[SCM] Samba Shared Repository - annotated tag samba-4.8.3 created

Karolin Seeger kseeger at samba.org
Tue Jun 26 14:50:58 UTC 2018

The annotated tag, samba-4.8.3 has been created
        at  ae1697f39822eadcab97205fe5ade6f3d1cea427 (tag)
   tagging  a62c2f3e97d3d779fe0d71162f61987da2645a85 (commit)
  replaces  samba-4.8.2
 tagged by  Karolin Seeger
        on  Tue Jun 26 16:50:07 2018 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
samba: tag release samba-4.8.3


Andreas Schneider (24):
      selftest: Make sure we have correct group mappings
      nsswitch: Add a test looking up the user using the upn
      nsswitch: Add a test looking up domain sid
      nsswitch: Lookup the domain in tests with the wb seperator
      selftest: Add a user with a different userPrincipalName
      nsswitch:tests: Add test for wbinfo --user-info
      winbind: Remove unused function parse_domain_user_talloc()
      winbind: Fix UPN handling in parse_domain_user()
      winbind: Fix UPN handling in canonicalize_username()
      s3:utils: Do not segfault on error in DoDNSUpdate()
      lib:util: Fix string check in mkdir_p()
      s4:torture: Use strlcpy() in gen_name()
      s3:lib: Use memcpy() in escape_ldap_string()
      s3:passdb: Fix size of ascii_p16
      s3:winbind: Fix uninitialzed variable warning
      lib:util: Fix parameter aliasing in tfork test
      lib:util: Fix size types in debug.c
      s4:ntvfs: Fix string copy of share_name
      lib: Fix array size in audit_logging
      krb5_plugin: Add winbind localauth plugin for MIT Kerberos
      s3:registry: Fix buffer truncation issues issues with gcc8
      s3:smbget: Fix buffer truncation issues with gcc8
      s3:winbind: Fix regression introduced with bso #12851
      samdb: Fix build error with gcc8

Andrej Gessel (3):
      ldb: check return values
      check return value before using key_values
      Fix several mem leaks in ldb_index ldb_search ldb_tdb

Andrew Bartlett (12):
      s3-lib: Remove support for libexc for IRIX backtraces
      lib/util: Log PANIC before calling pacic action just like s3
      lib/util: Move log_stack_trace() to common code
      lib/util: Call log_stack_trace() in smb_panic_default()
      ldb: Save a copy of the index result before calling the callbacks.
      ldb: Indicate that the ltdb_dn_list_sort() in list_union is a bit subtle.
      ldb: Explain why an entry can vanish from the index
      ldb: One-level search was incorrectly falling back to full DB scan
      ldb: Add tests for when we should expect a full scan
      ldb_tdb: Use mem_ctx and so avoid leak onto long-term memory on duplicated add.
      .gitlab-ci.yml: Adapt to current GitLab CI setup
      ldb: version 1.3.4

Christof Schmitt (6):
      selftest: Add dfq_cache share with 'dfree cache time' set
      selftest: Add test for 'dfree cache'
      memcache: Add new cache type for dfree information
      smbd: Cache dfree information based on query path
      smbd: Flush dfree memcache on service reload
      krb5_wrap: fix keep_old_entries logic for older kerberos libraries

G√ľnther Deschner (6):
      s4-heimdal: Fix the format-truncation errors.
      s3-winbindd: use fill_domain_username_talloc() in winbind.
      s3-winbindd: remove unused fill_domain_username()
      s3-printing: fix format-truncation in print_queue_update()
      s4-torture: fix format-truncation warning in smb2 session tests.
      s3-utils: fix format-truncation in smbpasswd

Jeffrey Altman (1):
      heimdal: lib/krb5: do not fail set_config_files due to parse error

Jeremy Allison (5):
      s3: smbd: Fix SMB2-FLUSH against directories.
      s3: smbtorture: Add new SMB2-DIR-FSYNC test to show behavior of FSYNC on directories.
      s3: torture: Add DELETE-PRINT test.
      s3: smbd: printing: Re-implement delete-on-close semantics for print files missing since 3.5.x.
      python: Fix talloc frame use in make_simple_acl().

Karolin Seeger (4):
      VERSION: Bump version up to 4.8.3...
      WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.8.3.
      VERSION: Disable GIT_SNAPSHOT for the 4.8.3 release.

Lukas Slebodnik (1):
      ldb: Fix memory leak on module context

Ralph Boehme (2):
      s4:torture/smb2: new test for interaction between chown and SD flags
      s3:smbd: fix interaction between chown and SD flags

Stefan Metzmacher (4):
      winbind: Pass upn unmodified to lookup names
      auth/ntlmssp: add ntlmssp_client:ldap_style_send_seal option
      s4:selftest: run test_ldb_simple.sh with more auth options
      auth/ntlmssp: fix handling of GENSEC_FEATURE_LDAP_STYLE as a server

Volker Lendecke (1):
      libgpo: Fix the build --without-ads


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