[SCM] Samba Shared Repository - annotated tag tdb-1.3.15 created

Stefan Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Sat Aug 26 11:49:17 UTC 2017

The annotated tag, tdb-1.3.15 has been created
        at  b246d3335f40051a51c3416563baec75024b07f9 (tag)
   tagging  c804f260858366dd6e9fb99dfa5c9e3720ffbcdc (commit)
  replaces  ldb-1.2.1
 tagged by  Stefan Metzmacher
        on  Sat Aug 26 13:49:07 2017 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
tdb: tag release tdb-1.3.15
Version: GnuPG v1


Amitay Isaacs (7):
      ctdb-client: Server id exists should check if the pid still exists
      ctdb-protocol: Mark CTDB_CONTROL_CHECK_SRVIDS obsolete
      ctdb-tools: Drop check_srvids command from ctdb tool
      ctdb-client: Drop client code to send CHECK_SRVIDS control
      ctdb-protocol: Drop marshalling code for CHECK_SRVIDS control
      ctdb-protocol: Drop unused protocol data structures
      ctdb-daemon: Drop the implementation of CHECK_SRVIDS control

Andreas Schneider (46):
      s4:kcc: Add a NULL check before qsort()
      mit-kdb: Fix NULL pointer check after malloc
      uwrap: Update to version 1.2.4
      s3:printing: Do not segfault in vlp if no command has been specified
      s3:printing: Fix setting the first jobnum
      s3:client: Fix the usage of argv in smbspool
      s3:client: Make it possible use smbspool in selftest
      s3:client: Only use kerberos if credential cache exists in smbspool
      s3:tests: Add test for smbspool
      s3:client: Use KRB5CCNAME in smbspool_krb5_wrapper if set
      s3:tests: Add tests for smbspool_krb5_wrapper
      auth/spnego: Fix withespace and indent in gensec_spnego_server_try_fallback()
      auth/spnego: Rename gensec_spnego_update_sub_abort()
      auth/spnego: Use talloc_get_type_abort() in gsensec_spnego_update_in()
      auth/spnego: Use talloc_get_type_abort() in gsensec_spnego_update_out()
      lib: Fix integer overflowed argument issue with strtoul()
      python:tests: Do not overwrite exit code
      python:tests: Add test for warn_pwd_expire
      s4:samdb: Fix building Samba with -O3
      s3:torture: Fix spoolss test to build with -O3
      s3:utils: Fix buffer size for snprintf and format string
      tdb: Write zero data using 8k buffer in transaction_expand_file()
      tdb: Do not allow to pass NULL as the buffer to transaction_write()
      heimdal: Fix printing a short int into a string
      s4:rpc_server:backupkey: Move variable into scope
      s3:libads: Fix changing passwords with Kerberos
      blackbox: Add test for 'net ads changetrustpw'
      s3:utils: Allow to run smbpasswd as user
      s3:printing: Add NULL check for state_path()
      s3:utils: Do not report an invalid range for AD DC role
      s3:libsmb: Pass domain to remote_password_change()
      s3:libsmb: Move prototye of remote_password_change()
      s3:utils: Make strings const passed to password_change() in smbpasswd
      s3:utils: Pass domain to password_change() in smbpasswd
      s3:utils: Make sure we authenticate against our SAM name in smbpasswd
      s3:utils: Remove pointless if-clause for remote_machine
      s3:tests: Add test for changing the local user password with smbpasswd
      wafsamba: Add INSTALL_DIR function
      wafsamba: Call INSTALL_DIR in INSTALL_DIRS
      dynconfig: Use INSTALL_DIR to create directories
      s3:spoolss: Set timeout values to the one which Windows uses by default
      s3:script: Untaint user supplied data in modprinter.pl
      s4:torture: Use a different driver name for add_driver tests
      s4:torture: Delete printer before we remove the driver
      s4:torture: The teardown function should just return
      s3:libsmb: Print the kinit failed message with DBGLVL_NOTICE

