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Stefan Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Tue Jun 4 08:27:57 MDT 2013

The annotated tag, tdb-1.2.12 has been created
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   tagging  d1feccb35e987545f4ae8e3f4eb0b4fc741e7e7e (commit)
  replaces  tevent-0.9.18
 tagged by  Stefan Metzmacher
        on  Tue Jun 4 16:28:29 2013 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
tdb: tag release tdb-1.2.12
Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux)


Abhidnya Joshi (2):
      s3:winbindd/autorid multiple range support
      docs-xml: manpage update for autorid multirange support

Alexander Bokovoy (4):
      wafsamba: fix samba_abi for default catch-all case
      s3-waf: filter out ldapsam internal init functions
      PASSDB: add support to set and enumerate UPN suffixes associated with our forest
      s3-netlogon: enumerate UPN suffixes from PASSDB when available

Alexander Werth (13):
      vfs: Fix compile of vfs_gpfs.c.
      vfs: Add inheritance emulation to vfs_nfs4acl_xattr.
      s4-smbtorture: Set result message when failing the inheritance test.
      s3: Move up declaration of params struct and related function.
      s3: Change smbacl4_get_vfs_params to use connection_struct instead of fsp.
      s3: Add params parameter to smbacl4_nfs42win function.
      s3: Mapping of special entries to creator owner in mode simple.
      s3: Mapping of cifs creator owner to nfs owner@ ace.
      s3: Add changes that keep nfs4:mode special behavior.
      s3: Use mode bits in some cases in mode simple.
      s3: Update README.nfs4acls.txt
      s3: Update vfs_gpfs man page with new nfs4:mode help text.
      s4-smbtorture: Run tests for nfs4:modes simple and special.

Amitay Isaacs (8):
      samba-tool/dns: Fix a typo in ttl variable name
      s4-dns: Print/Set minimumTTL value in SOA record
      s4-rpc: dnsserver: Fix removal of trailing '.' in soa mname
      s4-rpc: dnsserver: dns_name_equal() returns boolean
      s4-rpc: dnsserver: When updating SOA record, use the specified serial
      s4-dns: Support update of SOA records
      samba-tool/dns: Pass on additional flags when creating zones
      samba-tool/dns: Set secure zone update flag after creating new zone

Anand Avati (3):
      check_parent_exists() can change errno. Ensure we preserve it across calls.
      building RPMs on RHEL fail because of a typo.
      vfs_glusterfs: Samba VFS module for glusterfs

Andreas Schneider (35):
      winbind: Use talloc for allocating domain, dns, forest and dc name.
      winbind: Correctly use names in the domain struct.
      winbind: Fix samba3.winbind.struct test.
      waf: Correctly check for prctl in just one place.
      lib: Add prctl_set_comment to utils.
      s3-daemons: Set the comment field of the daemons.
      krb5_wrap: Make sure we don't dereference a NULL pointer.
      winbind: Fix no memory check in _wbint_PingDc().
      s4-client: Make sure entry is a valid string.
      s4-libregistry: Make sure we don't dereference a NULL pointer.
      s4-libregistry: Fix path check and improve while loops.
      gensec: recv_handler can't be NULL at that point.
      dsdb: Check for pointers before we deference them.
      s4-libregistry: Improve NULL handling of name.
      Make sure to set umask() before calling mkstemp().
      pidl: Add skip option to elements.
      ndr: Add ndr_ntprinting_string_flags() function.
      idl: Add flags for strings in ntprinting idl.
      ndr: Pass down string_flags in ndr_pull_ntprinting_printer().
      s3-net: Add encoding=<CP> to 'net printing migrate'.
      s3-net: Add encoding=<CP> to 'net printing dump'.
      torture: Add ntprinting latin1 test.
      torture: Update ndr README.
      BUG 9735: Fix winbind seperator in upn to username conversion.
      epm: Increase debug level for already registered endpoints.
      BUG 9758: Don't leak the epm_Map policy handle.
      BUG 9699: Fix adding case sensitive spn.
      BUG 9139: Fix the username map optimization.
      BUG 9766: Cache name_to_sid/sid_to_name correctly.
      BUG 9817: Fix 'map untrusted to domain' with NTLMv2.
      waf: Create a better wscript for finding ncurses.
      regedit: Don't panic if we can't open the file.
      regedit: Remove talloc leak report.
      regedit: Improve the while loop.
      regedit: Use color only when available.

