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Stefan Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Wed Dec 16 11:55:57 UTC 2015

The annotated tag, ldb-1.1.24 has been created
        at  9f903a029b3e9b16947ba59e5292473287ba826b (tag)
   tagging  b63e3b9f3e7d50ea128d7e4f675abe8fbadbd69e (commit)
  replaces  ldb-1.1.23
 tagged by  Stefan Metzmacher
        on  Thu Dec 10 12:29:58 2015 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
ldb: tag release ldb-1.1.24
Version: GnuPG v1


Adrian Cochrane (4):
      ldb: Fix bug triggered by having an empty message in database during search.
      Fix propagation of LDB errors through TDB.
      ldb: Move ldb_(un)pack_data into ldb_module.h for testing
      ldb torture: Test ldb unpacking and printing

Alberto Maria Fiaschi (1):
      Add --set-nt-hash option to pdbedit to update user password from nt-hash hexstring.

Alexander Bokovoy (2):
      source3/wscript: remove pam_smbpass option as it was removed
      spec files: remove pam_smbpass

Amitay Isaacs (32):
      s3-build: Avoid setting CTDB specific include path
      ctdb-tests: Try to connect few times before failing in comm_client_test
      ctdb-daemon: Move switch_from_server_to_client() to ctdb_daemon.c
      ctdb-daemon: Move ctdb_fork.c to server
      ctdb-logging: Move debug_extra definition to server/ctdb_logging.c
      ctdb-logging: Add APIs to convert debug_level to and from integer
      ctdb-logging: Fix for loop condition
      ctdb-logging: Allow sub-string matching for debug level strings
      ctdb-logging: Allow numeric specification of debug level
      ctdb-tests: Update test to set numeric debug levels
      ctdb-logging: Remove duplicate definitions
      ctdb-system: Replace ctdb_logging.h with common/logging.h
      ctdb-client: Replace ctdb_logging.h with common/logging.h
      ctdb-common: Replace ctdb_logging.h with common/logging.h
      ctdb-server: Replace ctdb_logging.h with common/logging.h
      ctdb-transport: Replace ctdb_logging.h with common/logging.h
      ctdb-tests: Replace ctdb_logging.h with common/logging.h
      ctdb-tests: Build in common/logging.c
      ctdb-common: Use new debug level API
      ctdb-tool: Use new debug level API
      ctdb-daemon: Remove unused ctdb_logging.[ch]
      ctdb-build: Remove ctdb-common-util subsystem
      ctdb-include: Make protocol headers self contained
      ctdb-include: Make client header self contained
      ctdb-system: Use protocol/protocol.h instead of ctdb_private.h
      ctdb-protocol: Add utility function ctdb_sock_addr_to_string
      ctdb-protocol: Add marshalling for TDB_DATA
      ctdb-protocol: Do not expect a reply for SHUTDOWN control
      ctdb-protocol: Fix marshalling of struct ctdb_addr_info
      ctdb-protocol: Fix marshalling of struct ctdb_public_ip_list
      ctdb-protocol: Add API to extract ctdb_ltdb_header from TDB_DATA
      ctdb-protocol: Fix marshalling for struct ctdb_rec_data

Andreas Schneider (13):
      s4-param: Make sure newname is not used uninitialized
      s3-vfs_snapper: Fix a possible use without init warning
      s4-torture: Rename issuer unique id in backupkey test
      s4-backupkey: Don't use deprecated data structures
      selftest: Fix Samba::bindir_path() with a valid directory.
      krb5_wrap: Fix picky const compiler warnings
      s4-auth: Fix picky unused variable warning
      auth: Fix picky const warnings in gssapi_pac
      gensec: Fix picky unused variable errors
      libads: Fix picky const warning with krb5_set_password_using_ccache
      lib: Fix an array subscript is above array bounds error
      librpc: Fix a possible array out of bounds access
      ldb: Fix installation of _ldb_text.py

Anoop C S (1):
      s4:torture/basic: Fix misleading test case names in aliases test

Björn Jacke (2):
      selftest: fix tar test with Pax format archives
      clitar: cope with functions of older versions of libarchive

Christof Schmitt (9):
      smbd: Issue fsync for SMB2 FLUSH asynchronously
      selftest: Use strict sync = yes
      docs: Update doc for 'strict sync' parameter for async SMB2 flush
      WHATSNEW: Add async SMB2 flush and new aio parameter
      libcli/smb: Use helper function for finding session
      lib/util: Move util_process from util to util-core
      ctdb: Use prctl_set_comment from lib/util
      ctdb: Remove unused ctdb_set_process_name
      docs-xml: Document range parameter for idmap_autorid