Andrew Bartlett (30):
      s4-drepl: Use tevent_schedule_immediate() in DsReplicaSync handler
      s4-drepl: Block GetNCChanges during a DsReplicaSync
      selftest: Make --include-env and --exclude-env use the base env name
      smb.conf: Explain that "ntlm auth" is a per-passdb setting
      s4-netlogon: Extend ServerAuthenticate3 logging to split up username forms
      s4-netlogon: Use log_escape to protect against un-validated strings
      selftest: Use NETLOGON_NEG_STRONG_KEYS constant in AuthLogTestsNetLogonBadCreds
      pycredentials: Allow optional "name" argument to get_named_ccache() to be missing
      pycredentials: Add get_name() for a credentials cache
      selftest: Add tests for credentials.get_named_ccache()
      pycredentials: Add set_named_ccache()
      python/getopt: Add --krb5-ccache (for samba-tool etc) to match the C binaries
      selftest: Use self.runsubcmd() to run samba-tool for _test_join in ridalloc_exop.py
      selftest: Use self.runsubcmd() to run samba-tool for _test_force_demote in ridalloc_exop.py
      selftest: Use self.runsubcmd() in DrsReplicaSyncTestCase
      selftest: Remove unused import in ridalloc_exop.py
      selftest: Port DrsBaseTestCase._net_drs_replicate() to self.runsubcmd()
      selftest: Port DrsBaseTestCase._enable_inbound_repl() to self.runsubcmd()
      selftest: Port DrsBaseTestCase._disable_inbound_repl() to self.runsubcmd()
      selftest: Port DrsBaseTestCase._{en,dis}able_all_repl() to self.runsubcmd()
      selftest: Use new --krb5-ccache in drs_base.py
      selftest: Add and use new helper function get_creds_ccache_name()
      selftest: Use get_creds_ccache_name() in fsmo.py
      s4-cldap/netlogon: Match Windows 2012R2 and return NETLOGON_NT_VERSION_5 when version unspecified
      s4-rpc_server: ensure we get a new endpoint for netlogon
      s4-rpc_server: Improve debug of new endpoints
      dsdb: Do not force a re-index of sam.ldb on upgrade to 4.7
      dsdb: Fix dsdb_next_callback to correctly use ldb_module_done() etc
      s4/lib/tls: Use SHA256 to sign the TLS certificates
      py-librpc: Strictly check the type of the incoming sid pointer

Anoop C S (3):
      docs/smbget: Fix typo in options within man page
      source3/client: Fix typo in help message displayed by default
      s3: messaging: Add background job send failure message

Arvid Requate (2):
      s4:torture/ldap: Test netlogon without NtVer
      s4-dsdb/netlogon: allow missing ntver in cldap ping

Bob Campbell (3):
      python/tests: add python test for cracknames
      samdb/cracknames: do not show recycled when a guid is desired
      samdb/cracknames: support user and service principal as desired format

Christof Schmitt (2):
      torture: Add sharemode tests for SMB2
      vfs_default: Fix passing of errno from async calls

Douglas Bagnall (1):
      traffic_summary: avoid uninitialised variable warning

Gary Lockyer (15):
      dcerpc.idl Add symbolic constant for /root/ncalrpc_as_system
      rpc: use symbolic constant to replace /root/ncalrpc_as_system
      auth_log: use symbolic constant to replace /root/ncalrpc_as_system
      tests auth_log: Modify existing tests to handle NETLOGON messages
      tests auth_log: Add new tests for NETLOGON
      source4 netlogon: Add authentication logging for ServerAuthenticate3
      tests samba_tool: fix flapping user-virtualCryptSHA test
      dnsserver: Tests for dns wildcard entries
      dnsserver: Tighten DNS name checking
      dnsserver: Add support for dns wildcards
      samba-tool dns: Test support of DNS wild card in names
      samba-tool dns query: Allow '*' in names
      blackbox tests: method to check specific exit codes
      scripts: Scripts to replay and generate samba traffic
      tests: replace traffic_summary test with python blackbox test

G√ľnther Deschner (3):
      s3-printing: pre-create color and PCC directories under print$.
      s3-printing: add spoolss_get_short_filesys_environment function.
      s3-printing: precreate DriverStore directories.

