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Stefan Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Sat Jan 13 07:08:51 UTC 2018

The annotated tag, talloc-2.1.11 has been created
        at  23bc289fc4149831001cee0fa051c506a1583f4d (tag)
   tagging  efe317c59204af076bb500ad904d2a5f6a961509 (commit)
  replaces  tevent-0.9.34
 tagged by  Stefan Metzmacher
        on  Sat Jan 13 08:08:43 2018 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
talloc: tag release talloc-2.1.11
Version: GnuPG v1


Amitay Isaacs (21):
      ctdb-daemon: Allocate deferred calls off calling context
      ctdb-common: Call missing tevent_wakeup_recv() in sock_daemon
      ctdb-common: Do not use sock->req outside sock_socket functions
      ctdb-common: Return status from sock_daemon startup()/reconfigure()
      ctdb-common: Start wait computation only after successful startup
      ctdb-common: Start listening to sockets only on successful startup
      ctdb-common: Handle errors on unexpected socket close in sock_daemon
      ctdb-tests: Create sock_daemon_funcs per test
      ctdb-common: Add async version of startup in sock_daemon
      ctdb-common: Add async version of reconfigure in sock_daemon
      ctdb-common: Add async version of shutdown in sock_daemon
      ctdb-tests: Make sure child processes are waited on after termination
      ctdb-common: Add special monitor handling to run_event abstraction
      ctdb-eventd: Simplify eventd code
      ctdb-takeover: Refactor code to send tickle lists for all public IPs
      ctdb-takeover: Send tcp tickles immediately on STARTUP control
      ctdb-daemon: Send STARTUP control after startup event
      ctdb-build: Apply dependency to correct subsystem
      ctdb-common: Avoid using void ** argument
      ctdb-client: Add async version for ctdb_client_init()
      ctdb-recovery-helper: Deregister message handler in error paths

Andreas Schneider (22):
      python:tests: Use bin/tdbdump only if built
      s3:torture: Fix building with -O3 and gcc 7
      build: Move socket_wrapper to third_party
      build: Move nss_wrapper to third_party
      build: Move resolv_wrapper to third_party
      build: Move uid_wrapper to third_party
      build: Move pam_wrapper to third_party
      python:tests: Create a test user for the dsdb test
      s4:samba: Do not segfault if we run into issues
      s4:samba: Allow samba daemon to run in foreground
      systemd: Start processes in forground and without a process group
      third_party: Fix a typo in the option name
      third_party: Update socket_wrapper to version 1.1.9
      s3:winbindd: Use a stackframe for memory management in _wbint_QueryGroupList
      s3:glock: Move sanity check in g_lock_parse()
      systemd: Only start samba and nmbd when network interfaces are up
      dsdb: Improve code and directly close fp
      credentials: Simplify cli_credentials_get_server_gss_creds()
      crypto: Update the REQUIREMENTS
      pwrap: Build libpamtest as a subsystem to avoid issues
      selftest: Use the ad_dc with smbfs for ad_member env
      s3:tests: Fix test_net_tdb.sh with system tdb-tools

Andrej Gessel (1):
      repl_meta_data: Fix removing of backlink on deleted objects

