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Stefan Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Sat Mar 2 01:57:07 MST 2013

The annotated tag, tevent-0.9.18 has been created
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  replaces  ldb-1.1.15
 tagged by  Stefan Metzmacher
        on  Sat Mar 2 09:58:52 2013 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
tevent: tag release tevent-0.9.18
Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux)


Alexander Bokovoy (4):
      PIDL: fix parsing linemarkers in preprocessor output
      source3/wscript: support 'pdb_ldap' module in configure
      autoconf: rename pdb_ldap module to pdb_ldapsam
      Make systemctl reference indirect in packaging/NetworkManager/30-winbind-systemd

Andreas Schneider (47):
      Rename pdb_ldap to pdb_ldapsam
      waf: Make sure we link against samba-util.
      winbind: Make domain_name const in wcache_ndr_key().
      messages: Use uint8_t type.
      winbind: Use uint8_t type and use const where needed.
      winbind: Correctly cast name to messaging_send_buf().
      ndr: Comparing an array to null is always true.
      libsmb: Fix possible null pointer dereference.
      torture: Fix samsync domain_name checks.
      nmbd: Fix request data data processing.
      s4-libcli: Add null check for ndr functions in rap.
      s3-tldap: Make sure we don't deref a null pointer.
      librpc: Add NULL check for ndr functions for epm bindings.
      s4-libcli: Check return code of smbcli_request_setup().
      ndrdump: Check return value of ndr_pull_init_blob().
      pyauth: Check return value of lpcfg_from_py_object().
      s4-libcli: Check return value of smbcli_request_setup().
      pdb: Fix array overrun by one.
      torture: Fix array access in spoolss test.
      torture: Fix memcmp of short buffer.
      torture: Make sure we don't overrun the buffer.
      s4-client: Don't leak resource handle.
      s4-client: Don't leak file descriptor.
      s3-net: Don't leak username.
      s3-spoolss: Don't leak memory.
      s3-lsasd: Don't leak file descriptors.
      s3-param: Don't leak file descriptor.
      s3-vfs: Don't leak file descriptor.
      torture: Don't leak file resource handle in spoolss test.
      s3-smbd: Don't leak subcntarr array.
      winbind: Don't leak memory on return.
      wbinfo: Fix several memory leaks.
      s3-torture: Don't leak memory.
      s4-client: Don't leak memory.
      winbind: Don't leak centry memory.
      s4-registry: Don't leak memory on error.
      s4-registry: Don't leak file descriptor.
      s4-cifsdd: Don't leak memory.
      s4-policy: Fix memory leaks in push_recursive().
      smbget: Fix file descriptor leak.
      smbpasswd: Don't leak memory.
      ndrdump: Don't leak plugin handle on error.
      s3-libsmb: Don't leak memory on error.
      s4-lib: Don't leak plugin handle on error.
      s3-vfs: Don't leak file descriptor on error.
      lib-util: Don't leak file descriptor on error.
      s3-rpc_server: Make sure that fd is really closed on error.

Andrew Bartlett (24):
      pymessaging: Use correct unsigned types for server ID tuple elememnts
      pymessaging: Pass around the server_id struct to python callbacks rather than the tuple
      s4-process_single: Use pid,task_id as cluster_id in process_single just like process_prefork
      selftest: Add test of upgradeprovision using the old alpha13 tree
      vfs: Add helper function hash_blob_sha256 to vfs_acl_common.c
      vfs: Implement an improved vfs_acl_common that uses the hash of the system ACL
      vfs: Whitespace fix only to get_nt_acl_internal indentation
      vfs_acl_common: Do not fetch the underlying NT ACL unless we need it
      idl: Provide a common wrapper for the data to hash for a non-POSIX ACL
      vfs: Add helper function for non posix ACL modules
      s4-nbt: Ensure source4/ nbt client and server honour 'disable netbios'
      samba_upgradeprovision: Remove options to fix FS ACLs
      scripting: Make tdb_copy use the python subprocess module
      scripting: Make tdb_copy a common util function in samba.tdb_util
      samba_upgradeprovision: Do not update privileges.ldb any more (unchanged since 2009)
      samba_upgradeprovision: Use tdb_util.tdb_copy not shutil.copy2
      build: Remove unused includes.h reference to avoid build-time talloc dep
      build: Remove includes.h dep in winbind client libraries
      ldb: Add missing dependency on replace for ldb
      torture-drs: Make the samba4.drs.repl_schema.python emit failures, not errors on add failure
      torture-drs: Fix comment in replica_sync test
      dsdb-descriptor: Spell out security descriptor flags as constants
      dsdb-descriptor: Avoid segfault copying an SD without an owner or group
      build: Do not force a specific perl from ${PERL} when running pod2man