Ian Stakenvicius (1):
      waf: disable-python - fix talloc wscript if bundling disabled

Jeremy Allison (22):
      s3: libsmbclient: Fix cli_setpathinfo_basic() to treat mode == -1 as no change.
      s3: libsmb: Add cli_smb2_setpathinfo(), to be called by cli_setpathinfo_basic().
      s3: libsmb: Implement cli_smb2_setatr() by calling cli_smb2_setpathinfo().
      s3: torture: Add a test for cli_setpathinfo_basic() to smbtorture3.
      s4: modules. Fix missing TALLOC_CTX in module init function.
      lib: rpc: The registered interfaces are a lists of singletons that are never removed.
      s4: COM: Remove talloc_autofree_context() from (unused) COM code.
      lib: ldb: Use NULL to allocate modules not talloc_autofree_context().
      lib: ldb: Python. Take care of freeing the passed in module description if ldb_register_module() fails.
      s4: schema: Allocate global_schema off the NULL context, not the talloc_autofree_context().
      lib: cli: fname is a local variable already freed in the function scope, doesn't need to be on talloc_autofree_context()
      s3: rpc_client: Allocate struct db_context * off the local frame, as all other variables in this function.
      s3: rpcclient: Split out initialization and free of event context.
      s3: rpcclient: Use event context as the talloc parent of the rpcclient_msg_ctx.
      s3: rpcclient: Use rpcclient_msg_ctx as the long-lived talloc context for rpcclient_netlogon_creds.
      lib: auth: Add a shutdown function for netlogon_creds_cli_global_db.
      s3: clients: Use netlogon_creds_cli_close_global_db() in all normal exit paths.
      lib: auth: Store the netlogon_creds_cli_global_db pointer on the NULL context.
      s4: com: Replace erroneous inclusion of internal talloc.h header with external.
      lib: tevent: Use system <tevent.h>, not internal header path (except in self-test).
      lib: talloc: Use the system <talloc.h> include.
      s3: libsmb: Add cli_smb2_chkpath() and use from cli_chkpath().

Lumir Balhar (2):
      python: scripting: Port ntstatus and werror generators to Python 3 compatible form.
      python: Make generated modules samba.ntstatus and samba.werror Python 3 compatible.

Marc Muehlfeld (2):
      Set log level for "Not authorative for" from 2 to 5
      python: Fix incorrect kdc.conf parameter name in kerberos.py

Martin Schwenke (33):
      ctdb-scripts: Fix a typo
      ctdb-tests: Add event script startup/shutdown tests
      util: pidfile_pid() should not unlink PID file
      util: Clean up includes
      util: Add pidfile.* to samba-util-core
      ctdb-common: Rename pidfile_create() -> pidfile_context_create()
      util: New functions pidfile_path_create(), pidfile_fd_close()
      util: Reimplement pidfile_create() using pidfile_path_create()
      ctdb-common: Reimplement pidfile_context_create() using pidfile_path_create()
      build: Do not ignore symlinks to directories when building tarballs
      build: Do not recurse on symlinks to directories when building tarballs
      ctdb-takeover: Do not call ctdb_announce_vnn_iface() for updateip
      ctdb-tests: Add a big no-op LCP2 IP takeover test
      ctdb-tests: run_tests.sh sets evironment variable CTDB_TEST_DIR
      ctdb-tests: Move die() function to top of script
      ctdb-tests: Fix logic to handle PATH additions for tests
      ctdb-tests: Indentation fixups
      ctdb-scripts: Avoid shellcheck warning SC2188 (redirect without command)
      ctdb-tools: Avoid shellcheck SC2188 warning (redirect without command)
      ctdb-tools: Reformat and explain complex code
      ctdb-tools: Use a clear and readable if-statement
      ctdb-tools: Avoid shellcheck SC2181 warnings (use of $?) in onnode
      ctdb-scripts: Ignore shellcheck SC2181 warning (use of $?)
      ctdb-tools: Remove duplicate code
      util: Avoid use of includes.h
      util: Add become_daemon.h
      util: Make function definitions consistent with header file
      util: Modernise logging
      util: Move become_daemon.c to samba-util-core
      util: Add error handling to become_daemon()
      ctdb-daemon: Fix default socket location
      ctdb-daemon: Fix a return value
      util: Add documentation for PID file handling

