[SCM] Samba Shared Repository - branch master updated

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Thu Apr 28 22:13:05 UTC 2016

The branch, master has been updated
       via  f198abc Provide fallback code for non-portable clearenv(3)
       via  90403de testsuit/manage-ca.sh: specify key size in CSRs
       via  b61658e winbindd/idmap_rfc2307: Fix CID 1273424 - Read from pointer after free
       via  184e787 winbindd: check if dcinfo from genache is expired
      from  eee88e0 s3:selftest: add smbclient_ntlm tests


- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
commit f198abcbb3f6e8b26c697d3ded2caa1076ae018b
Author: Jérémie Courrèges-Anglas <jca at wxcvbn.org>
Date:   Wed Apr 27 18:01:51 2016 +0200

    Provide fallback code for non-portable clearenv(3)
    clearenv(3) is a GNU extension that was rejected twice by POSIX,
    without an easy, portable alternative.
    As the dovecot project notes,
    environ = NULL crashes on OSX - and OpenBSD < 6.0
    *environ = NULL doesn't work on FreeBSD 7.0
    environ = emptyenv doesn't work on Haiku OS
    environ = calloc should work everywhere
    (source: http://hg.dovecot.org/dovecot-2.0/file/48f90e7e92dc/src/lib/env-util.c)
    Bug: https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=11864
    Signed-off-by: Jérémie Courrèges-Anglas <jca at wxcvbn.org>
    Reviewed-by: Volker Lendecke <vl at samba.org>
    Reviewed-by: Jeremy Allison <jra at samba.org>
    Autobuild-User(master): Jeremy Allison <jra at samba.org>
    Autobuild-Date(master): Fri Apr 29 00:12:02 CEST 2016 on sn-devel-144

commit 90403de7acdfec2aa3c752f6add27bc6f0e9ac30
Author: Björn Jacke <bj at sernet.de>
Date:   Wed Apr 27 16:57:36 2016 +0200

    testsuit/manage-ca.sh: specify key size in CSRs
    specifying the key size is required by some openssl versions
    Signed-off-by: Bjoern Jacke <bj at sernet.de>
    Reviewed-by: Jeremy Allison <jra at samba.org>

commit b61658e721c922089bde4543ec8c445de6eb903c
Author: Robin Hack <hack.robin at gmail.com>
Date:   Wed Apr 27 15:10:45 2016 +0200

    winbindd/idmap_rfc2307: Fix CID 1273424 - Read from pointer after free
    idmap_rfc2307_ads_search() calls ads_do_search_retry_internal() which
    can deallocate ads param based on ads->is_mine boolean.
    This approach is fragile so caller must properly check
    return code before any pointer dereference.
    Signed-off-by: Robin Hack <hack.robin at gmail.com>
    Reviewed-by: Jeremy Allison <jra at samba.org>
    Reviewed-by: Christof Schmitt <cs at samba.org>

commit 184e7873cb4038e3e90028cb60443f5b2602a7ed
Author: Ralph Boehme <slow at samba.org>
Date:   Tue Apr 26 08:43:26 2016 +0200

    winbindd: check if dcinfo from genache is expired
    The gencache parse function dcinfo_parser() used by
    wb_dsgetdcname_gencache_get() misses a check for expired gencache
    Signed-off-by: Ralph Boehme <slow at samba.org>
    Reviewed-by: Jeremy Allison <jra at samba.org>


Summary of changes:
 selftest/manage-ca/manage-ca.sh        | 4 ++--
 source3/client/smbspool_krb5_wrapper.c | 6 ++++++
 source3/winbindd/idmap_rfc2307.c       | 5 +++++
 source3/winbindd/wb_dsgetdcname.c      | 4 ++++
 source3/wscript                        | 2 +-
 5 files changed, 18 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