Andrew Bartlett (144):
      build: Rename samba_python waf node to avoid duplicate name
      build: Change bin/default/python -> bin/python symlink to bin/default/python_modules
      samba-tool dbcheck: fix comment on err_wrong_sd
      samba-tool domain classicupgrade: Print a better error when the ldap backend PW was not found
      samba-tool domain classicupgrade: Fix typo in error path for multiple account flags
      samba-tool ldapcmp: Add --skip-missing-dn to not error on DNs present in one DB but not the other
      subunit: Add a sh macro for skipping a test
      scripting: Correct parsing of binary DN
      samba-tool dbcheck: fix msDS-HasInstantiatedNCs attributes to match instanceType on our ntdsDSA
      samba-tool ldapcmp: Add support for checking DNSDOMAIN and DNSFOREST by default
      selftest: Do an ldapcmp run against the upgraded domain
      selftest: Add in a provision from 4.0.0 to run tests against
      selftest: Add ldapcmp to ensure upgradeprovision of a fresh DB is a no-op
      selftest: Run dbcheck and improved upgrdeprovision tests against release-4-0-0
      selftest: Rename samba4.blackbox.upgradeprovision.py to samba4.blackbox.upgradeprovision.current
      samba_upgradeprovision: Remove auto-detection of pre-alpha9 databases
      scripting: Rework samba.upgradehelpers.get_diff_sddls to be get_diff_sds
      samba_upgradeprovision: Remove inherited ACEs before comparing the SDs
      samba_upgradeprovision: Remove unused checkKeepAttributeOldMtd
      samba_upgradeprovision: Remove alwaysRecalculate, this is too dangerous
      samba_upgradeprovision: only run rebuild_sd in --full mode
      samba_upgradeprovision: do not maintain dnNotToRecalculate as a list
      samba_upgradeprovision: Do not reset every DN when changing an SD
      selftest: Remove output directories to save disk space
      s4-lib/socket: Return the original EMSGSIZE when sendto() and setsockopt() both fail
      tsocket_bsd: Attempt to increase the SO_SNDBUF if we get EMSGSIZE in sendto()
      selftest: Fix specification of --machinepass to actually set a unique password
      net ads join: Add support for specifying the machine account password
      docs: Add documentation for osName and osVer
      param: Remove incorrectly added defaults in AD DC allowing WORLD WRITABLE files
      smbd:posix_acls Remove incorrectly added lp_create_mask() and lp_dir_mask() calls
      Revert "Ensure the masks don't conflict with the ACL checks."
      scripting: No longer install samba_upgradeprovision
      ccan: Cast getpid() result to unsigned int for GNU/Solaris build
      ntdb: Cast getpid() result to unsigned int for GNU/Solaris build
      lib/util: Cast mode_t result to unsigned int for GNU/Solaris build
      s4-ntvfs: Cast getpid() result to unsigned int for GNU/Solaris build
      s3-lib/server_prefork: Cast pid_t result to unsigned int for GNU/Solaris build
      s3-smbd/process.c: Cast pid_t result to int for GNU/Solaris build
      spoolssd: Cast getpid() result to unsigned int for GNU/Solaris build
      dbwrap: Cast getpid() result to unsigned int for GNU/Solaris build
      vfs_smb_traffic_analyzer: Cast mode_t to unsigned int for GNU/Solaris build
      s3-epmd: Cast getpid() result to unsigned int for GNU/Solaris build
      s3-lsad: Cast getpid() result to unsigned int for GNU/Solaris build
      examples/libsmbclient: Cast mode_t to unsigned int for GNU/Solaris build
      vfs-btrfs: Fix build on 32 bit platforms by using long long types
      build: Remove the forced use of only the first part of the compiler string
      build: Do not pass CPP="" to pidl, skip the env variable entirely
      scripting: Move the list of well known SDs to samba.provision.descriptor
      scripting: Fix documentation comment on upgradehelpers.py:get_clean_sd
      scripting: Make samba.provision.descriptor.get_wellknown_sds() return ldb.Dn objects
      scripting: Move samba.provision.descriptor to samba.descriptor
      scripting: Modify samba.descriptor.get_wellknown_sds() use samdb calls only
      scripting: Move get_diff_sds from samba.upgradehelpers to samba.descriptor
      samba-tool dbcheck: Add --reset-well-known-acls
      samba-tool dbcheck: Allow dbcheck to correct an nTSecurityDescriptor without an owner or group
      scripting: Modify samba.descriptor.get_diff_sds() to cope with a missing reference owner
      selftest: Add tests for samba-tool dbcheck --reset-well-known-acls
      samba-tool ldapcmp: Remove the GUID -> name mappings
      scripting: Fill the ProvisionNames hash with strings, not ldb.MessageElement or Dn
      auth/ntlmssp: Avoid use-after-free of user_info after logon failure at log level 5
      build: Replace #!/usr/bin/env python with passed in PYTHON=
      build: Remove extra space in shebang
      python-samba-tool domain classicupgrade: Make failure to connect directly to the LDAP backend fatal
      build: Raise minimum python version to 2.5.0 for samba build
      scripting-provision: Do not enforce domain != realm if we are joining an existing domain
      build: Move nfs4acl to the top level
      vfs: Add vfs_handle_struct argument to smb_set_nt_acl_nfs4 and the callback
      vfs: Allocate SMB4ACL_T on an explict memory context
      vfs: Remove unused security_info argument in vfz_zfsacl.c
      vfs: Add new VFS module vfs_nfs4acl_xattr to use nfs4acl.idl
      build: Add vfs_nfs4acl to the autoconf build
      librpc: Add special owner/group/other constants to nfs4acl.idl
      selftest: Run raw.acls test against the nfs4acl_xattr module
      vfs: Allow CREATOR GROUP to be used with vfs_zfsacl
      build: Add missing dep from vfs_nfs4acl_xattr to NDR_NFS4ACL
      build: Blacklist the release-4-0-0 provision as well
      gensec: Make the no-hostname status message much less scary
      s3-rpc_server: Ensure we are root when starting and usiing gensec
      build: Do not set PATH in install_with_python now we set $PYTHON
      python-samba-tool domain classicupgrade: Skip machine accounts that do not end in $
      python-samba-tool domain classicupgrade: Actually Skip domain trust accounts
      pdb_ldap: Do not skip accounts without a sambaAcctFlags value
      python-samba-tool domain classicupgrade: Correct message about re-promoting BDCs
      samba-tool dbcheck: Use dsdb.DS_GUID_DELETED_OBJECTS_CONTAINER rather than the literal value
      python-samba-tool domain classicupgrade: Use transactions when adding users/groups/members
      dsdb-repl: Allow the name attribute (and name-based schema lookups) to be skipped in dsdb_repl_make_working_schema()
      dsdb-schema: Print clear debug message when we find a OID in our local DB we cannot convert
      rpc_server-drsuapi: Include the failing DN when unable to convert DB objects to DRS
      autobuild.py add ntdb to the samba-libs task, to ensure it works as an external library
      dsdb: Expand on what the error finding the ntSecurityDescriptor was in acl_read
      auth: Ensure auth_sam is not used on the AD DC
      build: Update md5.h detection in waf and autoconf to use sys/md5.h and -lmd
      docs: Remove out of date and unmaintained Speed page from the HOWTO
      docs: Remove TOSHARG-HighAvailability which is made obsolete by CTDB
      docs: Fix small errors in TOSHARG-Compiling
      lib/replace: Set BROKEN_STRNLEN and BROKEN_STRNDUP on all AIX
      build: Build all of samba in autoconf make test
      build: Remove binaries and libraries build groups
      build: Rework BSD_STYLE_STATVFS check to match autoconf build
      examples: Move example smb.conf over to "server role"
      examples: Remove default printing form example smb.conf
      examples: Remove password server from example smb.conf
      examples: Remove browser and DC settings from example smb.conf
      smbd: Fix build on platforms that will not support var = {} initialisation
      build: Do not always regenerate the version.h file
      build: Remove old create-tarball release script
      build: Remove unused expand-includes.pl
      lib/replace: Remove unused install-sh
      build: Remove mkinstalldirs
      build: Remove duplicate call to bld.SYMBOL_CHECK()
      docs: Remove all references to testprns
      build: Install smbtar in waf build
      autobuild: Remove samba3 and samba3-ctdb targets to allow autoconf removal for 4.1
      build: No longer run autogen.sh during tarball creation
      build: Remove autoconf build system
      build: Remove unused install-sh
      build: Remove unused script/mkversion.sh
      build: Remove autoconf directory no longer needed
      Remove stub ldb_version.h and source3/include/autoconf as no longer needed
      Remove now-unused s3-selftest.sh wrapper
      build: Remove unused build_idl.sh
      Remove lib/netapi autoconf build system, this is now build with waf
      build: Remove unused build_idl.sh
      build: Remove unused install*.sh scripts
      build: Remove unused uninstall*.sh scripts
      build: Remove unused revert.sh script
      build: Remove unused linkmodules.sh script
      build: Remove unused preproc-dummy.c
      docs: Document removal of the autoconf build system
      param: Remove _SAMBA_BUILD_ checks from now the autoconf build is gone
      lib/util/modules.c: Remove #if SAMBA_BUILD_ == 3 now we only have the waf build
      nsswitch: Remove #if SAMBA_BUILD_ >= 4 now we only have the waf build
      passdb-machine_account_secrets: Remove #if SAMBA_BUILD_ == 4 now we only have the waf build
      build: Remove autoconf build system from examples/VFS
      selftest: VFSLIBDIR is not needed, the waf build knows where to find modules automatically
      build: Remove unused credentials_samba3.c
      build: Remove feature tests for variables now always provided
      build: Remove unused tool for config.h comparison
      build: Remove unused mkbuildoptions.awk
      dsdb-linked_attributes: Do not crash if the target GUID can not be found
      dsdb-repl_meta_data: Handle renames better, considering only the RDN as given, and then the parent as given
      torture: Add tests of rename behaviour to replica_sync.py
      dsdb-repl_meta_data: Move TODO comment about conflicts and missing parents