Andrew Bartlett (55):
      waf: Move script list to one-per-line
      gpoupdate: Do not DEBUG(0) every scan interval
      gpoupdate: Correct comment about hard-coded 5 second runing of the script
      gpoupdate: Remove developer path from the comment
      pygpo: Check for errors in gpo.gpo_get_sysvol_gpt_version()
      python: This function converts days to a relative (ie negative) NTTIME
      gpoupdate: Move closer to 80 columns
      python: Use py_check_dcerpc_type() to safely check for credentials
      python: Remove Python 2.4 compat macro
      Use talloc_stackframe() not talloc_tos() in namequery.c
      python: Remove talloc_stackframe() held in an object
      python: Convert gop.GROUP_POLICY_OBJECT to pytalloc
      dbcheck: Clarify error count bumping in deleted/gone DN handling
      dbcheck: Use the GUID as the DN to fix replPropertyMetaData
      selftest: add more dbcheck tests
      selftest: Split out dbcheck runs from dangling_multi_valued test
      selftest: Split out creation of complex (often invalid) links
      selftest: Additional check for a backlink pointing at a deleted object
      selftest: Add more corruption cases for runtime and dbcheck
      repl_meta_data: Allow delete of an object with dangling backlinks
      torture: Use torture_assert{,_int_equal}_goto() in smb2.kernel-oplocks
      selftest: mark samba3.smb2.kernel-oplocks as flapping
      selftest: Rework samba.dsdb locking test to samba.dsdb_lock
      selftest: Fix flapping samba.dsdb test
      selftest: Add cleanup of ForeignSecurityPrincipal in samba.dsdb test
      selftest: Fix copyright header on samba.dsdb_lock
      ldb: Show the last successful DN when failing to parse LDIF
      provision: Import extended rights schema from MS-ADTS v47.0
      provision: Remove section numbers from extended rights, replace with dn
      provision: Reformat appliesTo in Extended Rights into LDIF
      provision: Align extended-rights.ldif with the adprep LDIF for 2012R2
      provision: Fill in validAccesses in extended-rights.ldif for Control Access Rights
      provision: Fill in validAccesses in extended-rights.ldif for Validated Writes
      provision: Fill in validAccesses in extended-rights.ldif for Property Sets
      provision: Fill in a nicer displayName for Extended Rights
      provision: Align displayName of Property Sets with MS-ADTS
      provision: Make clarifying header an LDIF comment in extended-rights.ldif
      schema: Re-work extended rights handling in provision (prep for 2012R2)
      2008R2: Missing extended rights for objectVersion 45
      2008R2: Missing flags on optional features container for objectVersion 45
      selftest: Fix upgradeprovision test by importing new objects for schema 45
      schema: 2016 AD schema attributes and classes
      schema: 2008R2 AD schema attributes and classes
      provision: Use the official MS 2008R2 schema by default
      dns_server: Use the indexed "name" attribute in wildcard lookup
      dns_server: Do not look for a wildcard for @
      dns_server: Do the exact match query first, then do the wildcard lookup
      s4:samba: Fix default to be running samba as a deamon
      selftest: Do not use dn= filter string
      ldb: Intersect the index from SCOPE_ONELEVEL with the index for the search expression
      samba-tool domain schemaupgrade: Avoid reindex after every hunk
      travis-ci: Update package list to match the wiki
      talloc: Remove talloc_abort_magic()
      talloc: Add tests to require use-after-free to give the correct talloc_abort() string
      talloc: Do not disclose the random talloc magic in free()'ed memory

Aurelien Aptel (1):
      packaging: add configure option to preprocess and install systemd files

Bjoern Jacke (5):
      doc: move wins related man page to wins subdir
      doc: remove section on ancient history of the docs
      doc: update and tidy up the main samba(7) man page
      smbldap: don't try start tls on ldaps:// connections
      doc: document wins server's smb.conf parameters

Björn Baumbach (2):
      third_party: Link th aesni-intel library with -z noexecstack
      doc/ctdb: fix two typos

Björn Jacke (11):
      s4: remove ipv6:enabled parameteric option
      docs-xml/manpages: fix some trailing version strings from the doc.version change
      doc-xml: fix dependency as the  xml targets depend on Makefile.settings
      docs-xml: figure out samba version for the docs automatically
      docs-xml: plain file URIs need three slashes
      docs-xml: generate build/catalog.xml via Makefile target
      docs-xml: set a reasonable XML_CATALOG_FILES in Makefile
      docs-xml: add basic Makefile dependencies for targets that use xsltproc
      tests:docs: don't try to test parametric option defaults
      tests:docs: remove explicit exceptions for parametric options
      docs-xml: mention that the man pages are "part of" version x

