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Michael Adam obnox at samba.org
Wed Jun 25 09:07:19 MDT 2014

The annotated tag, ctdb- has been created
        at  3f4febd2ddd3992a9eb4aaa0629cbbdb5f600807 (tag)
   tagging  b7c4e6d98c9d4e2674b2015adc4cbebadf080b93 (commit)
  replaces  ctdb-
 tagged by  Michael Adam
        on  Wed Jun 25 15:38:01 2014 +0200

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Amitay Isaacs (3):
      ctdbd: Fix spurious warnings when running with --nopublicipcheck
      recoverd: Fix spurious warnings when running with --nopublicipcheck
      ctdbd: Avoid leaking file descriptor if talloc fails

Martin Schwenke (3):
      Undo damage done by d8d37493478a26c5f1809a5f3df89ffd6e149281
      ctdbd: Fix ctdb_control_release_ip() on local daemons
      ctdbd: Stop takeovers and releases from colliding in mid-air

Michael Adam (3):
      Less verbosity when there is no public addresses file
      ctdb:server: fix DEBUG message for wrong event script options.
      New version

Ronnie Sahlberg (18):
      Check interfaces:  when reading the public addresses file to create the vnn list
      Add new command to find which interface is located on
      Add a new event "ipreallocated"
      Add a new tunable : DisableIPFailover that when set to non 0
      Dont check ip assignment across the cluster while ip-verification
      dont check the public ip assignment or if even we are hosting them and shouldnt
      Dont check remote ip allocation if public ip mgmt is disabled
      during ip allocation, there are failure modes where a node might hold a ip address
      add a new serverid to send a message everytime an ip address is taken on the local node
      When adding an ip at runtime, it might not yet have an iface assigned to it, so ensure that the next takover_ip call will fall through to accept the ip and add it.
      IPALLOCATION : If the node is held pinned down in "init" state
      IP reallocation. If a public address is already hosted on the node when we startup, log a warning message but do not cause the recovery to fail.
      Interface monitoring: add a event to trigger every 30 seconds to check that all interfaces referenced by the public address list actually exists.
      When we release an ip, get the interface name from the kernel
      When we find an ip we shouldnt host, just release it
      when checking that the interfaces exist in ctdb_add_public_address()
      recoverd: avoid triggering a full recovery if just some ip allocation
      ouch,   the ordering of the constants and the strings must be kept in sync


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