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Stefan Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Sun Jan 27 05:14:53 MST 2013

The annotated tag, ldb-1.1.15 has been created
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  replaces  ldb-1.1.14
 tagged by  Stefan Metzmacher
        on  Sun Jan 27 13:17:00 2013 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
ldb: tag release ldb-1.1.15
Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux)


Alexander Bokovoy (2):
      wafsamba: Make sure md5 is really work before using it or overriding the hash function
      wafsamba: replace try:except: case with explicit comment about FIPS mode

Andreas Schneider (112):
      BUG 9436: Fix leaking sockets of SMB connections to a DC.
      s3-reg: Fix copy and paste error in debug message.
      torture: Fix copy and paste error.
      torture: Fix copy and paste error in debug message.
      libnet: Fix copy and paste error in dbsync error message.
      util: Add a UNIX platform independent samba_getpass().
      wbinfo: Use new samba_getpass() function.
      smbclient: Use new samba_getpass() function.
      util: Use new samba_getpass() function.
      torture: Use new samba_getpass() in locktest2.
      torture: Use new samba_getpass() in smbtorture3.
      torture: Use new samba_getpass() in masktest.
      net: Use new samba_getpass() function for 'net ads'.
      net: Use new samba_getpass() function for 'net rpc'.
      net: Use samba_getpass() function in net util.
      ntlm_auth: Use new samba_getpass() function.
      util: Use new samba_getpass() function for passwd util.
      smbget: Use new samba_getpass() function.
      cmdline: Use new samba_getpass() function.
      ntlm_auth4: Use new samba_getpass() function.
      replace: Remove deprecated getpass() support.
      BUG 9459: Install manpages only if we install the target.
      winbind: Make the code more readable in trustdom_list_done().
      s3-registry: Check return code of push_reg_sz().
      s3-rpcclient: Check return value of add_string_to_array().
      s3-net: Check return value of string_to_sid().
      s3-net: Check the return value of strlower_m().
      idl: Fix spoolss check for the size of the struct.
      s3-printing: Don't call talloc_free on an uninitialized pointer.
      vfs: Make sure we don't call talloc_free on an uninitialized pointer.
      s3-netapi: Fix zeroing policy handles in NetLocalGroupAdd_r().
      torture: Fix torture_rpc_spoolss_printer_teardown_common().
      s3-netapi: Initialize group_handle of NetUserSetGroups_r.
      s3-auth: Make sure we work on valid data_blobs.
      s4-netapi: Initialize group_handle of NetGroupGetUsers_r().
      s3-netapi: Initialize group_handle of NetGroupSetUsers_r().
      util: Don't use the pid ret value uninitialized.
      dfs_server: Don't allocate a subcontext twice.
      misc: Add a config for clang complete.
      tdb: Fix possible crash bugs in the python tdb code.
      tdb: Improve the documentation of tdb_reopen() and tdb_close().
      winbind: Use talloc in resolve_alias_to_username().
      winbind: Use talloc in resolve_username_to_alias().
      s3-lib: Remove unsused variable from sys_get_nfs_quota().
      s3-nmbd: Cleanup code to make it more readable.
      s4-libnet: Don't call talloc_get_type() for the same struct twice.
      nsswitch: Cleanup code in parse_wbinfo_domain_user().
      nsswitch: Remove unused variable in _pam_winbind_change_pwd().
      nsswitch: Fix pam_get_{item,data} build warnings.
      s3-utils: Cleanup code in wait_replies().
      s4-client: Make sure we have a valid count if we goto cleanup.
      s3-utils: Correctly handle getenv() for the later system() call.
      s4-libcli: Fix comparison of chosen_oid.
      s3-libsmb: Fix possible comparsion problems.
      torture: Make sure we use the correct size for cxd.
      s3-ctdb: Make sure addr.sun_path is null terminated.
      s4-socket: Make sure unix socket addresses are null terminated.
      s3-registry: Fix counters_directory() dir creation.
      s3-printing: Correctly create the printing cache path.
      s3-lib: Don't close the listener twice if we goto failed.
      util: Remove unused fde_stdin in samba_runcmd.
      s4-libnet: Fix setting the group handle and return codes.
      s4-client: Check return codes in do_connect().
      s3-smbd: Check return code of SMB_VFS_{L}STAT.
      s4-lib: Use directory_create_or_exist() to create messaging dir.
      s3-winbind: Check if we created the directories correctly.
      s4-regsitry: Check return value of ldb_msg_add_empty().
      s3-eventlog: Make sure the eventlog directory exists.
      s3-nmbd: Check if we created the directories correctly.
      s4-libnet: Checkr return codes in samsync_ldb_handle_domain().
      ndr: Check return code of ndr_pull_advance().
      librpc: Check return codes of ndr functions.
      param: Correctly create directory and create common function.
      s3-net: Check return values of push_reg_sz().
      s3-utils: Check return value of secrets_init().
      libcli: Check schannel state return value of tdb_transaction_commit().
      nsswitch: Fix wbclient BAIL macros.
      krb5_wrap: Remove dead code in smb_krb5_renew_ticket().
      s4-librpc: Remove dead code in smb_send_request().
      s3-tldap: Fix dead code in tldap_sasl_bind_send().
      s3-lib: Fix push_ucs2() for-loop.
      s3-libads: Fix copy&paste error in ads_keytab_add_entry().
      s3-rpc_server: Fix useless check if we still have a valid string.
      libwbclient: Fix null check in process_domain_info_string().
      libcli: Fix smb2cli_ioctl_send() if clause.
      s3-vfs: Fix typo in readonly_connect().
      s3-rpc_server: Fix a possible null pointer dereference.
      s3-vfs: Fix a null pointer deferference in vfs_media_harmony.
      s3-winbind: Fix null pointer dereference in store_memory_creds().
      s3-rpc_server: Fix null pointer derefs in rpc_pipe_open_interface().
      s3-libsmb: Fix a possible null pointer dereference.
      s3-netapi: Add missing break in NetUserSetInfo_r().
      s3-lib: Make it clear that we want to fall trough here.
      s3-rpc_server: Make it clear we want to fall trough here.
      s4-dsdb: Make it clear that we want to fall trough here.
      libgpo: Make it clear that we want to fall trough here.
      s3-lib: Cleanup transfer_file_internal() a bit.
      s4-libcli: Use a do-while loop.
      s3-rpc_server: Fix username and remote check.
      s3-libsmb: Remove check if array is NULL.
      s3-prefork: Directly fail if tevent_req_is_unix_error() fails.
      s3-idmap: Check return value of string_to_sid().
      s3-rpcclient: Fix cmd_eventlog_readlog() null pointer passing.
      s3-rpcclient: Fix cmd_eventlog_loginfo() null pointer passing.
      s3-net: Fix rpc_service_list_internal() null pointer passing.
      util: Add a strict directory_create_or_exist function.
      Use the new directory_create_or_exist_strict() function.
      s3-lib: Use new strict directory create function in create_pipe_sock().
      printing: Create default architecture directories on init.
      BUG 9574: Fix a possible null pointer dereference in spoolss.
      ldap: Remove obsolete convertSambaAccount script.
      waf: Fix pdb_ldap which cannot be built as a module.