Christof Schmitt (11):
      pthreadpool: Move creating of thread to new function
      pthreadpool: Undo put_job when returning error
      wscript: Add check for --wrap linker flag
      pthreadpool: Add test for pthread_create failure
      vfs_error_inject: Add new module
      selftest: Add share for error injection testing
      selftest: Make location of log file available in tests
      selftest: Add test for failing chdir call in smbd
      smbd: Fix coredump on failing chdir during logoff
      vfs: Use static_decl_vfs in all VFS modules
      winbind: Fix backslash in format string

David Disseldorp (2):
      vfs: return type via VFS_ADD_FSP_EXTENSION
      vfs: drop casts for VFS_ADD_FSP_EXTENSION() callers

David Mulder (15):
      gpo: move mkdir_p to lib/util
      gpo: Make the gpoupdate script much more reliable
      libgpo: Add libgpo python bindings
      gpo: Make the gpclass more easily extensible
      gpoupdate: Rewrite samba_gpoupdate
      gpo: Install the samba_gpoupdate script
      gpo: Add gpo tests
      gpo: Add GPO unapply
      gpo: Always enforce policy, even if unchanged
      gpo: Apply kerberos settings
      doc: Add samba_gpoupdate man page, update WHATSNEW
      libgpo: Setup the stack frame in ads_connect
      gpo: Fix the empty apply log
      gpo: Only commit the earliest change to the log
      gpo: Test that unapply works

Douglas Bagnall (6):
      samba-tool: --help test, ensuring help tree coverage
      samba-tool: give cache_loader pseudo-dict a .get() method
      samba-tool: treat 'samba-tool help foo' as 'samba-tool foo --help'
      samba-tool test: ensure `samba-tool help` works
      selftest: allow more time for tests
      vfs_fruit: initialise bandsize to please a compiler

Dr. Thomas Orgis (1):
      Add substitutions %t, %j, and %J as path-safe variants of %T, %i, and %I.

Garming Sam (46):
      Revert "libgpo: remove unused libgpo wscript_build."
      gpo: Create the gpo update service
      gpo: fix the building of gpext to only once
      Fix formating of sources to be less than 80 lines
      schema: Make writing indices flag an enum for a new state
      schema_set: Add comment about set schema from ldif in a transaction
      flags.h: Introduce the 2016 function level constant
      typo: Change case to match DN
      ms_schema: Allow for CN=X and DC=X replacements
      schema: 2012 and 2012 R2 AD schema attributes and classes
      ms_schema: Properly handle base64 encoded attributes
      objectclass: Ensure that backlinks are not replicated
      adprep: Add the LDF data needed to upgrade to 2012R2 schema
      schema: Allow schemaUpdateNow to refresh schema during a transaction
      schema: Some 2012 objects were missing systemflags
      domain.py: Add a base dir option for schema upgrades
      domain.py: Auto-patch the diffs for the adprep schemaupgrade
      provision: RODC revision level should be at 2
      markdown: Rename ms_markdown.py -> ms_schema_markdown.py
      libgpo: Always check for ldap_server argument
      libgpo: typo credentaials -> credentials
      libgpo: Tidy up some if statements
      libgpo: Remedy some longer lines
      wscript: Install missing .ldf files
      sambadns: Allow functional level 2016 (when added)
      ldapcmp: Add otherWellKnownObjects to ignore when using --two
      2008R2: Missing operation (75, 76) for ActiveDirectoryUpdate version 5 (FL)
      2008R2: Missing operation (77) for ActiveDirectoryUpdate version 5 (FL)
      WindowsServerDocs: Update README to get rid of the references to ./gen/
      Forest-Wide-Updates.md: Include the description of forest wide updates
      WindowsServerDocs: Update README for clarity
      ms_forest_updates_markdown: Write a parser for the forest updates .md
      domain_update: Create a module to apply domain prep updates
      domain_update: Respect the fix=False flag
      domain_update: Allow the revision version to be set
      domain_update: Add an additional error with revision
      domain_update: Add a new docstring for the main entry point
      forest_update: Create a module to apply forest prep updates
      forest_update: Allow the script to add the missing forest containers
      domain.py: Force schema upgrade to be used only on the schema master
      domain.py: Command for prepping the domain for higher functional levels
      release-4-8-0-pre1: New database dump for checking that functional prep works
      functionalprep.sh: New test for ensuring that the prep works correctly
      functionalprep.sh: Add a test to show that functional prep works on old databases
      upgradeprovision: Mark tests as passing again (using functional prep)
      ldapcmp: Improve the difference checker of ldapcmp for 2012 R2