Björn Jacke (5):
      build/autoconf: fix check for GNU ld version
      build:autoconf: fix output of syslog-facility check
      build/autoconf: put ld check variable in quotes
      Revert "wafbuild: use -Wstack-protector if available"
      build: use -fstack-protector if available

Christian Ambach (25):
      s3:net_idmap_dump deal with idmap config * : backend config style
      s3:net_idmap_dump remove obsolete support for tdb:idmap2.tdb parameter
      s3:net_idmap_dump add missing braces
      s3:net_idmap_dump support dumping autorid backend
      s3:utils/net remove aclmapset command
      selftest: add a test that demonstrates how new ACL blob code helps
      s3-waf:modules add non_posix_acls dependency to vfs_gpfs
      s3:autoconf introduce NFS4ACL_OBJ
      s3:autoconf add non_posix_acls to NFS4ACL_OBJ
      s3:modules/non_posix_acls: only stat if we do not have it cached
      s3:modules/vfs_gpfs add GPFS_GETACL_NATIVE define
      s3:vfs_gpfs add a generic vfs_gpfs_getacl function
      s3:vfs_gpfs use non_posix_sys_acl_blob_get_*_helper
      s3:torture/vfstest implement sys_acl_blob_get_file
      s3:torture/vfstest implement sys_acl_blob_get_fd
      s3:torture/vfstest add memreport option
      s3:modules use vfs_gpfs_getacl in gpfs_get_nfs4_acl
      s3:modules use vfs_gpfs_getacl in gpfsacl_set_nt_acl_internal
      s3:modules use vfs_gpfs_getacl in gpfsacl_get_posix_acl
      s3:modules remove gpfs_getacl_alloc
      s3:net_idmap_delete do not lock two records at the same time
      s3:auth small optimization in create_token_from_sid
      s3:lib/afs fix the build
      s3:build fix the build with --fake-kaserver
      s3:rpc_client fix a crash

Daniel Kobras (1):
      Fix bug #9039 'map untrusted to domain' treats WORKSTATION as bogus domain.

David Disseldorp (3):
      selftest: skip smb2.ioctl tests on ntvfs
      Revert "selftest: skip smb2.ioctl tests on ntvfs"
      BUG 9633: Recursive mget should continue on EPERM.

Galen.Liu (1):
      tevent: fix --disable-python cause configure fails (bug #8718)

Gregor Beck (5):
      s3:smbXsrv_session: pass record in smbXsrv_session_global_traverse()
      s3:smbXsrv_tcon: pass record in smbXsrv_tcon_global_traverse()
      s3:smbXsrv_open: add smbXsrv_open_global_traverse()
      lib/util_tdb: factor out tdb_data_talloc_copy()
      s3:net: new implementation of "servid wipedbs" with smbXsrv_*

Guenter Kukkukk (1):
      Fix some cut-and-paste and spelling in debug messages

Günther Deschner (5):
      ndrdump: make sure to deal with the highest relative pointer offset correctly.
      s4-torture: make sure to deal with the highest relative pointer offset correctly.
      s3-net: mention optional impersonation principal for PAC retrieval.
      krb5pac: make sure to correctly store the highest relative pointer offset.
      s3-rpc_server: Dont wipe out ref pointers in _netr_ServerGetTrustInfo().

