the only caller.
      s3: libsmbclient: Fix hard-coded connection error return of ETIMEDOUT.
      s3: printing: Reformatting of parts of this file to modern coding standards.
      s3: printing: Split handling of PE file into separate function.
      s3: printing: Move handle_ne_file code into a separate function.
      s3: printing: Rename vfs_read_data() -> printing_read_data().
      s3: printing: Rename printing_read_data() -> printing_pread_data() and add an offset parameter.
      s3: printing: Make printing_pread_data() update the offset paramter, if not passed in as -1.
      s3: printing: Use auto-updating of offset in printing_pread_data() to remove offset tracking in get_file_version().
      s3: printing: Add existing offset position as a parameter to handle_pe_file(), handle_ne_file()
      s3: printing: Use passed in offset, and offset tracking in printing_pread_data() to remove seeks from handle_pe_file().
      s3: printing: Use offset tracking in printing_pread_data() to remove the seek in handle_ne_file().
      s3: printing: Now we never pass an offset of -1, remove the off_t==-1 protections from printing_pread_data().
      s3: printing: Remove the LSEEK in printing_pread_data() and use read_file() instead.
      s3: torture: Make cmd_read use read_file().
      s3: VFS: Remove SMB_VFS_READ() function and all implementations.
      s3: VFS: default: Remove fallback if we don't have HAVE_PWRITE set. Samba doesn't work without pwrite.
      s3: VFS: default: Remove recursion into the VFS inside the default pwrite call.
      s3: smbd: Remove the handling of offset == -1 in real_write_file().
      s3: VFS: Remove vfs_write_data(). No longer used.
      s3: VFS: ceph: Replace the lseek/write ftruncate extend with pwrite.
      s3: torture: Remove the last user of SMB_VFS_WRITE.
      s3: VFS: Remove SMB_VFS_WRITE() function and all implementations.
      s3: client: Add btime_ts to struct finfo.
      tests: libsmbclient: Add a readdirplus() test suite.
      s3: smbd: Remove unused counters for outstanding aio calls.
      smbd: fileserver: Change defaults to work with EA support out of the box.
      s3: profile: Cleanup - we no longer use read/write/fsync syscalls.
      s3: smbd: Fix SMB2-FLUSH against directories.
      s3: smbtorture: Add new SMB2-DIR-FSYNC test to show behavior of FSYNC on directories.
      s3: smbd: Remove existing_unx_mode, an unused parameter to open_match_attributes().
      s3: smbd: Add clarifying comment on mode change on overwritten files.
      s3: smbd: Remove use of SMB_VFS_FCHMOD_ACL() in overwrite case.
      s3: smbd: optimization. Only do the FCHMOD call if needed.
      s3: smbd: Optimization. Only do the FCHMOD_ACL call if mode bits not equal.
      s3: smbd: Use FCHMOD call, not FCHMOD_ACL call if mode bits reset needed.
      s3: modules: vfs_default: Remove CHMOD_ACL in mkdir.
      s3: modules: vfs_default: Remove CHMOD_ACL in chmod.
      s3: modules: vfs_ceph: Remove CHMOD_ACL in cephwrap_mkdir().
      s3: modules: vfs_ceph: Remove CHMOD_ACL in cephwrap_chmod().
      s3: torture: Remove cmd_chmod_acl().
      s3: VFS: Remove SMB_VFS_CHMOD_ACL().
      s3: modules: vfs_default: Remove FCHMOD_ACL in fchmod.
      s3: modules: vfs_ceph: Remove FCHMOD_ACL in cephwrap_fchmod().
      s3: torture: Remove cmd_fchmod_acl().
      s3: VFS: Remove SMB_VFS_FCHMOD_ACL().
      s3: posix_acls: Remove dead functions fchmod_acl()/chmod_acl().
      s3: posix_acls: Remove unused 'connection_struct *conn' parameter to map_acl_perms_to_permset().
      s3: smbd: Make unix_perms_to_acl_perms() extern.
      s3: smbd: Make map_acl_perms_to_permset() extern.
      s3: vfs_fake_acls: Correctly implement the chmod/fchmod algorithm on fake acls.