Gary Lockyer (22):
      source3: remove sock_exec
      tests dsdb: Add tests for optionally unique objectSID's
      ldb ldb_index: Add an attriubute flag to require a unique value.
      source4 dsdb modules: Add new module "unique_object_sids"
      source4 dsdb: Allow duplicate non local objectSIDs
      pyglue: Add function to generate a random byte string
      tests dsdb encrypted secrets module
      dsdb encrypted secrets module
      provision: Changes to support encrypted_secrets module
      selftest fl2000dc provision with --plaintext-secrets
      WHATSNEW: Encrypted secrets
      lib/tevent/echo_server.c set socket close on exec
      lib/async_req/async_sock.c set socket close on exec
      ctdb/server/ctdb_daemon.c set socket close on exec
      ctdb/tcp/tcp_connect.c set socket close on exec
      source3/rpc_server/rpc_server.c set socket close on exec
      source3/lib/server_prefork.c set socket close on exec
      source3/smbd/server.c set socket close on exec
      source3/libsmb/unexpected.c set socket close on exec
      source3/utils/smbfilter.c set socket close on exec
      source3/winbindd/winbindd.c set socket close on exec
      source4/lib/socket/socket_ip.c set socket close on exec

Jamie McClymont (11):
      s3-selftest: fix creation of large file
      samba-tool: validate password early in `domain provision`
      tests: make password valid in openldap provision test
      selftest: fix samba3.rpc.samba3.netlogon running after an nt4_member test
      selftest: apply NSS_WRAPPER_HOSTNAME to child processes
      selftest: replace global with explicit environment variables
      source4/tests: typo in env name
      autobuild: fix quoting of --restrict-tests
      selftest: close connections after tests in samba4.ldap.acl.python
      selftest: close connections after tests in samba4.ldap.secdesc.python
      selftest: close connections after tests in samba4.ldap.rodc_rwdc.python

Jeremy Allison (24):
      s3: libsmb: smbc_statvfs is missing the supporting SMB2 calls.
      s3: smbclient: Implement "volume" command over SMB2.
      s3: smbclient: tests: Test "volume" command over SMB1 and SMB2+.
      s4: torture: Ensure kernel oplock test can't hang in pause().
      lib: tevent: Minor cleanup. wakeup_fd can always be gotten from the event context.
      s3: utils: net. Fix return paths that don't free talloc stackframe.
      s3: smbd: Fix SMB1 use-after-free crash bug. CVE-2017-14746
      s3: smbd: Chain code can return uninitialized memory when talloc buffer is grown.
      s3: libsmb: Fix valgrind read-after-free error in cli_smb2_close_fnum_recv().
      s3: client: Rename <oldname> to <link_target> in cmd_symlink() and cli_posix_symlink().
      s3: libsmb: Fix reversing of oldname/newname paths when creating a reparse point symlink on Windows from smbclient.
      WHATSNEW: Explain reversal of smbclient symlink parameters against Windows server.
      s4: torture: Fix race condition in test_smb2_kernel_oplocks8.
      Revert "selftest: mark samba3.smb2.kernel-oplocks as flapping"
      s3: test_smbclient_s3: Correctly set and unset TZ variable for test.
      s3: libsmb: Rename cli_close_create() -> cli_smb1_close_create().
      s3: libsmb: Make cli_close_send()/cli_close_recv() work for SMB1 and SMB2.
      s3: libsmb: Add SMB2 calls cli_smb2_set_reparse_point_fnum_send()/cli_smb2_set_reparse_point_fnum_recv().
      s3: libsmb: Plumb in the new SMB2 reparse point calls into the cli_symlink_create_XXX() calls.
      s3: libsmb: Do a naive response to SMB2 "stopped on symlink". Assume the last component was the reparse point.
      s3: libsmb: Add SMB2 calls cli_smb2_get_reparse_point_fnum_send()/cli_smb2_get_reparse_point_fnum_recv().
      s3: libsmb: Plumb in the new SMB2 get reparse point calls into the cli_readlink_XXXX() calls.
      s3: test_smbclient_s3: Fix restore of TZ.
      s3: smbd: Use identical logic to test for kernel oplocks on a share.

