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Amitay Isaacs amitay at samba.org
Thu Jul 11 01:09:29 MDT 2013

The annotated tag, ctdb-2.3 has been created
        at  319e230914cebb1126e469bef115c469e9d4170e (tag)
   tagging  412bc0e20bef694d4e911dc9c984fd7716231f1f (commit)
  replaces  ctdb-2.2
 tagged by  Amitay Isaacs
        on  Thu Jul 11 17:06:59 2013 +1000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
New version 2.3

Amitay Isaacs (56):
      ctdbd: Make sure we don't kill init process by mistake
      build: Enable VERBOSE option to display build command line
      packaging: Update the minimum required library versions
      tools/ctdb: Do not exit prematurely on control timeout if retrying in a loop
      client: Exit with non-zero status when unix socket is closed
      recoverd: When updating flags on nodes, send updated flags and not old flags
      recoverd: Print banning message only after verifying pnn
      freeze: Log message from ctdb_start_freeze() and ctdb_control_freeze()
      freeze: If priority is invalid here, it's time to abort
      freeze: Make ctdb_start_freeze() a void function
      banning: Log ban state changes for other nodes at higher debug level
      recovered: Remove old comment as the code corresponding to that has gone away
      recoverd: Set node_flags information as soon as we get nodemap
      recoverd: Also check if current node is in recovery when it is banned
      banning: Make ctdb_local_node_got_banned() a void function
      banning: No need to check if banned pnn is for local node
      banning: Do not come out of ban if databases are not frozen
      recoverd: Do not set banning credits on a node if current node is inactive
      recoverd: Always do an early exit from main_loop if node is stopped or banned
      recoverd: No need to check if node is recovery master when inactive
      recoverd: Update capabilities only if the current node is active
      recoverd: Delay the initial election if node is started in stopped state
      recoverd: Move code to ban other nodes after we get local node flags
      recoverd: Refactor code to ban misbehaving nodes
      doc: The second half of monitoring is only for recovery master
      ctdbd: Don't ban self if init or shutdown event fails
      packaging: Remove ctdb_transaction from docdir
      packaging: Install docs using %doc directive
      packaging: Install README.notify.d using %doc directive
      packaging: Do not mark /etc/ctdb/functions as configuration file
      packaging: Allow building RPMs with system tdb/talloc/tevent
      packaging: Enable compiler optimizations
      recoverd: Send the result from child process only once
      build: Fix compiler warnings for uninitialized variables
      tests: If connection to ctdb daemon fails, exit
      ping_pong: Validate num_locks argument > 0
      recoverd: Fix buffer overflow error in reloadips
      ctdbd: Update debug messages for setting readonly property on database
      ctdbd: Remove incomplete ctdb_db_statistics_wire structure
      tools/ctdb: Fix the format of DB statistics output
      locking: Update locks latency in CTDB statistics only for RECORD or DB locks
      locking: Update locking bucket intervals
      locking: Use external script to debug locking issues
      scripts: Add an example debug_locks.sh script to debug locking issue
      initscript: Export CTDB_DEBUG_LOCKS variable
      ctdbd: No need for DeadlockTimeout tunable
      packaging: When building with system libraries, add dependency for them
      traverse: Pass reqid and srcnode information to local database traverse
      traverse: Send records directly from traverse child to srcnode
      traverse: Remove unused start_time field
      common/system: Add ctdb_set_process_name() function
      ctdbd: Set process names for child processes
      ctdbd: Print tdb flags when logging attached to database message
      doc: Update NEWS
      Tests: Correct the arguments to memset
      web: Update webpages

Martin Schwenke (52):
      recoverd: Log node that causes takoever run to fail
      eventscripts: Add new option $CTDB_MONITOR_NFS_THREAD_COUNT
      eventscripts: New configuration varable $CTDB_NFS_DUMP_STUCK_THREADS
      tests/eventscripts: Add unit tests for $CTDB_MONITOR_NFS_THREAD_COUNT
      tests/eventscripts: Fix -X tracing in iterate_test()
      tests/eventscripts: Unit tests for $CTDB_NFS_DUMP_STUCK_THREADS
      ctdbd: "init" event should run earlier in daemon initialisation
      scripts: drop_all_public_ips() now prints messages to stdout, not log
      scripts: drop_ip() should use delete_ip_from_iface()
      scripts: Move dropping of all IPs from initscript to "init" event
      scripts: Move TDB checking from initscript to "init" event
      logging: Notify parent when logging daemon is up
      tests/eventscripts: setup_ctdb() should always set $CTDB_PUBLIC_ADDRESSES
      eventscripts: 13.per_ip_routing should not try hard to find public_addresses
      tests/eventscripts: New tests for 00.ctdb "init" event
      eventscripts: "setup" event doesn't need to wait for SETUP runstate
      ctdbd: Refactor shutdown sequence
      ctdbd: Fix panic on overlapping shutdowns
      tests: Integration test infrastructure should do only a single recovery
      tests: Integration tests use "ctdb nodestatus" for healthy cluster check
      doc: Update NEWS
      doc: Add nodestatus command to the ctdb manpage
      doc: Update notification script section in ctdbd manpage
      doc: Fix documentation for NoIPTakeover in ctdbd manpage
      doc: Fix ctdb ping entry in manpage
      tools/ctdb: Add "force" option to "recover" command
      recoverd: Don't continue if the current node gets banned
      doc: Add banning bug fixes to NEWS
      doc: Add a disclaimer for the EnableBans tunable
      ctdbd: Log warnings in release IP when unexpected interface is encountered
      ctdbd: Release IP callback should fail if the IP is still hosted
      eventscripts: When replaying monitor status, don't log empty output
      util: New function ctdb_die()
      ctdbd: Avoid a core dump when "init" event fails
      ctdbd: Use ctdb_die() on "setup" event failure
      recoverd: Fix an incorrect comment
      recoverd: Fix an unclear log message - "Restart recovery process"
      recoverd: Clean up log messages in remote IP verification
      recoverd: Minor style improvements for ctdb_reload_remote_public_ips()
      ctdbd: Log something when releasing all IPs
      eventscripts: Drop RPC service version from nfs_check_rpc_service() calls
      eventscript: Move Ganesha nfsd monitoring to a function
      eventscripts: New configuration variable $CTDB_SKIP_GANESHA_NFSD_CHECK
      tests/eventscripts: Add some rudimentary tests for 60.ganesha
      recoverd: Recovery daemon should use ctdb_get_pnn, which can't fail
      initscript: Simpify initscript and control CTDB via new ctdbd_wrapper
      build: Remove -DTEVENT_DEPRECATED_QUIET=1 from CFLAGS
      build: Turn off all deprecation warnings
      packaging: Add systemd support
      doc: Update NEWS
      recoverd: Really fix bogus info in message about changed flags
      scripts: ctdbd_wrapper logs a message to syslog if syslog is not being used

Mathieu Parent (3):
      libctdb: Include config.h in libctdb/ctdb.c
      build: Fix tdb.h path to enable building with system TDB library
      Update Nagios check to work with ctdb versions past 30 Aug 2011

Michael Adam (4):
      recoverd: eliminate some trailing spaces from ctdb_election_win()
      recoverd: fix a comment in main_loop
      recoverd: fix a comment typo
      recoverd: when the recmaster is banned, use that information when forcing an election

Sumit Bose (5):
      Check return value of tdb_delete()
      Fixes for various issues found by Coverity
      Fix memory leak in ctdb_send_message()
      IPv6 neighbor solicit cleanup
      Print deleted nodes as well


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