[SCM] NSS Wrapper Repository - annotated tag nss_wrapper-1.1.0 created

Andreas Schneider asn at samba.org
Fri Nov 20 11:15:19 UTC 2015

The annotated tag, nss_wrapper-1.1.0 has been created
        at  3ce4dd00331a84cc36aabe8e90833f2669d7b905 (tag)
   tagging  1d3b2fba61caae0eba8bbfd59979a442f9a96514 (commit)
  replaces  nss_wrapper-1.0.3
 tagged by  Andreas Schneider
        on  Fri Nov 20 12:14:46 2015 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
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Andreas Schneider (27):
      nwrap: Fix the handle loops for older gcc versions.
      cmake: Drop test results via https.
      nwrap: Avoid a string comparsion in getgrouplist()
      nwrap: Remove unneeded memcpy in getgrouplist()
      nwrap: Implement nwrap_files_initgroups()
      nwrap: Remove unused struct member in nwrap_main
      nwrap: Add shadow file parser
      nwrap: Add nss_wrapper_shadow_enabled() function
      nwrap: Add (set|get|end)spent functions
      tests: Add test for (set|get|end)spent functions
      nwrap: Add support for getspnam()
      tests: Add test for getspnam() function
      src: Add configure check for shadow.h
      nwrap: Check for setspent and getspnam functions
      tests: Only run shadow test when shadow.h is available
      tests: Add missing include for crypt.h in test_shadow
      tests: Fix getaddrinfo test on BSD
      tests: Silence compiler warnings about uninitialized variables
      nwrap: Fix initialization of e entry
      nwrap: Cast max_hostents to avoid warnings
      tests: Fix memory leaks in getaddrinfo test
      nwrap: Cleanup shadow  getspnam() memory
      nwrap: Fix the build on FreeBSD
      nwrap: Don't leak memory from gethostbyname*() functions
      tests: Add valgrind suppression for glibc error
      tests: Set the valgrind suppression file
      Bump version to 1.1.0