Karolin Seeger (4):
      WHATSNEW: Remove old entry about accelerated AES
      WHATSNEW: Add new smb.conf parameter
      docs-xml/Makefile.settings.in: make sure we don't require network access
      docs-xml/manpages: Use new doc.version XML entity.

Kevin Anderson (1):
      Add mdns name configuration option

Luke Morrison (3):
      gpo: Add python libgpo bindings
      gpo: Initial commit for GPO work
      gpo: enable gpo update with addition to build system

Matthias Dieter Wallnöfer (1):
      LDB:test-generic.sh - fix smaller/greater comparison tests

Noel Power (3):
      s3:libads: net ads keytab list fails with "Key table name malformed"
      testprogs: Test net ads keytab list
      testprogs: Fix a typo in the net ads test

Puran Chand (1):
      Added smbc_SetLogCallback which lets third party code to capture libsmbclient logs

Ralph Boehme (44):
      pthreadpool: create a tevent_threaded_context per registered event context
      winbindd: tdb_exists returns 1 if a record is found
      s3/smbstatus: add a NULL check
      smbstatus: correctly denote not fully authenticated sessions
      s3/loadparm: allocate a fresh sDefault object per lp_ctx
      s3/loadparm: ensure default service options are not changed
      s3/loadparm: don't mark IPC$ as autoloaded
      selftest: reorder arguments for fruit tests
      selftest: add localdir option to fruit subtests
      s4/torture: rework stream names tests usage of local xattr call
      s4/torture: use torture_assert_goto in a vfs.fruit test
      selftest: run AppleDouble sidecar-file conversion test runs against all fruit shares
      s4/torture: let write_stream() deal with stream=NULL
      selftest: add "fruit:veto_appledouble = no" to fruit shares
      s4/torture: fruit: remove use of localdir from test_adouble_conversion test
      s4/torture: fruit: in test_adouble_conversion() also check stream list and AFPINFO_STREAM
      vfs_fruit: add AfpInfo prototypes
      vfs_fruit: proper VFS-stackable conversion of FinderInfo
      winbindd: restore SEC_CHAN_NULL fallback in cm_connect_netlogon_transport
      s3/cli_netlogon: remove SEC_CHAN_NULL fallback from rpccli_connect_netlogon()
      winbindd: let normalize_name_map() call find_domain_from_name_noinit()
      vfs_fruit: add "time machine max size" option
      s4/torture: test vfs_fruit "fruit:time machine max size" option
      vfs_fileid: add a DEBUG message to log dev and inode
      vfs_fileid: preserve errno in an error code path
      vfs_fileid: convert dev argument of the device_mapping_fn to SMB_STRUCT_STAT
      vfs_fileid: add fileid:algorithm = hostname
      vfs_fileid: add fileid:algorithm = fsname_nodirs
      vfs_fileid: add fileid:nolockinode parameter
      vfs_fileid: add fileid:algorithm = fsname_norootdir
      vfs_fileid: fix a use after free
      selftest: use net rpc join when joining NT4-style domains
      s4/torture/fruit: ensure AFP_AfpInfo blobs are 0-initialized
      s4/torture/fruit: enhance zero AFP_AfpInfo stream test
      vfs_fruit: factor out delete_invalid_meta_stream() from fruit_streaminfo_meta_stream()
      vfs_fruit: filter out AFP_AfpInfo streams with pending delete-on-close
      vfs_fruit: set delete-on-close for empty finderinfo
      winbindd: use setproctitle
      selftest: fix creation of builtin users in wait_for_start
      selftest: remove second loop waiting for winbindd from wait_for_start()
      selftest: set wrapper env variables when running net groupmap
      selftest: split a large system invocation line
      selftest: split a large system invocation line
      selftest: split a large system invocation line

