[SCM] Samba Shared Repository - annotated tag samba-4.2.2 created

Karolin Seeger kseeger at samba.org
Wed May 27 13:50:46 MDT 2015

The annotated tag, samba-4.2.2 has been created
        at  df38e646987ee584005c027a213fd29901a0bd74 (tag)
   tagging  f312bf9ec12edaddb7693e5759ef71c1b904b2fb (commit)
  replaces  samba-4.2.1
 tagged by  Karolin Seeger
        on  Wed May 27 21:49:12 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
samba: tag release samba-4.2.2
Version: GnuPG v1


Alexander Bokovoy (1):
      s4: libcli/finddcs_cldap: continue processing CLDAP until all addresses are used

Amitay Isaacs (3):
      ctdb-tools: Fix heap-use-after-free problem
      ctdb-scripts: Add a 'rm' stub so statd-callout tests work correctly
      ctdb-build: Specify absolute path to libsocket-wrapper.so

Andreas Schneider (1):
      waf: Fix systemd detection

Björn Jacke (1):
      vfs_fruit: also map characters below 0x20

Christof Schmitt (10):
      build: Move systemd checks to lib/util
      smbcacls: Make 'numeric' a local variable
      smbcacls: Use defines for security flags
      smbcacls: Move SidToString to common file
      smbcacls: Move StringToSid to common file
      smbcacls: Move print_ace and parse_ace to common file
      smbcacls: Move sec_desc_print to common file
      util_sd: Make server conncection optional
      sharesec: Print ACEs in similar format as expected in input
      sharesec: Use common parse_ace function

David Disseldorp (2):
      ctdb: check for talloc_asprintf() failure
      spoolss: purge the printer name cache on name change

Jeremy Allison (11):
      s3: libsmbclient: After getting attribute server, ensure main srv pointer is still valid.
      s4: rpc: Refactor dcesrv_alter() function into setup and send steps.
      s3: smbd: Incorrect file size returned in the response of "FILE_SUPERSEDE Create"
      s4: torture: Test for incorrect file size returned in the response of "FILE_SUPERSEDE Create".
      s3: nmbd: Ensure we only set work_changed = true if we modify the record.
      s3: nmbd: Don't set work_changed = True inside update_server_ttl().
      s3: smbd: VFS: Add vfs_stat_smb_basename() - to be called when we *know* stream name parsing has already been done.
      s3: smbd: VFS: All the places that are currently calling vfs_stat_smb_fname() and vfs_lstat_smb_fname() should be calling vfs_stat_smb_basename().
      s3: smbd: VFS: For all EA and ACL calls use synthetic_smb_fname(), not synthetic_smb_fname_split().
      s3: smbd: VFS: fake_acl module called get_full_smb_filename() with a stream path, then used the result to call XATTR functions directly.
      s3: torture: Add regression test for bug #11249.

Julien Kerihuel (2):
      Add multiplex state to dcerpc flags and control over multiplex PFC flag in bind_ack and and dcesrv_alter replies
      Add DCERPC flag to call unbind hooks without destroying the connection itself upon termination of a connection with outstanding pending calls.

Karolin Seeger (3):
      VERSION: Bump version up to 4.2.2...
      WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.2.2.
      VERSION: Disable git snapshot for the 4.2.2 release.

Led (1):
      ctdb-scripts: Fix bashism in ctdbd_wrapper script

Lukas Slebodnik (1):
      lib/util: Include DEBUG macro in internal header files before samba_util.h