Andrew Bartlett (68):
      Ensure we Correctly set fsp->is_directory before dealing with ACLs.
      smbd: Correctly set fsp->is_directory before dealing with ACLs
      Change get_nt_acl_no_snum() to return an NTSTATUS, not a struct security_descriptor *.
      smbd: Remove NT4 compatability handling in posix -> NT ACL conversion
      ntvfs: Fill in sd->type based on the new ACL being added
      scripting ntacls: Do not place a SACL in the GPO filesystem ACL
      samba-tool: Add new samba-tool gpo aclcheck and test
      s3-param: Handle setting default AD DC per-share settings in init_locals()
      dsdb: Make secrets_tdb_sync cope with -H secrets.ldb
      lib/replace: Do not use STRERROR_R_PROTO_COMPATIBLE as only roken.h sets this
      build: Use ntlm_auth from source3 as the only ntlm_auth installed on the system
      torture: remove source3 locktest and masktest
      build: Be consistent with the name of smbtorture binaries
      build: Remove --enable-smbtorture, require bin/smbtorture (from waf) for make test
      packaging: Remove long-gone --disable-merged-build from RHEL-CTDB packaging
      build: Do not install testing binaries
      scripting: Handle missing LDAP entries in samba-tool domain classicupgrade
      build: Install .po files for SWAT intl support
      smbd: Split create_conn_struct into a fn that does not change the working dir
      smbd: Fix calls to create_conn_struct_cwd to be correctly indented.
      pysmbd: Convert pysmbd to take an optional service to connect to
      scripting-ntacls: Optionally allow the service to be specified.
      scripting-provision: Set sysvol ACLs on the sysvol share
      pysmbd: Change to keyword based arguments
      samba-tool Add --service argument to samba-tool ntacl get/set
      smbd: Rework create_conn_struct to use conn_new()
      selftest: show that Samba honours "write list" and valid users
      build: Remove bashism from SAMBAMANPAGES rule
      vfs: Fix compilation of solaris ACL module
      passdb: Add discard_const_p() to pdb_samba_dsdb
      swat: move russian swat files alongside ja and tr
      build: Make install_with_python.sh executable
      build: In install_with_python.sh force using the python from the install we just made
      build: Make install_with_python.sh more portable
      build: Set LD_LIBRARY_PATH in install_with_python.sh
      s4-dbcheck: Allow forcing an override of an old @MODULES record
      dsdb-acl: give error string if we can not obtain the schema
      selftest: Add test for rfc2307 mapping handling
      s4-idmap: Remove requirement that posixAccount or posixGroup be set for rfc2307
      samba-tool classicupgrade: Do not print the admin password during upgrade
      scripting/samba_upgradedns: Only look for IPv4/IPv6 addresses if we actually them
      selftest: skip base.dir2 tests as they just spin on modern ext4
      dsdb: Make linked_attributes module GUID based for renames
      libcli/security: Ensure to fill in remaining_access for the initial case (bug #9554 - CVE-2013-0172)
      dsdb-acl: Run sec_access_check_ds on each attribute proposed to modify (bug #9554 - CVE-2013-0172)
      dsdb: Add test for modification of two attributes, one permitted, one denied (bug #9554 - CVE-2013-0172)
      drs-fsmo: Improve handling of FSMO role takeover.
      selftest: also skip raw.search as it also spins
      dsdb: Do not hold the transaction over the IRPC call to perform a role transfer
      torture: Fix fsmo test to use correct -H samba-tool syntax
      printing: Free talloc_stackframe() on all exit paths
      heimdal_build: Try again to sort out the strerror_r mess
      dsdb-acl: Add helper function dsdb_get_structural_oc_from_msg()
      dsdb-acl: Use dsdb_get_structural_oc_from_msg() in acl_modify()
      dsdb-acl: Use dsdb_get_structural_oc_from_msg() in acl_rename()
      dsdb-acl: use dsdb_get_structural_oc_from_msg() rather than class_schemaid_guid_by_lDAPDisplayName
      dsdb-acl: ask for the objectClass attribute if it's not in the scope of the clients search
      dsdb-acl: Remove unused get_oc_guid_from_message()
      dsdb-acl: Pass the structural objectClass into acl_check_access_on_attribute
      dsdb-acl: Use the structural objectClass in acl_check_access_on_attribute()
      libcli/security: handle node initialisation in one spot in insert_in_object_tree()
      libcli/security: remove useless if (root->num_of_children > 0) statements
      dsdb: Ensure "authenticated users" is processed for group memberships
      dsdb: Explain ordering constraints on the ACL module as well.
      libcli/auth: fix void function cannot return value error
      gensec: Allow login without a PAC by default (bug #9581)
      bug9598: s4-process_single: Use pid,fd as cluster_id in process_single just like process_prefork
      ldb: Ensure to decrement the transaction_active whenever we delete a transaction

