autobuild[sn-devel-144]: intermittent test failure detected

autobuild autobuild at
Mon Jun 25 22:28:53 UTC 2018

The autobuild test system (on sn-devel-144) has detected an intermittent failing test in 
the current master tree.

The autobuild log of the failure is available here:

The failure seems to be in the "samba-nt4" suite, whose build logs are available here:
The top commit at the time of the failure was:

commit b282bcbb759bbb12797922e066aeb12c0df5b2f1
Author: Gary Lockyer <gary at>
Date:   Wed Jun 6 15:30:44 2018 +0200

    dsdb: Log the transaction duraton.
    This is not a general purpose profiling solution, but these JSON
    logs are already being generated and stored, so this is worth adding.
    This will allow administrators to identify long running
    transactions, and identify potential performance bottlenecks.
    This complements a similar patch set to log authentication duration.
    Signed-off-by: Gary Lockyer <gary at>
    Reviewed-by: Andrew Bartlett <abartlet at>
    Autobuild-User(master): Andrew Bartlett <abartlet at>
    Autobuild-Date(master): Mon Jun 25 11:16:18 CEST 2018 on sn-devel-144

and the last 50 lines of the stdout log were:

[141(785)/502 at 6m29s] samba3.base.ntdeny2(nt4_dc)
[142(786)/502 at 6m30s]
[143(787)/502 at 6m30s] samba3.base.openattr(nt4_dc)
[144(788)/502 at 6m31s]
[145(789)/502 at 6m31s] samba3.base.rename(nt4_dc)
[146(790)/502 at 6m31s] samba3.base.rw1(nt4_dc)
[147(791)/502 at 6m32s] samba3.base.rw1(nt4_dc)
[148(792)/502 at 6m32s] samba3.base.rw1(nt4_dc)
[149(793)/502 at 6m32s] samba3.base.secleak(nt4_dc)
[150(794)/502 at 6m33s] samba3.base.tcon(nt4_dc)
[151(795)/502 at 6m34s] samba3.base.tcondev(nt4_dc)
[152(796)/502 at 6m34s] samba3.base.trans2(nt4_dc)
[153(797)/502 at 6m37s] samba3.base.unlink(nt4_dc)
[154(798)/502 at 6m38s] samba3.base.vuid(nt4_dc)
[155(799)/502 at 6m38s] samba3.base.xcopy(nt4_dc)
[156(800)/502 at 6m38s] samba3.base.samba3error(nt4_dc)
[157(801)/502 at 6m38s] samba3.raw.acls(nt4_dc)
[158(813)/502 at 6m40s] samba3.raw.acls nfs4acl_xattr-simple-40(nt4_dc)
[159(825)/502 at 6m43s] samba3.raw.acls nfs4acl_xattr-special-40(nt4_dc)
[160(837)/502 at 6m48s] samba3.raw.acls nfs4acl_xattr-simple-41(nt4_dc)
[161(849)/502 at 6m51s] samba3.raw.acls nfs4acl_xattr-xdr-40(nt4_dc)
[162(861)/502 at 6m53s] samba3.raw.acls nfs4acl_xattr-xdr-41(nt4_dc)
[163(873)/502 at 6m54s] samba3.raw.chkpath(nt4_dc)
[164(874)/502 at 6m55s] samba3.raw.close(nt4_dc)
[165(875)/502 at 6m55s] samba3.raw.composite(nt4_dc)
[166(879)/502 at 6m56s] samba3.raw.eas(nt4_dc)
[167(880)/502 at 6m57s] samba3.raw.lock(nt4_dc)
[168(893)/502 at 7m29s] samba3.raw.mkdir(nt4_dc)
[169(894)/502 at 7m30s] samba3.raw.mux(nt4_dc)
[170(895)/502 at 7m32s] samba3.raw.notify(nt4_dc)
UNEXPECTED(failure): samba3.raw.notify.alignment(nt4_dc)
REASON: Exception: Exception: ../source4/torture/raw/notify.c:1970: Expression `notify.nttrans.out.num_changes == num_names' failed:

FAILED (1 failures, 0 errors and 0 unexpected successes in 0 testsuites)

A summary with detailed information can be found in:
TOP 10 slowest tests -> 48
samba3.raw.lock(nt4_dc) -> 33 -> 31
samba3.smbtorture_s3.crypt_client(nt4_dc).OPLOCK1(nt4_dc) -> 30
samba3.base.defer_open(nt4_dc) -> 17
samba3.base.dir2(nt4_dc) -> 17
samba3.base.lock(nt4_dc) -> 12
samba3.smbtorture_s3.crypt_client(nt4_dc).LOCK1(nt4_dc) -> 12
samba3.smbtorture_s3.crypt_client(nt4_dc).OPLOCK2(nt4_dc) -> 11
samba3.blackbox.smbclient_s3.SMB3.crypt (nt4_dc)(nt4_dc) -> 11
ERROR: test failed with exit code 1

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