Björn Baumbach (1):
      docs: smb.conf: fix max read/write/trans default values (bug #9871)

Björn Jacke (4):
      winbind/idmap_ad: be verbose about the user that we fail to map
      docs/rpcdaemon: some formating fixes
      doc: some fixes for vfs_full_audit man page
      docs: mention AD prerequirements for using idmap_ad

C. Davis (50):
      s3: Wrap calls to the s3 registry API.
      Support s3 local access with the s4 libregistry framework
      regedit: Add regedit main source file
      regedit: First crack at linking to ncurses.
      regedit: Initial import of treeview code
      regedit: Setup a test tree view of HKLM.
      regedit: Make all hives browsable.
      regedit: Print the registry path.
      regedit: List values for the selected key.
      regedit: Print value summary, fix heap corruption and path printing.
      regedit: Don't overwrite the '/' when printing path.
      regedit: Use tab key to switch between key and value sections.
      regedit: Take into account that getch() may return a '\n' instead of KEY_ENTER.
      regedit: Introduce dialog windows.
      regedit: Improve calculation for centering dialogs.
      regedit: Link to ncurses form library
      regedit: Import hex editor.
      regedit: Some work on dialogs.
      regedit: Don't refresh treeview and value list.
      regedit: Value editor changes.
      regedit: Save contents of value editor.
      regedit: Add new value type selection dialog.
      regedit: Really delete value.
      regedit: Don't pass empty value names to new_item().
      regedit: Simplify notice dialogs, don't overwrite existing values.
      regedit: Add an input dialog.
      regedit:hexedit: make sure cursor is updated on physical screen.
      regedit: Initialize hexedit buf with data if available.
      regedit: Edit binary values with hexedit.
      regedit: Delete and add keys.
      regedit: Create subkeys.
      regedit: Handle term resizes.
      regedit: Update dialog position on screen resize.
      regedit: Improve padding for value summary.
      regedit: Uese a pad for path label.
      regedit: Cut off the front of the path when screen width is too small.
      regedit: Prefer copywin() over prefresh() for displaying path.
      regedit: Add help msgs for key and value sections at bottom of screen.
      regedit: Reduce magic numbers in edit dialog, clean up edit dialog creation.
      regedit: Print help on left side of screen instead of the right.
      regedit: Add a general help section.
      regedit: Restore cursor position when user tabs to a field.
      regedit: Enable using tab to cycle thru dialog buttons.
      regedit: Add missing copyright headers to hexedit code.
      regedit: Fix white space and wrap long lines.
      regedit: Simplify the editor dialog input loop.
      regedit: Load values on startup.
      regedit: Handle zero-length buffers better with hexedit.
      regedit: Add an edit binary command.
      regedit: Mark string values if they contain unprintable chars.

Christian Ambach (25):
      s3:libnet increase timeout for machine password change
      s3: remove some dead code (for setdir command)
      s3:include bump profile memory area version number
      s3:smbstatus do not print orphaned share entries
      s3:smbd increase a loglevel
      s3:smbd stop working on a dead client socket
      s3:registry increase a debug level
      s3:rpc_server increase a debug level
      s3:locking add NDR debug in share_mode_forall
      s3:utils/dbwrap_tool add exists operation
      docs-xml: document dbwrap_tool exists
      lib/replace: prefer inttypes.h over stdint.h
      lib/replace: add SCNx macros
      s3:lib fix wrong usage of PRIu64 in sscanf
      s3:utils fix wrong usage of PRIu64 in sscanf
      s3:modules/vfs_aixacl2 fix compile errors
      s4:torture fix a build break on AIX
      tdb: include information about hash function being used in tdbtool info output
      s3:include remove non-blank line endings
      s3:lib/dbwrap add missing curly braces
      nsswitch: fix some typos
      waf: only use -fstack-protector when both compiler and linker support it
      waf: build vfs_aixacl2 module by default on AIX
      s3:lib/ctdb_conn make sure we are root before connecting to CTDB
      s3:lib/ctdb_packet use sys_send in packet_fd_write

Christof Schmitt (11):
      s3-winbindd: Move common code for LDAP id mapping to idmap_utils
      s3-winbindd: Move idmap_fetch_secret to idmap_utils.c for reuse
      s3-winbindd: Move code for verifying ADS connection to common helper function
      s3-winbindd: Use common helper function for connecting to ADS
      s3-winbindd: Move connection to AD server from idmap_ad
      s3-winbindd: Add new module idmap_rfc2307
      s3-docs: Add manpage for idmap_rfc2307 module
      s3-net: Allow setting the ldap password for idmap_rfc2307
      packaging(RHEL-CTDB): Add idmap_rfc2307 module
      Add testcase for idmap_rfc2307 module
      winbind: Print error code on connection error in ping_dc