Ira Cooper (1):
      s3: Make SMB2_GETINFO multi-volume aware.

Jeremy Allison (22):
      Fix bug #9588 - ACLs are not inherited to directories for DFS shares.
      Regression test for bug #9571 - Unlink after open causes smbd to panic
      Add new function smbXcli_session_copy(), to be used when creating compound SMB2 requests.
      Fix the compound tests to correctly pass against Windows when run with --signing=required.
      Fix bug #9642 - vfs_afsacl.c won't build.
      Fix bug 9519 - Samba returns unexpected error on SMB posix open.
      tevent: Preparing to fix "standard" backend fallback. Initialize standard after epoll.
      tevent: Ensure we return after every call to epoll_panic().
      tevent: Add an internal function tevent_epoll_set_panic_fallback().
      tevent: Plumb in the panic fallback code into the epoll_panic() runtime call.
      tevent: Add in some test code to allow the panic fallback path to be tested.
      tevent: Add in the same tevent_re_initialise() fix Metze put in the tevent_poll backend.
      tevent: Add a utility function tevent_find_ops_byname().
      tevent: Add a private function tevent_poll_event_add_fd_internal().
      tevent: Add in the new implementation of "standard" tevent backend.
      tevent: Remove the previous "standard" tevent backend implementation.
      tevent: Fix multiple handler on the same fd bug in the tevent select backend.
      tevent: Start to fix the epoll backend to support 2 fd events on the same fd correctly.
      tevent: Fix up epoll_del_event to cope with deleting a multiplexed fde event.
      tevent: Add utility function epoll_handle_hup_or_err()
      tevent: If epoll_ctl(..EPOLL_CTL_ADD,..) failes with EEXIST, merge the two fde's into one epoll event.
      tevent: Regression test to ensure that a tevent backend can cope with separate read/write events on a single fd.

Karolin Seeger (8):
      docs: Fix typo.
      fault.c: Fix typo in comment.
      vfs_gpfs: Fix typos in comments.
      brlock.c: Fix typo in comment.
      srv_netlog_nt.c: Fix typo in comment.
      brlock_tdb.c: Fix typo in comment.
      wb_samba3_cmd.c: Fix typo in comment.
      srv_epmapper.c: Fix typo.

Landon Fuller (1):
      Fallback to the internal resolver on EAI_FAIL.

Matthieu Patou (13):
      dsdb-cracknames: Fix potential double free and memory leaks
      dsdb-repl: do not ask to add ref when doing getncchange for an exop
      replmetadata: raise msg level for conflict resolution so that we don't polute logs
      dsdb-repl: make message more clearer
      ldb_tdb: raise level of full index scan message so that it starts to be really visible
      ldb-tdb: Fix a wrong parameter in ltdb_store
      ldb-tdb: Document ltdb_index_add1 for more clarity
      ldb: make test output more readable
      ldb: use strncmp instead of strcmp when comparing the val part
      ldb: Add more tests related to onelevel search
      dsdb-operational: rework the loop for attribute removal
      ldb: Add tests for the python api
      ldb: Add more data test data for one level test cases