Ralph Wuerthner (1):
      vfs_fileid: add "fstype/mntdir deny/allow list" option

Stefan Metzmacher (52):
      s3:selftest: add samba3.blackbox.net_rpc_oldjoin test
      libnet_join: fix "net rpc oldjoin"
      s4:schema_samba4: mark DSDB_CONTROL_INVALID_NOT_IMPLEMENTED as allocated
      dsdb:repl_meta_data: implement DSDB_CONTROL_DBCHECK_FIX_DUPLICATE_LINKS control
      dsdb:extended_dn_store: implement DSDB_CONTROL_DBCHECK_FIX_DUPLICATE_LINKS control
      dbcheck: remove indentation level
      dbcheck: only calculate linked attribute helper variables once in check_dn()
      dbcheck: detect and fix duplicate links
      selftest: add dbcheck tests for duplicate links
      HEIMDAL:kdc: fix dh->q allocation check in get_dh_param()
      docs-xml: autogenerate a doc.version XML entity.
      examples/scripts: remove unused shares directory
      s3:auth: remove "map untrusted to domain" handling
      docs-xml: remove unused "map untrusted to domain" option
      pdbtest: also verify the authentication path for local users via winbindd
      s4:selftest: remove samba.blackbox.pdbtest.s4winbind_wbclient test
      s4:selftest: remove samba.blackbox.pdbtest.s4winbind test
      s3:auth: remove lp_auth_methods() handling
      s4:auth/ntlm: remove lpcfg_auth_methods() handling
      s4:auth_sam: remove unused 'sam_failtrusts' backend
      s4:auth_winbind: remove unused 'winbind_rodc' backend
      s4:auth_winbind: remove unused 'winbind_wbclient' backend
      docs-xml: remove unused "auth methods" option
      s3:auth: is_trusted_domain() is now only useful (and used as DC)
      tests/posixacl.py: remove useless 'profile acls' based test
      s3:smbd: remove deprecated handling of "profile acls = yes"
      docs-xml: remove deprecated 'profile acls' option
      WHATSNEW: document the removal of 'auth methods', 'map untrusted to domain' and 'profile acls'
      torture3: add LOCAL-G-LOCK6 test
      g_lock: fix cleanup of stale entries in g_lock_trylock()
      s4:torture: add smb2.session.expire2 test
      s3:smbd: return the correct error for cancelled SMB2 notifies on expired sessions
      s3:smb2_server: allow logoff, close, unlock, cancel and echo on expired sessions
      Happy New Year 2018!
      s3:g_lock: keep old mylock on error and don't store new mylock on error
      winbindd: remove 'winbind trusted domains only' handling
      docs-xml: remove deprecated of 'winbind trusted domains only' option
      WHATSNEW: document removal 'winbind trusted domains only' option
      s4:selftest: replace --option=usespnego= with --option=clientusespnego=
      s3:smbd: remove deprecated 'use spnego = no" handling
      s4:smb_server: remove deprecated 'use spnego = no" handling
      docs-xml: remove deprecated 'use spnego" option
      WHATSNEW: document removal of 'use spnego" option
      docs-xml: deprecate "client schannel" and change the default to "yes"
      selftest: explicitly configure some dcs with 'server schannel = auto'
      docs-xml: deprecate "server schannel" and change the default to "yes"
      WHATSNEW: document the changes/deprecation of 'client schannel' and 'server schannel'
      s4:lib/tls: fix the developer build without gnutls support
      s4:dns_server: avoid debug noise on successful updates
      talloc: version 2.1.11