David Disseldorp (15):
      s3-vfs: add vfs_btrfs module
      doc: add vfs_btrfs man page
      ntvfs: support setfileinfo with FULL_EA_INFORMATION
      Bug 9807 - wbinfo: fix segfault in wbinfo_pam_logon
      netcmd/dns: fix typo
      bug 9830: fix panic in nt_printer_publish_ads
      waf: add --with[out]-pie configure arguments
      waf: build position independent executables
      libsmbconf: add smbconf_create_set_share
      waf: build PIEs if supported by the compiler
      printing: explicitly clear PUBLISHED attribute
      Fix bug 9900: is_printer_published GUID retrieval
      torture: add AD printer publishing test
      torture: support printer publish pending responses
      Bug 8997: change libreplace GPL source to LGPL

Gregor Beck (14):
      s3:registry accept windows like long hivenames
      util_tdb: add function tdb_data_string()
      s3:net registry check: use tdb_data_string()
      s3:smbXsrv_open: factor out smbXsrv_open_global_parse_record
      s3:smbXsrv_open: add function smbXsrv_open_cleanup()
      s3:locking:brlock: use serverids_exist to validate_lock_entries
      s3:locking:brlock: let validate_lock_entries keep entries for disconnected servers in traverses
      s3:locking:brlock: add function brl_cleanup_disconnected()
      s3:locking: no need to make a file_id passed by value a constant
      s3:locking: improve debug output of parse_share_modes()
      s3:locking: add function share_mode_cleanup_disconnected()
      s3:smbd: add a scavenger process for disconnected durable handles
      s3:smbd: call scavenger_schedule_disconnected() from close normal file for durable handles
      s4:torture:smb2 delete temp memory context in test_durable_open_oplock_disconnect

Guenter Kukkukk (14):
      Fix the build: net_serverid.c has 3 wrong format strings for 64bit vars
      vfs_catia: add debug class for that module
      vfs_catia: fix the translation to "vfs_translate_to_windows"
      vfs_catia: fix the completely outdated manual page
      vfs_catia: add a sample for filename mapping to the manual page
      vfs_catia: add my copyright
      vfstest: fix the "-c" multiple-command option
      vfs_catia: write a testcase - add a translate command to vfstest
      vfs_catia: testcase - implement vfstest additions
      vfs_catia: testcase - add missing pieces
      vfstest: update the manual page
      samba-tool - MX records cannot be deleted (error in called C-program)
      samba-tool - MX records cannot be deleted (part2)
      s4-dns: set TTL value in the NS server part of the SOA record

Günther Deschner (20):
      spoolss: Fix two size elements in the devmode private spoolss_JTEXP struct.
      spoolss: fix string types in spoolss_JTEXP.
      spoolss: add [ms_union] to spoolss.idl where appropriate.
      s4-torture: add missing NTSTATUS checks in test_AddJob().
      spoolss: add idl for spoolss_RpcSendRecvBidiData.
      spoolss: make more container objects public for iremotewinspool.
      spoolss: fill in IDL for JobNamedProperty calls.
      spoolss: make RPC_PrintNamedProperty public
      spoolss: add spoolss_MonitorContainer IDL.
      s4-torture: add test for spoolss_RpcEnumJobNamedProperties.
      s4-torture: add simple test for spoolss_RpcSendRecvBidiData.
      s4-torture: add ndr test for spoolss_GetCorePrinterDrivers.
      s4-torture: add ndr test for spoolss_RpcSetJobNamedProperty.
      s4-torture: also deal with "Microsoft XPS Document Writer v4" as default driver.
      spoolss: fill in IDL for spoolss_DeletePrintProcessor.
      doserr: add mapping for WERR_PRINT_PROCESSOR_ALREADY_INSTALLED.
      s4-torture: add simple tests for spoolss_{Add|Delete}PrintProcessor.
      selftest: mark the spoolss add print processor tests as knownfail for now.
      s4-torture: No need to disable rpc.spoolss.win test when compiled with MIT kerberos.
      s4-torture: Always compile backupkey ndr testsuite.

Ira Cooper (2):
      waf: add -fstack-protector to LDFLAGS if detected.
      tsocket: ENOMEM can be retried on illumos/Solaris.

Jean Raby (1):
      Avoid leaking temp file if an exception is raised

Jelmer Vernooij (1):
      Move python modules from source4/scripting/python/ to python/.

Jeremy Allison (66):
      Fix bug #9724 - is_encrypted_packet() function incorrectly used inside server.
      libcli/smb: smb1cli_inbuf_parse_chain() and smb1cli_conn_dispatch_incoming() should use smb_len_tcp.
      s3:smbd: Fix off-by 4 error in wrap protection code in create_outbuf()
      s3:smbd: Remove server_will_accept_large_read() and erroneous comment.
      s3:smbd: Add functions calc_max_read_pdu()/calc_read_size() to work out the length we should return.
      s3:torture: Add new LARGE_READX test to investigate large SMBreadX behavior.
      s3:selftest: Add LARGE_READX test into our make test infrastructure.
      Solaris/Illumos/Nexenta creates pipes that are bi-directional by default.
      Fix tevent testsuite issue on Solaris.
      Fix bug #9733 - smbcontrol close-share is not working.
      Optimization suggested by Volker. Don't do a stat system call on normal read path.
      Fix bad SMB2 opcode reading in server.
      Ensure we can never return an uninitialized EA list.
      Modify fill_ea_chained_buffer() to be able to do size calculation only, no marshalling.
      Change estimate_ea_size() to correctly estimate the EA size over SMB2.
      Fix bug #9130 - Certain xattrs cause Windows error 0x800700FF
      Fix bug #9130 - Certain xattrs cause Windows error 0x800700FF
      Add a test to show that zero-length EA's are never returned over SMB2.
      Ensure we don't return uninitialized memory in the pad bytes.
      Final fix for bug #9130 - Certain xattrs cause Windows error 0x800700FF
      Ensure EA value is allocated on the right context.
      Change source3/modules/vfs_dirsort.c from MALLOC -> TALLOC.
      Protect against early error in SMB_VFS_NEXT_READDIR.
      Use an index i rather than re-using a state variable.
      Protect open_and_sort_dir() from the directory changing size.
      Clean error paths in opendir and fd_opendir by only setting handle data on success.
      Check SMB_VFS_NEXT_OPENDIR return in dirsort_opendir().
      Convert mtime from a time_t to a struct timespec.
      Remove the use of dirfd inside the vfs_dirsort.c.
      Remove unneeded initializations (we already talloc_zero).
      Ensure we test the dirsort module in make test.
      Maintain a back-pointer to the fsp in struct smb_Dir when opening with FDOPENDIR.
      In the struct smb_Dir destructor, use the fsp back pointer to release resources.
      Remove the "Ugly hack" that was the second use of dirfd().
      Remove dependency on detection of HAVE_DIRFD for use of fdopendir().
      Cleanup. Remove unused function dptr_DirCacheAdd(). Make DirCacheAdd() static.
      Ensure we don't do an SMB2 aio write if RECVFILE is active.
      If we already have an smb1req attached to the struct smbd_smb2_request, don't recreate it.
      Add function smbd_smb2_unread_bytes().
      Allow smbd_smb2_request_error_ex() to cope with unread bytes on error.
      Add utility function get_min_receive_file_size().
      Add extra fields into struct smbd_smb2_request_read_state to support receivefile.
      Add stub static function that will turn on/off receivefile code path.
      The guts of the receivefile code changes.
      Add the internals of is_smb2_recvfile_write.
      Ensure drain_socket() operates on a blocking socket.
      Ensure the RECVFILE path in vfs_write_data() operates on a blocking socket.
      Ensure the RECVFILE path in vfs_pwrite_data() operates on a blocking socket.
      Fix bug in old create temp SMB request. Only use VFS functions.
      Add early return in file_set_dosmode() on a read only share.
      Remove indentation around code wrapped by unneeded CAN_WRITE.
      Ensure we don't try the open_file_fchmod() if we can't write to the file.
      Check for WRITE_ACCESS on the file before overriding an EACCESS.
      Fix bug #9822 - Samba crashing during Win8 sync.
      Fix warnings and one compile error caused by newer gcc 4.7.
      Allow "store dos attributes" to override the other "map XXX" parameters.
      Fix up the man pages to explain that "store dos attributes" overrides them.
      Only do the 1 second delay for sharing violations for SMB1, not SMB2.
      Ensure we don't try and cancel anything that is in a compound-related request.
      Move a variable into the area of code where it's used.
      The core of the fix to allow opens to go async inside a compound request.
      Remove the compound_related_in_progress state from the smb2 global state.
      Remove a bunch of "unused variable _relative_save_offset" warnings.
      Tidy up old bool usage. False -> false, True -> true.
      Fix missing TALLOC_FREE of stackframes.

