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Stefan Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Tue Oct 13 12:25:13 UTC 2015

The annotated tag, talloc-2.1.4 has been created
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  replaces  samba-4.3.0rc1
 tagged by  Stefan Metzmacher
        on  Tue Oct 13 14:25:04 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
talloc: tag release talloc-2.1.4
Version: GnuPG v1


Adrian Cochrane (5):
      install_with_python: Secure Python download with sha256 checks.
      talloc: Test magic protection measures.
      talloc: Provide tests access to talloc_magic
      talloc: Increment minor version due to added talloc_test_get_magic.
      talloc: Test that talloc magic differs between processes.

Amitay Isaacs (82):
      ctdb-tool: Correctly print timed out event scripts output
      ctdb-daemon: Correctly process the exit code from failed eventscripts
      ctdb-client: Return the correct status sent from the daemon
      ctdb-banning: If node is already banned, do not run ctdb_local_node_got_banned()
      ctdb-system: Remove unused system specific calls
      ctdb-daemon: Reset database statistics when resetting statistics
      ctdb-pmda: Add missing prototype declaration for non-static function
      ctdb-freeze: Do an early exit if freeze is pending
      ctdb-freeze: Remove commented test code
      ctdb-locking: Remove unused priority argument from db_handler_t
      ctdb-locking: Rename ctdb_db_iterator to ctdb_db_prio_iterator
      ctdb-locking: Expose ctdb_db_prio_iterator function
      ctdb-locking: Add ctdb_db_iterator to iterate through all databases
      ctdb-freeze: Use ctdb_db_prio_iterator to cancel transaction on databases
      ctdb-freeze: Use ctdb_db_iterator to cancel transaction on databases
      ctdb-freeze: Use ctdb_db_iterator to start transaction on databases
      ctdb-freeze: Use ctdb_db_iterator to commit transaction on databases
      ctdb-call: Convert pending calls list to per database list
      ctdb-freeze: Refactor code to check if databases are frozen
      ctdb-daemon: Avoid the use of ctdb->freeze_mode variable
      ctdb-daemon: Avoid the use of ctdb->freeze_handle variable
      ctdb-daemon: Add controls to freeze/thaw a single database
      ctdb-freeze: Move destructor closer to where it is used
      ctdb-freeze: Use single database freeze/thaw code for existing controls
      ctdb-locking: Add mark/unmark functions for a single database
      ctdb-daemon: Use database specific freeze check routine
      ctdb-daemon: Use database specific mark/unmark routines
      ctdb-freeze: Improve log message to indicate subsequent freeze operation
      ctdb-freeze: simplify code with TALLOC_FREE
      ctdb-daemon: Rename ctdb_control_wipe_database to ctdb_control_transdb
      ctdb-daemon: Add controls for transactions on a single database
      ctdb-freeze: Use single database transactions for global transactions
      ctdb-freeze: Use database specific information in wipe database
      ctdb-freeze: Fix a log message
      ctdb-banning: Do not freeze databases on ban in the daemon
      ctdb-freeze: Make function ctdb_start_freeze static
      ctdb-freeze: Ensure all databases get frozen during freeze
      ctdb-freeze: Use individual database freeze in blocking freeze
      ctdb-daemon: Introduce per database generation
      ctdb-daemon: Use database generation in packet headers for database requests
      ctdb-call: Delete old defer queue if recovery occurs
      ctdb-daemon: Check packet generation against database generation
      ctdb-daemon: Add a check for database generation consistency
      ctdb-daemon: Remove freeze requirement for updating vnnmap
      ctdb-build: Do not mark ctdb private headers public
      ctdb-build: Do not split ctdb-system subsystem
      ctdb-daemon: Remove ctdb from traverse_callback
      ctdb-daemon: formatting fix
      ctdb-daemon: whitespace fix
      ctdb-common: Add db_hash abstraction
      ctdb-common: Add srvid abstraction
      ctdb-daemon: Replace ctdb_message with srvid abstraction
      ctdb-daemon: formatting fix
      ctdb-daemon: whitespace fix
      ctdb-include: Remove unused definition
      ctdb-common: Add request id abstraction
      ctdb-daemon: Use reqid abstraction
      ctdb-packaging: Install header files in ctdb subdirectory
      ctdb-build: Set PKGCONFIGDIR for public libraries in standalone build
      lib/util: Create a new library for tevent_unix.c
      ctdb-build: Placeholder for public headers from lib/util
      ctdb-packaging: Package public library and header for tevent-unix-util
      ctdb-common: Add packet read abstraction
      ctdb-common: Add packet write abstraction
      ctdb-common: Add communication endpoint abstraction
      ctdb-common: Add logging utilities
      ctdb-include: Remove unused structure definitions
      ctdb-protocol: Add ctdb protocol serialization routines
      ctdb-client: Add new client API implementation
      ctdb-protocol: Add controls for parallel DB recovery
      ctdb-client: Add client API for new database controls
      ctdb-recoverd: Add parallel database recovery helper
      ctdb-recovery: Factor out existing database recovery code
      ctdb-recoverd: Update capabilities before the database recovery
      ctdb-recoverd: Update flags on all nodes before database recovery
      ctdb-daemon: Use a define for default capabilities
      ctdb-daemon: Add parallel database recovery capability
      ctdb-recoverd: Add code for parallel database recovery
      ctdb-call: Improve a log message
      ctdb-recoverd: Do not freeze databases for election
      ctdb-recoverd: Get rid of connected-ness comparison in election
      ctdb-recoverd: Always check for recmaster before doing recovery

