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Date:   Thu Jun 22 15:29:56 2017 +0200

    remove dead contact links from the hong kong support site


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@@ -5,109 +5,8 @@
 <h2 align="center">Commercial Support - Hong Kong/China</h2>
 <hr />
+<p>We are not aware of companies that offer professional Samba Support in Hong Kong but you might get Samba support from one of the companies from the <a href="globalsupport.html">Global Support</a> section.</p>
-<!-- Updated: 9 June 2004 -->
-<h3>The Crown Commercial House</h3>
-RM1112 Beverley Commercial Centre,
-87-105 Chatham Road, T.S.T.,
-Hong Kong.
-Contact Person : Vikash Khatuwala
-Tel : +852 27235654
-Fax : +852 23690786
-Email : <a href="mailto:vikashk at iname.com">vikashk at iname.com</a>
-Server : Solaris, Redhat, SuSE Linux
-Clients : Windows 95/98/NT, Windows for Workgroups 3.11 and OS/2
-We have experience in setup and troubleshooting samba. Quick On-site 
-service is provided.
-<!-- Added: 29 September 2004 -->
-<hr />
-<h3>Kavayon Consultants Company</h3>
-Unit 702, 65-71 Yen Chow St.,
-Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, H.K.
-Tel: +852 3576-3856
-Email: <a href="sales at kavayon.com">sales at kavayon.com</a>
-Contact Person: Jacky C.K Tsoi
-Samba Experience:
-We have experience in Samba for more than 6 years and have experience 
-in setting up NT-domain environment using Samba-3/LDAP with 1300+ 
-users and 15+ servers.
-<!-- Mail bounced. -->
-<!-- Added JHT 20101219 Added at request of keiji.oba at sok-holdings.com -->
-<hr />
-<h3>SOK Holdings Co., Ltd.</h3>
-Room C2, 3rd Floor, Tai Chi Factory Building,
-27 Kok Cheung Street, Tai Kok Tsui, Kowloon,
-Hong Kong/China
-Web: <a href="http://www.sok-holdings.com">http://www.sok-holdings.com</a>
-Tel: +852 2395 6577
-Email: <a href="mailto:info at sok-holdings.com">info at sok-holdings.com</a>,<a href="mailto:support at sok-holdings.com">support at sok-holdings.com</a>
-We provide services as follows.<br />
-A) SAMBA information translation into Asian Languages,<br />
-B) Multi-sites SAMBA Integration to secure/centralize Internal information,<br />
-C) Virtualization Setup/Maintenance Support with SAMBA,<br />
-D) Official License Cost reduction Support by Windows with Linux environment,<br />
-and E) 24x7x365 Realtime Remote Support.
-<br />
-A) SAMBA関連情報のアジア各国言語への翻訳,
-</br />
-B) 安全で統合された社内情報管
-<br />
-<br />
-C) SAMBAを使った仮想化の設定/メンテナンスサポート,
-<br />
-D) WindowsとLinuxの並存環境の構築による正規ライセンスコストの削減サポート,
-<br />
-E) 24x7x365のリアルタイムリモートサポート
-Specialty samba capabilities: Simple/Complex SAMBA servers and networks for enterprises.
-<!-- Added: 29 August 2005 -->
-<hr />
-<h3>WebForce Network Technology Ltd.</h3>
-16/F, Cheung kong Center, 
-2 Queen's Road, Central, Hong Kong.
-Tel: +852 2788 0836
-Fax : +852 8101 2202
-Email: <a href="mailto:webinfo at webforce.com.hk">webinfo at webforce.com.hk</a>
-URL: <a href="http://www.webforce.com.hk">http://www.webforce.com.hk</a>
-Contact Person: Jerry Sham, 
-Project Manager
-Samba Experience:
-WebForce is a Linux service company founded in 1996 in Hong Kong. We
-provide configuration and support services for Samba in setting up
-departmental file and print server, NT-domain (PDC and BDC) environment,
-with ACL and real time virus blocking function. 
-<!-- Mail bounced -->
 <!--#include virtual="footer_support.html" -->

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