Joe Guo (49):
      samba-tool: improve computer management commands
      docs-xml:samba-tool.8: improve doc for computer management commands
      python: bulk replace dict.iteritems to items for py3
      python: bulk port tdb iterkeys for py3
      python: bulk replace dict.itervalues to values for py3
      python: bulk replace file to open for py3
      python: bulk convert zip to list
      python: fix unicode escape in doc string
      selftest: enable py3 for samba.tests.dcerpc.sam
      selftest: enable py3 for samba.tests.dcerpc.bare
      selftest: enable py3 for samba.tests.dcerpc.rpcecho
      selftest: enable py3 for samba.tests.dcerpc.registry
      selftest: enable py3 for samba.tests.lsa_string
      selftest: enable py3 for samba.tests.source
      selftest: enable py3 for samba.tests.docs
      selftest: enable py3 for samba.tests.krb5_credentials
      graph: fix divide for py3
      graph: fix sort for py3
      selftest/graph: enable py3 for samba.tests.graph
      kcc/graph_utils: port string.translate for py3
      kcc/kcc_utils: convert dict.keys to list
      kcc/kcc_utils: fix divide for py3
      kcc: fix sort for py3
      kcc/graph: add __hash__ to InternalEdge for py3
      traffic_relay: bulk port print to modern py3 style
      samdb: fix wrong computer container dn for newcomputer
      Fix typo for response
      cmd_drsuapi: add dswriteaccountspn command
      pycredentials: add py_creds_get_secure_channel_type
      traffic: add paged_results control for ldb search
      traffic_replay: set gensec features to encrypt credentials
      traffic_replay: fix typo in message string
      traffic_packets: support NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_DOMAIN in packet_lsarpc_39
      traffic: add credentials to samr
      traffic_packets: replace level 102 to 101 for packet_srvsvc_21
      traffic_packets: replace share_name from netlogon to IPC$ for packet_srvsvc_16
      traffic_packets: add windows instructions for ldap 0 simple bind
      traffic_packets: add trailing $ to fix packet_rpc_netlogon_30
      traffic_packets: provision request data for packet_drsuapi_13
      traffic: set domain on user_creds and machine_creds
      traffic_replay: fetch domain from creds other than opts
      traffic: grant user write permission
      traffic: simplify forget_packets_outside_window
      traffic: improve add_short_packet by avoiding str.split
      traffic: improve is_really_a_packet
      traffic: change machine creds secure channel type
      traffic: fix userAccountControl for machine account
      traffic: optimize packet init for better performance
      traffic: improve add_short_packet by avoiding dict.get