Kai Blin (16):
      debug: Add debugclass for DNS server
      dns: Use new DNS debugclass in DNS server
      dns: Also add a print-out for the out_packet
      dns: Add support for MX queries
      dns: more debug debug options in the tests
      dns: Fix allocation of txt_record in txt record tests
      debug: Add ability to dump_data per debug class
      librpc: Add NDR_PRINT_DEBUGC to ndr print to a debug class
      dns: Also print packet information for DBGC_DNS
      swat: Remove swat.
      idl: Add support for parsing OPT records
      dns: Support larger queries when asking forwarder
      idl: Add DNS RP record support as per RFC 1183
      idl: Add DNS HINFO record support
      dns: Delete dnsNode objects when they are empty
      libcli: Remove uneeded debug message

Karolin Seeger (20):
      docs-xml: Fix typo in vfs_smb_traffic_analyzer.8.xml.
      lib/subunit/README: Fix typo.
      lib/testtools/testtools/tests/test_testresult.py: Fix typos.
      pidl/TODO: Fix typo.
      Wireshark/Conformance.pm: Fix typo.
      netcmd/group.py: Fix typo.
      samba_tool/base.py: Fix typo.
      source3/libsmb/ntlmssp.c: Fix typo.
      source3/modules/vfs_catia.c: Fix typo in comment.
      source3/utils/ntlm_auth.c: Fix typo in debug message.
      source4/TODO: Fix typo.
      source4/auth/kerberos/kerberos-notes.txt: Fix typo.
      source4/dsdb/samdb/ldb_modules/local_password.c: Fix typo in comment.
      source4/dsdb/schema/schema_convert_to_ol.c: Fix typo in comment.
      source4/winbind/wb_samba3_cmd.c: Fix typo in comment.
      docs-xml/.gitignore: manpages-3 has been moved to manpages.
      build-htmlman-git: manpages-3 has been moved to manpages.
      build-htmlman-nogit: manpages-3 has been moved to manpages.
      build-htmlman-git: Run build-htmlman-git with bash.
      build-htmlman-nogit: Run build-htmlman-nogit with bash.

Landon Fuller (2):
      Remove incomplete check for IPv6 link-local addresses.
      Handle EMSGSIZE on UNIX domain sockets.

Matthias Dieter Wallnöfer (1):
      s4:dsdb python tests - set the executable flag

Matthieu Patou (28):
      s4:dsdb: Fix warnings about not set / set but unused / shadowed variables
      fileserver: raise the debug level for share connection from non IPC to 2
      libsmb: call directly tevent_req_simple_finish_ntstatus
      configure: print a message when docbook.xsl is missing localy
      selftest: Output error when samba_tool user command fails
      selftest: do not run doc tests if we don't build manpages
      dsdb: make the name of non related class more obvious
      Export PROMOTED_DC related variable
      selftests-drs: make our generated class subclass of classschema
      dsdb-drepl: create a new schedulable event for running pending operations
      samba-tool/tests: Force the gecos of the user to a fixed value.
      drsuapi: Debug more clearly why NC is bad in updateRefs
      dsdb-schema: remove looping on all schema classes for system_possible_inferrior
      operational: remove double loops
      buildtools: Fix compilation warnings
      Fix a warning about a shadowed variable by renaming the shadowing var
      Fix warnings about set but unused variables
      Fix a warning about a set but unused variable by actually using it
      Fix more unused vars
      Fix warning by setting the variable from GUID to const GUID
      smbtorture: fix crash when the returning a crackname with an empty name
      smbtorture: fix a warning due to a set but unused var
      smbtorture: Show the list of cracknames we expect to have and the result
      ldb_tdb: Warn when reindexing is done
      dsdb-schema: make deduplication of class and schema possible (bug #8680)
      libnet-vampire: add attributes and classes from the replicated schema to the bootstrap schema (bug #8680)
      dsdb-drs: when replicating schema object checks ask for removal of previous version if exists (bug #8680)
      selftest: Improve test coverage of DRS (bug #8680)

