autobuild[sn-devel-144]: intermittent test failure detected

autobuild autobuild at
Tue Apr 18 13:05:44 UTC 2017

The autobuild test system (on sn-devel-144) has detected an intermittent failing test in 
the current master tree.

The autobuild log of the failure is available here:

The samba build logs are available here:
The top commit at the time of the failure was:

commit 05d83ccf7a6fecf963fcb980acd50cebfc0c3ea9
Author: Uri Simchoni <uri at>
Date:   Thu Apr 13 12:44:58 2017 +0300

    vfs_acl_xattr: avoid needlessly supplying a large buffer to getxattr()
    When obtaining the security descriptor via getxattr(), first try
    optimistically to supply a buffer of 4K, and if that turns out
    to be too small, determine the correct buffer size.
    The previous behavior of falling back to a 64K buffer encountered
    problem with Linux prior to version 3.6, due to pyisical memory
    fragmentation. With those kernels, as long as the buffer is 8K or
    smaller, getting the xattr is much less prone to failure due to
    memory fragmentation.
    Signed-off-by: Uri Simchoni <uri at>
    Reviewed-by: Jeremy Allison <jra at>
    Autobuild-User(master): Jeremy Allison <jra at>
    Autobuild-Date(master): Tue Apr 18 04:41:16 CEST 2017 on sn-devel-144

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