Tim Beale (7):
      domain.py: Add schema upgrade option to samba-tool
      domain.py: Make schemaupgrade option work regardless of config
      domain.py: Add a schemaupgrade option to apply missing 2008R2 schema
      schema: Add option of specifying the base schema for a provision
      domain.py: Add base-schema option to samba-tool provision
      upgradeprovision: Change test to always use 2008 R2 schema
      selftest: Add basic test for schema upgrade

Timur I. Bakeyev (3):
      Fix typo in the "wide links" description for the getwd cache.
      Add vfs_zfsacl manpage to the list of manpages if we have this module enabled.
      Replace tabs with spaces to comply with PEP8, reorder list of manpages in the alphanumeric sort order.

Uri Simchoni (36):
      nfs4acl: fix picky build in case rpc/xdr.h is not available
      torture: remove spurious semicolon
      lib/crypto: remove unused code
      ldb: silence some clang warnings in picky developer mode
      build: allow passing custom cflags to end of library build
      build: allow adding cflags to end of python module build command
      build: detect availability of -Wno-unused-function
      librpc-build: ignore unused functions in generated code
      ldb-samba: use ldap enum instead of ldb enum
      dns server: fix warning about enum mismatch
      s4-torture: fix file time checks
      s4-torture: get rid of extra parentheses
      s4-lib-policy: fix type of enum
      s2-rpc-server: fix enum type in assignment
      s3-rpc-server: fix type of enum in lsa server
      smbspool_krb5_wrapper: fix some error messages
      s3-torture: fix some truncation warnings
      s3-torture: fix an always-true comparison
      build: disable format-zero-length warning
      pam_wrapper: #ifdef-out unused functions
      build: allow specifying prerequisite flags when checking flags
      build: specify -Wformat as a prerequisite of -Wformat-security
      build: ensure compiler flags are properly detected
      pam_winbind: fix const discard warnings
      winbind_nss_freebsd: fix const discard warning
      s4-torture: fix truncation warnings
      s4-torture: fix type of enum in various places
      vfs_full_audit: make do_log() printf-aware
      pam_wrapper: use uintptr_t as base for const-discarding
      pam_wrapper: Use a constant string format specifier in test
      lib/smbreadline: detect picky compile issue with readline.h
      lib/replace: apply readline -Wstrict-prototypes workaround
      pam_winbind: avoid non-literal-format warning
      pysmbd: fix use of sysacl API
      sysacls: change datatypes to 32 bits
      selftest: pass location of perl executable from waf to test-envs