Michael Adam (50):
      s3:winbindd: rename winbindd_getgrnam_lookupsid_done to winbindd_getgrnam_lookupname_done
      s3:winbindd: fix a cut'n'paste comment typo in wb_fill_pwent
      s3:winbindd: factor add_wbint_Principal_to_dict() out of wb_group_members_done()
      s3:winbindd: create group structs for gids that are coming from a user sid id-mapped with ID_TYPE_BOTH
      s3:winbindd:getgrnam: also produce a group struct for a user with ID_TYPE_BOTH
      s3:winbindd: check the correct variable for talloc success in rpc_query_user()
      s3:winbindd: change getpwsid() to return a passwd struct for a group sid id-mapped with ID_TYPE_BOTH
      s3:dbwrap_ctdb: ZERO_STRUCT(rec) just to be sure in traverse_read_callback()
      s3:dbrwap_ctdb: ZERO_STRUCT(rec) just to be sure in traverse_persistent_callback_read()
      s3:param: remove an old comment (that is not up-to date any more)
      s3:param: add a utility function lp_idmap_range() to get the configured range for a given domain.
      s3:param: add utility function lp_idmap_default_range()
      s3:auth: use new lp_idmap_default_range() instead of lp_idmap_gid() in create_token_from_sid()
      s3:param: remove unused functions lp_idmap_uid() and lp_idmap_gid()
      s3:net idmap: remove call to lp_idmap_backend() - this is useless.
      s3:param: remove unused function lp_idmap_backend()
      s3:param: add a comment
      s3:param: introduce new lp_idmap_backend() that takes the domain
      s3:param: add new lp_idmap_default_backend()
      s3:net idmap: use lp_idmap_default_backend() now that we have it.
      s3:net: introduce a talloc stackframe for net idmap delete
      s3:net: reduce indentation in net idmap delete for symmetry and consistency
      s3:idmap_autorid: fix freeing of non-talloced memory (uninitialized pointer) (bug #9653)
      s4:torture: add a durable-open-disconnect test (suite)
      s4:torture:smb2:durable: make test functions static
      s4:torture:smb2: fix segfault on error condition in durable-open.reopen2 test
      s4:torture:smb2: fix segfault on error condition in the durable-open.reopen2a test
      s4:torture:smb2: fix segfault on error condition in the durable-open.reopen3 test
      s4:torture:smb2: fix segfault on error condition in the durable-open.reopen4 test
      s4:torture:smb2: fix segfault on error condition in the durable-open.delete_on_close1 test
      s4:torture:smb2: fix segfault on error condition in the durable-open.delete_on_close2 test
      s3:smbd: add debugging to close code (regarding disconnect of a durable)
      s3:smbd:smb2: fix segfault (access after free) in durable disconnect code
      packaging(RHEL-CTDB): package the fake-acls vfs module
      packaging(RHEL-CTDB): remove unpackaged manpages (samba and samba-tool)
      gencache: unify a DEBUG message in gencache_del()
      gencache: unify a DEBUG message in gencache_iterate_blobs_fn()
      gencache: unify a DEBUG message in gencache_iterate_fn()
      gencache: unify a DEBUG message in gencache_set_data_blob()
      lib/util/time: strip a potential trailing newline in the asctime case.
      gencache: fix an extra newline in a DEBUG message in gencache_iterate_blobs_fn()
      gencache: fix an extra newline in a DEBUG message in gencache_iterate_fn()
      gencache: fix an extra newline in a DEBUG message in gencache_set_data_blob()
      s3:smbd: preserve file type mode bits in file_set_dosmode()
      s4:winbindd: do not drop the workgroup name in the getgrnam and getgrent calls.
      s4:winbindd: do not drop the workgroup name in the getgrgid call
      s3:smbd: fix missing space in debug message in initial_break_processing()
      s4:winbindd: fix spacing and line length in cmd_getpwnam_recv_domain()
      tevent: fix a comment typo in tevent_epoll.c
      tevent: add trace points BEFORE_LOOP_ONCE and AFTER_LOOP_ONCE

Pavel Shilovsky (1):
      Fix bug #9571 - Unlink after open causes smbd to panic.

Richard Sharpe (5):
      Improve the configure tests for aio_suspend to get rid of warnings. Timur provided the wscript method, I added the configure.in correction.
      Add a herald with version string to smbtorture
      Fix the maxfids test so that it does not fork lots of processes and so that it works for all cases of maxfids.
      Fix bug #9674 - Samba denies owner Read Control when there is a DENY entry while W2K08 does not.
      Make sure that domain joins work correctly when the DC disallows NTLM auth.