Omri Mor (1):
      s3: smbd: Modernize Avahi DEBUG macros and long if statements

Ralph Boehme (22):
      docs/vfs_fruit: remove period outside of the <para> tag
      s3/smbd: handling of failed DOS attributes reading
      s3/smbd: handle EACCES when fetching DOS attributes from xattr
      vfs_gpfs: handle EACCES when fetching DOS attributes from xattr
      vfs_streams_xattr: invalidate stat info if xattr was not found
      vfs_streams_xattr: remove all uses of fd, use name based functions
      vfs_streams_xattr: remove fsp argument from get_xattr_size()
      vfs_streams_xattr: always pass NULL as fsp arg to get_ea_value()
      vfs_streams_xattr: implement all missing handle based VFS functions
      vfs_streams_xattr: return a fake fd in streams_xattr_open()
      s4/torture: reproducer for kernel oplocks issue with streams
      s4/torture: additional tests for kernel-oplocks
      vfs_fruit: use path based setxattr call in ad_fset()
      vfs_fruit: don't open basefile in ad_open() and simplify API
      vfs_fruit: return fake pipe fd in fruit_open_meta_netatalk()
      vfs_fruit: factor out common code from ad_get() and ad_fget()
      README.Coding: add "Error and out logic"
      examples: add cache effectiveness stats to gencache.stp
      tdb: rename struct tdb_traverse_lock hash member to list
      tbd: BUCKET(-1) returns wrong offset because tdb->hash_size is an unsigned int
      tdb: document hashtable bucket offset calculation madness
      tdb: fix tbdtool list freelist output

Ralph Wuerthner (1):
      idmap: remove unused function idmap_is_online()

Richard Sharpe (2):
      Fix incorrect error messages:unsetting not setting.
      Add a test for unsetting Delete-on-Close before the close by DoC opener.