Arvid Requate (2):
      s4:samba-tool: Fix samba-tool fsmo --role=schema
      s4-resolve: Fix parsing of IPv6/AAAA in dns_lookup (bug #9555)

Björn Baumbach (9):
      samba_dnsupdate: set KRB5_CONFIG for nsupdate command
      smb.conf(5): update list of available protocols (bug #9552)
      docs-xml: add dbwrap_tool.1 manual page
      build(waf): docs-xml: build new dbwrap_tool.8 manual page
      ntlm_auth(1): fix many format issues and and make examples visible
      build(waf)-libreplace: remove redundant check for flistea function
      smb.conf(5): server min protocol: add hint at list of available protocols
      smb.conf(5): client min protocol: add hint at list of available protocols
      wafsamba: use additional xml catalog file (bug #9512)

Christian Ambach (9):
      s3:vfs_gpfs fix memory leaks in gpfs_getacl_alloc
      s3:vfs_gpfs fix memory leak in gpfs_get_nfs4_acl
      s3:vfs_gpfs fix memory corruption in gpfs2smb_acl
      s3:vfs_gpfs fix a memory leak in gpfsacl_get_posix_acl
      s3:modules:nfs4_acls fix memory hierarchy in smb_create_smb4acl
      s3:modules:nfs4_acls remove unused mem_ctx parameter to smbacl4_fill_ace4
      build(waf): fix a typo
      examples: fix build on AIX6
      s3:smbd/aio do not mark file modified during reads

David Disseldorp (23):
      spoolss: fix segfault when "default devmode" is disabled
      selftest: configure printer with default devmode = no
      rpcclient: fix usage docs for rpcclient adddriver
      s3-printing: add missing carriage return to debug str
      smb2_ioctl: split ioctl handlers into separate funtions
      smb2_ioctl: split ioctl handler code on device type
      smb2_ioctl: add FSCTL_SRV_REQUEST_RESUME_KEY support
      s3-vfs: add copy_chunk vfs hooks
      smb2_ioctl: add support for FSCTL_SRV_COPYCHUNK
      smb2_ioctl: remove ioctl error response assumptions
      selftest: enable samba3.smb2.ioctl tests against s3fs
      torture: skip FSCTL_SRV_ENUM_SNAPS test when not supported
      smbd: split out file_fsp_get from file_fsp_smb2
      smb2_ioctl: perform locking around copychunk requests
      torture: add locking tests for copychunk
      torture: replace ioctl failure returns with helper calls
      smb2_ioctl: only pass through to VFS on a valid fsp
      torture: copychunk test suite improvements
      smb2_ioctl: copychunk CHECK_READ and CHECK_WRITE
      smb2_ioctl: track copychunk response output state
      smb2_ioctl: copychunk request max output validation
      printing: Remove invalid free from error path.
      BUG 9378: Add extra attributes for AD printer publishing.

Günther Deschner (70):
      s3-rpc_client: lookup nametype 0x20 in rpc_pipe_open_tcp_port(). (bug #9426)
      s3-rpc_client: try to use socket_addr if available in rpc_pipe_open_tcp() (bug #9426)
      s3-rpc_cli: Remove some unused wrapping code.
      s3-winbindd: add cm_connect_lsat().
      s3-rpc_cli: make dcerpc_lsa_lookup_sids_generic() public.
      s3-rpc_client: make dcerpc_lsa_lookup_names_generic() public.
      s3-winbindd: remove lookup_names_fn_t.
      s3-winbindd: remove lookup_sids_fn_t.
      s3-winbindd: rework reconnect logic in winbindd_lookup_sids().
      s3-winbindd: rework reconnect logic in winbindd_lookup_names().
      s3-winbind: use new reconnect logic in rpc_lookup_sids() also.
      libcli/auth: add netlogon_creds_aes_{en|de}crypt routines.
      s3-rpc_client: use netlogon_creds_arcfour_crypt() in init_netr_CryptPassword.
      s3-rpc_client: support AES encryption in netr_ServerPasswordSet2 client.
      s3-rpc_server: support AES decryption in netr_ServerPasswordSet2 server.
      s4-torture: remove trailing whitespace from netlogon test.
      s4-torture: pass down netlogon flags in netr_ServerPasswordSet2 tests.
      s4-torture: add AES support for netr_ServerPasswordSet2 tests.
      s4-rpc_server: support AES decryption in netr_ServerPasswordSet2 server.
      s3-rpc_client: use netlogon_creds_aes_encrypt in interactive netlogon samlogon.
      s4-torture: remove trailing whitespace in smbtorture remote_pac test.
      s4-torture: use names for r.in.logon_level of netlogon samlogon requests.
      s4-torture: support AES encryption in pac_verify/generic samlogon netlogon tests.
      s4-torture: support AES encryption in interactive samlogon tests in rpc.samr.
      s4-torture: exit early when join fails in samba3rpc tests.
      s4-torture: use netlogon_creds_arcfour_crypt() in samba3rpc test.
      s3-rpc_server: pass down netlogon cred state in _netr_ServerGetTrustInfo().
      s4-torture: validate owf password hash and negotiate AES ServerGetTrustInfo test.
      s4-torture: validate owf password hash and negotiate AES in forest trust test.
      s3-rpc_server: we need to encrypt OWFs using DES in _netr_ServerGetTrustInfo().
      s4-rpc_server: support AES encryption in interactive and generic samlogon.
      s3-rpc_server: support AES for interactive netlogon samlogon password decryption.
      s3-auth: session keys in validation level 6 samlogon replies are *not* encrypted.
      s3-rpc_server: Remove obsolete process_creds boolean in samlogon server.
      s3-auth: remove crypto from serverinfo_to_SamInfoX calls.
      libcli/auth: remove trailing whitespace.
      libcli/auth: support AES decryption in netlogon_creds_decrypt_samlogon().
      s4-torture: precalculate expected session keys from samlogon in schannel test.
      s4-torture: call the s4u2self tests with arcfour and aes.
      s4-torture: move samr_ValidatePassword test out of main samr test.
      s3-rpc_server: limit allowed transports for samr_ValidatePassword().
      s4-rpc_server: limit allowed transports for samr_ValidatePassword().
      s3-selftest: make sure to test rpc.samr.passwords.validate over ncacn_ip_tcp.
      s4-selftest: make sure to test rpc.samr.passwords.validate over ncacn_ip_tcp.
      libcli/auth: rename netlogon_creds_decrypt_samlogon() to netlogon_creds_decrypt_samlogon_validation().
      libcli/auth: add netlogon_creds_encrypt_samlogon_validation().
      s3-rpc_server: use netlogon_creds_encrypt_samlogon().
      s4-rpc_server: use netlogon_creds_encrypt_samlogon().
      spoolss: add Windows ARM architecture defines to IDL.
      spoolss: add SPOOLSS_DRIVER_VERSION_2012 (4) define to IDL.
      spoolss: add stubs for new JobNamedProperty dcerpc calls.
      spoolss: Make OpenPrinterEx work with NDR64 by using UserInfo Container.
      s4-torture: allow to do ndr tests with flags, not only ndr_flags.
      s4-torture: add ndr64 spoolss openprinterex to ndr test.
      spoolss: make spoolss deal with ndr64 ULONG_PTR of devmode_ptr and secdesc_ptr.
      s4-torture: add ndr64 spoolss_SetPrinter ndr test.
      spoolss: make spoolss deal with ndr64 AddForm by using proper container object.
      spoolss: make spoolss deal with ndr64 SetForm by using proper container object.
      s3-spoolss: use configurable spoolss architecture in compose_spoolss_server_path().
      BUG 9474: Downgrade v4 printer driver requests to v3.
      s3-winbind: fix the build of idmap_ldap.
      spoolss: add more spoolss_DriverAttributes values.
      spoolss: make spoolss deal with ndr64 StartDocPrinter by using proper container object.
      s3-spoolss: Make it easier to manipulate the returned OSVersion at runtime.
      s3-rpcclient: decode OsVersion{Ex} binary blobs when displaying printerdata.
      spoolss: fill in spoolss_PlayGDIScriptOnPrinterIC IDL.
      spoolss: Add UNIVERSAL_FONT_ID.
      spoolss: add UNIVERSAL_FONT_ID_ctr for debugging.
      s3-rpcclient: add cmd_spoolss_play_gdi_script_on_printer_ic.
      s4-torture: add some basic tests for PlayGDIScriptOnPrinterIC.