Kai Blin (1):
      talloc: Fix some typos in the comments

Martin Schwenke (81):
      ctdb: Fix some -Werror=strict-overflow issues
      ctdb-scripts: Avoid shellcheck SC1117: Backslash is literal in "..."
      ctdb-tools: Avoid filtering stderr when onnode not running in parallel
      ctdb-docs: Drop references to CTDB_BASE from the documentation
      ctdb-docs: Drop stale reference to unused configuration file
      ctdb-docs: Drop documentation for CTDB_SHUTDOWN_TIMEOUT option
      ctdb-scripts: Drop unused variable service_config
      ctdb-scripts: Drop CTDB_RC_LOCAL testing hook
      ctdb-tests: Simplify a test
      ctdb-tests: Fix a typo
      ctdb-docs: Move some ctdbd options out of the debug section
      ctdb-docs: Move some configuration options out of the debug section
      ctdb-daemon: Set ctdb->notification_script directly
      ctdb-daemon: Drop unused function ctdb_set_notification_script()
      ctdb-daemon: Use a local variable instead of repeating getenv()
      ctdb-daemon: Provide a default location for the notification script
      ctdb-tests: Ensure notify.sh is available to local daemons
      ctdb-scripts: Drop CTDB_NOTIFY_SCRIPT configuration option
      ctdb-daemon: Drop ctdbd --notification-script command-line option
      ctdb-daemon: Add testing environment variable CTDB_TEST_MODE
      ctdb-tests: Make local daemon tests depend on CTDB_TEST_MODE
      ctdb-daemon: Drop ctdbd --sloppy-start and --nopublicipcheck options
      ctdb-scripts: Drop CTDB_VALGRIND testing option
      ctdb-daemon: Drop ctdbd --torture and --valgrinding options
      ctdb-docs: Move remaining test options to README
      ctdb-daemon: Move ctdb_init() to the only place it is used
      ctdb-daemon: Drop duplicate initialisation of request ID context
      ctdb-daemon: Consolidate basic CTDB context initialisation
      ctdb-daemon: Reorder main() to improve the structure
      ctdb-scripts: Drop warning when there is no recovery lock
      ctdb-daemon: Log the logging location when not logging via syslog()
      ctdb-scripts: Drop UDP/file logging warning from ctdbd_wrapper
      ctdb-tests: Fix location of persistent databases
      ctdb-scripts: Fix location of persistent databases
      ctdb-tests: CTDB_DBDIR_PERSISTENT should not depend on CTDB_DBDIR
      ctdb-daemon: Change default volatile database directory
      ctdb-scripts: Drop support for CTDB_DBDIR=tmpfs
      ctdb-scripts: Remove function rewrite_ctdb_options()
      ctdb-tests: Continue running if a testcase is not executable
      ctdb-scripts: Don't load CTDB configuration in statd-callout
      ctdb-scripts: Don't load CTDB configuration in onnode
      ctdb-scripts: Don't check for CTDB_PARTIALLY_ONLINE_INTERFACES clash
      ctdb-tests: Separate support script for 06.nfs
      ctdb-scripts: Add global script.options configuration file
      ctdb-scripts: Allow load_script_options() to specify an event script
      ctdb-scripts: Use load_script_options() in miscellaneous scripts
      ctdb-docs: Document script.options
      ctdb-config: Add a default script.options file
      ctdb-docs: Document system options and resource controls
      ctdb-config: Add default ctdb.sysconfig file, update ctdb.service
      ctdb-scripts: Drop CTDB_SUPPRESS_COREFILE and CTDB_MAX_OPEN_FILES options
      ctdb-common: Add config options for logging
      ctdb-build: Create database directories during installation
      ctdb-tests: Create database directories for local daemons
      ctdb-daemon: Do not create database directories
      ctdb-scripts: Drop CTDB_MAX_PERSISTENT_CHECK_ERRORS option
      ctdb-daemon: Drop ctdbd --max-persistent-check-errors option
      ctdb-cluster: Define cluster configuration file options
      ctdb-tools: Add cluster config options to config tool
      ctdb-database: Define database configuration file options
      ctdb-tools: Add database config options to config tool
      ctdb-daemon: Define ctdbd legacy configuration file options
      ctdb-tools: Add legacy config options to config tool
      ctdb-daemon: Implement ctdb configuration file loading
      ctdb-daemon: Integrate configuration file handling
      ctdb-scripts: Translate old style options into new configuration file
      ctdb-daemon: Drop most ctdbd command-line options
      ctdb-tests: Add new variable CTDB_SCRIPTS_HELPER_BINDIR
      ctdb-tests: Add setup of ctdb.conf database directory settings
      ctdb-tests: Add setup of ctdb.conf recovery lock setting
      ctdb-tests: Add ctdb-config wrapper stub for event script tests
      ctdb-scripts: Add function ctdb_get_db_options()
      ctdb-scripts: Fetch database options from config file in scripts
      ctdb-scripts: Fetch recovery lock option from config file in 01.reclock
      ctdb-tests: Clean up tests to not expose script options
      ctdb-docs: Add ctdb.conf(5)
      ctdb-docs: Add ctdb.conf(5) cross references and documentation tweaks
      ctdb-docs: Add example configuration files
      ctdb-config: Add default ctdb.conf file
      ctdb-tests: Switch local daemons to use new style configuration file
      ctdb: Drop configuration file ctdbd.conf

Mathieu Parent (27):
      Fix spelling s/allows to/allows one to/
      Fix spelling s/anwser/answer/
      Fix spelling s/authenticaiton/authentication/
      Fix spelling s/conection/connection/
      Fix spelling s/coult/could/
      Fix spelling s/desriptor/descriptor/
      Fix spelling s/doens't/doesn't/
      Fix spelling s/Everytime/Every time/
      Fix spelling s/formated/formatted/
      Fix spelling s/fowarding/forwarding/
      Fix spelling s/malicous/malicious/
      Fix spelling s/missmatch/mismatch/
      Fix spelling s/openened/opened/
      Fix spelling s/opions/options/
      Fix spelling s/ouput/output/
      Fix spelling s/processs/process/
      Fix spelling s/propogate/propagate/
      Fix spelling s/protcol/protocol/
      Fix spelling s/receving/receiving/
      Fix spelling s/retrive/retrieve/
      Fix spelling s/retun/return/
      Fix spelling s/specfied/specified/
      Fix spelling s/succesfully/successfully/
      Fix spelling s/unitialized/uninitialized/
      Fix spelling s/unsuported/unsupported/
      Fix pidl manpage sections
      Improve vfs_linux_xfs_sgid manpage