Stefan Metzmacher (94):
      auth/spnego: move gensec_update_ev() out of gensec_spnego_server_try_fallback()
      auth/spnego: skip gensec_update_ev() if sub_sec_ready is already true in gensec_spnego_update_server()
      auth/spnego: introduce a 'spnego_in' helper variable in gensec_spnego_update_client()
      auth/spnego: introduce a 'spnego_in' helper variable in gensec_spnego_update_client()
      auth/spnego: do parse the incoming blob already in gensec_spnego_update_send()
      auth/spnego: call gensec_spnego_create_negTokenInit() directly in gensec_spnego_update_send()
      auth/spnego: simplify the error handling logic in gensec_spnego_parse_negTokenInit()
      auth/spnego: make use of GENSEC_UPDATE_IS_NTERROR() in gensec_spnego_update_send()
      auth/spnego: make use of GENSEC_UPDATE_IS_NTERROR() in gensec_spnego_create_negTokenInit()
      auth/spnego: make use of GENSEC_UPDATE_IS_NTERROR() in gensec_spnego_update_client()
      auth/spnego: split out a gensec_spnego_client_negTokenInit() function.
      auth/spnego: split out a gensec_spnego_server_negTokenInit() function.
      auth/spnego: make more use of the 'ta' helper variable in gensec_spnego_update_client()
      auth/spnego: split out a gensec_spnego_client_negTokenTarg() function
      auth/spnego: introduce a 'struct spnego_negTokenTarg *ta' helper variable in gensec_spnego_update_server()
      auth/spnego: split out a gensec_spnego_server_negTokenTarg() function
      auth/spnego: inline gensec_spnego_update_client() into gensec_spnego_update_send()
      auth/spnego: inline gensec_spnego_update_server() into gensec_spnego_update_send()
      auth/spnego: let gensec_spnego_parse_negTokenInit() require client provides mechs
      auth/spnego: inline gensec_spnego_parse_negTokenInit() client logic into gensec_spnego_client_negTokenInit()
      auth/spnego: remove unused indentation level from gensec_spnego_parse_negTokenInit()
      auth/spnego: remove dead code from gensec_spnego_parse_negTokenInit()
      auth/spnego: remove one more useless indentation level from gensec_spnego_parse_negTokenInit()
      auth/spnego: do an early return when we downgraded the mech in gensec_spnego_parse_negTokenInit()
      auth/spnego: add an early return for a hard error in gensec_spnego_parse_negTokenInit()
      auth/spnego: add an early return for OK or MORE PROCESSING in gensec_spnego_parse_negTokenInit()
      auth/spnego: remove more dead code from gensec_spnego_parse_negTokenInit()
      auth/spnego: inline gensec_spnego_parse_negTokenInit() into gensec_spnego_server_negTokenInit()
      auth/spnego: split out gensec_spnego_update_pre/post() functions
      auth/spnego: invert the fallback logic in gensec_spnego_client_negTokenInit()
      auth/spnego: make the SPNEGO_FALLBACK continuation completely async
      auth/spnego: move the output generation to the end of gensec_spnego_create_negTokenInit()
      auth/spnego: introduce an early goto reply: for the server in gensec_spnego_create_negTokenInit()
      auth/spnego: remove one more useless indentation level in gensec_spnego_create_negTokenInit()
      auth/spnego: make the debug messages in gensec_spnego_create_negTokenInit() more useful
      auth/spnego: rename 'nt_status' to 'status' in gensec_spnego_create_negTokenInit()
      auth/spnego: add more error checking to gensec_spnego_create_negTokenInit()
      auth/spnego: introduce an early return in gensec_spnego_create_negTokenInit()
      auth/spnego: use better variable names in gensec_spnego_create_negTokenInit()
      auth/spnego: do an early return for the success case in gensec_spnego_client_negTokenTarg()
      auth/spnego: make sure we don't return OK without sub_sec_ready in gensec_spnego_client_negTokenTarg()
      auth/spnego: generate a valid packet if gensec_spnego_client_negTokenTarg() gives MORE_PROCESSING_REQUIRED
      auth/spnego: don't call gensec_spnego_server_response() with a fatal error
      auth/spnego: don't produce an output token for errors in gensec_spnego_server_response()