Ira Cooper (2):
      s3: Fix vfs_zfsacl to compile.
      nsswitch: Fix two bitfield constants being the same.

Jelmer Vernooij (17):
      testtools: Update to latest version.
      subunit: Update to latest upstream version.
      s4/web_server: Fix typo in URL.
      web_server/wsgi: Don't segfault when wsgi app doesn't return iterable.
      web_server: Create a string object for SERVER_PORT variable.
      web_server: Properly set SCRIPT_NAME and PATH_INFO.
      web_server: Properly decrement reference counters for python objects in wsgi.
      web_server: the web server is not multi-process, indicate so in WSGI.
      web_server: Load SWAT if it is available.
      wsgi: When encountering error in Python code, print traceback to logs.
      web_server: Make second argument to websrv_output const.
      wsgi: Serve '500 Internal Server Error' page when errors occur.
      tdr: Strip trailing whitespace.
      wafsamba: python-config is not always a script.
      selftest.pl: Fix typo 'snprintf' -> 'sprintf'.
      testtools: Update to latest upstream version.
      subunit: Update to latest upstream version.

Jeremy Allison (48):
      Another fix needed for bug #9236 - ACL masks incorrectly applied when setting ACLs.
      Add comments explaining exactly *why* we don't check FILE_READ_ATTRIBUTES when evaluating file/directory ACE's.
      More for #9374 - Allow smb2.acls torture test to pass against smbd with a POSIX ACLs backend.
      Remove unused append_parent_acl().
      Documentation fixes for bug #9462 - Users can not be given write permissions any more by default
      s3:auth: Tidy up some of the API confusion in create_token_from_XXX() calls.
      Fix bug #9196 - defer_open is triggered multiple times on the same request.
      Recent coverity changes added directory_create_or_exist() checks to many directories.
      Allow create_conn_struct() to be called with snum == -1.
      smbd/posix_acls.c: Use create_conn_struct(). Don't hand-create connection structs.
      source3/smbd/pysmbd.c: Always use create_conn_struct(). Don't hand create connection structs.
      torture/vfstest.c: Always use create_conn_struct(). Don't hand create connection structs.
      Start to tidy-up check_user_ok().
      Move the definition of struct vuid_cache_entry *ent outside blocks.
      Remove one set of enclosing {} braces, no longer needed.
      Remove the second set of {} braces, no longer needed.
      Remove dead code now vuser can no longer be NULL.
      Remove unneeded variable "const struct auth_session_info *session_info"
      Clean up struct connection_struct, make struct vuid_cache a pointer not inline.
      Add uint32_t share_access to vuid_cache_entry.
      Remove static from create_share_access_mask().
      Fix API for create_share_access_mask().
      Change API for create_share_access_mask() to pass in the token.
      Change API for create_share_access_mask() - remove conn struct.
      Correctly setup the conn->share_access based on the current user token.
      Add check_user_share_access() which factors out the share security and read_only flag setting code.
      Initialize stack variables. Prelude to factoring out calls to check_user_share_access().
      Factor code out of check_user_ok() into a call to check_user_share_access().
      Fix bug #9518 - conn->share_access appears not be be reset between users.
      Move create_share_access_mask() from smbd/service.c to smbd/uid.c.
      Fixup the change_to_user_by_session() case as called from become_user_by_session()
      lib/replace: Add missing check for sys/wait.h
      lib/replace: Add ucontext configure waf checks.
      lib/replace: Add ucontext configure autoconf checks.
      lib/replace: Include sys/ucontext.h if available.
      tevent: Fix bug 9550 - sigprocmask does not work on FreeBSD to stop further signals in a signal handler
      Move handle checking code to copychunk_check_handles().
      Add additional copychunk checks.
      Move copychunk locking to be local to the read/write calls.
      Remove locking across the lifetime of the copychunk call.
      Sort winbind request flags. Ira saw we have a duplicate.
      Remove some unused variables.
      Fix warnings with mismatched sizes in arguments to DEBUG statements.
      Fix bug #9586 - smbd[29175]: disk_free: sys_popen() failed" message logged in /var/log/message many times.
      Revert "s3:smbd: SMB ReadX with size > 0xffff should only possible for samba clients."
      Fix bug #9572 - File corruption during SMB1 read by Mac OSX 10.8.2 clients.
      Fix bug #9587 - archive flag is always set on directories.
      Regression test for bug #9587 - archive flag is always set on directories.