Andreas Schneider (24):
      s4-kdc: Use smb_krb5_principal_get_(type|realm) in db-glue
      s3-auth: Add MIT return code for KDC not reachable
      krb5-wrap: Use the principal returned by the KDC to create the ccache
      hdb-samba: Translate SDB errors to HDB errors
      sdb: Assert if the HDB flags will change
      waf: Add talloc as a dependency
      waf: Check for Linux has 32-bit credential calls
      s3-auth: Fix 'map to guest = Bad Uid' support
      s3-auth: Pass nt_username to check_account()
      s3-auth: Fix a memory leak in make_server_info_info3()
      uwrap: Fix build if getres(uid|gid) are not available.
      uwrap: Removed double newline
      uwrap: Bump version to 1.1.1
      rwrap: Fix strict aliasing warnings for symbol binding
      rwrap: Bump version to 1.1.3
      swrap: Correctly update the msg_name in recvmsg()
      swrap: Fix TCP support with sendmsg/recvmsg
      swrap: Add environment variable to specify mtu size
      swrap: Fix signed comparsion warnings
      swrap: Call dlclose() in the destructor
      swrap: Bump version to 1.1.4
      pam_winbind: Fix a segfault if initialization fails
      replace: Fix check for gettimeofday()
      Makefile: Add option to list all tests

Andrew Bartlett (31):
      gensec: Add an option emulating another mode a client building GSSAPI/krb5 manually uses
      heimdal/gssapi: Allow a NULL authenticator
      selftest: Add test for GSSAPI with no authenticator checksum mode
      python:samba/upgrade.py Fix format string syntax in error condition
      Revert "dsdb: Only parse SAMBA_LDAP_MATCH_RULE_TRANSITIVE_EVAL as a DN"
      Revert "ldb-samba: Implement transitive extended matching"
      dnsserver: Remove incorrect and not required include of ldb_private.h
      python: Use an unsigned integer for buf_size, not -1
      pidl: Change PIDL to correctly use and validate python integer types
      python/tests: Add tests for integer overflow handling
      pydsdb: Allow the full range of uint32_t values for attributeID
      pidl: Assert that python arrays will not overflow the C array
      dbcheck: Add explict tests for unknown and unsorted attributeID values
      dbcheck: Add additional tests for the attributeID list
      dbcheck: Try to avoid duplicate searches
      dbcheck: Use set() operations to make dbcheck more efficient
      Update release-4-1-0rc3 to include data using schema modifications
      selftest: Add in steps to re-create this database
      selftest: Add assertion that we actually fix the replPropertyMetaData sort order
      lib/tls: Remove unused tls_init_client code
      lib/tls: Ensure SSLv3 is disabled in the web server by default
      web_server: Use talloc_get_type_abort()
      web_server: Fix server not to segfault on startup
      pidl/python: Calculate maximum integer values using a lookup table
      pidl/python: Provide static inline helper function ndr_PyLong_FromUnsignedLongLong
      python/tests: Add tests for 64 bit signed integers
      python/tests: Add more assertions that we get back the value we expect
      Find the correct symbol when res_* is a define to __res_*
      build: Move __attribute__ ((destructor)) and ((constructor)) tests to wafsamba
      lib/talloc: Disrupt buffer overflow attacks on Samba by using random magic
      lib/talloc: Provide multiple-loading detection for libtalloc via rand()

Anoop C S (6):
      lib/talloc: Fix CID 1291640 Missing unlock
      lib/talloc: Fix CID 1291639 Missing unlock
      source3/rpc_client: Fix CID 1273041 Condition is redundant
      winbindd: Fix CID 1273310 Remove structurally dead code
      libsmb: Fix CID 1034605 Incorrect pointer comparison
      libsmb: Fix CID 1034606 Incorrect pointer comparison

Anubhav Rakshit (1):
      s4:torture:smb2:rename: Fix typo in simple_nodelete testcase.

