[SCM] Samba Shared Repository - annotated tag samba-4.0.26 created

Karolin Seeger kseeger at samba.org
Wed May 6 13:12:23 MDT 2015

The annotated tag, samba-4.0.26 has been created
        at  e99ad74b550596eef7eafb0419f908af54817d1c (tag)
   tagging  58dd8c8a56a628f51c1c329b3381192834e9eadf (commit)
  replaces  samba-4.0.25
 tagged by  Karolin Seeger
        on  Wed May 6 21:09:14 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
samba: tag release samba-4.0.26
Version: GnuPG v1


Andreas Schneider (3):
      s3-netlogon: Make sure we do not deference a NULL pointer.
      auth: Make sure that creds_out is initialized with NULL.
      talloc: Add a warning to talloc_reference() documentation.

Christian Ambach (3):
      s3:registry/regfio read SD from the correct location
      s3:registry/regfio fix some valgrind warnings
      s3:utils/profiles fix a use after free

Christof Schmitt (2):
      winbind: Retry LogonControl RPC in ping-dc after session expiration
      winbind: Retry after SESSION_EXPIRED error in ping-dc

David Disseldorp (4):
      libsmb: reuse connections derived from DFS referrals
      libsmb: provide authinfo domain for DFS referral auth
      libsmb: provide authinfo domain for encrypted session referrals
      printing/cups: pack requested-attributes with IPP_TAG_KEYWORD

Garming Sam (2):
      dsdb: Add tokenGroupsGlobalAndUniversal, tokenGroups, tokenGroupsNoGCAcceptable
      dsdb: Add tokenGroupsGlobalAndUniversal, tokenGroups, tokenGroupsNoGCAcceptable

Ira Cooper (1):
      smbd: Stop using vfs_Chdir after SMB_VFS_DISCONNECT.

Jelmer Vernooij (1):
      Add a basic guide on pytalloc.

Jeremy Allison (21):
      s3: smbd: Fix *allocate* calls to follow POSIX error return convention.
      s3: smbd: Fix *allocate* calls to follow POSIX error return convention.
      s3: modules: Fix *allocate* calls to follow POSIX error return convention.
      s3: smbclient: Allinfo leaves the file handle open.
      CVE-2015-0240: s3: netlogon: Ensure we don't call talloc_free on an uninitialized pointer.
      Start to fix talloc memlimits with talloc pools.
      Remove magic TC_HDR_SIZE handling inside talloc_memlimit_check().
      Change _talloc_total_mem_internal() to ignore memory allocated from a pool when calculating limit size.
      Change __talloc() to only call talloc_memlimit_check()/talloc_memlimit_grow() on actual malloc allocation.
      Update memory limits when we call free() on a pool.
      Inside _talloc_free_internal(), always call talloc_memlimit_update_on_free() before we free the real memory.
      In _talloc_steal_internal(), correctly decrement the memory limit in the source, and increment in the destination.
      Fix a conditional check. (size - tc->size > 0) is always true if size and tc->size are unsigned.
      Don't call talloc_memlimit_update() inside _talloc_realloc() when we're just manipulating pool members.
      Inside _talloc_realloc(), keep track of size changes over malloc/realloc/free.
      Remove talloc_memlimit_update(). No longer used.
      Add simple limited pool tests to test_memlimit().
      Fix valgrind errors with memmove and talloc pools.
      lib: talloc: Fix bug when calling a destructor.
      lib: talloc: Allow destructors to reparent the object they're called on.
      lib: talloc: Test suite for the new destructor reparent logic.

Karolin Seeger (7):
      VERSION: Bump version up to 4.0.24...
      Merge tag 'samba-4.0.24' into v4-0-test
      VERSION: Bump version up to 4.0.25.
      WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 3.0.25.
      VERSION: Disable git snapshots for the 3.0.25 release.
      VERSION: Bump version up to 4.0.26.
      WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.0.26.

Lukas Slebodnik (1):
      talloc: Update flags in pytalloc-util pkgconfig file

Michael Adam (1):
      talloc:build: improve detection of srcdir

Simo Sorce (3):
      Add memory limiting capability to talloc
      Add tests for talloc_memlimit
      talloc: Convert error cecking macros into fns

Stefan Metzmacher (24):
      s4:dsdb/rootdse: expand extended dn values with the AS_SYSTEM control
      testprogs/test_ldb: check rootdse search with extended-dn control
      s3:smb2_server: use the global signing key to check if signing is required
      s3:smb2_server: allow reauthentication without signing
      libcli/smb: only force signing of smb2 session setups when binding a new session
      wafsamba: add optional keep_underscore=True to SAMBA_LIBRARY()
      selftest: use shared/libnss_wrapper_winbind.so.2
      nsswitch: fix soname of linux nss_*.so.2 modules
      Revert "dsdb: Add tokenGroupsGlobalAndUniversal, tokenGroups, tokenGroupsNoGCAcceptable"
      s3:smb2_server: always try to grant the credits the client just consumed
      s3:smb2_server: protect against integer wrap with "smb2 max credits = 65535"
      Merge tag 'samba-4.0.25' into v4-0-test
      talloc: only provide the --enable-talloc-compat1 in standalone build
      talloc: inline more static functions
      talloc: inline talloc_get_name()
      talloc: avoid a function call in TALLOC_FREE() if possible.
      talloc: check for TALLOC_GET_TYPE_ABORT_NOOP
      talloc: fix compiler warning
      talloc/tests: avoid some unused variable warnings
      talloc: version 2.1.1
      talloc: fix _talloc_total_limit_size prototype
      talloc: version 2.1.2
      s3:configure: require external talloc >= 2.1.2
      s4:auth/gensec_gssapi: let gensec_gssapi_update() return NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE for unknown errors

Volker Lendecke (15):
      net: Fix sam addgroupmem
      smbd: Fix CID 1063259 Uninitialized scalar variable
      talloc: Fix nonblank line endings
      talloc: Avoid some "else" by doing early returns
      talloc: Do an early return
      talloc: Simplify _talloc_free_poolmem a bit
      talloc: Fix a typo
      talloc: Decouple the dual use of chunk->pool
      talloc: Introduce __talloc_with_prefix
      talloc: Put pool-specific data before the chunk
      talloc: Add a separate pool size
      talloc: Allow nested pools.
      talloc: Add talloc_pooled_object
      talloc: Test the pooled object
      talloc: Tune talloc_vasprintf


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