Rusty Russell (8):
      ntdb: fix database corruption when transaction doesn't change anything.
      dbwrap: dbwrap_ntdb.c
      source3: explicitly disable NTDB support.
      dbwrap_local_open: open NTDB if extension is .ntdb
      dbwrap_local_open: never open the .tdb if there is an .ntdb
      tdb_wrap: prevent tdbs called ".ntdb" or without extensions.
      param: 'use ntdb' flag (off by default).
      ntdb: switch between secrets.tdb and secrets.ntdb depending on 'use ntdb'

Samba-JP oota (2):
      docs: Add missing ")".
      docs: fix typo in serverrole.xml

Stefan Metzmacher (145):
      libcli/security: calculate INHERIT_ONLY correcty for AUDIT and ALARM aces (bug #9481)
      tests/sec_descriptor: the default owner behavior depends on domainControllerFunctionality (bug #9481)
      dsdb-descriptor: get_default_group() should always return the DAG sid (bug #9481)
      dbckecker: fix nTSecurityDescriptor values from before 4.0.0rc6 (bug #9481)
      samba_upgradeprovision: don't reset 'whenCreated' when resetting 'nTSecurityDescriptor'
      samba_upgradeprovision: fix resetting of 'nTSecurityDescriptor' on schema objects
      provision: setup names.dns{forest,domain}dn
      provision: import/export get_dns_partition_descriptor()
      provision: add optional name_map={} argument to get_*_descriptor()
      schema.py: add optional name_map={} to get_schema_descriptor()
      provision: add get_{config,domain}_delete_protected*_descriptor()
      provision: add get_config_ntds_quotas_descriptor()
      provision: add get_dns_{forest,domain}_microsoft_dns_descriptor()
      provision: introduce names.name_map = {}
      provision: setup names.name_map['DnsAdmins']
      provision: fix nTSecurityDescriptor of CN={LostAndFound,System},${DOMAINDN} (bug #9481)
      provision: fix nTSecurityDescriptor attributes of CN=*,${CONFIGDN} (bug #9481)
      provision: fix nTSecurityDescriptor of containers in the DnsZones (bug #9481)
      samba_upgradeprovision: fix the nTSecurityDescriptor on more containers (bug #9481)
      provision: setup names.dns_backend
      samba_upgradeprovision: detect dns_backend for the reference provision
      selftest: rename 'promoted_vampire_dc' to 'promoted_dc'
      s4:service_task: prevent a segfault if task->msg_ctx is not initialized yet
      s4:service_task: add missing imessaging_cleanup() to task_server_terminate()
      s3:auth: wbcAuthenticateEx gives unix times (bug #9625)
      tevent_poll: call tevent_common_fd_destructor() from poll_fresh_fde_destructor()
      tevent_poll: fix the usage of tevent_re_initialise()
      tevent_poll: add poll_event_loop_wait()
      s3: use generate_random_password() instead of generate_random_str()
      dsdb/password_hash: make sure that io->n.cleartext_utf8.data is a null terminated string
      dsdb/password_hash: rename variable 'stat' to 'vstat'
      dsdb/util: rework samdb_check_password() to support utf8
      lib/util: improve check_password_quality() to handle utf8
      lib/dbwrap: talloc_strdup() name in db_open_file()
      s3:dbwrap_ctdb: setup result->name in db_open_ctdb()
      s3:dbwrap_ctdb: add "db_context" to "db_record"
      s4:scripting/python: add support for utf-8 passwords from the command line
      samba-tool/user setpassword: fix help message
      samba-tool/domain provision: add support for utf-8 passwords for --adminpass
      tevent: pass 'bool replay' to epoll_panic()
      tevent: make sure tevent_backend_init() only runs once
      tevent: make use of tevent_find_ops_byname() in tevent_context_init_byname()
      s3:smbd: use smbXsrv_open_close() instead of smbXsrv_open_update()
      s4:torture: fix segfault in test_durable_open_open2_oplock()
      lib/util: add samba_tevent_context_init()
      libcli/cldap: make use of samba_tevent_context_init()
      libcli/smb: make use of samba_tevent_context_init()
      librpc/rpc: make use of samba_tevent_context_init()
      s4:auth/kerberos: make use of samba_tevent_context_init()
      s4:lib/com: make use of samba_tevent_context_init()
      s3:libsmb: make use of samba_tevent_context_init()
      s3:libads: make use of samba_tevent_context_init()
      s3:lib: make use of samba_tevent_context_init()
      s3:libnet: make use of samba_tevent_context_init()
      s3:utils: make use of samba_tevent_context_init()
      s3:torture: make use of samba_tevent_context_init()
      s3:rpc_client: make use of samba_tevent_context_init()
      s3:winbindd: make use of samba_tevent_context_init()
      s3:includes: remove event_context_init() define for s3_tevent_context_init()
      s3:winbindd: s/struct event_context/struct tevent_context
      s3:torture: s/struct event_context/struct tevent_context
      s3:smbd: s/struct event_context/struct tevent_context
      s3:rpc_client: s/struct event_context/struct tevent_context
      s3:rpc_server: s/struct event_context/struct tevent_context
      s3:printing: s/struct event_context/struct tevent_context