Martin Schwenke (14):
      ctdb-scripts: Try to deal with Ubuntu having /usr/sbin/service
      ctdb-scripts: Don't use the GNU awk gensub() function
      ctdb-scripts: Fix tunable setup code by making it shell-agnostic
      ctdb-tests: Fix tickle sniffing for IPv4
      ctdb-scripts: Call iptables/ip6tables directly from iptables_wrapper
      ctdb-tests: Extend ctdb stub to support "ptrans", "pdelete", "catdb"
      ctdb-tests: Extend ctdb stub to support "ip" with and without -X
      ctdb-tests: Support testing scripts that change directory
      ctdb-tests: Extend eventscript unit test infrastructure for other scripts
      ctdb-tests: Make setup of public addresses more obvious
      ctdb-tests: Unit tests for statd-callout
      ctdb-scripts: Fix a regression in statd-callout
      ctdb-scripts: Change statd-callout to be more scalable
      ctdb-scripts: Remove unused function nfs_statd_update()

Michael Adam (2):
      s3:smbXsrv: refactor duplicate code into smbXsrv_session_clear_and_logoff()
      gencache: don't fail gencache_stabilize if there were records to delete.

Rajesh Joseph (1):
      ctdb: Coverity fix for CID 1291643

Ralph Boehme (7):
      s3:smbd: missing tevent_req_nterror
      s3:smbd: update comment to correctly reflect MS-SMB2
      vfs: kernel_flock and named streams
      vfs_fruit: add option "nfs_aces" that controls the NFS ACEs stuff
      vfs_fruit: comment fix: the options are documented
      vfp_gpfs: ensure END_PROFILE is always called
      vfs_gpfs: move failure label before END_PROFILE

Richard Sharpe (1):
      Make sure we initialize conn to NULL, because a routine we call may give an error and not touch conn, and then we get an error when trying to TALLOC_FREE it.

Stefan Metzmacher (18):
      s3:smbd: add a smbd_notify_cancel_by_map() helper function
      s3:smbd: use STATUS_NOTIFY_CLEANUP when closing a smb2 directory handle
      s3:smbd: use STATUS_NOTIFY_CLEANUP on smb2 logoff (explicit and implicit) and tdis
      s4:torture/smb2: verify STATUS_NOTIFY_CLEANUP return value
      s4:torture/smb2: add smb2.notify.close test
      s4:torture/smb2: add smb2.notify.invalid-reauth test
      s4:torture/smb2: add smb2.notify.session-reconnect test
      s3:smbXsrv_session: clear smb2req->session of pending requests in smbXsrv_session_destructor()
      s3:smbXsrv_session: clear smb2req->session of pending requests in smbXsrv_session_logoff_all_callback()
      s3:smbXsrv_session: add smb2srv_session_shutdown_send/recv helper functions
      s3:smbXsrv_session: cancel pending requests when we logoff a previous session
      s3:smb2_sesssetup: let smbd_smb2_logoff_* use smbXsrv_session_shutdown_*
      s3:smb2_sesssetup: always assign smb2req->session when a session was created.
      s3:smb2_sesssetup: add smbd_smb2_session_setup_wrap_send/recv()
      s3:smb2_sesssetup: remove unused smbd_smb2_session_setup_* destructors
      s3:smb2_tcon: cancel pending requests on all connections on tdis
      s3:selftest: run smb2.notify with --signing=required
      s3:winbindd: make sure we remove pending io requests before closing client sockets

Uri Simchoni (1):
      libads: record service ticket endtime for sealed ldap connections

Volker Lendecke (13):
      ctdb: Fix 1125553 Buffer not null terminated
      ctdb: Fix CID 1288201 Array compared against 0
      ctdb: Make for-loop in ctdb_get_script_list more idiomatic
      ctdb: Fix memleak in ctdb_get_script_list
      ctdb: Introduce a helper var in ctdb_get_script_list
      ctdb: Fix CID 1125613 Destination buffer too small
      ctdb: Fix CID 1125634 Out-of-bounds write
      ctdb: Fix CID 1125615 Copy into fixed size buffer
      smbd: Introduce reset_delete_on_close_lck
      smbd: Use reset_delete_on_close_lck directly
      smbd: Remove bool arg from set_delete_on_close_lck
      smbd: Cancel pending notifies if the directory goes away
      torture: Add smb2.notify.rmdir


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