Douglas Bagnall (6):
      CVE-2015-5330: ldb_dn: simplify and fix ldb_dn_escape_internal()
      CVE-2015-5330: ldb_dn_escape_value: use known string length, not strlen()
      CVE-2015-5330: Fix handling of unicode near string endings
      CVE-2015-5330: strupper_talloc_n_handle(): properly count characters
      CVE-2015-5330: next_codepoint_handle_ext: don't short-circuit UTF16 low bytes
      CVE-2015-5330: ldb_dn_explode: copy strings by length, not terminators

Garming Sam (3):
      pdb: add a blackbox test for setting password with hash
      passdb: Change ABI version to 0.24.2
      docs: change pdbedit --set-nt-hash to be consistent

Guillaume Gomez (1):
      Fix little typo in README file

Günther Deschner (2):
      s4-auth: Fix some debugging and crash in error cases
      lib/async_req: do not install async_connect_send_test.

Jelmer Vernooij (1):
      Set LD_LIBRARY_PATH during tests.

Jeremy Allison (14):
      s3: smbd: Remove aio_pending_size from globals.
      s3: smbd: Remove outstanding_aio_calls from globals.
      s3: smbd: Remove --with-aio-support. We no longer would ever prefer POSIX-RT aio, use pthread_aio instead.
      s3: smbd: Remove checks causing fallback to sync on pread/pwrite/fsync.
      s3: smbd: Change aio_pending_size static variable to a new "aio max threads" smb.conf parameter.
      lib: tevent: Fix bug in poll backend - poll_event_loop_poll()
      lib: tevent: Whitespace cleanup.
      s3: smbd: have_file_open_below() fails to enumerate open files below an open directory handle.
      s3: smbd: Change semantics of strict rename to search the file open db.
      s3: docs: Fix "strict rename" doc to match code.
      s3: smbd: Tear down global_smbXsrv_client in the correct order.
      Revert "s3: smbd: Tear down global_smbXsrv_client in the correct order."
      CVE-2015-3223: lib: ldb: Cope with canonicalise_fn returning string "", length 0.
      CVE-2015-3223: lib: ldb: Use memmem binary search, not strstr text search.

Karolin Seeger (1):
      docs: Fix some typos in the idmap backend section.