      s3:nmbd: s/struct event_context/struct tevent_context
      s3:modules: s/struct event_context/struct tevent_context
      s3:libsmb: s/struct event_context/struct tevent_context
      s3:lib: s/struct event_context/struct tevent_context
      s3:lib/events: s/EVENT_FD/TEVENT_FD
      s3:winbindd: s/struct timed_event/struct tevent_timer
      s3:smbd: s/struct timed_event/struct tevent_timer
      s3:smbd: s/EVENT_FD/TEVENT_FD
      s3:rpc_server: s/struct timed_event/struct tevent_timer
      s3:modules: s/struct timed_event/struct tevent_timer
      s3:nmbd: s/struct timed_event/struct tevent_timer
      s3:lib: s/struct timed_event/struct tevent_timer
      s3:smbd: s/struct fd_event/struct tevent_fd
      s3:printing: s/struct fd_event/struct tevent_fd
      s3:modules: s/struct fd_event/struct tevent_fd
      s3:lib: s/struct fd_event/struct tevent_fd
      s3:modules: s/event_add_fd/tevent_add_fd and s/EVENT_FD_/TEVENT_FD_
      s3:smbd: s/event_add_fd/tevent_add_fd and s/EVENT_FD_/TEVENT_FD_
      s3:printing: s/event_add_fd/tevent_add_fd and s/EVENT_FD_/TEVENT_FD_
      s3:lib: s/event_add_fd/tevent_add_fd and s/EVENT_FD_/TEVENT_FD_
      s3:winbindd: s/event_add_timed/tevent_add_timer
      s3:rpc_server: s/event_add_timed/tevent_add_timer
      s3:modules: s/event_add_timed/tevent_add_timer
      s3:nmbd: s/event_add_timed/tevent_add_timer
      s3:lib: s/event_add_timed/tevent_add_timer
      s3:include: avoid TEVENT_COMPAT_DEFINES
      s3:torture: call fault_setup() to get usage backtraces
      s3:selftest: generate ${SELFTESTPREFIX}/subunit with the raw output
      s3:lib/events: add missing TEVENT_TRACE_BEFORE/AFTER_WAIT handling
      s4:pygensec: make use of samba_tevent_context_init()
      s4:pyregistry: make use of samba_tevent_context_init()
      auth/pycredentials: make use of samba_tevent_context_init()
      lib/util: allow samba_tevent_debug() to take a name as context
      lib/util: add samba_tevent_set_debug()
      s4:lib/events: make use of samba_tevent_set_debug()
      s3:lib/events: make use of samba_tevent_set_debug()
      s3:pylibsmb: make sure we get tevent debug messages
      s3:lib/events: make use of tevent_common_loop_timer_delay()
      wafsamba: add CHECK_VALUEOF() helper
      lib/replace: add AC_CHECK_VALUEOF() macro
      tevent: define TEVENT_NUM_SIGNALS based on configure checks
      tevent: fix some compiler warnings in testsuite.c
      tevent: fix compiler warning in tevent_context_init_byname()
      tevent: remember the errno from select(), poll() and epoll_wait()
      tevent: don't skip a fd event if the previous one was deleted during poll()
      tevent: make sure we cleanup the array passed to poll() after deleting an event
      tevent: use tevent_poll_event_add_fd_internal() in poll_event_add_fd()
      tevent: merge poll_fresh_fde_destructor() into poll_event_fd_destructor()
      tevent: maintain a list of disabled events in the poll backend
      tevent: traverse the ev->fd_event list instead of the poll_ev->fds array
      tevent: ignore POLLNVAL from poll() and disable the event
      tevent: revalidate fde->flags after poll()
      tevent: debug a FATAL message on EBADF from the select backend
      tevent: use DLIST_DEMOTE() before calling on fde handler after select() and poll()
      tevent: add epoll_{create,ctl}_panic_fallback() for testing
      tevent: avoid any operation on epoll_ev after a epoll_panic()
      tevent: don't call TALLOC_FREE(ev->additional_data) in std_fallback_to_poll()
      tevent: add std_event_loop_wait()
      tevent: remove unused if (epoll_ev->epoll_fd == -1) return; checks
      tevent: use helper variables to hold the epoll_ctl() result
      tevent: call epoll_panic() if EPOLL_CTL_DEL failed
      tevent: the content of event is ignored by EPOLL_CTL_DEL
      tevent: s/epoll_change_event/epoll_update_event
      tevent: always go through epoll_update_event()
      tevent: unify handling of HAS_EVENT and REPORT_ERROR in epoll_{add,mod,del}_event()
      tevent: ignore EBADF from epoll_ctl() and disable the event
      tevent: handle multiplexed fde's in epoll_add_event()
      tevent: Fix epoll_mod_event() to cope with modifying a multiplexed fde event.
      tevent: handle multiplexed fde's in epoll_event_fd_destructor()
      tevent: handle EPOLL_ADDITIONAL_FD_FLAG_HAS_MPX in epoll_update_event()
      tevent: In epoll_event_loop() ensure we trigger the right handler for a multiplexed fde event.
      tevent: preferr the write handler if there're two possible handlers registered with epoll
      tevent: use DEBUG_ERROR for the fallback message in epoll_panic()
      tevent: use better names for the subtests
      tevent: add test_event_fd1()
      tevent: add test_event_fd2()
      tevent: add a debug message in tevent_common_loop_timer_delay()
      tevent: optimize adding new timer events
      tevent: optimize adding new zero timer events
      tevent: change version to 0.9.18