Noel Power (40):
      s4/libcli: python3 port for smb module
      wscript_build: make sure we link extra-python versions of libraries
      s3/param/wscript: build PROVISION subsytem for extra-python/py3
      s3/libnet/wscript: build samba-net lib for extra-python/py3
      s3/lib/policy/wscript_build: build samba_policy lib for extra-python/py3
      python/wscript: build grouping library for py2/py3 (--extra-python)
      lib/ldb: Additionally accept unicode as string param in Py2
      lib/tevent: Additionally accept unicode as string param in Py2
      libcli/nbt: Additionally accept unicode as string param in Py2
      s4/auth: Additionally accept unicode as string param in Py2
      s4/dsdb: Additionally accept unicode as string param in Py2
      s4/librpc: Additionally accept unicode as string param in Py2
      s4/param: Additionally accept unicode as string param in Py2
      python/samba: Add some compatability PY2/PY3 functions
      Add aliases for StringIO.StringIO
      python/samba: Add binary_type for p2/p3 testing.
      python/samba: bulk conversion of caller to dsdb_Dn 2nd param.
      python: Bulk conversion callers of ldb.Dn second param
      python/samba: port some isinstance str checks (to cater for unicode)
      python/samba: Py2/Py3 compat change '/' to '//' to ensure int result
      python/samba: Bulk replace of '.next()' method with function 'next()'
      samba_tool: Py2/Py3 compatability fix tuple assigment
      samba_tool: make exception handling statements py2/py3 compatible
      python/samba/provision: Fix urllib.quote usage for py2/py3
      python/samba: Ensure md5 always provided with bytes
      python/samba/tests: py2/py3 compatability replace xrange with range
      s4/dsdb/tests: py2/py3 compatability replace xrange with range
      samba_tool: replace xrange -> range
      Bulk: enclose .keys() method with list where list (from python2) expected
      s4/scripting/bin: py2/py3 compatability always decode result of b64encode
      s4/scripting/devel: py2/py3 compatability always decode result of b64encode
      s4/dsdb/tests: py2/py3 compatability always decode result of b64encode
      python/samba: py2/py3 compatability always decode result of b64encode
      auth/credentials/test: py2/py3 compat always decode result of b64encode
      s4/setup/tests: Add test for non ascii password setting samba-tool
      python/samba: Fix incorrect encode of password
      testprogs/blackbox: Add test to set and use password with non-ascii
      s4/libnet: Allow passwords containing non ascii characters to be passed
      python/samba/netcmd:  net.change_password should be passed string
      python/samba/netcmd: Py2/Py3 misc replace range with enumerate

Puran Chand (4):
      s3: libsmbclient: Add internal/external structures needed for readdirplus.
      s3: libsmbclient: Add readdirplus cleanup code on directory close.
      s3: libsmbclient: Add function add_dirplus() to fill the list from a returned file info.
      s3: libsmbclient: Add new function SMBC_readdirplus_ctx().

Ralph Boehme (19):
      ldb/tests: remove lmdb.h include from test
      s4/test: fix AAPL size check
      s4/torture: spelling fix in vfs_fruit test
      s4/torture: spelling fix in vfs_fruit test
      s3:messages: check reg->refcount == 0 before accessing other elements
      s3:messages: check tevent_fd_get_flags() == 0 before using stale event context pointer
      s3:messages: improve tevent_create_immediate recycling
      Add a wrapper script as git pre-commit hook
      script/git-hooks: add check-trailing-whitespace
      s3:cleanupd: use MSG_SMB_BRL_VALIDATE to signal cleanupd unclean process shutdown
      s3:cleanupd: sends MSG_SMB_UNLOCK twice to interested peers
      libcli: remove unused se_create_child_secdesc_buf()
      s4:torture/smb2: new test for interaction between chown and SD flags
      s3:smbd: fix interaction between chown and SD flags
      s3:smbd: make psbuf arg to make_default_acl_posix() const
      vfs_zfsacl: return synthesized ACL when ZFS return ENOTSUP
      s4:torture/vfs/fruit: decrease large resource fork size in test from 1 GB to 64 MB
      s4:torture: test setting EOF of a stream to 0 with enabled AAPL extensions
      vfs_fruit: delete 0 byte size streams if AAPL is enabled

Ralph Wuerthner (1):
      s3:smb2_tcon: Add check to prevent non-DFS clients from connecting to an msdfs proxy.

Richard Sharpe (1):
      Fix some incorrect debug messages that look to be copy-paste issues.