Michael Adam (24):
      s3:idmap: fix a debug message and lower its level
      s3:smbd:smb2: fix setting of scavenge timeout when reconnecting durable handles
      s3:locking:brlock: improve the comment for the brl self cleaning code
      s3:locking:brlock: explain the lockdb_clean semantic better in brl_reconnect_disconnected()
      s4:torture:smb2:durable_v2: remove an unused variable
      s3:smbd:smb2:scavenger: fix format error for debugging open_persistent_id in scavenger_timer()
      regedit: load the configuration after processing the command line
      s3:idmap:autorid: rename domainnum to rangenum
      s3:idmap:autorid: rename autorid_domain_config --> autorid_range_config and instances to "range"
      s3:idmap:autorid: rename autorid_range_config.sid to domsid, along with instances
      s3:idmap:autorid: rename range.multiplier to domain_range_index
      s3:idmap:autorid: make calculation in idmap_autorid_sid_to_id much more obvious
      s3:idmap:autorid: calculate the range's low_id in idmap_autorid_get_domainrange()
      s3:idmap:autorid: simplify the id->sid calculation
      s3:idmap:autorid: add a comment block explaining the calculations
      docs: update the description of the formulas in the idmap_autorid manpage
      build: simplify ncurses checks: --with-regedit does not take a path list
      build: fix --with-regedit to properly honour the yes/no/auto scheme
      build: default --with-regedit to "auto" instead of "yes"
      s4:idmap: break account_type check lines for readability in idmap_sid_to_xid()
      libsmbconf: fix documentation of transaction calls.
      net: use smbconf_create_set_share() in "net conf import"
      autobuild: remove remnants of removed samba3 targets
      build: Add missing new line to replaced python shebang line. (Fix bug #9909)

Michael Wood (3):
      WHATSNEW: Fix 4.0 default for allow dns updates.
      docs: Avoid mentioning a possibly misleading option.
      param_table: Remove misleading allow dns updates options.

Peng Haitao (3):
      When '--policies-reset' is success, the exit code should be 0.
      When message-type is drvupgrade, MSG_DEBUG should be replaced with MSG_PRINTER_DRVUPGRADE.
      smbcquotas.c: fix a bug of -t

Ralph Wuerthner (4):
      s3:lib/charcnv fix typo in pull_ascii_base_talloc()
      s3:smbd: do not access data behind req->buf+req->buflen in srvstr_get_path_req_wcard()
      s3:smbd: convert srvstr_pull_req_talloc() into a function
      s3:smbd: do not access data behind req->buf+req->buflen in srvstr_pull_req_talloc()

Richard Sharpe (8):
      Correct the name of the nss_winbind module for FreeBSD by creating a symlink
      Call smb_panic when we try to exit the server uncleanly. This gives us the normal traceback and memory dump, but also runs the normal panic action.
      Make sure that we only propogate the INHERITED flag when we are allowed to.
      Add a comment about why we are removing the INHERITED bit so people understand.
      Add a test that shows the difference between Windows and Samba with respect to DeleteOnClose.
      Tests processing an oplock break within a compound SMB2 request.
      Make sure that if an smbd is exiting because of an error we let the user know.
      Revert my accidental commit.

Ricky Nance (1):
      samba-tool group list: add more info to samba-tool group list

Rusty Russell (14):
      vfs_btrfs: fix compile on 32-bit platforms.
      ntdb: don't call open hook when re-opening an existing database.
      Revert "vfs_btrfs: fix compile on 32-bit platforms."
      ccan: fix HAVE_BSWAP_64 for autoconf.
      autoconf: build in NTDB.
      source4/scripting/python/samba/samba3: handle ntdb files.
      lib/param: lpcfg_private_db_path()
      secrets: use lpcfg_private_db_path() convenience helper.
      libcli/auth: convert to dbwrap.
      schannel_store.tdb: make it schannel_store.ntdb if 'use ntdb'.
      Samba3-HOWTO: mention NTDB.
      source4/cluster and source4/ntvfs: convert to dbwrap, add ntdb option.
      ntdb: remove --disable-ntdb.
      tdb: fix logging of offets and lengths.

Sam Lang (2):
      Implements a vfs module for cephfs, a distributed file system
      source4/libcli: Only set ctemp set on success

Scott Lovenberg (1):
      Documentation: Add a warning to "socket options"

Shekhar Amlekar (1):
      s3:rpc_server/srvsvc check access before doing work

Stef Walter (1):
      getpass: Don't fail if stdin is not a tty

Stefan Gohmann (1):
      s4-dns: dlz_bind9: Check result to avoid segfault

Stefan Metzmacher (38):
      libcli/smb: add SMB_CAP_LEGACY_CLIENT_MASK define
      s3:libsmb: make use of SMB_CAP_LEGACY_CLIENT_MASK instead of SMB_CAP_CLIENT_MASK
      libcli/smb: defer failing for missing NEGOTIATE_SECURITY_SIGNATURES_ENABLED
      s3:libsmb: let cli_read_andx_create() accept any length
      s3:smbd: keep global_client_caps and max_send from the first successful session setup
      s3:smbd: remove silly (SMB_OFF_T_BITS == 64) checks
      s3:smbd: add some const to req_is_in_chain()
      s4:smb_server: fix large read_andx requests
      s4:torture: raw.read fix large reads against windows
      s4:torture: let raw.read accept larger reads than 0x10000
      s3:waf fix build on AIX
      libcli/auth: avoid using transactions a chainlock is enough
      s3:lib/gencache: place gencache.tdb into /var/cache/samba
      s3:lib/server_mutex: open mutex.tdb with CLEAR_IF_FIRST
      s3:modules: fix the build of vfs_notify_fam (bug #9545)
      wafsamba: display the default value in help for SAMBA3_ADD_OPTION
      s3:wscript: change --with-dmapi to default=auto to match the autoconf build
      s3:winbindd: avoid usage of procid_self()
      s4:torture/smb2: add NTCREATEX_SHARE_ACCESS_DELETE in smb2_generic_create_share()
      libcli/smb: add SMB2_LEASE_FLAG_* defines
      s4:libcli/smb2: add support for SMB2 LEASES v2
      s4:torture/smb2: add smb2_lease_v2_create_share() helper
      s4:torture/smb2: add v2 lease requests
      Revert "Remove a bunch of "unused variable _relative_save_offset" warnings."
      pidl:NDR/Parser: correctly set $ndr->[relative_highest_]offset for relative_short pointers
      talloc: only provide the --enable-talloc-compat1 in standalone build
      doc-xml/smbdotconf: fix server [min|max] protocol documentation
      lib/param: remove unused 'printer_admin'
      dsdb-schema: schema_fill_possible_inferiors() should rebuild everthing
      dsdb-repl: split out dsdb_repl_resolve_working_schema
      dsdb-repl: merge the logic from libnet_vampire_cb_apply_schema()
      libnet-vampire: make use of dsdb_repl_resolve_working_schema()
      tdb: add a 'new_size' helper variable to tdb_expand_file()
      tdb: add overflow/ENOSPC handling to tdb_expand_file()
      tdb: add overflow detection to tdb_expand_adjust()
      tdb: add proper OOM/ENOSPC handling to tdb_expand()
      s4:winbind: don't leak libnet_context into the main event context
      tdb: change version to tdb-1.2.12

Vadim Zhukov (2):
      More generic check for OpenBSD platform
      pidl: Recent Perl warns about "defined(@var)" constructs.