      auth/spnego: split gensec_spnego_create_negTokenInit() into subfunctions
      auth/spnego: split gensec_spnego_client_negTokenInit() into subfunctions
      auth/spnego: split gensec_spnego_client_negTokenTarg() into subfunctions
      auth/spnego: split gensec_spnego_server_negTokenInit() into subfunctions
      auth/spnego: split gensec_spnego_server_negTokenTarg() into subfunctions
      auth/spnego: replace gensec_spnego_neg_loop() by real async processing of {start,step,finish}_fn()
      auth/gensec: add some useful debugging to gensec_update_send/gensec_update_done
      auth/gensec: introduce gensec_security_ops.glue in order to avoid depending on GENSEC_OID_SPNEGO being special
      s4:lib/http: rewrite http_send_auth_request_*() using gensec_update_send/recv
      auth/gensec: make use of gensec_update_send/recv in gensec_update_ev()
      auth/gensec: don't allow gensec_update[_ev] to be called on a subcontext
      auth/gensec: finally remove unused gensec_update_ev()
      s4:lib/http: lower HTTP_MAX_HEADER_SIZE from UINT_MAX to 0x1FFFF
      s4:lib/http: let http_read_response_send/recv() also consume the body if it fits into a max value
      s4:lib/http: remove indentation level from http_parse_auth_response()
      s4:lib/http: use strcasecmp(h->key, "WWW-Authenticate") instead of strncasecmp()
      s4:lib/http: pass a generic prefix blob to http_parse_auth_response()
      s4:librpc/rpc: remember the target_hostname on ncacn_http connections
      s4:librpc/rpc: pass down HTTP_AUTH_* values directly to dcerpc_pipe_open_roh_send()
      s4:http/gensec: rename ntlm.c to generic.c
      s4:http/gensec: make the "NTLM" base64 wrapping more generic
      s4:http/gensec: implement "http_negotiate" using GENSEC_OID_SPNEGO
      s4:lib/http: add HTTP_AUTH_NEGOTIATE which maps to the "http_negotiate" gensec backend
      s4:lib/http: pass down the target service/hostname to gensec
      s4:librpc/rpc: add support for HttpAuthOption=negotiate
      s4:rpc_server/netlogon: check auth_level for validation level 6 already in dcesrv_netr_LogonSamLogon_check()
      s4:rpc_server/netlogon: prepare dcesrv_netr_LogonSamLogon_base for async processing
      s4:rpc_server/netlogon: make use of async kdc_check_generic_kerberos_send/recv()
      s4:rpc_server/netlogon: make use of auth_check_password_send/recv()
      s4:auth_winbind: implement async authentication via IRPC
      auth/ntlmssp: prepare update_send/recv for real async processing
      auth/ntlmssp: introduce ntlmssp_server_auth_send/recv
      auth/ntlmssp: merge ntlmssp_server_check_password() into ntlmssp_server_auth_send()
      auth/common: add support for auth4_ctx->check_ntlm_password_send/recv()
      s4:auth/ntlm: provide auth_check_password_wrapper_send/recv to auth4_context
      s4:auth: use "sam winbind" for the netlogon server
      s4:auth/ntlmssp: add support for using "winbind" as DC
      winbindd: allow all possible logon levels in wb_irpc_SamLogon()
      winbindd: Print debug if we don't know how to route a wb_irpc_SamLogon() request
      winbindd: as DC we should try to get the target_domain from @SOMETHING part of the username in wb_irpc_SamLogon()
      winbindd: give an IRPC error if wb_irpc_SamLogon() is called without useful routing information
      libcli/smb: debug an error if smb1cli_req_writev_submit() is called for SMB2/3
      s3:secrets: allow secrets_fetch_or_upgrade_domain_info() on an AD DC
      s3:gse_krb5: make use of precalculated krb5 keys in fill_mem_keytab_from_secrets()
      s3:libsmb: let get_ipc_connect() use CLI_FULL_CONNECTION_FORCE_SMB1
      s3:smbclient: improve the error messages for smbclient -L
      s3:smbclient: don't try any workgroup listing with "client min protocol = SMB2"
      s3:libsmb: don't call cli_NetServerEnum() on SMB2/3 connections in SMBC_opendir_ctx()
      s3:libsmb: let do_connect() debug the negotiation result similar to "session request ok"
      tdb: version 1.3.15

