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Karolin Seeger kseeger at samba.org
Mon Sep 8 04:09:11 MDT 2014

The annotated tag, samba-4.1.12 has been created
        at  852547d42a72bf161c6fac024743cbc65ffc115c (tag)
   tagging  6cc1d3030667d2c57cceac870c0d8480cce45905 (commit)
  replaces  samba-4.1.10
 tagged by  Karolin Seeger
        on  Mon Sep 8 11:43:21 2014 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
samba: tag release samba-4.1.12
Version: GnuPG v1


Amitay Isaacs (5):
      s4-rpc: dnsserver: Allow . to be specified for @ record
      tests: dnsserver: Add a update test with name set to '.'
      s4-rpc: dnsserver: Correctly set rank for glue NS records
      s4-rpc: dnsserver: Do not return NS_GLUE records with VIEW_GLUE_DATA filter
      s4-rpc: dnsserver: Do not search for deleted DNS entries

Andrew Bartlett (1):
      torture-dns: Add test for dlz_bind9 lookups

Arvid Requate (1):
      passdb: fix NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_GROUP

Björn Baumbach (1):
      s3: enforce a positive allocation_file_size for non-empty files (bug #10543)

Daniel Kobras (1):
      sys_poll_intr: fix timeout arithmetic

David Disseldorp (10):
      printing: traverse_read the printer list for share updates
      printing: only reload printer shares on client enum
      printing: reload printer_list.tdb from in memory list
      printing: remove pcap_cache_add()
      printing: return last change time with pcap_cache_loaded()
      smbd: only reprocess printer_list.tdb if it changed
      server: remove duplicate snum_is_shared_printer()
      smbd: split printer reload processing
      printing: reload printer shares on OpenPrinter
      dosmode: fix FSCTL_SET_SPARSE request validation

Günther Deschner (1):
      libcli/auth: also set secure channel type in netlogon_creds_client_init().

Har Gagan Sahai (1):
      Fixed a memory leak in cli_set_mntpoint().

Jeremy Allison (12):
      lib: tevent: make TEVENT_SIG_INCREMENT atomic.
      s3: xml-docs. Ensure users of 'net time' know the remote server must be specified with -S.
      s3: net time - fix usage and core dump.
      s3: smbd: POSIX ACLs. Remove incorrect check for SECINFO_PROTECTED_DACL in incoming security_information flags in posix_get_nt_acl_common().
      s3: smbd - SMB[2|3]. Ensure a \ or / can't be found anywhere in a search path, not just at the start.
      s3: smbd : SMB2 - fix SMB2_SEARCH when searching non wildcard string with a case-canonicalized share.
      lib: strings: Fix the behavior of strcasecmp_m_handle() in the face of bad conversions.
      lib: strings: Fix the behavior of strncasecmp_m_handle() in the face of bad conversions.
      s4: tests: Added local.charset test for Bug 10716 - smbd constantly crashes when filename contains non-ascii character
      s3: winbindd: Add new parameter "winbind request timeout" set to 60 seconds with man page.
      s3: winbindd: On new client connect, prune idle or hung connections older than "winbind request timeout"
      s3: smbd: vfs_dirsort module.

Kai Blin (1):
      provision: Correctly provision the SOA record minimum TTL

Karolin Seeger (9):
      VERSION: Bump version number up to 4.1.11...
      VERSION: Bump version number up to 4.1.11...
      WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.1.11.
      VERSION: Disable git snapshots for the 4.1.11 release.
      WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.1.11.
      VERSION: Disable git snapshots for the 4.1.11 release.
      VERSION: Bump version up to 4.1.12.
      WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.1.12.
      Merge tag 'samba-4.1.11' into v4-1-test

Marc Muehlfeld (1):
      docs: Fix typos in smb.conf (inherit acls)

Michael Adam (8):
      s3:idmap: don't log missing range config if range checking not requested
      s3:vfs:gpfs: store the winAttrs in the struct_ex when we got them in vfs_gpfs_fstat()
      s3:vfs:gpfs: fix flapping offline: always get winAttrs from gpfs for is_offline
      s3:vfs:gpfs: Remove all reading uses of stat_ex.vfs_private from vfs_gfs.
      s3:vfs:gpfs: remove all writing uses of stat_ex.vfs_private from vfs_gpfs.
      s3:vfs:gpfs: remove a block and reduce indentation in gpfs_is_offline()
      s3: remove stat_ex.vfs_private completely
      build: fix configure to honour --without-dmapi

