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Amitay Isaacs amitay at samba.org
Thu Sep 25 22:55:03 MDT 2014

The annotated tag, ctdb-2.5.4 has been created
        at  fef22f279b812adacbf8cfff134d969219a035f1 (tag)
   tagging  70c7ef023730d8344ca4afde2c94634dd541101f (commit)
  replaces  ctdb-2.5.3
 tagged by  Amitay Isaacs
        on  Fri Sep 26 14:53:56 2014 +1000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
new version 2.5.4

Amitay Isaacs (97):
      daemon: Always update database priority cluster wide
      daemon: Add control CTDB_CONTROL_DB_DETACH
      client: Add client code to detach a database
      tools/ctdb: Add ctdb detach command to detach databases
      doc: Add "ctdb detach" and update "ctdb attach"
      doc: Remove commands that have been deleted
      tests: Add a simple test for "ctdb detach"
      daemon: Do not allow database detach if AllowClientDBAttach=1
      tools/ctdb: Detach databases only if all nodes disallow client access
      daemon: Talloc tdb_wrap off ctdb_db_context
      client: Talloc tdb_wrap off ctdb_db_context
      tools/ctdb: Unlock records before closing tdb database
      tests: Add test for re-attaching detached database
      recoverd: Detach database from recovery daemon
      pmda: Do not hardcode include paths
      ib: Make infiniband transport compile again
      common: No need to save previous scheduler priority
      common: Do not abort if restoring scheduling policy fails
      common: Changing scheduler policy does not require ctdb context
      common: Drop ctdb prefix from utility functions independent of ctdb
      common: Separate system utilties that are ctdb independent
      common: Separate more system utilities that are independent of ctdb
      daemon: No need to block SIGPIPE at startup
      common: Remove unused functions
      daemon: Rename block_signal to ignore_signal
      common: Keep debug level related functions with logging code
      daemon: Instead of passing ctdb context, pass valgrinding boolean
      daemon: Rename ctdb_lockdown_memory to lockdown_memory
      common: Move lockdown_memory to system utilities
      daemon: Rename ctdb_mkdir_p_or_die to mkdir_p_or_die
      common: Move mkdir_p_or_die to system utilities
      logging: Split ringbuffer handling code from ctdb_collect_log
      logging: Move controls handling functions from common to server
      daemon: Remove duplicate code from helper binaries
      build: Remove duplicate library dependency
      daemon: Do not complain if node is inactive and db is not attached
      daemon: Reset scheduler policy for helper processes
      recoverd: No need to set ctdbd_pid again
      Revert "It was possible for ->recovery_mode to get out of sync with the new three db priorities in such a way that"
      tools: There is no need for forcing a recovery
      recoverd: Set recovery mode before freezing databases
      daemon: Do not thaw databases if recovery is active
      tests: Check that ctdb wipedb cleans the database
      tests: Add a test for ctdb restoredb
      daemon: Use false instead of 0 for boolean arguments
      daemon: Simplify code a bit
      daemon: Enable robust mutexes only if TDB_MUTEX_LOCKING is defined
      daemon: Support per-node robust mutex feature
      ltdb: Use tdb_null instead of zeroing TDB_DATA variable
      vacuum: Fix talloc hierarchy in delete_marshall_traverse
      vacuum: If talloc_realloc fails, terminate traverse
      util: Fix nonempty line endings
      util: Refactor ctdb_marshall_record
      util: Refactor record marshalling routines to avoid extra talloc
      vacuum: Use ctdb_marshall_add to add a record to marshall buffer
      vacuum: Use existing function ctdb_marshall_finish
      locking: Fix the lock_type_str corresponding to LOCK_ALLDB
      locking: Remove unused structure members
      locking: Remove multiple lock requests per lock context (part 1)
      locking: Remove multiple lock requests per lock context (part 2)
      locking: Schedule the next possible lock based on per-db limit
      locking: Remove unused function find_lock_context()
      locking: Allocate lock request soon after allocating lock context
      locking: Add new tunable LockProcessesPerDB
      locking: Increase number of lock processes per database to 200
      locking: Remove unused variable lock_num_pending
      locking: Add DB lock requests to head of the pending queue
      locking: Update ctdb statistics for all lock types
      locking: Decrement pending statistics when lock is scheduled
      locking: Simplify check for locks on record or database
      locking: Update a comment
      locking: Add per database queues for pending and active lock requests
      readonly: Add an early return to simplify code
      readonly: Do not abort if revoke of readonly record fails on a node
      locking: Run debug locks script only if the node is active
      locking: Talloc lock request from client specified context
      locking: Remove unused function ctdb_free_lock_request_context
      include: Remove declaration of non-existent function
      common: Refactor code to convert TDB_DATA key to aligned uint32 array
      daemon: Remove duplicate code with refactored function
      daemon: Defer all calls when processing dmaster packets
      locking: Do not reset real-time priority for lock helpers
      call: Drop all deferred requests from older generation
      daemon: Increment pending calls statistics correctly
      locking: Set real-time priority for lock helpers
      daemon: Make sure ctdb runs with real-time priority
      tests: Do not expect real-time priority when running local daemons
      daemon: Decrement pending calls statistics when calls are deferred
      doc: Add ctdb-statistics manual page
      doc: Add reference to new magepage ctdb-statistics
      scripts: Fix a typo
      scripts: Do not export variables if they are not set
      doc: Update NEWS
      locking: Reset ttimer before doing an early return
      scripts: Fix the regular expresssion for parsing /proc/locks
      recoverd: If obtaining recovery lock fails, try again
      daemon: Fix the usage for lock helper