Martin Schwenke (64):
      ctdb-tests: Fix the name of the "setreclock" test
      ctdb-tests: Fix "setreclock" test
      ctdb-scripts: Improve CTDB wrapper shutdown code
      ctdb-scripts: Add support for CTDB_DBDIR in tmpfs
      ctdb-build: Don't try to install unavailable prebuilt manpages
      ctdb-recoverd: Simplify using TALLOC_FREE()
      ctdb-recoverd: Drop some sanity checking in local IP verification
      ctdb-recoverd: Do not run recovery-related events around IP takeover
      ctdb-recoverd: Remove unnecessary assignments of need_takeover_run
      ctdb-recoverd: Trigger takeover run after rebalance timeout
      ctdb-recoverd: Drop culprit argument from ctdb_reload_remote_public_ips()
      ctdb-recoverd: Remote IP validation can't cause a takeover run
      ctdb-recoverd: Move ctdb_reload_remote_public_ips() to ctdb_takeover.c
      ctdb-recoverd: Reload remote IPs as part of takeover run
      ctdb-ipalloc: A VNN can only host IPs if node is in RUNNING runstate
      ctdb-ipalloc: Check for available IPs, not runstate, in takeover run
      ctdb-ipalloc: Don't consider runstates in the IP takeover code
      ctdb-doc: Correct documentation for tunables for script timeout
      ctdb-daemon: Do not bother printing script timeout count
      ctdb-daemon: Reset script timeout count in monitor code
      ctdb-daemon: Move script timeout count into monitor state
      ctdb-daemon: Rename EventScriptTimeoutCount to MonitorTimeoutCount
      WHATSNEW: Document CTDB tunable change
      ctdb-recoverd: Clarify recovery master validation logic
      ctdb-recoverd: Have recovery daemon remember election result
      ctdb-recoverd: Do not set recovery master during recovery
      ctdb-recoverd: Explicitly set initial recovery master to unknown
      ctdb-recoverd: Don't retrieve recovery master from local daemon
      ctdb-recoverd: Do not sanity check recovery master with local daemon
      ctdb-recoverd: Clarify that recmaster is being set on the current node
      ctdb-recoverd: Simplify using TALLOC_FREE()
      ctdb-recoverd: Drop explicit check for recovery lock
      ctdb-recoverd: Move VNN map retrieval to where it is needed
      ctdb-recmaster: Update capabilities before calling first election
      ctdb-recoverd: Factor out recovery master validation
      ctdb-scripts: Fix CTDB_DBDIR=tmpfs support
      ctdb-ipalloc: node_ip_coverage() doesn't need CTDB context
      ctdb-ipalloc: Move IP allocation state into its own struct
      ctdb-ipalloc: New enum ipalloc_algorithm in ipalloc_state
      ctdb-ipalloc: Add no_ip_failback to ipalloc_state
      ctdb-ipalloc: Move IP list creation out to ctdb_takeover_run()
      ctdb-ipalloc: Tidy up create_merged_ip_list()
      ctdb-ipalloc: ctdb_takeover_run_core() takes ipalloc_state
      ctdb-scripts: Drop creation of database directories
      ctdb-ipalloc: Drop CTDB context argument from set_ipflags_internal()
      ctdb-ipalloc: Add error handling to IP allocation
      ctdb-ipalloc: Allocate memory off IP allocation state
      ctdb-ipalloc: Use number of nodes from IP allocation state
      ctdb-ipalloc: Fold IP flags into IP allocation state
      ctdb-ipalloc: Have set_ipflags_internal() set ipalloc_state->ipflags
      ctdb-ipalloc: Move memory allocation into ipalloc_state_init()
      ctdb-ipalloc: Drop unnecessary struct ctdb_ipflags
      ctdb-daemon: Drop handling of ban control sent to unexpected node
      ctdb-recoverd: Drop function unban_all_nodes()
      ctdb-scripts: Add exportfs cache to NFS Linux kernel callout
      ctdb-docs: Rewrite event script documentation
      ctdb-daemon: Do not process tickle updates for hosted IP addresses
      ctdb-daemon: Move VNN lookup out of ctdb_remove_tcp_connection()
      ctdb-daemon: Don't delete connection information for released IP
      ctdb-ipalloc: Tidy up some of the IP allocation functions
      ctdb-ipalloc: Fold all IPs list into IP allocation state
      ctdb-ipalloc: Fold force_rebalance_candidates into IP allocation state
      ctdb-ipalloc: Rename ctdb_takeover_run_core() to ipalloc()
      ctdb-ipalloc: Rename top level IP allocation algorithm functions

Mathieu Parent (1):
      Fix various spelling errors

Michael Adam (3):
      doc: fix a typo in the smb.conf manpage, explanation of idmap config
      docs: correct the name of the idmap config group of parameters
      smbd:dir: remove an extra empty line in files_below_forall()

Noel Power (5):
      fix writev(vector[...]) points to uninitialised bytes in call_trans2findfirst
      fix 'Invalid read of size 1' in reply_search
      fix writev(vector[...]) points to uninitialised bytes in call_trans2findnext
      fix uninitialised read in process_host_announce
      remove many valgrind errors for base.lock test

Quentin Gibeaux (1):
      lib/param: handle (ignore) substitution variable in smb.conf

Ralph Boehme (9):
      smbstatus: always initialize a messaing context
      s3:talloc_dict: fix a SIGBUS when dereferencing unaligned pointers
      s3:smbd: convert file_struct.posix_open to a bitmap with flags
      s3:smbd: file_struct: seperate POSIX directory rename cap from POSIX open
      vfs_fruit: add a flag that tracks whether use of AAPL was negotiated
      vfs_fruit: enable POSIX directory rename semantics
      s4:torture:vfs_fruit: add a test for POSIX rename
      vfs: remove posix_flags hack, bump interface version to 34
      ldb: version 1.1.24

Richard Sharpe (2):
      Fix up some aesthetics ... ie, align things as they were intended.
      gss: samba member server returns incorrect error code with some versions of krb5

Rowland Penny (3):
      samba-tool:provision: fix bug 11600
      samba-tool: fsmo.py throws an uncaught exception if no
      samba-tool: user create examples show 'add' instead of 'create'