Simo Sorce (1):
      Fix Jean François name to be UTF-8

Stefan Metzmacher (14):
      s3: nmbd: Fix strict overflow checking compiler warning.
      s3:smb2_server: correctly maintain request counters for compound requests
      s3:smbd: call pthreadpool_tevent_init() already in smbd_process()
      docs-xml: rewrite the vfs_aio_pthread manpage to reflect the >= 4.0.0 behavior
      selftest: add some basic testing for aio_pthread
      s3:vfs_aio_pthread: make use of pthreadpool_tevent instead of pthreadpool_pipe
      nsswitch: fix memory leak in winbind_open_pipe_sock() when the privileged pipe is not accessable.
      s3:util: remove reinit_after_fork_pipe_handler before sending SIGTERM
      ldb/tests: don't use TEVENT_DEPRECATED in ldb_kv_ops_test.c
      winbind: Pass upn unmodified to lookup names
      s4:lsa_lookup: remove TALLOC_FREE(state) after all dcesrv_lsa_Lookup{Names,Sids}_base_map() calls
      auth/ntlmssp: add ntlmssp_client:ldap_style_send_seal option
      s4:selftest: run test_ldb_simple.sh with more auth options
      auth/ntlmssp: fix handling of GENSEC_FEATURE_LDAP_STYLE as a server

Tim Beale (29):
      tests: Move repeated code into a helper function
      tests: Split out setUp code into separate function for reuse
      tests: Add tests for Password Settings Objects
      tests: Add comments to help explain password_lockout tests
      tests: Add PSO test case to existing password_lockout tests
      tests: Add test for password-lockout via SAMR RPC
      tests: Add a test case for msDS-PasswordReversibleEncryptionEnabled
      dsdb: Use attribute-name parameter for error message
      dsdb: Split out construct_generic_token_groups() so we can reuse it
      netcmd: Small tweak to retrieving pwdProperties
      netcmd: Split 'domain passwordsettings' into a super-command
      tests: Add tests for samba-tool passwordsettings commands
      script: Add 'random-seed' option to traffic_replay
      dsdb: Add msDS-ResultantPSO constructed attribute support
      tests: Extend PSO tests to cover password-history/length/complexity
      dsdb/auth: Use PSO settings for lockOutThreshold/Duration
      dsdb: PSO support for msDS-User-Account-Control-Computed
      dsdb/rpc: Update effective badPwdCount to use PSO settings
      rpc/samr: Fix PSO support in SAMR password_change RPC
      dsdb: Lookup PSO's lockout settings for password_hash modifies
      dsdb: Move anonymous domain_data struct
      dsdb: Update password_hash to use PSO settings for password changes
      dsdb: Use PSO maxPwdAge for operational msDS-PasswordExpiryTimeComputed
      netcmd: Add samba-tool support for managing PSOs
      tests: Extend passwordsettings tests to cover PSO command options
      tests: Add tests for domain pwdHistoryLength
      dsdb: Avoid performance hit if PSOs aren't actually used
      dsdb: Avoid calculating the PSO multiple times
      tests: Fix intermittent error in PSO test

Timur I. Bakeyev (3):
      Remove extra 0x prefix for the "%p" format specifiers, avoiding 0x0x0 strings in the output.
      Convert affected by previous commit lines from DEBUG(10,..) to DBG_DEBUG().
      Make ldb configuration --disable-python work as intended

Vandana Rungta (1):
      s3: VFS: Fix memory leak in vfs_ceph.