Volker Lendecke (193):
      tdb: Slightly simplify tdb_expand_file
      smbd: Fix a typo
      wkssvc: Fix bug 9727, NULL pointer dereference
      smbd: Tune "dir" a bit.
      dbwrap: Use tdb_null in db_ctdb_delete
      smbd: Avoid sending 0-sized keys to dbwrap
      tdb: Little format change
      tdb: Fix blank line endings
      ctdb-conn: Add ctdbd_parse
      dbwrap-ctdb: Use ctdbd_parse in db_ctdb_parse_record
      ctdb-conn: remove ctdbd_fetch
      dbwrap-ctdb: Avoid a talloc_stackframe()
      smbd: Avoid some talloc_realloc in notify_internal
      smbd: Slightly simplify notify_trigger
      smbd: Slightly simplify notify_trigger
      smbd: We don't collect our own vnn anymore
      smbd: Remove an optimization that became unnecessary
      dbwrap: Add a comment explaining a restriction
      libsmbclient: Fix cli_session_setup_guest_send
      tevent: Only set poll_ev->delete=false if it was true
      doc: Document performance impact of "hide unxx" parameters
      pylibsmb: Avoid a segfault if no credentials are passed to libsmb.Conn()
      winbindd: Avoid a fd leak when we can not fork
      vfs_fake_perms: Slightly streamline code
      vfs_fake_perms: Slightly streamline code
      vfs_fake_perms: Fix bug 9775, segfault for "artificial" conn_structs
      libsmbclient: Fix a leak on talloc_tos()
      libsmbclient: Avoid a data copy
      libsmbclient: Factor out cli_session_setup_get_principal
      libsmbclient: Slightly simplify cli_session_setup_spnego
      libsmbclient: Factor out cli_session_setup_get_account
      libsmbclient: Add async cli_session_setup_ntlmssp
      libsmbclient: Remove unused cli_session_setup_ntlmssp()
      libsmbclient: Add async cli_session_setup
      libsmbclient: Remove unused sync wrappers
      libsmbclient: Make cli_connect_sock async
      libsmbclient: Avoid a talloc_strdup in cli_connect_nb
      libsmbclient: Add async cli_connect_nb
      libsmbclient: Remove unused cli_connect_sock
      libsmbclient: Make cli_start_connection async
      libsmbclient: Use tevent_req_poll_ntstatus in cli_tcon_andx
      libsmbclient: Streamline cli_tcon_andx a bit
      libsmbclient: Use tevent_req_poll_ntstatus in cli_openx
      libsmbclient: Streamline cli_openx a bit
      libsmbclient: Make cli_raw_tcon async
      libsmbclient: Make cli_tree_connect async
      libsmbclient: Make cli_full_connection async
      libsmbclient: Use async cli_full_connection in python connection setup
      smbd: Fix an error return in change_dir_owner_to_parent
      lib: Add cp_smb_filename
      lib: Convert copy_smb_filename to use cp_smb_filename
      vfs: Convert unlink_acl_tdb to cp_smb_filename
      vfs: Convert posix_eadb_unlink to cp_smb_filename
      vfs: Convert shadow_copy2_unlink to cp_smb_filename
      vfs: Convert shadow_copy2_ntimes to cp_smb_filename
      vfs: Convert xattr_tdb_unlink to cp_smb_filename
      vfs: Convert streams_xattr_unlink to cp_smb_filename
      vfs: Convert recycle_file_exists to cp_smb_filename
      vfs: Convert recycle_get_file_size to cp_smb_filename
      vfs: Convert recycle_do_touch to cp_smb_filename
      vfs: Convert catia_rename to cp_smb_filename
      vfs: Convert catia_unlink to cp_smb_filename
      vfs: Convert catia_ntimes to cp_smb_filename
      vfs: Convert alloc_get_client_smb_fname to cp_smb_filename
      vfs: Convert cap_rename to cp_smb_filename
      vfs: Convert cap_unlink to cp_smb_filename
      vfs: Convert cap_ntimes to cp_smb_filename
      smbd: Convert smbd_smb2_close to cp_smb_filename
      smbd: Convert smbd_dirptr_get_entry to cp_smb_filename
      smbd: Convert rename_internals_fsp to cp_smb_filename
      smbd: Convert copy_file to cp_smb_filename
      smbd: Convert fsp_set_smb_fname to cp_smb_filename
      smbd: Convert call_trans2qfilepathinfo to cp_smb_filename
      smbd: Convert smb_set_file_size to cp_smb_filename
      smbd: Convert smb_set_file_unix_basic to cp_smb_filename
      smbd: Convert call_trans2setfilepathinfo to cp_smb_filename
      smbd: Make copy_smb_filename static
      lib: Add synthetic_smb_fname
      vfs: Convert afsacl_get_nt_acl to synthetic_smb_fname
      vfs: Convert hpuxacl_sys_acl_set_file to synthetic_smb_fname
      lib: Make create_synthetic_smb_fname use synthetic_smb_fname
      lib: Remove unused copy_smb_filename
      lib: Add synthetic_smb_fname_split
      lib: Make create_synthetic_smb_fname_split use synthetic_smb_fname_split
      vfs: Convert xattr_tdb_get_file_id to synthetic_smb_fname
      vfs: Convert streams_xattr_fstat to synthetic_smb_fname
      vfs: Convert streams_xattr_open to synthetic_smb_fname
      vfs: Convert streams_xattr_streaminfo to synthetic_smb_fname
      vfs: Convert recycle_unlink to synthetic_smb_fname
      vfs: Convert gpfsacl_emu_chmod to synthetic_smb_fname
      vfs: Convert vfs_gpfs_chmod to synthetic_smb_fname
      vfs: Convert fake_acls_sys_acl_delete_def_file to synthetic_smb_fname
      vfs: Convert stream_dir to synthetic_smb_fname
      vfs: Convert stream_smb_fname to synthetic_smb_fname
      vfs: Convert streams_depot_open to synthetic_smb_fname
      vfs: Convert streams_depot_unlink to synthetic_smb_fname
      vfs: Convert streams_depot_rmdir to synthetic_smb_fname
      vfs: Convert collect_one_stream to synthetic_smb_fname
      vfs: Convert streams_depot_streaminfo to synthetic_smb_fname
      vfs: Convert vfswrap_fs_capabilities to synthetic_smb_fname