Arvid Requate (1):
      s4:rpc_server/netlogon: Fix for NetApp

Aurelien Aptel (1):
      doc: mention that `smbd -i` exits after first connection

Björn Baumbach (3):
      s3:wscript: fix indentation
      configure: add --with-gpfs option for selecting directory with gpfs headers
      build: fix build with gpfs support - add missing dependency to samba-debug

Björn Jacke (5):
      doc: fix description of tls dh params file parameter
      tls: increase Diffie-Hellman group size to 2048 bits
      nss_wins: add module for FreeBSD
      nss_winbind: fix hang on Solaris on big groups
      build: use as-needed linker flag also on OpenBSD

Brad Hards (1):
      lib/param: move function typedef to after forward declaration of struct loadparm_context

Christof Schmitt (8):
      secrets: Add function to fetch only password change timestamp
      net: Print time of last password change in 'net ads info'
      smbd: Log smb2 requests returning !OK with higher log level
      docs: Fix references to async smb echo handler in smb.conf manpage
      lib: Fix prctl detection for prctl_set_comment
      s3: Move call to prctl_set_comment to reinit_after_fork
      smbd: Set process name for async echo handler
      smbd: Set process name for notifyd process

Douglas Bagnall (2):
      source3 torture: don't segfault if filename query fails
      lib/util/debug.h uses va_list, needs stdarg.h

Garming Sam (1):
      spoolss: handle SetPrinter for info level 4

Gustavo Zacarias (1):
      build: improve stack protector check

Günther Deschner (58):
      s4-torture: don't build the lsa forest trust krb5 tests when building with MIT Kerberos.
      vfs: fix build warning in smb traffic analyzer.
      pidl: merge multiple 'genpad' implementations into one.
      s4-auth: Call krb5_get_init_creds_opt_set_canonicalize() in MIT case.
      s4-kdc: PAC_GLUE does not depend on hdb anymore.
      s4-kdc: Introduce sdb a KDC backend abstraction
      s4-kdc: Introduce a simple sdb_hdb shim layer
      s4-kdc: Use sdb in db-glue and hdb-samba4
      dcom: remove trailing whitespace from dcom.idl
      orpc: remove trailing whitespace from orpc.idl
      oxidresolver: remove trailing whitespace from oxidresolver.idl
      remact: remove trailing whitespace from remact.idl
      s4-torture: remove trailing whitespace from oxidresolve test.
      s4-torture: remove trailing whitespace from remact test.
      oxidresolver: fix indent of ResolveOxid2 in IDL.
      dcom: fix ident in dcom.idl.
      oxidresolver: fix indent in oxidresolver.idl
      remact: fix indent of remact.idl
      s4-torture: fix indent of remact test.
      rot: remove trailing whitespace from rot.idl
      rot: fix indent in rot.idl
      oxidresolver: fix ServerAlive2 IDL and test.
      s4-torture: use torture_assert macros for RemoteActivation test.
      remact: fix IDL for RemoteActivation.
      s4-torture: fix test for RemoteActivation.
      s4-torture: fix remact test from crashing.
      lib/torture: add torture_assert_hresult_{equal,ok} macros.
      remact: use HRESULT in RemoteActivation IDL and tests.
      remact: use imp_levels enum in RemoteActivation IDL.
      s4-torture: fix ResolveOxid test, filling in missing ref,out pointers.
      s4-torture: fix ResolveOxid2 test, filling in missing ref,out pointers.
      lib/dcom: use HRESULT in dcom_create_object.
      s4-torture: add more tests for clusapi_OpenResource().
      s3-clusapi: add test for GetResourceDependencyExpression.
      s4-torture: add test for GetResourceNetworkName.
      clusapi: add PROPERTY_LIST IDL.
      s4-torture: add test for clusapi_CreateEnumEx().
      clusapi: use ClusterEnumType in clusapi_CreateEnumEx.
      s4-torture: add ndr testsuite for complex clusapi_PROPERTY_LIST structs.
      clusapi: use winreg_Type in clusapi registry IDL.
      s4-torture: also test ClusterControl with a large initial buffer size.
      clusapi: add clusapi_GroupControlCode enum to IDL.
      s4-torture: add tests for GroupControl.
      clusapi: add clusapi_NodeControlCode to IDL.
      s4-torture: add torture test for clusapi_NodeControl.
      s4-torture: add more ndr tests for property lists.
      s3-rpcclient: add client for create enum ex.
      s4-torture: add test for CLUSCTL_NODE_GET_ID in clusapi_NodeControl.
      s4-torture: add test to verify WITNESS_NOTIFY_CLIENT_MOVE message marshalling.
      witness: fix IP address endianess in witness_IPaddrInfo IDL.
      witness: fix length calculation in witness_IPaddrInfoList IDL.
      clusapi: remove security.idl dependency from IDL.
      librpc: properly quote uuids so that wireshark dissectors can be built from them.
      s3-rpcclient: protect against empty witness async notify messages.
      s4-torture: trying to make clusapi resource online/offline testing a bit more robust
      s4-scripting: fix wrong indent that caused gen_ntstatus.py to fail.
      s4-scripting: fix minor indent issue for hresult generation.
      kerberos: make sure we only use prompter type when available.

Har Gagan Sahai (2):
      Fix memory leak in dns resolution during spnego authentication using kerberos.
      s3: dfs: Fix a crash when the dfs targets are disabled.

Herb Lewis (1):
      s4: torture: Fix double-free on error.