Martin Schwenke (40):
      tools-ctdb: Drop disconnected nodes when filtering by capability
      eventscripts: CTDB_NATGW_PUBLIC_* optional on slave-only nodes
      tests: Update "ctdb detach" test
      eventscripts: Don't check if $iface is empty
      eventscripts: Update comment in 11.routing
      eventscripts: Add check for invalid policy routing configuration
      daemon: Move a ZERO_STRUCT() to a better place
      tools-ctdb: scriptstatus should not count disabled scripts
      tools-ctdb: Make natgwlist and lvsmaster more resilient
      eventscripts: New configuration variable CTDB_GANESHA_REC_SUBDIR
      common: Do not dynamically allocate memory when not necessary
      common: No dynamic memory allocation in mkdir_p()
      tests: Try harder to avoid failures due to repeated recoveries
      daemon: Debugging for tickle updates
      eventscripts: Ensure $GANRECDIR points to configured subdirectory
      scripts: Always print footer when debugging hung script
      tests: Fix racy test for debugging hung scripts
      daemon: Exit if setting the session ID fails
      daemon: Check PID in ctdb_remove_pidfile(), not unreliable flag
      daemon: Remove ctdbd_pid global variable
      scripts: Support NFS on RHEL7 with systemd
      recoverd: Log a message when releasing the recovery lock
      recoverd: Don't say "Election timed out"
      common: Use SCHED_RESET_ON_FORK when setting SCHED_FIFO
      recoverd: Gently abort recovery when election is underway
      eventscripts: Remove NAT gateway "monitor" event
      tests: Add another LCP2 takeover test
      eventscripts: Remove unused argument to natgw_ensure_master()
      eventscripts: Remove special case for virtio_net
      doc: Fix default database directories in ctdbd.1
      replace: Remove unused item returned by FAILED()
      tools: Factor out new function find_node_xpnn() from control_xpnn()
      tools: Be more helpful when CTDB CLI tool is run on unconfigured node
      common: Copy functions sys_read() and sys_write() from source3
      Use sys_read() and sys_write() to ensure correct signal interaction
      util: Fix warning about ignored result from system()
      daemon: Fix some strict-aliasing warnings
      locking: Add argc parameter to lock_helper_args()
      locking: Fork lock helper with vfork_with_logging()
      util: Log an error if there is no way to set scheduler

Michael Adam (14):
      server: fix DEBUG message for wrong event script options.
      vacuum: adapt debug message for repacking.
      vacuum: remove a comment in ctdb_vacuum_and_repack_db()
      vacuum: use plain tdb_repack() instead of ctdb_repack_tdb()
      vacuum: remove now unused ctdb_repack_tdb().
      vacuum: remove a superfluous and misleading comment
      vacuum: untangle assignmend and check for return of tdb_repack()
      vacuum: remove a superfluous comment.
      vacuum: remove vacuum limit from vdata - not used
      vacuum: move init of vdata into init_vdata funcion
      vacuum: remove now unused talloc ctx argument from ctdb_vacuum_db()
      vacuum: add missing return to ctdb_vacuum_traverse_db() error path.
      vacuum: always run freelist_size again
      vacuum: stop vacuuming when the first delete_list traverse fails.

Volker Lendecke (5):
      daemon: Allow flag TDB_MUTEX_LOCKING to pass into db_attach
      common: Avoid a talloc in ctdb_queue_send
      common: Fix verbose_memory_names
      locking: TALLOC_FREE copes with NULL
      locking: Simplify ctdb_find_lock_context()


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