      vfs: Convert non_posix_sys_acl_blob_get_file_helper to synthetic_smb_fname
      smbd: Convert vfs_default_durable_reconnect to synthetic_smb_fname
      smbd: Convert vfs_GetWd to synthetic_smb_fname
      smbd: Convert check_reduced_name_with_privilege to synthetic_smb_fname
      smbd: Convert vfs_stat_smb_fname to synthetic_smb_fname
      smbd: Convert vfs_lstat_smb_fname to synthetic_smb_fname
      smbd: Convert filename_convert_internal to synthetic_smb_fname
      pysmbd: Convert set_nt_acl_conn to synthetic_smb_fname
      pysmbd: Convert py_smbd_unlink to synthetic_smb_fname
      smbd: Convert posix_sys_acl_blob_get_file to synthetic_smb_fname
      smbd: Convert call_trans2qfilepathinfo to synthetic_smb_fname
      smbd: Convert smb_set_file_dosmode to synthetic_smb_fname
      smbd: Convert smb2_file_rename_information to synthetic_smb_fname
      smbd: Convert smb_file_rename_information to synthetic_smb_fname
      smbd: Convert smb_file_rename_information to synthetic_smb_fname
      smbd: Convert open_np_file to synthetic_smb_fname
      smbd: Convert open_dir_with_privilege to synthetic_smb_fname
      smbd: Convert file_new to synthetic_smb_fname
      smbd: Convert can_delete_file_in_directory to synthetic_smb_fname
      smbd: Convert create_msdfs_link to synthetic_smb_fname
      smbd: Convert remove_msdfs_link to synthetic_smb_fname
      smbd: Convert rename_internals_fsp to synthetic_smb_fname
      smbd: Convert make_connection_snum to synthetic_smb_fname
      smbd: Convert change_file_owner_to_parent to synthetic_smb_fname
      smbd: Convert change_dir_owner_to_parent to synthetic_smb_fname
      smbd: Convert change_dir_owner_to_parent to synthetic_smb_fname
      smbd: Convert msg_file_was_renamed to synthetic_smb_fname
      smbd: Convert open_streams_for_delete to synthetic_smb_fname
      smbd: Convert delete_all_streams to synthetic_smb_fname
      smbd: Convert recursive_rmdir to synthetic_smb_fname
      smbd: Convert rmdir_internals to synthetic_smb_fname
      smbd: Convert unix_mode to synthetic_smb_fname
      smbd: Convert set_create_timespec_ea to synthetic_smb_fname
      vfs: Convert vfs_scannedonly to synthetic_smb_fname
      vfs: Convert dirsort_opendir to synthetic_smb_fname
      vfstest: Convert cmd_open to synthetic_smb_fname
      vfstest: Convert cmd_pathfunc to synthetic_smb_fname
      vfstest: Convert cmd_rename to synthetic_smb_fname
      vfstest: Convert cmd_stat to synthetic_smb_fname
      vfstest: Convert cmd_lstat to synthetic_smb_fname
      vfstest: Convert cmd_utime to synthetic_smb_fname
      vfstest: Convert cmd_set_nt_acl to synthetic_smb_fname
      smbd: Convert driver_unlink_internals to synthetic_smb_fname
      smbd: Convert print_spool_open to synthetic_smb_fname
      smbd: Convert dptr_create to synthetic_smb_fname
      smbd: Convert is_visible_file to synthetic_smb_fname
      smbd: Convert create_file_unixpath to synthetic_smb_fname
      smbd: Remove NTSTATUS based create_synthetic_smb_fname
      selftest: S3 does not do leases yet
      talloc: Fix nonblank line endings
      talloc: Avoid some "else" by doing early returns
      talloc: Do an early return
      talloc: Simplify _talloc_free_poolmem a bit
      smbd: Fix signing when the async echo handler kicks in
      docs: Fix bug 9809 -- missing entry in specfile
      smbd: Use dbwrap_record_watch_send for defer_open
      smbd: Ignore OPEN_RETRY and BREAK_RESPONSE
      smbd: Obsolete MSG_SMB_BREAK_RESPONSE
      smbd: Remove unused reply_to_oplock_break_requests
      smbd: Remove the unused fsp->pending_break_messages array
      smbd: Obsolete MSG_SMB_OPEN_RETRY
      smbd: Remove unused smb2_deferred_open_timer
      smbd: We don't use DEFERRED_OPEN_ENTRY anymore
      dbwrap: Allow dbwrap_record_watch_recv to not lock the record
      smbd: Do not fetch the record in defer_open_done
      torture: Use ZERO_STRUCTPN instead of explicit deref
      torture: Only test leases if supported
      winbind4: Fix bug 9832 -- talloc use after free
      libsmb: Move "struct smb2_lease" to common
      libcli: Add smb2_lease marshalling
      libsmb: Use smb2_lease_push in smb2_create_send
      libsmb: Use sizeof instead of explicit numbers
      idmap: Print error from idmap_backends_unixid_to_sid
      idmap: Store negative cache entries if the backend fails
      winbind: Fix bug 9854 -- NULL pointer dereference
      Makefile: Fix bug 9868 - Don't know how to make LIBNDR_PREG_OBJ.
      dbwrap: Fix CID 1002092 Uninitialized scalar variable
      pthreadpool: Fix CID 710828 Sizeof not portable
      lib: Fix CID 241650 Sizeof not portable
      smbd: Remove a pointless variable
      torture: Remove some unused code
      vfs_gpfs: slightly simplify connect()
      gensec: Make gensec_interface_version public
      gensec: Make gensec_security_by_sasl_list static
      gensec: Make gensec_security_oids_from_ops static
      winbind4: Fix bug 9832 -- talloc use after free
      lib: Add before/after hooks to async_connect
      smbd: Fix a ISO C90 forbids mixed declarations and code warning
      talloc: Fix a typo
      tdb: Add overflow-checking tdb_add_off_t
      tdb: Make tdb_recovery_size overflow-safe
      tdb: Make tdb_recovery_allocate overflow-safe
      tdb: Add another overflow check to tdb_expand_adjust


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