Jeremy Allison (11):
      lib: replace: Add strsep function (missing on Solaris).
      tests: Add regression test for s3-passdb: Respect LOOKUP_NAME_GROUP flag in sid lookup.
      winbind: Don't delete an existing krb5 ticket on cached logon.
      s3: smbclient: Move cmd_setmode out of clitar.c and back into client.c
      s3: smbd: Remove unused parameter from build_stream_path().
      s3: smbd: Fix opening/creating :stream files on the root share directory.
      s3: tests: smbclient test to ensure we can create and see a :foobar stream on the top level directory in a share.
      s3: smbd: Fix mkdir race condition.
      s4: torture: Test mkdir race condition.
      s4: torture: Fix directory test against a server that actually uses index returns.
      s3: smbd: Fix NULL pointer bug introduced by previous 'raw' stream fix (bug #11522).

Justin Maggard (1):
      s3-passdb: Respect LOOKUP_NAME_GROUP flag in sid lookup.

Kai Blin (5):
      dns: Add dns_get_authoritative_zone helper function
      dns: Just pass the name to create_response_rr
      dns: Also pass nsrecs to handle_question()
      dns: Add a SOA record to error replies
      dns: always add authority records

Martin Schwenke (42):
      tdb: Fix broken build with --disable-python
      ctdb-daemon: Check if updates are in flight when releasing all IPs
      ctdb-scripts: Improve error handling for 50.samba testparm failure
      ctdb-tests: Make fake gateway different to actual public IPs
      ctdb-tests: Add a policy routing test with misconfiguration
      ctdb-scripts: Rename 40.fs_use to 05.system
      ctdb-scripts: Move filesystem monitoring into a function, clean it up
      ctdb-scripts: Don't fail monitoring if sanity checks fail
      ctdb-scripts: New configuration variable CTDB_MONITOR_FILESYSTEM_USAGE
      ctdb-tests: Add tests for filesystem usage monitoring
      ctdb-tests: Remove unwanted trailing whitespace
      ctdb-scripts: Move system memory checking to 05.system
      ctdb-scripts: Only use /proc/meminfo for memory checks, not "free"
      ctdb-scripts: Use MemAvailable if it is in /proc/meminfo
      ctdb-scripts: Memory monitoring uses thresholds expressed as percentages
      ctdb-scripts: Factor out new function check_thresholds()
      ctdb-scripts: New consistent system memory and swap monitoring
      ctdb-scripts: Don't shutdown CTDB when memory monitoring fails
      ctdb-scripts: Throttle system resource monitoring warnings
      ctdb-scripts: Enable system monitoring eventscript by default
      ctdb-scripts: Add default system memory usage warnings
      ctdb-scripts: Add default filesystem usage warnings
      ctdb-daemon: Drop struct ctdb_control_killtcp
      ctdb-tools: Add dbstatistics to ctdb_diagnostics
      ctdb-scripts: New internal variable CTDB_NFS_CALLOUT_STATE_DIR
      ctdb-scripts: Drop 62.cnfs eventscript
      ctdb-scripts: Drop functions ctdb_checkstatus() and ctdb_setstatus()
      ctdb-scripts: Drop file removal involving $ctdb_managed_dir
      ctdb-scripts: Drop internal file-level variables referencing $CTDB_VARDIR
      ctdb-docs: Update "ctdb reloadnodes" documentation
      ctdb-build: Add missing manual pages to pre-generate list for tarball
      ctdb-scripts: Properly set CTDB_VARDIR in scripts at install time
      ctdb-scripts: New internal variable CTDB_SCRIPT_VARDIR
      ctdb-scripts: Move remaining state files into CTDB_SCRIPT_VARDIR
      ctdb-scripts: Factor out possible creation of rt_tables file
      ctdb-scripts: CTDB_BASE must be set when including functions file
      ctdb-scripts: Rename variable CTDB_ETCDIR to CTDB_SYS_ETCDIR
      ctdb-tools: Drop vacuum.log from ctdb_diagnostics
      ctdb-scripts: Update important installed files to use build-time defaults
      ctdb-doc: Update out-of-date documentation for CTDB socket options
      ctdb-build: Install pre-built manpages when xsltproc not available
      ctdb-doc: Fix a typo in the definition of CTDB_NODE_ADDRESS

Mathieu Parent (1):
      ctdb-build: Use socket_wrapper only with selftest

Matthieu Patou (1):
      ldb: create a cache of known wellknown objects instead of continously searching in the db

