[SCM] Samba Shared Repository - annotated tag ldb-1.1.16 created

Stefan Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Mon Jun 24 16:05:55 MDT 2013

The annotated tag, ldb-1.1.16 has been created
        at  f65b680fb3eac352a3e40b321c51af6d7561b217 (tag)
   tagging  4ca963926938917bf32af4eead61ded2a8275139 (commit)
  replaces  tdb-1.2.12
 tagged by  Stefan Metzmacher
        on  Tue Jun 25 00:04:29 2013 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
ldb: tag release ldb-1.1.16
Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux)


Andreas Schneider (3):
      krb5wrap: Move mask to the right position.
      s3-libads: Print the debug string of a failed call with LDAP_OTHER.
      tevent: Link the tutorial on the mainpage.

Andrew Bartlett (17):
      .gitignore: Tidy up after removal of the autoconf build
      Revert "s4-dsdb: Remove strcasecmp() fallback in replmd_ldb_message_element_attid_sort"
      auth: Remove "password level"
      docs: Do not encourage unix passwords, and remove reference to password level
      Remove remaining references to "password level" in the tree
      python samba-tool drs: Correctly print KCC references to deleted servers
      dsdb: Allow dsdb_find_dn_by_guid to show deleted DNs
      dsdb: Fix behaviour for when to update the USN when there is no change
      dsdb-tests ldap.py: Fix quoting of print statements
      dsdb-tests ldap.py: Add test for usn behaviour on certain changes
      dsdb repl_meta_data: Use dsdb_request_add_controls()
      build: Build with system md5.h on OpenIndiana
      s4-winbind: Add special case for BUILTIN domain
      ldb: Ensure not to segfault on a filter such as (mail=)
      build: Remove the struct MD5Context conf file check.
      ldb: Cope with substring match with no chunks in ldb_filter_from_tree
      ldb: bump version to allow a depencency on the substring crash fix

Björn Baumbach (1):
      s4-dfs_server: check for netbios aliases in ad_get_referrals

Christian Ambach (15):
      s3:utils/net_lookup fix a format-error
      s3:passdb/samba_dsdb fix a compiler warning
      s3:passdb/samba_dsdb fix some compiler warnings
      s3:passdb add idmap control functions
      s3:passdb add pdb_*_is_responsible_for* functions
      s3:lib/util_sid_passdb make use of pdb_is_responsible_for_* functions
      s3:passdb/pdb_samba_dsdb make the module handle well-known
      s3:passdb make pdb_sid_to_id honor backend responsibilities
      s3:passdb/pdb_ldap make the module handle well-known
      s3:passdb/pdb_ldap remove an unnecessary check
      s3:passdb/pdb_tdb add parameter to control handling of BUILTIN
      s3:passdb expose pdb_create_builtin function
      s3:utils/net_sam make use of pdb_create_builtin helper function
      s3:passdb add a gid argument to pdb_create_builtin_alias
      s3:passdb/pdb_util make pdb_create_builtin consider whether backend deals with BUILTIN

Christof Schmitt (3):
      smbd: Change logging when SET_OFFLINE is not supported
      Initialize the file descriptor in the files_struct before trying to close it. Otherwise, if one of the SETXATTR calls had failed, the close() call will return EBADF.
      vfs_streams_xattr: Do not attempt to write empty attribute twice

David Disseldorp (5):
      libsmb: add ABI/smbclient-0.2.1.sigs
      vfs_catia: use translate direction enum instead of int
      docs/vfs_catia: remove space-char mapping recommendation
      docs/vfs_catia: rework man page
      s3/smbclient: fix incorrect command tab completions

David Koňař (1):
      tevent: Add tevent tutorial files.

Jeremy Allison (14):
      Check for fstatat.
      Optimization on POSIX platforms that have fstatat.
      Add the ability to parse out the port to SMBC_parse_path().
      Add port argument to SMBC_attr_server(). Does nothing as yet.
      Add the port argument to SMBC_server().
      Plumb the 'port' parameter into the connect code.
      Add smbc_getPort(), smbc_setPort(). Bump the .so minor number.
      Fix xx_path() - return check from mkdir() is incorrect.
      Re-add umask(0) code removed by commit 3a7c2777ee0de37d758fe81d67d6836a8354825e
      Fix bug #9166 - Starting smbd or nmbd with stdin from /dev/null results in "EOF on stdin"
      Fix glusterfs backend crash found at the Microsoft interop event.
      Use existing "acl map full control" parameter to control the adding of the DELETE_CHILD parameter on NFSv4/ZFS/GPFS file ACE's.
      Add missing documentation for vfs_zfsacl.
      Note how vfs_gpfs uses the "acl map full control" parameter.

Matthias Dieter Wallnöfer (4):
      s4:samldb LDB module - "userAccountControl" = 0 means UF_NORMAL_ACCOUNT on add
      s4:samldb LDB module - permit "userAccountControl" modifications without acct. type
      s4:samr RPC server - dcesrv_samr_SetUserInfo() - password expiration
      s4:samldb LDB module - MS-SAMR "userAccountControl"

Michael Adam (3):
      s3:smbd: remove old comment about scavenger timer from vfs_default_durable_reconnect()
      s3:smbd: remove code duplication in smb2_create_send()
      s3:smbd: explain parameters in call to SMB_VFS_DURABLE_RECONNECT()

Partha Sarathi (1):
      Fix bug #9932 - Currently the maximum number of aces in an SD is limited to 1000, but Microsoft supports around 1800.

Ralph Wuerthner (2):
      Add "repack" command to tdbtool documentation.
      tdb: Fix typos.

Simo Sorce (1):
      lsa4: Fix a set but unused variable warning

Stefan Metzmacher (8):
      dsdb: use the correct talloc parent in dsdb_repl_merge_working_schema()
      dsdb: reset schema->{classes,attributes}_to_remove_size to 0
      s4:ldap_server: call irpc_add_name() at startup (bug #9905)
      s4:rpc_server: call irpc_add_name() at startup (bug #9905)
      s4:smb_server: call irpc_add_name() at startup (bug #9905)
      dsdb: use AS_SYSTEM | SHOW_RECYCLED for access check searches
      dsdb: don't allow a missing nTSecurityDescriptor in dsdb_get_sd_from_ldb_message()
      dsdb: remove a wrong comment in dsdb_check_access_on_dn_internal()

Steve French (1):
      Add missing SMB2/SMB3 share capability flag define

Volker Lendecke (22):
      docs: Fix a typo
      Revert "dbwrap: dbwrap_fetch_locked_timeout()."
      winreg3: Fix a const warning
      lib: Remove an unused variable
      smbd: Remove unused code
      smbd: Fix a const warning
      smbd: Fix a const warning
      librpc: Fix some "ignored asprint result" warnings
      smbd: Remove an unused variable
      tevent: Fix Coverity ID 989236 Operands don't affect result
      genrand: Slightly simplify do_reseed
      gencache: Simplify gencache_init a bit
      tsocket: Add some const
      libsmbclient: Fix typos
      librpc: Use tevent_req_poll_ntstatus
      librpc: Shorten dcerpc_binding_handle_call a bit
      dns: Fix CID 1034969 Uninitialized scalar variable
      Fix some blank line endings
      lsa4: Remove an unused variable
      lsa4: Remove an unused variable
      lsa4: Remove an unused variable
      lsa4: Fix a set but unused variable warning


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