autobuild[sn-devel-144]: intermittent test failure detected

autobuild autobuild at
Tue Aug 28 10:50:02 UTC 2018

The autobuild test system (on sn-devel-144) has detected an intermittent failing test in 
the current master tree.

The autobuild log of the failure is available here:

The failure seems to be in the "samba-nt4" suite, whose build logs are available here:
The top commit at the time of the failure was:

commit ffa1c040c625336209a6310e234f5087dd62e984
Author: Volker Lendecke <vl at>
Date:   Tue Apr 10 17:18:18 2018 +0200

    examples: Add winexe re-implemented on current Samba libs
    winexe from is a project
    based on Samba libraries from 2012. According to the winexe git
    repository the last Samba commit winexe was updated to is 47bbf9886f0c
    from November 6, 2012. As winexe uses unpublished Samba internal
    libraries, it broke over time.
    This is a port of the winexe functionality to more modern Samba
    versions. It still uses internal APIs, but it being part of the tree
    means that it is much easier to keep up to date.
    The Windows service files were taken literally from the original
    winexe from the sourceforge git. Andrzej Hajda chose GPLv3 only and
    not GPLv3+. As GPL evolves very slowly, this should not be a practical
    problem for quite some time.
    To build it under Linux, you need mingw binaries on your build
    system. Under Debian stretch, the package names are gcc-mingw-w64 and
    Signed-off-by: Volker Lendecke <vl at>
    Reviewed-by: Jeremy Allison <jra at>
    Autobuild-User(master): Jeremy Allison <jra at>
    Autobuild-Date(master): Tue Aug 28 02:03:07 CEST 2018 on sn-devel-144

and the last 50 lines of the stdout log were:

[518(2436)/565 at 21m11s]$DOMAIN(nt4_dc:local)
[519(2437)/565 at 21m11s] samba.wbinfo_simple.check-secret.domain=$DOMAIN(nt4_dc:local)
[520(2438)/565 at 21m11s] samba.wbinfo_simple.change-secret.domain=$DOMAIN(nt4_dc:local)
[521(2439)/565 at 21m11s] samba.wbinfo_simple.check-secret.domain=$DOMAIN(nt4_dc:local)
[522(2440)/565 at 21m11s]$DOMAIN(nt4_dc:local)
[523(2441)/565 at 21m11s] samba.wbinfo_simple.domain-users(nt4_dc:local)
[524(2442)/565 at 21m11s] samba.wbinfo_simple.domain-groups(nt4_dc:local)
[525(2443)/565 at 21m11s]$DC_USERNAME(nt4_dc:local)
[526(2444)/565 at 21m11s]$DOMAIN/$DC_USERNAME(nt4_dc:local)
[527(2445)/565 at 21m11s] samba.wbinfo_simple.user-info=$DOMAIN/$DC_USERNAME(nt4_dc:local)
[528(2446)/565 at 21m11s] samba.wbinfo_simple.user-groups=$DOMAIN/$DC_USERNAME(nt4_dc:local)
[529(2447)/565 at 21m12s] samba.wbinfo_simple.authenticate=$DOMAIN/$DC_USERNAME%$DC_PASSWORD(nt4_dc:local)
[530(2448)/565 at 21m12s] samba.wbinfo_simple.allocate-uid(nt4_dc:local)
[531(2449)/565 at 21m12s] samba.wbinfo_simple.allocate-gid(nt4_dc:local)
[532(2450)/565 at 21m12s] samba.wbinfo_sids2xids.(nt4_dc:local)(nt4_dc:local)
[533(2451)/565 at 21m18s] samba.ntlm_auth.diagnostics(nt4_dc:local)(nt4_dc:local)
[534(2452)/565 at 21m18s] samba.ntlm_auth.(nt4_dc:local)(nt4_dc:local)
[535(2471)/565 at 21m19s]
[536(2472)/565 at 21m20s] samba.wbinfo_simple.separator(nt4_member:local)
[537(2473)/565 at 21m20s] samba.wbinfo_simple.own-domain(nt4_member:local)
[538(2474)/565 at 21m20s] samba.wbinfo_simple.all-domains(nt4_member:local)
[539(2475)/565 at 21m20s] samba.wbinfo_simple.trusted-domains(nt4_member:local)
[540(2476)/565 at 21m20s] samba.wbinfo_simple.domain-info=BUILTIN(nt4_member:local)
[541(2477)/565 at 21m20s] samba.wbinfo_simple.domain-info=$DOMAIN(nt4_member:local)
[542(2478)/565 at 21m20s]
[543(2479)/565 at 21m20s]
[544(2480)/565 at 21m20s]$DOMAIN(nt4_member:local)
[545(2481)/565 at 21m20s] samba.wbinfo_simple.check-secret.domain=$DOMAIN(nt4_member:local)
UNEXPECTED(failure): samba.wbinfo_simple.check-secret.domain=SAMBA-TEST.wbinfo(nt4_member:local)
REASON: Exception: Exception: wbcCheckTrustCredentials(SAMBA-TEST): error code was NT_STATUS_DOMAIN_CONTROLLER_NOT_FOUND (0xc0000233)
failed to call wbcCheckTrustCredentials: WBC_ERR_AUTH_ERROR
Could not check secret
checking the trust secret for domain SAMBA-TEST via RPC calls failed

FAILED (1 failures, 0 errors and 0 unexpected successes in 0 testsuites)

A summary with detailed information can be found in:
TOP 10 slowest tests
samba3.raw.notify(nt4_dc) -> 100
samba3.smb2.notify(nt4_dc) -> 80
samba3.rpc.samr.passwords.lockout(nt4_dc) -> 62
samba4.rpc.echo on ncacn_np with object(nt4_dc) -> 60
samba3.smb2.compound_find(nt4_dc) -> 57
samba3.smb2.compound_find(nt4_dc) -> 56
samba3.rpc.samr.passwords.pwdlastset(nt4_dc) -> 48 -> 45
samba3.raw.oplock(nt4_dc) -> 43
samba3.smb2.oplock(nt4_dc) -> 42
ERROR: test failed with exit code 1

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