Michael Adam (99):
      smbXsrv: add a smbXsrv_connection argument to smb2srv_session_lookup_raw
      smbXsrv: rename smb2srv_session_lookup -> smb2srv_session_lookup_conn
      smbXsrv: add smb2srv_session_lookup_client().
      smbXsrv: use smb2srv_session_lookup_client in smbXsrv_session_close_loop
      s3:smb2_sesssetup: check that the connection belongs to the session in sess.setup
      s3:smb2_server: defer channel/session validation to the session setup code.
      s3:smb2_sesssetup: remove now unneeded declaration of smb2srv_session_lookup_raw
      smbXsrv_session:idl: add smbXsrv_session_auth0
      s3:sesssetup: use session->pending_auth in smb1 session setup
      smbXsrv_session:idl: remove the preauth and gensec members
      param: make set_variable() static.
      param: accompany FN_LOCAL_PARM_CHAR with FN_LOCAL_CHAR
      s3:lib: remove unused dummyparam.c
      docs:smbdotconf: make formatting of headers uniform.
      docs:smbdotconf: fix type of "preferred master" parameter.
      docs:smbdotconf: fix context of 'include' in doc
      tests: teach the docs test about boolean-rev
      docs:smbdotconf: fix type to bool-rev for reverse synonyms.
      docs:smbdotconf: add param flag 'synonym' to the DTD
      docs:smbdotconf: add param flags 'handler' and 'deprecated' to the DTD
      docs:smbdotconf: add handler info to smbdotconf docs where missing
      docs:smbdotconf: add param flag 'enumlist' to the DTD
      docs:smbdotconf: add enumlist property to parameters where missing
      param: rename szLdapGroupSuffix -> _ldap_group_suffix
      param: turn ldap group suffix into a generated function
      param: rename szLdapUserSuffix -> _ldap_user_suffix
      param: turn ldap user suffix into a generated function
      param: rename szLdapIdmapSuffix -> _ldap_sz_idmap_suffix
      param: turn ldap idmap suffix into a generated function
      param: rename szLdapMachineSuffix -> _ldap_machine_suffix
      param: turn ldap idmap suffix into a generated function
      param: rename variable of 'max print jobs' to default.
      param: generate lp[cfg]_max_print_jobs()
      param: use lp[cfg]_max_print_jobs() in lp[cfg]_maxprintjobs()
      param: rename iPreferredMaster -> _preferred_master
      param: turn 'preferred master' into a generated function
      param: rename iminreceivefile -> min_receivefile_size
      param: turn 'min receivefile size' into a generated function
      param: rename szPrintcapName -> printcap_name
      param: turn 'printcap name' into a generated function
      param: treat negative values of 'smb2 max credits' as default.
      param: turn 'smb2 max credits' into generated option
      param: rename bWidelinks -> wide_links
      param: turn 'wide links' into a generated funcion
      param: rename winbindMaxDomainConnections -> _winbind_max_domain_connections
      param: make 'winbind max domain connections' a generated function.
      param: rename CupsEncrypt -> cups_encrypt
      param: turn 'cups encrypt' into a generated function
      param: make 'realm' use the standard 'realm' variable.
      param: rename bAvailable -> available
      param: rename szCopy -> copy
      param: rename szInclude -> include
      param: rename szIdmapBackend -> idmap_backend
      param: rename szIdmapUID -> idmap_uid
      param: rename szIdmapGID -> idmap_gid
      docs:smbdotconf: add 'function' parameter to valid
      docs:smbdotconf: add 'function' parameter to enablespoolss
      docs:smbdotconf: add 'function' argument to writeable
      generate_param: make it possible to handle generated and synonym flags in iteration
      generate_param: generate struct entries if we don't generate access functions.
      param: move dnsdomain from generate_param to EXTRA_GLOBALS
      param: add SYNONYM flag where missing
      param: make 'timestamp logs' the default writing of 'debug timestamp'
      param: don't list '-valid' and 'copy' as synonyms - they aren't
      docs:smbdotconf: 'write ok' is a synonym of 'writeable' not of 'read only'
      docs:smbdotconf: make preload a synonym of 'auto services'
      docs:smbdotconf: add deprecated flags where missing.
      generate_param: more uniform formatting of various type dicts
      generate_param: teach missing types cmdlist, bytes, octal, ustring.
      tests:docs: teach the test the types cmdlist, bytes, octal, and ustring
      docs:smbdotconf: change type to cmdlist where needed.
      docs:smbdotconf: change type to bytes where needed
      docs:smbdotconf: change type to octal where needed
      docs:smbdotconf: change type to ustring where needed.
      param: move the actual table out into param_table_static.c
      generate_param: add a means to generate param_table_gen.c from the docs
      build: generate param_table_gen.c from docs in the build
      tests:docs: common initialization in docs test.
      tests:docs: print more complicated structures than strings in the message.
      tests:docs: add a function to load the full data structures from the table
      tests:docs: load the full data from the existing param_table.
      tests:docs: load the full data from the generated param_table
      tests:docs: test the diff between the static and generated table
      param: use the generated parameter table.
      tests:docs: remove testing the diff between the static and generated table
      tests:docs: don't load or test the static param_table.
      param: remove the static param_table.
      param: update the README with instructions for adding a parameter
      ctdb-doc: remove description of removed --syslog option from ctdbd manpage
      ctdb: improve a misleading help text.
      ctdb-server: fix a possible fd leak in ctdb_tcp_listen_automatic()
      build: fix quotation of deps for 'param' subsystem.
      build: line-break deps for 'param' subsystem
      net: add option --no-dns-updates for net ads join
      docs: mention new --no-dns-updates parameter in manpage of net.
      net: reformat usage text for 'net ads join'
      s3:smb2_sesssetup: change talloc hierarchy in smbd_smb2_session_setup_gensec_done
      s3:smb2_sesssetup: let smbd_smb2_auth_generic_return() cope with channels
      s3:lib:interface: break an overly long line