Stefan Metzmacher (10):
      dbwrap_rbt: use talloc_zero_size() instead of a partial ZERO_STRUCT()
      dbwrap_rbt: add nested traverse protection
      dbwrap_rbt: fix modifying the db during traverse
      s3:torture: add traverse testing to LOCAL-RBTREE
      lib/param: add a fixed unified lpcfg_string_{free,set,set_upper}() infrastructure
      libcli/smb: make sure we have a body size of 0x31 before dereferencing an ioctl response
      libcli/smb: correctly handle STATUS_BUFFER_OVERFLOW in smb2cli_read*
      libcli/smb: correctly handle STATUS_BUFFER_OVERFLOW in smb2cli_query_info*
      libcli/smb: correctly handle STATUS_BUFFER_OVERFLOW in smb1cli_readx*
      libcli/smb: fix BUFFER_OVERFLOW handling in tstream_smbXcli_np

Thomas Nagy (13):
      build:wafsamba: Removed unnecessary and misleading variables
      build:wafsamba: Moved samba_before_apply_obj_vars to samba_utils
      build:wafsamba: Remove the unnecessary intltool module dependency
      build:wafsamba: Remove samba_utils.runonce
      build:wafsamba: Include the print_commands.py tool from upstream
      build:wafsamba: Remove the print_commands code from the build scripts
      build:wafsamba: Replace Options.is_install by bld.is_install
      build:wafsamba: Install named.conf only once
      build:wafsamba: Waf 1.8 compatible declaration of 'mandatory' configuration tests
      build:wafsamba: remove check_orphaned_targets
      build:wafsamba: Specify whether node objects or flat lists in ant_glob
      build:wafsamba: Ensure that target clones get a different name
      build:wafsamba: Ensure that check_group_ordering can be overridden

Uri Simchoni (4):
      auth: remove a line that has no effect
      auth: consistent handling of well-known alias as primary gid
      selftest: add test for force user and well-known primary group
      samba-tool: replace use of os.popen

Volker Lendecke (51):
      vfs_gpfs: Fix the build with -Werror=declaration-after-statement
      vfs_gpfs: Re-enable share modes
      vfs_fruit: Fix a typo
      lib: Increase a debuglevel
      lib: Move some procid functions out of util.c
      lib: messages.h references struct iovec
      vfs_cap: Fix a warning
      vfs_acl_*: Only sha256 needed
      dns_server: Fix a clang warning
      lib: Fix CID 1338432 Unchecked return value
      vfs: Remove smb_traffic_analyzer
      smbd: Remove dead code
      ctdb: Fix the O3 developer build
      smbd: Implement a cleanup daemon
      smbprofile: Add dst pid to smbprofile_cleanup
      smbd: Move smbprofile_cleanup() to the cleanupd
      smbd: Move messaging_cleanup() to the cleanupd
      smbd: Move serverid_deregister() to the cleanupd
      smbd: Move brl_validate to the cleanupd
      smbd: Move cleanupd revalidate to a separate fn
      smbd: Move a message_send_all to the cleanupd
      smbd: Streamline dos_mode_debug_print
      smbd: Use dos_mode_debug_print in dos_mode_msdfs
      smbd: Use dos_mode_debug_print in dos_mode_from_sbuf
      smbd: Use dos_mode_debug_print in get_ea_dos_attribute
      smbd: Add hex value to dos_mode_debug_print
      smbd: Early return from dos_mode_debug_print
      smbd: Refactor check_access()
      smbd: Factor out check_access_fsp() from check_access()
      smbd: Use check_access_fsp where appropriate
      smbd: Simplify check_access()
      libreplace: Only check malloc.h once
      libreplace: Put the malloc.h check on a line of its own
      libreplace: Only check for malloc.h if needed
      idl: Avoid // style comments
      idl: Some CC can't find indented #defines
      lib: Fix memalign_array overflow protection
      winbind: Don't crash on invalid idmap configs
      dbwrap_tdb: Fix a typo
      smbd: Fix a typo
      smbd: Simplify a boolean expression
      smbd: Fix a comment
      client: Fix parameter mixup
      lib: Avoid a includes.h
      lib: make debug_dsdcinfo_flags static
      lib: Lift lp_disable_netbios one level
      lib: Use GUID_buf_string in discover_dc_dns
      libdns: tsocket returns -1 and sets errno
      libdns: Properly set ENOMEM
      libdns: Convert dns_udp_request to 0/errno
      libdns: Small cleanup

Wolfgang Ocker (1):
      ntlm_auth: Add --offline-logon


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