Sumit Bose (1):
      s3-rpc_server: Fix password encoding in _netr_ServerGetTrustInfo().

Timur Bakeyev (1):
      Fix bug # 9666 - Broken filtering of link-local addresses.

Volker Lendecke (26):
      smbcontrol: Fix the build with libunwind
      smbcontrol: Fix undefined serverid_traverse_read warning
      smbd: Fix a typo
      smbd: Fix a typo
      tevent: Fix a comment typo
      tevent_poll: Fix a crash in the poll backend
      tevent_poll: Re-order routines
      tevent_poll: Use the poll_event_context_destructor always
      tevent_poll: NULL out fde->event_ctx for "fresh" poll fdes
      tevent_poll: Avoid a crash in poll_fresh_fde_destructor
      tevent_poll: Avoid a crash in poll_event_set_fd_flags
      Fix typo in warning message
      tdb: Pass argument "header" to tdb_new_database
      tdb: Pass argument "header" to check_header_hash
      tdb: Remove "header" from tdb_context
      torture: We use transactions for CLEAR_IF_FIRST db
      dbwrap: Prevent transactions on non-persistent dbs
      winbind: Fix an incompatible pointer type warning
      tdb: Fix a typo
      tdb: Enhance lock tracking a bit
      tdb: Use tdb_null in freelistcheck
      tdb: Simplify fcntl_lock() a bit
      tdb: Factor out the retry loop from tdb_allrecord_upgrade
      tdb: Don't segfault if tdb_open_ex for check failed
      tdb: Make tdb_release_transaction_locks use tdb_allrecord_unlock
      tdb: Slightly simplify transaction_write


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