[SCM] CTDB repository - annotated tag ctdb-2.5.1 created - ctdb-2.5.1

Amitay Isaacs amitay at samba.org
Mon Nov 25 22:04:25 MST 2013

The annotated tag, ctdb-2.5.1 has been created
        at  f97ca93411b33308c1189c21ab7d5a70c91e5074 (tag)
   tagging  d0f7f95f95f6bfcd9139b4d21feb08cb48366527 (commit)
  replaces  ctdb-2.5
 tagged by  Amitay Isaacs
        on  Tue Nov 26 16:03:32 2013 +1100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
New version 2.5.1

Amitay Isaacs (26):
      client: Make g_lock_lock() wait till lock is obtained
      Revert "tests: If transaction_start fails, try again"
      tests: Fix calling of ctdb tool from test
      server: Coverity fixes
      client: Coverity fixes
      common: Coverity fixes
      tools/ctdb: Coverity fixes
      tcp: Coverity fixes
      tests: Coverity fixes
      tests: Remove -q option to try_command_on_node
      tests: No need to run onnode in parallel for single node
      tests: CTDB tool should always be invoked as $CTDB instad of ctdb
      tools/ctdb: Fix db commands when dbid is given instead of name
      client: Treat empty __db_sequence_number__ record as 0
      locking: Implement active lock requests limit per database
      locking: Do not merge multiple lock requests to avoid unfair scheduling
      locking: Update current lock statistics when lock is scheduled
      scripts: Run a single instance of debug_locks.sh at a give time
      common: Refactor code to keep track of child processes
      locking: Use vfork instead of fork to exec helpers
      tools/ctdb: Fix tstore command to generate ltdb header internally
      eventscripts: Perform share check before NFS RPC checks in 60.ganesha
      scripts: Set defaults for CTDB_DBDIR and CTDB_DBDIR_PERSISTENT
      scripts: Replace hard-coded /var/ctdb with CTDB_VARDIR
      config: Simplify the default CTDB configuration file
      scripts: Be careful when generating unique pids for stack traces

Martin Schwenke (20):
      build: Update to latest upstream config.guess
      recoverd: Remove duplicate code to update flags during recovery
      recoverd: A node refuses to play against itself
      scripts: debug_locks.sh should use configuration to find TDB location
      recoverd: Fix backward compatibility for CTDB_SRVID_TAKEOVER_RUN
      tests/integration: try_command_on_node() shouldn't lose onnode options
      onnode: New -i option to stop stdin from being closed
      tools/ctdb: New ptrans command
      doc: Update ctdb.1 - primarily to add pdelete/pfetch/pstore/ptrans
      scripts: Rewrite statd-callout to avoid 10 minute lag
      recoverd: For persistent databases a sequence number of 0 is valid
      tests/simple: Update persistent DB tests
      tests/simple: User sleep_for() instead of sleep
      tests/takeover: Fix bogus test description
      tests/integration: Neaten up some of the persistent database tests
      eventscripts: Remove the nfs_statd_update() call from 60.ganesha
      scripts: Add an early exit to statd-callout's notify case
      recoverd: Only respond to currently queued ipreallocated requests
      tools/ctdb: Improve error checking when parsing node string
      Update NEWS

Srikrishan Malik (1):
      eventscript: Fix link creation failure if the link already exist but the target path is missing


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