Thomas Jarosch (1):
      s3: libsmb: Fix use-after-free when accessing pointer *p.

Tim Beale (20):
      drs: support sync-forced for 'samba-tool drs replicate --local'
      drs_utils: HWM in 'samba-tool drs replicate --local' always zero
      libnet: Initialize req_level in become_dc tests
      getnc_exop.py: Fix typo in function name
      getncchanges.c: Remove unused null_scope variable
      repl: Remove old TODO
      replmd: Split checking link attr target into new function
      drs: Fail replication transaction instead of dropping links
      drs: Check target object is known after applying objects
      drepl: Support GET_TGT on periodic replication client
      replmd: Set GET_ANC if Windows sends a link with unknown source object
      drs_utils: Add GET_TGT support to 'samba-tool drs replicate --local'
      replmd: Move where we store linked attributes
      replmd: Avoid dropping links if link target is deleted
      replmd: Don't fail cycle if we get link for deleted object with GET_TGT
      replmd: Try to add forward-link for unknown cross-partition links
      getncchanges.py: Add a new test for replication
      getncchanges.py: Add GET_ANC replication test case
      getncchanges.py: Add test for GET_ANC and linked attributes

Volker Lendecke (85):
      torture: Add local-g-lock-ping-pong
      dbwrap: Add dbwrap_merge_dbufs
      dbwrap: Convert backend store to storev
      dbwrap: Add dbwrap_record_storev
      dbwrap: Factor out the core dbwrap lock order logic
      dbwrap: Add dbwrap_do_locked
      torture3: Test dbwrap_do_locked
      dbwrap_tdb: Implement do_locked
      dbwrap_watch: Introduce dbwrap_watch_rec
      dbwrap_watch: Implement do_locked
      g_lock: Walk locks only once in g_lock_trylock
      g_lock: simplify g_lock_trylock
      g_lock: add "struct g_lock" without talloc
      g_lock: Implement g_lock_unlock without talloc
      g_lock: Initialize variables
      g_lock: Avoid talloc in g_lock_trylock
      g_lock: Use dbwrap_do_locked for g_lock_lock
      g_lock: Use dbwrap_do_locked in g_lock_lock_retry
      torture3: Add verification for g_lock_retry
      g_lock: Use dbwrap_do_locked in g_lock_write_data
      g_lock: remove unused functions g_lock_put() and g_lock_record_store()
      g_lock: Use parse_record in g_lock_dump
      g_lock: remove unused functions g_lock_get() and g_lock_get_talloc()
      messaging: Factor out messaging_dispatch_waiters
      messaging: Add DLIST pointers to messaging_rec
      messaging: Keep an array of event contexts registered
      messaging: Broadcast messages to all event contexts
      ctdbd_conn: Pass "ev" through ctdb connection callbacks
      ctdbd_conn: Pass "ev" through ctdbd_msg_call_back
      ctdbd_conn: Pass "ev" through ctdb_handle_message
      ctdbd_conn: Pass "ev" through ctdbd_socket_readable
      messaging: Add messaging_ctdbd_register_tevent_context
      messages_ctdb: Handle async msgs for nested event contexts
      dbwrap: Avoid dbwrap_merge_dbufs in db_ctdb_storev
      messaging: Add messaging_ctdb_init/destroy
      messaging: Add messages_ctdb_ref
      dbwrap_ctdb: Use messaging_ctdbd_connection
      smbpasswd: Initialize messaging for messaging_ctdb_conn
      messages_ctdb: Add messaging_ctdb_connection
      messaging: Use messaging_ctdb_ref()
      ctdb_conn: Use messaging_ctdb_connection
      messaging: Remove messages_ctdbd.c
      messaging: Remove "struct messaging_backend"
      libsmb: Add smb2cli_notify()
      libsmb: Add cli_smb2_notify
      libsmb: Enable "cli_notify" for SMB2+
      lib: Fix 1415704 CID Integer overflowed argument
      lib: Fix a typo
      lib: Fix an error path memleak
      winbindd: Fix a few signed/unsigned hickups
      winbindd: Make wcache_flush_cache static
      winbindd: Make wcache_lookup_groupmem static
      winbindd: Make wcache_name_to_sid static
      winbindd: Make wcache_lookup_useraliases static
      winbindd: Make init_wcache static
      winbindd: Fix indentation
      winbindd: Make wcache_lookup_usergroups static
      winbindd: Simplify wcache_cached_creds_exist
      winbindd: Simplify two debug msgs
      winbindd: Make wcache_query_user static
      winbindd: Add debug for ndr cache hit
      winbindd: Simplify an if-condition
      tdb: Consistency check for tdb_storev
      tdb: Avoid NULL tdb_write
      dbwrap: Convert dbwrap_store to dbwrap_do_locked
      dbwrap: Convert dbwrap_delete to dbwrap_do_locked
      dbwrap: Simplify dbwrap_store_int32_bystring
      dbwrap: Simplify dbwrap_store_uint32_bystring
      dbwrap: Simplify dbwrap_trans_store
      dbwrap: Simplify dbwrap_trans_delete
      dbwrap: Simplify dbwrap_unmarshall_fn
      libhttp: Remove an unneeded include
      tdb: Clarify the CLEAR_IF_FIRST locked logic
      gencache: Remove tdb_check from gencache_init()
      gencache: Simplify gencache_stabilize
      xattr.id: Fix a typo
      acl_common: Pass get_acl_blob_fn as a pointer to get_nt_acl_internal
      acl_common: Pass store_acl_blob_fsp through store_v3_blob
      acl_common: Avoid "#include vfs_acl_common.c"
      tdb: Fix a typo
      configure: Centralize check for posix_fallocate
      tdb: Protect against EINTR
      tdb: Truncate the file after expand failure
      tdb: Add an intermediate variable
      tdb: Use posix_fallocate


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