Petr Viktorin (1):
      python: Remove uuid module

Ralph Boehme (21):
      s3-net: use talloc array in share allowedusers
      vfs_streams_xattr: stream names may contain colons
      vfs_catia: run translation on stream names
      s4:torture:vfs_fruit: pass xattr name as arg to torture_setup_local_xattr()
      s4:torture:vfs_fruit: add a test for stream names
      notify: check for valid notify_ctx in notify_remove
      selftest: add change notify = no to simpleserver env
      selftest: add a check for disabled change notify
      vfs_fruit: handling of empty resource fork
      vfs_fruit: split and simplify fruit_ftruncate
      vfs_fruit: delete ._ file when deleting the basefile
      s4:torture:vfs_fruit: add a resource fork truncation test
      s4:torture:vfs_fruit: created empty resourceforks
      Revert "tdb: Add tdbdump -u"
      s4:torture: add a test for 0 byte sized streams
      samba-tool: add command to dump dosinfo xattr from a file
      s3: smbd: fix a crash in unix_convert()
      vfs_fruit: return value of ad_pack in vfs_fruit.c
      s3:smbd: add expected_seq_low arg to smbd_initialize_smb2
      s3:smb3: rename smbd_smb2_first_negprot and pass expected seq_low
      s3:smbd: pass expected_seq_low to smbd_initialize_smb2

Ralph Wuerthner (1):
      s3: add suport for SMB3_10 and SMB3_11 protocols in smbstatus

Richard Sharpe (4):
      Prevent a crash in Python modules that try to authenticate by ensuring we reject cases where credendials fields are not intialized.
      Move the error handling for svhdx to vfswrap_create to give VFS module writers a chance to handle RSVD opens if they want to.
      Change the libreadline word-break character set to only space, TAB and NL so that we can attempt to do tab completion across backslashes.
      Fix a few small spelling mistakes in DEBUG messages to reduce confusion

Robin Hack (1):
      vfs_scannedonly: Remove vfs_scannedonly from samba source tree.

Roel van Meer (1):
      s3-util: Compare the maximum allowed length of a NetBIOS name

Stefan Metzmacher (51):
      VERSION: Bump version up to 4.4.0pre1
      WHATSNEW: Clear release notes for Samba 4.4.0pre1.
      smbXsrv: add a smbXsrv_connection argument to smbXsrv_session_local_lookup()
      smbXsrv_session: add smbXsrv_session_find_auth()
      smbXsrv_session: add smbXsrv_session_create_auth()
      s3:smb2_sesssetup: use session->pending_auth
      wafsamba: don't add -DSTATIC_%s_MODULES* arguments for SAMBA_LIBRARY(pyembed=True)
      script/release.sh: This is a new script to do releases
      script/librelease.sh: this is replaced by script/release.sh now
      s3:lib: fix some corner cases of open_socket_out_cleanup()
      libcli/smb: prefer AES128_CCM
      s3:smb2_negprot: prefer AES128_CCM if the client supports it
      release-scripts/build-manpages-nogit: run make realdistclean at the end
      s4:torture/rpc: fix ndr_security.h include in fsrvp.c
      s3:wscript: fix the build without any idmap module
      s3:idmap: we need to allow undefined symbols in idmap_tdb
      s3:wscript: remove leftover from vfs_notify_fam
      s4:ntvfs/posix: fix forward declaration of struct pvfs_state
      examples/pdb: fix and validate pdb_test_init() prototype via static_decl_pdb;
      examples/VFS: make function prototypes available via static_decl_vfs;
      s3:modules/vfs_*: make function prototypes available via static_decl_vfs;
      s3:modules/perfcount_*: make function prototypes available via static_decl_perfcount;
      s3:winbindd/idmap_*: make function prototypes available via static_decl_idmap;
      s3:wscript: simplify ABI matching for pdb_*_init()
      s3:wscript: make --with-{static,shared}-modules options more flexible
      script/autobuild.py: split out a samba_libs_configure variable
      script/autobuild.py: use -Wmissing-prototypes and --picky-developer for samba-libs*
      script/autobuild.py: test some --with-{static,shared}-modules combinations
      script/autobuild.py: make sure --nonshared-binary=smbtorture,smbd/smbd keeps working
      s3:vfs_smb_traffic_analyzer: remove samba_ prefix from AES_* function calls
      lib/crypto: add aes_cmac_128 chunked tests
      lib/crypto: run all aes_gcm_128 testcases
      lib/crypto: verify 0 updates in aes_gcm_128 tests
      lib/crypto: add aes_ccm_128 tests
      lib/crypto: add optimized helper functions aes_block_{xor,lshift,rshift}()
      lib/crypto: optimize aes_cmac_128
      lib/crypto: optimize aes_ccm_128
      lib/crypto: optimize aes_gcm_128
      lib/crypto: make use of aes_test.h in aes_gcm_128_test.c
      lib/crypto: sync AES_cfb8_encrypt() from heimdal
      lib/crypto: make it possible to use only parts of aes.[ch]
      s3:smb2_create: #if 0 unused variable
      ldb:wscript: make it possible to build samba with a system ldb again
      pidl/python: also add a ndr_PyLong_FromLongLong() for symnetric reasons
      s3:smb2_sesssetup: let smbd_smb2_reauth_generic_return() cope with channels
      smbXsrv_session: factor smbXsrv_session_add_channel() out of smbXsrv_session_create()
      s3:lib/messages: add missing allocation check for priv_path
      s3:lib/messages: use 'msg.lock' and 'msg.sock' for messaging related subdirs
      s4:lib/messaging: use 'msg.lock' and 'msg.sock' for messaging related subdirs
      lib/param: fix hiding of FLAG_SYNONYM values
      s3:ctdbd_conn: make sure we destroy tevent_fd before closing the socket