Jesper Larsen (1):
      replace: Fix compilation of rep_mkstemp

Kai Blin (2):
      utils: Remove unused samba-dig tool
      samba-tool dns: Don't use "localhost" to connect to local host

Karolin Seeger (38):
      popt_common: Fix typos.
      docs: Fix version in man smb.conf.
      docs: Add some binaries to the "SEE ALSO" section
      docs: Rename man ntlm_auth.
      docs: man ldb.3: Add missing meta data.
      docs: man ldbadd: Add missing meta data.
      docs: man ldbdel: Add missing meta data.
      docs: man ldbedit: Add missing meta data.
      docs: man ldbmodify: Add missing meta data.
      docs: man ldbrename: Add missing meta data.
      docs: man ldbsearch: Add missing meta data.
      docs: man talloc: Add missing meta data.
      docs: man tdbtool: Add missing meta data.
      docs: man ndrdump: Add missing meta data.
      docs: man regdiff: Add missing meta data.
      docs: man regpatch: Add missing meta data.
      docs: man regshell: Add missing meta data.
      docs: man regtree: Add missing meta data.
      docs: man 8 samba: Add missing meta data.
      docs: man gentest: Add missing meta data.
      docs: man locktest: Add missing meta data.
      docs: man masktest: Add missing meta data.
      docs: man smbtorture: Add missing meta data.
      docs: man ntlm_auth4: Add missing meta data.
      docs: man oLschema2ldif: Add missing meta data.
      docs: Fix typo in the howto collection.
      lib/tdb: Rename manpages/ to man/.
      lib/talloc: Move manpage to man/.
      docs: Update man 7 samba.
      docs: Add samba.8 and samba-tool manpage to waf build.
      docs: Merge both samba.8 manpages.
      docs: ldb.3.xml: Correct meta data.
      docs: ldbadd.1.xml: Correct meta data.
      docs: ldbdel.1.xml: Correct meta data.
      docs: ldbedit.1.xml: Correct meta data.
      docs: ldbmodify.1.xml: Correct meta data.
      docs: ldbrename.1.xml: Correct meta data.
      docs: ldbsearch.1.xml: Correct meta data.

Matthieu Patou (20):
      Fix MD5 detection in the autoconf build
      libnet: set the invocation_id earlier in order to avoid annoying messages
      script: Add a script to display testsuite runtime sorted
      libnet-vampire: reports Exops as they rather than sync on some partitions
      dsdb-acl: Do not apply ACL on special DNs to hide attributes that the user shouldn't see
      dsdb-operational: Avoid doing the ldb_attr_cmp if bypass flag is not set
      Tests: rewrite ldap_schema to specify attributes
      Tests: avoid adding python options that are functions in the env
      Tests: remove redondent testsuites in provision
      dsdb: Fix warning about unused var
      dbcheck: look in hasMasterNCs as well for determining the instance type of a NC
      libcli-security: Add documentation for object_tree_modify_access
      security: Add documentation
      devel-getncchange: try to find the dest_dsa automatically
      devel-scripts: ask with WRIT_REP by default
      devel-script: add options for RODC and partial replica for replicate flags
      drepl-notify: change misleading message
      drsuapi: Add documentation
      libcli-acl: add documentation
      Tests: Fix the display of test vars in screen --testenv