Volker Lendecke (85):
      eventlog: Fix CID 242105 Unchecked return value
      eventlog: Fix CID 1363194 Resource leak
      ldb: Fix trailing whitespace
      idmap: Use TALLOC_FREE instead of explicit code
      idmap: Fix CID 1363261 Resource leak
      pdb_nds: Fix CID 1273401 Unused value
      tdbtool: Use tdb_wipe_all in "erase" command
      nmbd: Fix a typo
      nmbd: Fix a typo
      libsmb: Remove unused trustdom_cache.c
      libsmb: Give namequery.c its own header
      libsmb: Give dsgetdcname.c its own header
      libsmb: Introduce a helper variable
      libsmb: Pass "account_name/flags" through prep_getdc_request
      libsmb: Pass "account_name/flags" through nb_getdc
      rpc_server: Init local_server_* in make_internal_rpc_pipe_socketpair
      tevent: Fix CID 1414792 Unchecked return value
      vfs_fruit: Fix CID 1416474 Dereference null return value
      winbind: Fix CID 1427625 Calling risky function
      dnsrpc: Use TALLOC_FREE instead of an explicit if-statement
      smbd: Fix CID 1414783 Double unlock
      credentials: Revert "credentials: Fix CID 1414796 Explicit null dereferenced"
      credentials: Fix line length
      credentials: Fix CID 1414796 Explicit null dereferenced
      torture: Test compound request request counters
      dbwrap: Fix "use mmap = no"
      libnbt: Add an explicit "mem_ctx" to name_request_send
      libnbt: Align data types
      libdgram: Fix an error path memleak
      tstream: Fix CID 1167982 Unchecked return value
      tstream: Fix CID 1167981 Unchecked return value
      nbt_server: Factor out nbtd_name_query_reply_packet
      nbt_server: Factor out nbtd_node_status_reply_packet
      nbt_server: Align integer types
      libcli: Call dbwrap_local_open with the correct hash size
      libcli: Call dbwrap_local_open with the correct tdb_flags
      credentials: Call dbwrap_local_open with the correct hash size
      credentials: Call dbwrap_local_open with the correct tdb_flags
      cluster4: Call dbwrap_local_open with the correct hash size
      cluster4: Call dbwrap_local_open with the correct tdb_flags
      dbwrap3: Call dbwrap_local_open with the correct hash size
      dbwrap3: Call dbwrap_local_open with the correct tdb flags
      libcli: Call dbwrap_local_open with the correct hash size
      libcli: Call dbwrap_local_open with the correct tdb flags
      dbwrap: Remove calls to loadparm
      dbwrap: Remove dependency on samba-hostconfig
      winbind: Remove an unused struct declaration
      ntlm_auth: PAM_AUTH_CRAP needs a privileged socket
      nsswitch: Only connect to the priv socket if required
      winbind: Speed up wbinfo -p
      torture3: Fix CID 1435119 Error handling issues (CHECKED_RETURN)
      tevent: Fix callers of tevent_req_set_endtime
      lib: #include "util_event.h" only where needed
      dsdb: Fix CID 1435453 Null pointer dereferences
      samba-tool: Fix a typo
      printing: Fix CID 1435452 (TAINTED_SCALAR)
      smbd: Fix "reset on zero vc"
      lib: Put "results_store" into a doubly linked list
      lib: Hold at most 10 outstanding paged result cookies
      winbind: Fix CID 1435598 Error handling issues (CHECKED_RETURN)
      ctdb-common: Fix CID 1435600
      winbindd: Introduce "bool_dispatch_table"
      winbindd: winbindd_interface_version() -> bool_dispatch_table
      winbindd: winbindd_info() -> bool_dispatch_table
      winbindd: winbindd_ping() -> bool_dispatch_table
      winbindd: winbindd_domain_name() -> bool_dispatch_table
      winbindd: winbindd_netbios_name() -> bool_dispatch_table
      winbindd: winbindd_dc_info() -> bool_dispatch_table
      winbindd: winbindd_ccache_ntlm_auth() -> bool_dispatch_table
      winbindd: winbindd_ccache_save() -> bool_dispatch_table
      winbindd: winbindd_priv_pipe_dir() -> bool_dispatch_table
      winbindd: winbindd_list_trusted_domains() -> bool_dispatch_table
      winbindd: Make DOMAIN_INFO a proper async request
      winbindd: Remove the "old" non-bool dispatch table
      winbindd: Make "request_ok()" static to winbindd.c
      winbindd: Make "request_error()" static to winbindd.c
      winbindd: Remove an unused function prototype
      ctdb: Fix CID 1435740 Unchecked return value
      audit_logging: Fix CID 1435739 Dereference null return value
      ctdbd: Fix CID 1435732 Argument cannot be negative
      ldap_server: Fix CID 1435731 Unchecked return value
      kdc: Fix CID 1435720 Unchecked return value
      ldap_server: Fix CID 1435721 Unchecked return value
      vfs_time_audit: Fix a log message
      smbd: Call smbXsrv_client_global_init in the parent smbd

William Brown (10):
      s4:ldb/password_hash.c: improve krb5 context error message
      ldb_wrap.c missing header
      s3/security.c undefined value
      s4/smbd/server.c: create /run if missing
      python/samba/netcmd/{forest.py,main.py}: add configuration controls
      python/samba/netcmd/group.py: add group show
      python/samba/netcmd/schema.py: add schema query and management.
      python/samba/netcmd/schema.py: add schema show_oc for attribute
      python/samba/tests/samba_tool/schema.py: Improve schema command testing
      python/samba/netcmd/schema.py: samdb schema update now


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