Thomas Nagy (6):
      third_party:waf: Backport parts of the waf 1.8 API
      third_party:waf: fix a mis-merge - Utils.check_dir issue
      build:wafsamba: Close file handles in the build scripts too
      build:wafsamba: Use the Waf 1.8 API get_tgen_by_name instead of name_to_obj
      build:wafsamba: Use the samba-provided CHECK_CFG method in configuration tests
      build:wafsamba: Set the default installation prefix for Waf 1.8

Timur Bakeyev (1):
      configure: Fix aio_suspend detection

Tom Schulz (2):
      s4: tests: Fix nss_tests build on Solaris.
      s4: fix linking smbtorture on Solaris.

Uri Simchoni (2):
      net: fix a crash with net ads keytab create
      vfs_commit: set the fd on open before calling SMB_VFS_FSTAT

Volker Lendecke (140):
      vfs: Fix CID 1312073 Argument cannot be negative
      vfs: Fix CID 1312072 Failure to restore non-local value
      tdb_wrap: Use talloc_pooled_object
      tdb_wrap: Use a struct initializer
      dns_server: Add NULL check
      dns_server: Fix CNAME handling
      dns_server: Don't call tevent_req_finish twice
      dns_server: Fix a small memleak
      nfs4acls: Use ZERO_STRUCTP
      nfs4acls: Use an anon struct for SMB4ACL_T
      nfs4acls: Use an anon struct for SMB4ACE_T
      nfs4acls: Remove an obsolete comment
      nfs4acls: Use SMB4ACL_T instead of _SMB_ACL4_INT_T
      nfs4acls: Use SMB4ACE_T instead of _SMB_ACE4_INT_T
      nfs4acls: Remove the SMB_ACL4_INT_T typedef
      nfs4acls: Remove the SMB_ACE4_INT_T typedef
      nfs4acls: Remove get_validated_aclint
      nfs4acls: Remove get_validated_aceint
      nfs4acls: Use talloc_zero()
      nfs4acls: Use talloc_zero()
      nfs4acls: Use talloc_zero_array()
      nfs4acls: Use talloc_realloc()
      nfs4acls: Remove a few unnecessary casts
      nfs4acls: Introduce a helper variable
      nfs4acls: Fix a small memleak
      nfs4acls: Remove type_name param from smbacl4_get_vfs_params
      smbd: Remove a confusing comment
      smbd: Use a struct initializer
      lib: Remove some unused code
      lib: Remove some unused code
      libcli: Use iov_buflen in smb2_signing.c
      ctdb: Fix the build on FreeBSD 10.1
      ctdb: Fix some clang uninitialized errors
      replace: Fix bug 11455
      gensec: Fix CID 242642 Unchecked return value
      lib: Add the pointer itself to talloc_report_str
      ctdb: Use talloc_report_str in ctdb
      lib: Use dom_sid_equal where appropriate
      vfs: Add some {}
      smbd: Remove an unnecessary else branch
      lib: Remove unused parmlist code
      param: Simplify set_param_opt()
      param: Use talloc_pooled_object
      loadparm3: Add lp_wi_scan_global_parametrics()
      idmap: Move idmap_init() under the static vars
      idmap: Initialize all idmap domains at startup
      idmap: Use a range search in idmap_backends_unixid_to_sid
      idmap: Remove "domname" from idmap_backends_unixid_to_sid
      idmap: Remove "domname" from idmap_uid_to_sid
      idmap: Remove "domname" from idmap_gid_to_sid
      idmap: Remove dom_name from wbint_Uid2Sid
      idmap: Remove dom_name from wbint_Gid2Sid
      winbind: Do not look for the domain in wb_uid2sid
      winbind: Do not look for the domain in wb_gid2sid
      winbind: Remove "have_idmap_config" from winbindd_domain
      lib: Make sid_parse take a uint8_t
      lib: Convert callers of sid_blob_parse to sid_parse
      lib: Remove unused sid_blob_parse
      lib: Make sid_linearize take a uint8_t
      winbind: Fix 100% loop
      Revert "winbind: Fix 100% loop"
      samr4: Use <SID=%s> in GetGroupsForUser
      ctdb: Fix a 32-bit problem
      vfs_gpfs: Introduce vfs_gpfs_fsp_is_offline
      vfs_gpfs: Avoid calling gpfs_is_offline on every i/o