Roel van Meer (1):
      Don't discard result of checking grouptype

Ross Lagerwall (1):
      s3:libsmb: Set a max charge for SMB2 connections

Shirish Pargaonkar (1):
      samba: Retain case sensitivity of cifs client

Stefan Metzmacher (46):
      Merge tag 'samba-4.1.10' into v4-1-test
      selftest/knownfail: add ^samba4.rpc.netlogon.*.invalidAuthenticate2 for v4-1-*
      s4:torture/rpc: add invalidAuthenticate2
      s3:lib/memcache: use uint8_t instead of uint8
      s3:lib/memcache: make use of talloc for memcache_elements
      s3:lib/memcache: only include the required header files
      lib/util: move memcache.[ch] to the toplevel 'samba-util' library
      s4:rpc_server/netlogon: keep a global challenge table
      s4:torture/rpc: add rpc.netlogon.ServerReqChallengeGlobal
      security.idl: add SMB_SUPPORTED_SECINFO_FLAGS
      s3:smbd: mask security_information input values with SMB_SUPPORTED_SECINFO_FLAGS
      libcli/security: add better detection of SECINFO_[UN]PROTECTED_[D|S]ACL in get_sec_info()
      libcli/dns: add AAAA support to dns_hosts_file.c
      libcli/dns: ignore NS entries in dns_hosts_file.c at a higher log level for now
      selftest: export _IPV6 environment variables
      selftest/Samba4: also bind to ipv6
      selftest/Samba3: also bind to ipv6
      python/join: use lowercase for the dnshostname.
      s4:samba_dnsupdate: don't lower case the registered names
      s4:samba_dnsupdate: fix dnsobj.__str__()
      s4:samba_dnsupdate: cache the already registered records
      s4:samba_dnsupdate: don't try to be smart when verifying NS records
      s4:samba_dnsupdate: provide more substitution variables e.g. IF_RODC
      s4:setup/dns_update_list: make use of the new substitution variables
      s4-rpc: dnsserver: return DNS_RANK_NS_GLUE recors when explicitly asked for
      s4:dns_server: handle WERR_DNS_ERROR_NAME_DOES_NOT_EXIST in werr_to_dns_err()
      s4:dns_server: split out a private 'dnsserver_common' library
      s4:dns_server: split out dns_common_extract() and dns_common_lookup()
      s4:dns_server: remove const from dns_replace_records()
      s4:dns_server: split out dns_common_replace()
      s4:dns_server: use .wType = DNS_TYPE_TOMBSTONE instead of ZERO_STRUCT()
      s4:dns_server: make sure dns_common_lookup() doesn't return tombstones
      s4:dns_server: add DNS_TYPE_TOMBSTONE support to dns_common_replace()
      s4:dns_server: handle tombstones in handle_one_update()
      s4:dlz_bind9: avoid some compiler warnings
      s4:dlz_bind9: do an early talloc_free(el_ctx) in dlz_allnodes()
      s4:torture:dlz_bind9: fix spnego tests
      torture-dns: Add test for dlz_bind9 zonedumps
      torture-dns: Add test for dlz_bind9 updates
      s4:dlz_bind9: let dlz_bind9 use dns_common_lookup() for name lookup
      s4:dlz_bind9: let dlz_bind9 use dns_common_extract()
      s4:dlz_bind9: let dlz_bind9 use dns_common_replace()
      s4:dlz_bind9: let dlz_bind9 use dns_common_lookup() before removing records
      s4:dlz_bind9: let dlz_bind9 use dns_common_lookup() before add/modify
      s4-rpc: dnsserver: handle updates of tombstoned dnsNode objects

Volker Lendecke (5):
      fix unstrcpy
      fix unstrcpy
      lib: Remove unused nstrcpy
      lib: strings: Simplify strcasecmp
      smbd: Properly initialize mangle_hash


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