Michael Adam (76):
      s3:param: make init_locals() static.
      configure(waf):  Fail "configure --with-ads" if ads support is not available
      libnet: Fix a typo in dbsync error message.
      ldb: fix a typo in the comment for ldb_req_is_untrusted()
      s4:tests/samba_tool/gpo.py: fix accidential line break
      s3:winbindd:util: add a comment explaining the function parse_sidlist()
      s3:winbindd: simplify winbindd_sids_to_xids_recv() a bit.
      s3:winbindd: factor lsa_SidType_to_id_type() out of winbindd_sids_to_xids_lookupsids_done()
      s3:winbindd: add explaining comment winbindd_sids_to_xids_send()
      s3:winbindd: convert some spaces to tabs in winbindd_sids_to_xids_send()
      s3:winbindd: factor winbindd_sids_to_xids into external and internal part
      s3:winbindd: use wb_sids2xids instead of wb_sid2uid in winbindd_sid_to_uid
      s3:winbindd: use wb_sids2xids instead of wb_sid2gid in winbindd_sid_to_gid
      s3:winbindd: add an explanatory comment to _wbint_Sids2UnixIDs()
      s3:winbindd: add an explanatory comment to _wbint_Sids2UnixIDs()
      s3:winbindd: use struct unixid instead of uint64 in Sids2Xids parent<->child
      selftest:Samba3: provision the domain adminstrators group in the s3 environments
      s3:winbindd: rename idmap_init_passdb_domain() -> idmap_passdb_domain()
      s3:winbindd: add idmap_find_domain_with_sid()
      s3:winbindd: also use idmap_passdb for own sam and builtin in wbint_Sids2UnixIDs()
      s3:winbindd: make idmap_find_domain() static.
      selftest:Samba3: call wait_for_start() from check_or_start()
      selftest:Samba3: add nmbd, winbindd smbd arguments to wait_for_start()
      selftest:Samba3: add "wbinfo -p" test to wait_for_start()
      selftest:Samba3: provision the BUILTIN\Users group if the environment runs winbindd
      s3:winbindd: change wb_fill_pwent to use wb_sids2xids instead of wb_sid2[ug]id
      s3:winbindd: change wb_getgrsid to use wb_sids2xids instead of wb_sid2gid
      s3:winbindd: change winbindd_getgroups to use wb_sids2xids instead of wb_sid2gid
      s3:winbindd: remove now unused wb_sid2uid and wb_sid2gid modules
      s3:winbindd: remove wbint_Sid2Uid() from the wbint.idl
      s3:winbindd: remove wbint_Sid2Gid from the wbint.idl
      s3:winbindd: remove unused server implementation of wbint_Sid2Uid()
      s3:winbindd: remove unused server implementation of wbint_Sid2Gid()
      s3:winbindd: remove unused idmap_sid_to_uid()
      s3:winbindd: remove unused idmap_sid_to_gid()
      s3:idmap_rid: force mapping type to ID_TYPE_BOTH for sid->unixid mapping
      s3:idmap_autorid: force mapping type to ID_TYPE_BOTH for sid->unixid mapping
      s3:test: fix intialization of WBINFO in test_wbinfo_sids2xids.sh
      s3:test:wbinfo_sids2xids: test the results with singular calls with filled and with empty cache
      s3:winbindd: remove unused function idmap_backends_sid_to_unixid()
      s3:lib: add utility function sid_check_is_for_passdb()
      build the new sid_check_is_for_passdb() function into passdb
      s3:winbindd: use the new sid_check_is_for_passdb() in idmap_find_domain_with_sid()
      s3:passdb: don't bail out in pdb_default_sid_to_id() if sid is not in our sam
      s3:passdb: factor pdb_sid_to_id_unix_users_and_groups() out of pdb_default_sid_to_id()
      s3:passdb: add sid_check_object_is_for_passdb()
      s3:passdb:pdb_ldap: pre-validate sid with sid_check_object_is_for_passdb()
      s3:passdb:pdb_ldap: treat "Unix User" and "Unix Group" in sid_to_id()
      s3:passdb: don't look into group mappings in legacy_sid_to_unixid()
      s3:selftest: extend sids2xids test script to cope with "ID_TYPE_BOTH mappings
      s3:passdb: fix building pdb_ldap as shared module
      s3:smbd:vfs_acl: fix a PANIC when setting an ACL fails with ACCESS_DENIED
      s3:smbd: don't apply create/directory mask and modes in apply_default_perms()
      s3:smbd: fix a cut and paste error in a debug message
      s3:auth: fix header comment for user_sid_in_group_sid()
      s3:auth: fix create_token_from_sid() to not fail in the winbindd case
      pidl: change strange spelling __donnot_use_enum_* to __do_not_use_enum_*
      s3:auth: fix function header comment for user_sid_in_group_sid()
      s4:torture:rpc:samr: add debugging of result of (many) dcerpc_samr_* calls
      s4:dsdb/password_hash: do the min password age checks first
      s4:rpc_server/samr: do WRONG_PASSWORD checks after the complexity checks
      s4:torture/samr: allow STATUS_PASSWORD_RESTRICTIONS from ChangePasswordUser
      s4:torture:rpc:samr: fix password age calculation in test_ChangePasswordUser3()
      selftest: skip the samba4.rpc.samr.passwords test in ncacn_np(dc) and s4member environments
      s3:auth: fix dereference level in talloc checks in  create_token_from_sid()
      docs: add an entity stdarg.option for the "--option" command line parameter
      docs: use the stdarg.option entity in the popt.common.samba entity
      docs: fix the stdarg.configfile entity to print a "=" sign after the long option
      docs: add popt.common.samba.server and popt.common.samba.client entities
      docs: use the entities popt.common.samba.server and stdarg.help in samba(8)
      docs: use the popt.common.samba.client entity in samba-tool(8)
      docs: document the command line options in dbwrap_tool(1)
      dbwrap: add dbwrap_is_persistent()
      s3:dbwrap_tool: add --persistent switch and mode for non-persistent DBs
      docs: document the "--persistent" option in dbwrap_tool(1)
      build(waf): fix the abi_match for the pdb library

Richard Sharpe (3):
      A small error message fix in source3/smbd/server.c
      smbd_open_one_socket does not use the messaging_context variable so why pass it in?
      Fix bug #9460 - Samba 3.6.x and Master respond incorrectly to FILE_STREAM_INFO requests.

Ricky Nance (2):
      samba-tool processes: Make the output a bit neater
      s3fs: make the log warning go away

Samba-JP oota (2):
      docs: Remove superfluous bracket.
      docs: Fix typo in vfs_tsmsm.8.xml.

Scott Lovenberg (1):
      Clean up client timeout definitions [rev. 2]