      libsmbclient: Fix 32-bit problems
      samdb: Fix CID 1034736 Dereference after null check
      dsdb: Fix a confusing parameter
      fruit: Fix CID 1323186 Dereference before null check
      ctdb: Fix CID 1324447 Double close
      tdb: Add tdbdump -u
      dbwrap: Remove loadparm_context from db_open_tdb
      dbwrap: Remove unused dbwrap_hash_size()
      dbwrap: Remove talloc_reference()
      dbwrap: Make dbwrap_db_id return size_t
      dbwrap: Simplify dbwrap_record_watchers_key()
      dbwrap: Convert dbwrap_record_watchers_key to not use talloc
      dbwrap: Remove talloc from dbwrap_watch_record_stored()
      messages_dgm: No includes.h necessary
      messages_dgm: Fix an incorrect cast
      ldb: Fix CID 1034781 Unsigned compared against 0
      net: Fix some tiny memleaks
      net: Add "serverid exists"
      messages_dgm: Add messaging_dgm_get_unique
      lib: Use serverid_exists in server_id_db_check_exclusive
      lib: Use messaging_dgm_get_unique in serverid_exists
      lib: Remove serverids_exist
      lib: Remove ctdb_serverids_exist
      lib: Add server_id_str_buf_unique
      lib: Fix server_id_from_string
      lib: Add "pid/unique" format for server_id_from_string
      lib: Fix server_id_db_set_exclusive
      libreplace: Fix the build on Solaris
      lib: Fix the build on Solaris
      lib: We only need the fd-passing check once
      lib: Move some routines around in msghdr.c
      lib: Support fd passing using the 4.3BSD way
      lib: We can do ACCRIGHTS style fdpassing
      winbind: Fix 100% loop
      lib: Lift lp_ctdbd_socket() call up one level
      lib: Store ctdb_timeout in ctdb_connection
      lib: Remove temporary ctdb_connection in ctdb_control
      lib: Store sockname in ctdbd_connection
      lib: Pass parameters to ctdbd_init_connection()
      lib: Move lp_ctdbd_socket() to cluster_support.c
      lib: Pass sockname and timeout to ctdbd_messaging_connection
      lib: Pass sockname and timeout to ctdbd_probe()
      lib: Fix CID 1325733 Uninitialized scalar variable
      lib: Fix CID 1128553 Unchecked return value from library
      lib: Fix error talloc leaks in ctdb_read_packet()
      lib: Add ctdbd_control_unix
      lib: Use ctdbd_control_unix in register_with_ctdbd
      lib: Use ctdbd_control_unix in get_cluster_vnn
      lib: Rename a variable
      lib: Use ctdbd_control_unix in ctdbd_working
      lib: Use ctdbd_control_unix in ctdbd_dbpath
      lib: Use ctdbd_control_unix in ctdbd_db_attach
      lib: Use ctdbd_control_unix in ctdbd_db_attach
      lib: Use ctdbd_control_unix in ctdbd_register_ips
      lib: Remove ctdbd_control
      lib: Rename ctdbd_control_unix to ctdbd_control
      lib: Make register_with_ctdbd return 0/errno
      lib: Make get_cluster_vnn return 0/errno
      lib: Make ctdbd_register_msg_ctx return 0/errno
      lib: Make ctdbd_init_connection return 0/errno
      lib: Make ctdbd_messaging_connection return 0/errno
      lib: Make ctdbd_messaging_send_iov return 0/errno
      lib: Make ctdbd_db_attach return 0/errno
      lib: Make ctdbd_migrate return 0/errno
      lib: Make ctdbd_parse return 0/errno
      lib: Make ctdbd_traverse return 0/errno
      lib: Make ctdbd_register_ips return 0/errno
      lib: Make ctdbd_control_local return 0/errno
      lib: Make ctdb_watch_us return 0/errno
      lib: Make ctdb_unwatch return 0/errno
      lib: Make ctdbd_probe return 0/errno
      lib: Remove messaging_tevent_context() dependency from ctdbd_conn.c
      lib: Use poll_intr_one_fd in ctdb_read_packet
      lib: Make messaging_ctdbd_init return 0/errno
      lib: Make messaging_send_iov_from return 0/errno


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