Changeset truncated at 500 lines:

diff --git a/selftest/manage-ca/manage-ca.sh b/selftest/manage-ca/manage-ca.sh
index ab796b7..8e09a93 100755
--- a/selftest/manage-ca/manage-ca.sh
+++ b/selftest/manage-ca/manage-ca.sh
@@ -234,7 +234,7 @@ create_dc)
 		"${OPENSSLCNF}" \
-	openssl req -new -newkey rsa -keyout "${DCKEY_PEM}" -out "${DCREQ_PEM}" -config "${OPENSSLCNF}"
+	openssl req -new -newkey rsa:${DC_BITS} -keyout "${DCKEY_PEM}" -out "${DCREQ_PEM}" -config "${OPENSSLCNF}"
 	openssl rsa -in "${DCKEY_PEM}" -inform PEM -out "${DCKEY_PRIVATE_PEM}" -outform PEM
 	openssl ca -config "${OPENSSLCNF}" -in "${DCREQ_PEM}" -out "${DCCERT_PEM}"
@@ -326,7 +326,7 @@ create_user)
 		"${OPENSSLCNF}" \
-	openssl req -new -newkey rsa -keyout "${USERKEY_PEM}" -out "${USERREQ_PEM}" -config "${OPENSSLCNF}"
+	openssl req -new -newkey rsa:${USER_BITS} -keyout "${USERKEY_PEM}" -out "${USERREQ_PEM}" -config "${OPENSSLCNF}"
 	openssl rsa -in "${USERKEY_PEM}" -inform PEM -out "${USERKEY_PRIVATE_PEM}" -outform PEM
 	openssl ca -config "${OPENSSLCNF}" -in "${USERREQ_PEM}" -out "${USERCERT_PEM}"
diff --git a/source3/client/smbspool_krb5_wrapper.c b/source3/client/smbspool_krb5_wrapper.c
index e19fd92..89db5e0 100644
--- a/source3/client/smbspool_krb5_wrapper.c
+++ b/source3/client/smbspool_krb5_wrapper.c
@@ -24,6 +24,7 @@
 #include "system/passwd.h"
 #include <errno.h>
+#include <stdlib.h>
 #include <string.h>
 #include <cups/backend.h>
@@ -195,7 +196,12 @@ int main(int argc, char *argv[])
 	 * Make sure we do not have LD_PRELOAD or other security relevant
 	 * environment variables set.
+	extern char **environ;
+	environ = calloc(1, sizeof(*environ));
 	CUPS_SMB_DEBUG("Setting KRB5CCNAME to '%s'", gen_cc);
 	setenv("KRB5CCNAME", gen_cc, 1);
diff --git a/source3/winbindd/idmap_rfc2307.c b/source3/winbindd/idmap_rfc2307.c
index 3ef10f6..1b5aad9 100644
--- a/source3/winbindd/idmap_rfc2307.c
+++ b/source3/winbindd/idmap_rfc2307.c
@@ -99,6 +99,11 @@ static NTSTATUS idmap_rfc2307_ads_search(struct idmap_rfc2307_context *ctx,
 	status = ads_do_search_retry(ctx->ads, bind_path,
 				     LDAP_SCOPE_SUBTREE, expr, attrs, result);
+	if (!ADS_ERR_OK(status)) {
+		return ads_ntstatus(status);
+	}
 	ctx->ldap = ctx->ads->ldap.ld;
 	return ads_ntstatus(status);
diff --git a/source3/winbindd/wb_dsgetdcname.c b/source3/winbindd/wb_dsgetdcname.c
index 5aea7de..125e98a 100644
--- a/source3/winbindd/wb_dsgetdcname.c
+++ b/source3/winbindd/wb_dsgetdcname.c
@@ -176,6 +176,10 @@ static void dcinfo_parser(time_t timeout, DATA_BLOB blob, void *private_data)
 	struct dcinfo_parser_state *state = private_data;
 	enum ndr_err_code ndr_err;
+	if (timeout <= time(NULL)) {
+		return;
+	}
 	state->dcinfo = talloc(state->mem_ctx, struct netr_DsRGetDCNameInfo);
 	if (state->dcinfo == NULL) {
 		state->status = NT_STATUS_NO_MEMORY;
diff --git a/source3/wscript b/source3/wscript
index 3118e28..3b6f8a4 100644
--- a/source3/wscript
+++ b/source3/wscript
@@ -110,7 +110,7 @@ def configure(conf):
     conf.CHECK_FUNCS('getpwnam', headers='sys/types.h pwd.h')
-    conf.CHECK_FUNCS('getpwent_r setenv strcasecmp fcvt fcvtl')
+    conf.CHECK_FUNCS('getpwent_r setenv clearenv strcasecmp fcvt fcvtl')
     conf.CHECK_FUNCS('syslog vsyslog timegm setlocale')
     conf.CHECK_FUNCS_IN('nanosleep', 'rt')
     conf.CHECK_FUNCS('lutimes futimes utimensat futimens')

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