Stefan Metzmacher (164):
      lib/replace: replace all *printf function if we replace snprintf (bug #9390)
      s3:param: set "map archive = no" in ROLE_ACTIVE_DIRECTORY_DC
      s4:torture/rpc/handles: move a torture_comment()
      s4:torture/rpc/handles: try to make the assoc_group test less flakey
      s3:librpc: add support for PFC_FLAG_OBJECT_UUID when parsing packets (bug #9382)
      librpc/idl: teach ndrdump about dumping security.idl structures
      s4:torture/rpc/handles: try to make all assoc_group tests less flakey
      s3:vfs_aixacl2: make use of vfs_aixacl_util.h
      s4:smbd/open: add missing TALLOC_FREE(frame) to inherit_new_acl()
      s3:vfs_gpfs: make sure we return the correct errno in gpfs2smb_acl()
      s3:vfs_gpfs: add no memory check in gpfs2smb_acl()
      s3:util: fix usage of popt_burn_cmdline_password()
      s3:popt_common: Fix password processing.
      s4:dsdb/schema_data: fix debug message in schema_data_modify()
      s4:dsdb/dirsync: check result of replUpToDateVector fetch on nc_root
      s4:dsdb/dirsync: use the correct nc_root to fetch replUpToDateVector
      s4:dsdb/dirsync: explicitly ask for sdctr->secinfo_flags = 0xF
      s4:netcmd/gpo.py: s/ntSecurityDescriptor/nTSecurityDescriptor
      s4:netcmd/gpo.py: the nTSecurityDescriptor may not be visible for the current user
      s4:netcmd/gpo.py: only ask for OWNER/GROUP/DACL when validating the nTSecurityDescriptor
      s4:netcmd/gpo.py: let get_gpo_info explicitly ask for the full ntSecurityDescriptor
      s4:tests/samba_tool/gpo.py: add test_show_as_admin()
      s4:dsdb/rootdse: remove unused variable
      s4:dsdb/rootdse: do helper searches AS_SYSTEM
      s4:dsdb/objectclass: do helper searches AS_SYSTEM and with SHOW_RECYCLED
      s4:dsdb/extended_dn_in: do helper searches AS_SYSTEM and with SHOW_RECYCLED
      s4:dsdb/extended_dn_store: do helper searches AS_SYSTEM
      s4:dsdb/acl_util: do helper searches AS_SYSTEM
      s4:dsdb/acl_util: add dsdb_request_sd_flags() helper function
      s4:dsdb/descriptor: do searches for nTSecurityDescriptor AS_SYSTEM and with SHOW_RECYCLED
      s4:dsdb/descriptor: always use descriptor_search_callback if we return nTSecurityDescriptor
      s4:dsdb/descriptor: make use of dsdb_request_sd_flags()
      s4:dsdb/descriptor: make it clear that the SD Flags are ignored on add
      s4:dsdb/acl: do helper searches AS_SYSTEM and with SHOW_RECYCLED
      s4:dsdb/acl: remove unused "acl:perform" option
      s4:dsdb/acl: don't protect confidential attributes when "acl:search = yes" is set
      s4:dsdb/acl: calculate the correct access_mask when modifying nTSecurityDescriptor
      s4:dsdb/acl_read: do search for instanceType AS_SYSTEM and with SHOW_RECYCLED
      s4:dsdb/acl_read: specify the correct access_mask for nTSecurityDescriptor
      s4:dsdb/acl_read: enable acl checking on search by default (bug #8620)
      s4:dsdb/descriptor: give SYSTEM the correct default owner (group) sid
      s4:dsdb/descriptor: if the caller specifies no DACL/SACL the objects gets a default one
      s4:provision: add get_empty_descriptor()
      s4:samba_upgradeprovision: use the sd_flags:1:15 control with an empty sd
      s4:dsdb/descriptor: move special dn check to the start of descriptor_{add,modify,rename}
      s4:dsdb/descriptor: remove support for unused LDB_CONTROL_RECALCULATE_SD_OID
      s4:dsdb/descriptor: add some error checks to descriptor_{add,modify}
      s4:dsdb/descriptor: remove some unnecessary nesting
      s4:dsdb/descriptor: remove some nesting from descriptor_modify
      s4:dsdb/descriptor: make explicit that we don't support MOD_DELETE on nTSecurityDescriptor
      s4:dsdb/descriptor: the old nTSecurityDescriptor is always expected there on modify
      s4:dsdb/acl: also add DSDB_SECRET_ATTRIBUTES into the password attributes
      s4:dsdb/common: add pekList and msDS-ExecuteScriptPassword to DSDB_SECRET_ATTRIBUTES_EX
      s4:provision: add pekList and msDS-ExecuteScriptPassword to @KLUDGEACL
      s4:dsdb/dirsync: remove unused 'deletedattr' variable
      s4:dsdb/acl: require SEC_ADS_DELETE_TREE if the TREE_DELETE control is given (bug #7711)
      s4:dsdb/objectclass: do not pass the callers controls on helper searches
      s4:dsdb/subtree_delete: do an early return and avoid some nesting
      s4:dsdb/subtree_delete: do the recursive delete AS_SYSTEM/TRUSTED (bug #7711)
      s4:dsdb/subtree_delete: delete from the leafs to the root (bug #7711)
      s4:dsdb/objectclass_attrs: allow DSDB_CONTROL_SEC_DESC_PROPAGATION_OID on modify
      s4:dsdb/repl_meta_data: allow DSDB_CONTROL_SEC_DESC_PROPAGATION_OID on modify
      s4:dsdb/schema_data: allow DSDB_CONTROL_SEC_DESC_PROPAGATION_OID on modify
      s4:dsdb/descriptor: handle DSDB_CONTROL_SEC_DESC_PROPAGATION_OID
      s4:dsdb/descriptor: implement DSDB_EXTENDED_SEC_DESC_PROPAGATION_OID
      s4:dsdb/acl_util: add dsdb_module_schedule_sd_propagation()
      s4:dsdb/descriptor: recalculate nTSecurityDescriptor after a rename (bug #8621)
      s4:dsdb/descriptor: inherit nTSecurityDescriptor changes to children (bug #8621)
      s4:dsdb/repl_meta_data: call dsdb_module_schedule_sd_propagation() for replicated changes
      s4:dsdb/tests: add SdAutoInheritTests
      s4:dsdb/descriptor: NULL out user_descriptor elements depending on the sd_flags
      s3:smbd/open: use Builtin_Administrators as owner of files (if possible)
      s3:smbd/open: try the primary sid (user) as group_sid if the token has just one sid
      s3:smbd/open: fall back to Builtin_Administrators if SYSTEM doesn't map to a group
      libcli/security: remove duplicate aces in se_create_child_secdesc()
      s3:libsmb: add cli_{query,set}_security_descriptor() which take sec_info flags
      s3:smbcacls: add --query-security-info and --set-security-info options
      s4:libcli/finddcs_cldap: try all NBT#1C addresses
