[SCM] CTDB repository - annotated tag ctdb-2.5.5 created - ctdb-2.5.5

Amitay Isaacs amitay at samba.org
Sun Apr 12 23:38:50 MDT 2015

The annotated tag, ctdb-2.5.5 has been created
        at  d0b2add474e7f1c4d5271f1e2939b1b2dd4b1b43 (tag)
   tagging  3394a2ecd858e54602c9bc577273c9a62ef7066f (commit)
  replaces  ctdb-2.5.4
 tagged by  Amitay Isaacs
        on  Mon Apr 13 15:37:40 2015 +1000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
new version 2.5.5

Amitay Isaacs (19):
      build: Fix dependencies on ctdb_version.h
      build: Move internal include files in a separate directory
      daemon: Improve error handling for running event scripts
      vacuum: Track time for vacuuming in database statistics
      vacuum: Stagger vacuuming child processes
      vacuum: Use non-blocking lock when traversing delete queue
      vacuum: Use non-blocking lock when traversing delete tree
      vacuum: Do not delete VACUUM MIGRATED records immediately
      recoverd: Process all the records for vacuum fetch in a loop
      tools: Fix heap-use-after-free problem
      tests: Do not run ip command if running against local daemons
      eventscripts: Specify broadcast optionally to ip addr add
      daemon: Fix IP address comparisons for IPv6 addresses
      daemon: Use correct tdb flags when enabling robust mutex support
      io: Do not use sys_write to write to client sockets
      scripts: Add a 'rm' stub so statd-callout tests work correctly
      tests: Correctly cascade test failures from the end of pipes
      locking: Back-off from logging every 10 seconds
      doc: Update NEWS

Led (1):
      scripts: Fix bashism in ctdbd_wrapper script

Martin Schwenke (98):
      scripts: Factor out new function program_stack_traces()
      scripts: Add optional program name argument to nfs_dump_some_threads()
      scripts: Dump stack traces for hung mountd, rquotad, statd processes
      scripts: Add rpc.statd stack dumping to Ganesha restart
      scripts: Try to restart statd after every 10 failures
      scripts: Fix stack dumping when debugging hung scripts
      logging: Remove DEBUG_EMERG
      logging: Remove debug levels DEBUG_ALERT and DEBUG_CRIT
      logging: Rename ctdb_log_handler() to ctdb_child_log_handler()
      eventscripts: Deleting IPs should use the promote_secondaries option
      tests-eventscripts: Testing support for promote_secondaries
      eventscripts: Fix regression in IP add/delete functions
      tests: Simplify and rename wait_until_ips_are_on_nodeglob()
      tests: Factor out new function get_test_ip_mask_and_iface()
      tests: Make all_ips_on_node() do what it should
      tests: Remove dependency on log ringbuffer from missing IP test
      tests: Clean up some tests where IP movement is checked
      tests: Make the fake log timestamp string easy to modify
      tools: Produce machine readable output with new function printm()
      tools: Add -x option to specify delimiter for machine readable output
      tools: Add -X option for machine parsable output with separator '|'
      scripts: Update eventscripts to use ctdb -X instead of ctdb -Y
      tools: Update onnode and ctdb-diagnostics to use ctdb -X
      tests: Update integration tests to use ctdb -X
      tool: Fix "ctdb -Y ifaces" output to have trailing delimiters
      doc: Update examples to use ctdb -X
      utils: Update Nagios code to use ctdb -X
      scripts: Add IPv6 addresses support in ip_maskbits_iface()
      scripts: New functions ip6tables() and iptables_wrapper()
      scripts: Make 10.interface IPv6-safe
      daemon: Trust vnn->interface for an IP when releasing it
      scripts: Wait until IPv6 addresses are not "tentative"
      tools: Bracket IP addresses in onnode (for IPv6)
      tests: Extend regexp to match IPv6 addresses
      tests: Try to handle IPv6 addresses for local daemons
      tests: Bracket IP addresses in NFS mounts and scp command (for IPv6)
      tests: Extend regexps to handle IPv6 address matching
      tests: Use ping_wrapper to do relevant ping or ping6
      tests: Match IPv6 connections in netstat output
      tests: Generalise the gratarp and tickle sniffing code for IPv6
      tests: Use ip neigh command instead of arp
      tests: Make tcpdump output more verbose
      tests: More debug on SSH failure
      daemon: Gratuitous ARP equivalent for IPv6 is neighbor advertisement
      tests: Need to drop public IPs in kill-failover tests
      tests: Fix tickle sniffing for IPv4
      scripts: Try to deal with Ubuntu having /usr/sbin/service
      scripts: Don't use the GNU awk gensub() function
      daemon: Handle out-of-memory when setting recovery lock file
      scripts: Make 70.iscsi IPv6-aware
      scripts: iSCSI eventscript should fail when PNN can't be determined
      scripts: Error message, comment and whitespace cleanups
      scripts: Call iptables/ip6tables directly from iptables_wrapper
      daemon: Fix SET_RECLOCK_FILE regression
      tests: Add new "ctdb setreclock" test
      doc: Improve documentation of the recovery lock
      daemon: Mark tunable VerifyRecoveryLock as obsolete
      daemon: Log a warning when setting obsolete tunables
      recoverd: New function ctdb_recovery_have_lock()
      recoverd: New function ctdb_recovery_unlock()
      recoverd: Improve logging when recovery lock file is changed
      recoverd: Remove check_recovery_lock()
      recoverd: Simplify ctdb_recovery_lock()
      recoverd: Don't release and re-take the recovery lock
      recoverd: Improve error messages on recovery lock coherence fail
      recoverd: Abort when daemon can take recovery lock during recovery
      scripts: Fix tunable setup code by making it shell-agnostic
      tests: New tests for 00.ctdb "setup" event - set tunables from config
      client: Return a value of 1 when setting obsolete tunable variable
      tool: Print a warning when setting an obsolete tunable variable
      scripts: Improve messages about invalid tunables during "setup"
      test: Remove unused function check_ctdb_logfile()
      tests: Extend ctdb stub to support "ptrans", "pdelete", "catdb"
      tests: Extend ctdb stub to support "ip" with and without -X
      tests: Support testing scripts that change directory
      tests: Extend eventscript unit test infrastructure for other scripts
      tests: Make setup of public addresses more obvious
      tests: Unit tests for statd-callout
      scripts: Fix a regression in statd-callout
      scripts: Change statd-callout to be more scalable
      scripts: Remove unused function nfs_statd_update()
      tests: Check for readable, not executable, script
      Change default debug level to NOTICE (2)
      util: Variables should be declared extern in headers
      Fix some "declarations after code" problems
      util: Remove util/strlist.c and references to str_util_*()
      tests: Mark some functions as static
      tests: Add missing declarations caused by #define magic
      daemon: Move some inline declarations to header file
      common: Add some missing #includes
      common: Move hex_decode_talloc() to the lock helper
      util: Add extra max_size argument to file_lines_load()
      daemon: Drop the argument to fault_setup()
      tools: Move definition of timeval_delta() to tools/ctdb.c
      recoverd: Change include of dlinklist.h to contain directory
      logging: Factor out ctdb_logging.h from includes.h
      logging: Move variable debug_extra from debug.*
      includes: Remove some unnecessary declarations

Michael Adam (1):
      improve helpfulness of debug message when taking reclock fails


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