[SCM] Samba Shared Repository - annotated tag samba-4.1.0rc4 created

Karolin Seeger kseeger at samba.org
Fri Sep 27 12:43:49 CEST 2013

The annotated tag, samba-4.1.0rc4 has been created
        at  adfb418ebe9bc176c7ba55e8dccbbc75130a3b62 (tag)
   tagging  fcf3fd6478090e7bebb65d142edbd097ab260fc4 (commit)
  replaces  samba-4.1.0rc3
 tagged by  Karolin Seeger
        on  Fri Sep 27 12:45:11 2013 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
samba: tag release samba-4.1.0rc4
Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux)


Andrew Bartlett (21):
      python-samba-tool fsmo: Do not give an error on a successful role transfer
      python/drs: Ensure to pass in the local invocationID during the domain join
      dsdb-repl_meta_data: Check for a NULL invocationID and do not proceed
      dsdb: Refuse to return an all-zero invocationID
      dsdb-repl_meta_data: Do not re-delete the Deleted Objects DN during replication
      dsdb-repl_meta_data: Make handling of Deleted Objects DN clearer in delete
      dsdb: Use WERR_DS_ATT_NOT_DEF_IN_SCHEMA for failed schema lookups
      Remove confusing TODO file
      Remove NEWS file containing confusing information
      smb.conf: Fill out the ntvfs handler smb.conf page from source4/NEWS
      dsdb: Refuse to replicate an all-zero invocationID GUID in replPropertyMetaData
      dbcheck: Look for and fix the all-zero invocationID in replPropertyMetaData
      selftest: Add script to assist in writing out a tree undump.sh can restore
      selftest: Only run referenceprovision and ldapcmp for the 4.0.0 test
      selftest: Add release-4-1-0rc3 saved provision
      selftst: add tests based on 4.1.0rc3 to check for zero invocationID in replPropertyMetaData
      dbcheck: Ensure to always increase the error_count
      pydsdb: Give KeyError when we fail a schema lookup in python
      pydsdb: Raise a more useful exception when dsdb_wellknown_dn fails.
      dbcheck: Add back the elements that were wrongly removed from CN=Deleted Objects
      dsdb: Convert the full string from UTF16 to UTF8, including embedded NULLs

Christof Schmitt (1):
      s3:smb2_find: Return that timestamps do not exist as directories

Daniel Liberman (1):
      Fix bug 10162 - POSIX ACL mapping failing when setting DENY ACE's from Windows.

Günther Deschner (1):
      docs: point out side-effects of global "valid users" setting.

Jeremy Allison (5):
      s3: libsmb : The short name length is only a one byte field.
      Fix is_legal_name() to not emit character conversion error messages.
      s3: libsmb SMB2 wrapper layer. cli_smb2_get_ea_list_path() failed to close file on exit.
      s3: libsmb : Bug 10150 - Not all OEM servers support the ALTNAME info level.
      s3: libsmb - 10150 - Not all OEM servers support the ALTNAME info level.

Karolin Seeger (10):
      WHATSNEW: Update changes since 4.1.0rc2.
      VERSION: Disable git snapshots for the 4.1.0rc3 release.
      VERSION: Bump version number up to 4.1.0...
      WHATSNEW: Start to add changes since 4.1.0rc3.
      docs: Fix typos.
      VERSION: Set version to 4.1.0rc4.
      WHATSNEW: Add changes since 4.1.0rc3.
      WHATSNEW: Update changes since rc3.
      VERSION: Disable git snapshots for the 4.1.0rc4 release.
      VERSION: Disable git snapshots for the 4.1.0rc4 release.

Korobkin (1):
      Raise the level of a debug.

Matthieu Patou (1):
      libcli: continue to read from the socket even if the size is 0

Michael Adam (3):
      loadparm: add new parameter "acl allow execute always"
      s3:smbd: ease file server upgrades from 3.6 and earlier with "acl allow execute aways"
      docs: document "acl allow execute always"

Stefan Metzmacher (3):
      libcli/smb: use SMB1 MID=0 for the initial Negprot
      libcli/smb: fix non mendatory signing against some vendor SMB2 servers.
      libcli/smb: only check the SMB2 session setup signature if required and valid

Volker Lendecke (6):
      dbwrap_ctdb: Treat empty records as non-existing
      smbd: Simplify find_oplock_types
      smbd: Don't store in-memory only flags in locking.tdb
      smbd: Rename parameter "i" to "idx"
      smbd: Fix flawed share_mode_stale_pid API
      torture3: Trigger a nasty cleanup bug in smbd


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