Volker Lendecke (91):
      netsamlogon_cache: Use ndr_pull_struct_blob_all
      libcli: Fix a signed/unsigned hickup
      passdb: Fix a typo
      util_tdb: Make a few functions static
      smbd: Avoid an "else"
      lib: Avoid a ZERO_STRUCT, save a few bytes .text
      rpcclient: Avoid a ZERO_STRUCT, save a few bytes .text
      lib: Save a few bytes of .text
      dreplsrv: Use is_null_sid
      smbtorture: Remove an unused variable
      libsmb: Fix a typo
      tevent: Fix typos
      nsswitch: Fix a typo
      winbindd: Fix some signed/unsigned warnings
      lib: Avoid a pointless static variable
      lib: Simplify is_ipaddress_v6
      lib: Fix a false/NULL hickup
      lib: Save a few bytes of .text
      libwbclient: Fix two signed/unsigned hickups
      ntlm_auth: Use libwbclient in winbind_separator()
      ntlm_auth: Use libwbclient in get_winbind_domain()
      ntlm_auth: Use libwbclient in get_require_membership_sid()
      ntlm_auth: Use libwbclient in get_winbind_netbios_name()
      nsswitch: Slightly simplify winbindd_request_response
      winbind: Replace winbind_event_context with server_event_context
      winbind: Remove winbind_event_context
      winbind: winbind_messaging_context -> server_messaging_context
      winbind: Remove winbind_messaging_context
      docs: Fix the "aio r/w size" smb.conf entries
      libgpo: Fix CID 1422262 Explicit null dereferenced
      libgpo: Fix CID 1422263 Resource leak
      lib: Fix a typo
      smbd: Avoid using dbwrap_watched_watch_recv's prec argument
      dbwrap_watch: Remove the "prec" parameter from watch_recv
      lib: Pass in "strv_len" to strv_valid_entry
      lib: Only call strlen if necessary in strv
      lib: Allow parsing a strv from a non-talloc const buf
      lib: Pass blob instead of &blob to gencache_set_data_blob
      lib: Add namemap_cache
      net: Parse namemap_cache in "net cache list"
      torture3: Test namemap_cache
      winbindd: Factor out winbindd_domain_init_backend from get_cache()
      winbindd: Move name<->sid cache to gencache
      winbindd: Name<->SID cache is not sequence number based anymore
      messaging_dgm: Protect against fork without reinit
      messaging: Remove the "n_sent" arg from message_send_all
      messaging: Add messaging_dgm_forall
      messaging_dgm: Use messaging_dgm_forall in dgm_wipe
      smbcontrol: Use messaging_dgm_forall
      net: Remove "net serverid wipe"
      net: Remove "net serverid list"
      messaging: Remove an unused #define
      messaging: Always register CTDB_SRVID_SAMBA_PROCESS
      lib: Add messaging_send_all
      lib: Use messaging_send_all instead of message_send_all
      lib: Remove unused serverid.tdb
      WHATSNEW: Mention removed net serverid subcommands
      pthreadpool: Fix starvation after fork
      pthreadpool: Add a test for the race condition fixed in the last commit
      messaging: Don't do self-sends in messaging_send_all
      messaging: Ignore messages from ourselves
      torture: Check messaging_send_all
      smbd: Fix async large read
      vfs_aio_fork: Drop "volatile" from the mmap area in aio_fork
      vfs_aio_fork: Fix a crash in aio_fork
      vfs_aio_fork: Fix vfs_aio_pread
      vfs_aio_fork: Fix vfs_aio_pwrite
      vfs_aio_fork: Use a shorter random delay
      smbd: Enable async I/O by default
      pthreadpool: Simplify the logic in add_job a bit
      pthreadpool: Add some asserts
      pthreadpool: Fix deadlock
      dsdb: Fix CID 1426727 Resource leak
      dsdb: Fix CID 1426728 Structurally dead code
      torture: Fix a typo
      torture: Fix CID 1426987 Incorrect expression (UNUSED_VALUE)
      tsocket: Fix typos
      libdns: Fix a typo
      dsdb: Fix the build on 32-bit FreeBSD
      libdns: dns/tcp client
      libdns: Add dns_cli_request
      dns_server: Use dns_cli_request instead of direct udp
      ndr_dns: fix pushing unknown resource records
      dns_server: Remove unused "dns" parameter from ask_forwarder_send
      dns_server: Remove unused "dns_generate_options"
      dns_server: Remove "max_payload" from dns_server
      samba: Only use async signal-safe functions in signal handler
      dnscli: Make a few functions static
      tests: The pthreadpooltests do not need a full environment
      libnet: Add NULL checks to py_net_finddc
      python: Print the finddcs error message

Zentaro Kavanagh (1):
      Remove unsupported colon from configure msg.

kkplein (2):
      Update util.c to include DBGC_AUTH class
      define DBGC_AUTH class

ulkuderner (1):
      pam_winbind: initial Turkish translation


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