[SCM] Samba Shared Repository - branch master updated

Alexander Bokovoy ab at samba.org
Fri Mar 10 11:31:45 UTC 2017

On pe, 10 maalis 2017, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> The branch, master has been updated
>        via  7142a88 waf: disable-python - don't include python.h in test_headers.c
>        via  4455547 autobuild: Add nopython environment to test --disable-python builds (but without tests)
>        via  7000fa0 waf: disable-python - don't build torture bits
>        via  dbf97e8 waf: disable-python - don't build samba-policy
>        via  fa82998 waf: disable-python - don't build samba-net
>        via  7eeda99 waf: disable-python - don't build pyrpc_util, dcerpc.py
>        via  696d2f7 waf: disable-python - don't build PROVISION, pyparam_util
>        via  676e80b waf: disable-python - don't build python/
>        via  81ff0f3 waf: disable-python - align tdb's wscript
>        via  b45ff0b waf: disable-python - align tevent wscript
>        via  ce956be waf: disable-python - align ldb's wscript
>        via  dcba0b1 waf: disable-python - align talloc's wscript
>        via  7d5db90 waf: disable-python - configuration adjustments
>        via  5bbcd09 waf: disable-python - add option globally to build system
>        via  9a9e342 waf: disable-python - fix ctdb configuration
>        via  8ba2fe5 python: Port the samba.net module to Python 3
>        via  0d83cec python: Remove unused import PY3
>        via  4ebd877 python: selftest: Add possibility to run old Python test suites with Python 3
>        via  64bc64c python: samba.gensec: Port module to Python 3 compatible form
>        via  0672fc1 python: samba.gensec: Fix error handling in set_credentials() function
>        via  d0914e2 python: selftests: Enable samba.getopt tests execution with Python 3
>        via  9ada914 python: samba.getopt: Port module to Python 3 compatible form
>        via  da71c39 python: samba.tests.core: Port and enable core tests in Python 3
>        via  afe1e83 python: samba.tests: Move import of ported modules out of PY3 condition
>        via  e9a4649 python: samba._ldb: Port of samba._ldb to Python 3 compatible form
>        via  9d8bcea python: samba.tests.auth: Add tests for samba.auth module
>        via  1ac5bf2 python: samba.auth: Port samba.auth to Python 3 compatible form
>        via  47b0148 python: wscript_build: Build some DCE/RPC modules with Python 3
>        via  a40d7f1 python: samba.dcerpc: Port security module to Python 3 comp. form
>        via  e481aed dcerpc/misc tests: asset GUID ordering in python 2 and 3
>        via  9843cce python: samba.tests.dcerpc.misc: Port and enable tests
>        via  3b1c0ba python: samba.dcerpc: Port RPC related stuff to Python 3
>        via  2de5fa4 python: pidl: Port Python interface generator
>        via  5edb0b4 python: samba.tests: Enable Python 3 tests for ported modules
>        via  b7a5308 buildtools: Work around a . being in the target name when building python3 helpers
>        via  fe8bba5 python: wscript_build: Build some modules for Python 3
>        via  6fa125e python: Make top-level samba modules Python 3 compatible
>        via  211df4a python: samba.tests.dcerpc: Move Class RawDCERPCTest to separated file.
>        via  9c55bb9 python: samba.tests.glue: Add new tests for samba._glue.
>        via  b454b09 python: samba._glue: Port samba._glue module to Python 3.
>        via  5123f15 python: samba.tests.param: Add missing tests
>        via  31cef92 python: samba.param: Port param module to Python 3
>        via  035e6dc python: samba.tests.credentials: Python 3 compatible tests
>        via  1dab2b4 python: samba.credentials: Port pycredentials.c to Python3-compatible form.
>        via  583ff0a lib/ldb: Enable use of a python3 pyldb-util system library
>        via  f5cafee talloc: use the system pytalloc-util for python3 as well
>        via  132cbad scripts/traffic_summary: documentation typo
>        via  4485ba5 ./examples/scripts/SambaConfig.py: fix typo in "continue"
>        via  d424c7d python/examples/winreg: two variable name typos on a single line
>        via  b7cd0f2 python sites/subnets: correctly spell variable name
>        via  cedb991 python provision: FDSBackend takes forced uri
>        via  b9c5614 python/remove_dc: avoid using non-existent variable
>        via  732233f samba-tool domain: correctly spell variable name
>        via  495383c python/join: correct spelling of "ctx.del_noerror"
>        via  0779d66 selftest: remove unused broken client.py
>        via  765275c gitignore: add some hidden files
>        via  17dce5d perftests/ad_dc_search: do less work in expensive member searches
>        via  bb4ad8d pyldb: p3k readiness: allow single unicode string in msg element
>       from  2772fa4 talloc: fix doxygen of talloc_move
Thanks to everyone for this gigantic work on making Python use in Samba
modern and more supportable going forward.
/ Alexander Bokovoy

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