Michael Adam (58):
      tests: improve nwrap_vector tests
      tests: add test for merging with empty vectors left and right.
      nwrap: fix numeric port detection in nwrap_getaddrinfo
      nwrap: fix return code of getaddrinfo for AI_NUMERICSERV in error case
      nwrap: fix return code for getaddrinfo in case service is not valid
      tests: fix the getaddrinfo_service test.
      tests: extend getaddrinfo_flags_ai_numericserv test to cover nwrap
      nwrap: remove code duplication in nwrap_getaddrinfo
      nwrap: improve code readability in nwrap_getaddrinfo()
      nwrap: simplify logic in nwrap_getaddrinfo, calling nwrap_files_getaddrinfo
      nwrap: slightly simplify logic in nwrap_getaddrinfo()
      nwrap: in nwrap_getaddrinfo, only call libc_getaddrinfo if we need it.
      nwrap: slightly clean flow by removing an else branch in nwrap_getaddrinfo
      nwrap: initialize some variables in nwrap_files_getaddrinfo
      nwrap: simplify nwrap_add_hname_alias
      nwrap: simplify nwrap_add_hname
      nwrap: move var into scope in nwrap_add_hname()
      nwrap: remove a superfluous comment from nwrap_add_hname_add_new()
      nwrap: remove superfluous comments from nwrap_add_hname_alias()
      nwrap: remove superfluous comments from nwrap_add_hname()
      nwrap: rewrite linked-list datastructures to be properly separated.
      nwrap: log hash table full message at error level
      nwrap: simplify nwrap_files_gethostbyname: remove a variable
      nwrap: simplify nwrap_file_getaddrinfo: remove a variable
      tests: fix test_nwrap_gethostbyname2 - magrathea now has an IPv6 address
      nwrap: turn nwrap_add_hname_add_to_existing() into bool
      nwrap: catch NULL ip in nwrap_add_ai
      nwrap: catch null h_name in nwrap_add_hname_add_new
      nwrap: catch NULL list in nwrap_add_hname_add_to_existing
      nwrap: better error propagation in nwrap_add_hname_alias
      nwrap: better error propagation in nwrap_add_hname()
      nwrap: log NULL alias name at ERROR level in nwrap_add_hname()
      nwrap: better error propagation in nwrap_he_parse_line()
      nwrap: turn nwrap_files_cache_reload() into a bool function
      nwrap: use the error code from nwrap_files_cache_reload() in callers
      nwrap: convert nwrap_files_getaddrinfo() to return EAI error codes
      nwrap: in nwrap_files_getaddrinfo, treat failure of nwrap_convert_he_ai as error
      nwrap: correctly track EAI_ADDRINFO in nwrap_files_getaddrinfo
      nwrap: fix treatment of EAI_ADDRINFO in nwrap_files_getaddrinfo
      nwrap: treat AI_NUMERICHOST correctly in getaddrinfo.
      nwrap: refactor nwrap_add_hname_* into one nwrap_ed_inventarize.
      nwrap: Fix inventarization of IPs when loading hosts
      nwrap: rename ai_prev -> ai_cur in nwrap_files_getaddrinfo()
      nwrap: fix a memleak in nwrap_files_getaddrinfo()
      nwrap: rename _ai -> ai_new in nwrap_files_getaddrinfo()
      nwrap: use symbols IPPROTO_TCP and IPPROTO_UDP
      nwrap: move setting of ai_{flags|socktype|protocol} into nwrap_convert_he_ai
      nwrap: add an explaining comment for the ai duplicating loop
      nwrap: rewrite the loop for duplication ai entries if socktype not given
      nwrap: remove ai_tail argument from nwrap_files_getaddrinfo()
      test: add test for AI_NUMERICHOST flag.
      add me to AUTHORS
      nwrap: remove unused member list from struct nwrap_he
      nwrap: rename nwrap_he.entdata to nwrap_he.entries
      nwrap: catch error to add item to vector in nwrap_he_parse_line()
      nwrap: fix leaking the entlists
      nwrap: fix a copy and paste error in the destructor.
      tests: add __sha512_crypt to suppression file.

Robin Hack (32):
      cmake: Add detection of -fstack-protector-strong compiler flag
      cmake: Add compilation flags
      nwrap: Replace free() calls by SAFE_FREE macro where possible.
      nwrap: Prevent compilation failure on machine without IPv4
      nwrap: Use ssize_t for aliases_count
      TESTS: Fix some memory leaks in testsuite.
      TESTS: Switch tests to new CMocka API.
      TESTS: Add assertions to tests.
      nwrap: Add nwrap vector memory management functions
      nwrap: Simplify file loading.
      nwrap: Add a hash table to the nwrap structure
      nwrap: Add function nwrap_add_ai
      nwrap: Add nwrap_add_hname() and nwrap_add_hname_alias().
      nwrap: Add string manipulation functions.
      nwrap: Use nwrap vectors as memory backend for getaddrinfo() and gethostbyname()
      nwrap: Add BSD libc support for gethost*_r functios.
      TESTS: Add test_nwrap_gethostbyname_multiple test
      TESTS: Add test for getaddrinfo.
      nwrap: Add basic locking for support multithreaded applications
      TESTS: Add new test which checks multithread support.
      nwrap: Modify AUTHORS file.
      nwrap: Fix memory leak when getline() is used.
      nwrap: Use nwrap_vector_foreach instead of for loop
      nwrap: Fix memory leak inside nwrap_getaddrinfo()
      nwrap: Rename cont to vector in nwrap_vector_add_item()
      nwrap: Fix memory leak in nwrap_he_unload()
      nwrap: Fix memory leak in nwrap_files_gethostbyname()
      nwrap: Fix memory leak in nwrap_gethostbyname_r()
      nwrap: Better check service string sanity.
      tests: Added new test: test_nwrap_getaddrinfo_flags_ai_numericserv
      tests: Add test to exercise internal data structures
      nwrap: Small code shift in nwrap_ed_inventarize_add_to_existing()


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