      s4:libcli/finddcs_cldap: allow io->in.server_address as hostname
      s4:samba-tool/gpo: use the dns_domain from the server when creating gpos
      s4:samba-tool/gpo: use 'gPCFileSysPath' when deleting gpos
      s4:samba-tool/gpo: fix the operation order when creating gpos
      s4:python/ntacl: allow string or objects for sd/sid in setntacl()
      s4:python/ntacl: add 'as_sddl' option to dsacl2fsacl()
      s4:dsdb/password_hash: Honor password complexity settings.
      s4:dsdb/schema: fix dsdb_schema_set_el_from_ldb_msg() (bug #9470)
      s4:dsdb/schema_data.c: correctly move the CN=Aggregate attributes to msg->elements[i].values (bug #9470)
      s4:dsdb/acl_read: keep the ldb_message of the sub search (bug #9470)
      s4:dsdb/acl_read: improve debugging for fatal error
      s4:dsdb/descriptor: fix replication of NC heads
      s4:dsdb/dirsync: fix potential talloc hierachy problems (bug #9470)
      s4:dsdb/acl_read: check the ldb_attr_list_copy_add() result
      s4:dsdb/acl_read: fix the calculation of the attribute array for the sub search
      s4:dsdb/acl_read: give some variables a better name
      s4:dsdb/acl_read: return the nTSecurityDescriptor attr if the sd_flags control is given (bug #9470)
      s4:dsdb/operational: fix stripping of the nTSecurityDescriptor attribute
      s4:dsdb/tests/sec_descriptor: verify the nTSecurityDescriptor and sd_flags interaction
      s4:dsdb/tests/sec_descriptor: verify the search of a windows dc join keeps working
      libcli/security: implement object_in_list()
      libcli/security: calculate the correct inherited_object GUID
      s4:dsdb/descriptor: pass object_list to create_security_descriptor()
      s4:provision: set the correct nTSecurityDescriptor on CN=Partitions,CN=Configuration... (bug #9481)
      s4:provision: set the correct nTSecurityDescriptor on CN=Sites,CN=Configuration... (bug #9481)
      s4:provision: set the correct nTSecurityDescriptor on CN=Infrastructure,... (bug #9481)
      s4:provision: set the correct nTSecurityDescriptor on CN=Builtin,... (bug #9481)
      s4:provision: set the correct nTSecurityDescriptor on CN=Computers,... (bug #9481)
      s4:provision: set the correct nTSecurityDescriptor on CN=Users,... (bug #9481)
      s4:provision: set the correct nTSecurityDescriptor on CN=Domain Controllers,... (bug #9481)
      Revert "s4:dsdb/password_hash: Honor password complexity settings."
      s4:dsdb/password_hash: Honor password complexity settings.
      s4:dsdb/common: only pass the DSDB_CONTROL_PASSWORD_HASH_VALUES_OID if required
      selftest/flapping: mark samba4.rpc.samr.large-dc.two as knownfail
      lib/param: use the correct path names again
      Happy New Year 2013
      selftest/flapping: more samba4.rpc.samr.large-dc.two subtests are flakey
      s4:scripting/python: always treat the highwatermark as opaque (bug #9508)
      s4:dsdb/repl_meta_data: always treat the highwatermark as opaque (bug #9508)
      s4:dsdb/repl_meta_data: store the last results and timestamps in the repsFrom
      s4:dsdb/repl_meta_data: also update the last_sync_success in replUpToDateVector
      s4:dsdb/repl_meta_data: don't merge highwatermark and uptodatevector (bug #9508)
      s4:dsdb/common: use LDB_SEQ_HIGHEST_SEQ for our entry in the uptodatevector
      s4:dsdb/common: use 01.01.1970 as last_sync_success for our entry in the uptodatevector
      s4:dsdb/drepl: update the source_dsa_obj/invocation_id in repsFrom
      s4:drsuapi: move struct drsuapi_getncchanges_state to the top of getncchanges.c
      s4:drsuapi: remove unused 'highest_usn' from drsuapi_getncchanges_state
      s4:drsuapi: avoid a ldb_dn_copy() and use talloc_move() instead
      s4:drsuapi: always use the current uptodateness_vector
      s4:drsuapi: add drsuapi_DsReplicaHighWaterMark_cmp()
      s4:drsuapi: make sure we never return the same highwatermark twice in a replication cycle (bug #9508)
      s4:drsuapi: check the source_dsa_invocation_id (bug #9508)
      s4:drsuapi: make sure we report the meta data from the cycle start (bug #9508)
      s4:drsuapi: make use of LDB_TYPESAFE_QSORT() and pass getnc_state
      s4:drsuapi: try to behave more like windows for usn order (bug #9508)
      s4:lib/messaging: terminate the irpc_servers_byname() result with server_id_set_disconnected() (bug #9540)
      s3:smb2_negprot: set the 'remote_proto' value
      dsdb-acl: don't call dsdb_user_password_support() if we don't use the result
      dsdb-acl: talloc_free the private context when we pass to the next module
      dsdb-acl: fix the order of special and system checks
      libcli/security: don't look at the inherited type in get_ace_object_type()
      dsdb-acl: add helper variable 'ldb' in acl_sDRightsEffective
      dsdb-acl: calculate sDRightsEffective based on "nTSecurityDescriptor"
      dsdb-schema: make schema_subclasses_order_recurse() static
      dsdb-schema: make sure use clean caches in schema_inferiors.c
      dsdb-schema: make sure we build [system]PossibleInferiors completely
      dsdb-acl: introduce a 'msg' helper variable to acl_modify()
      dsdb-acl: introduce a 'el' helper variable to acl_modify()
      dsdb-acl: dsdb_attribute_by_lDAPDisplayName() is needed for all attributes
      dsdb-acl: attr is not optional to acl_check_access_on_attribute()
      dsdb-acl: add acl_check_access_on_objectclass() helper
      dsdb-acl: use acl_check_access_on_objectclass() instead of acl_check_access_on_class()
      dsdb-acl: remove unused acl_check_access_on_class()
      dsdb-acl: make use of acl_check_access_on_attribute() in acl_modify()
      dsdb-acl: make use of acl_check_access_on_{attribute,objectclass} in acl_rename()
      dsdb-acl: make use of acl_check_access_on_objectclass() for the object in acl_delete()
      dsdb-acl: the SEC_ADS_DELETE_CHILD checks need objectclass->schemaIDGUID
      libcli/security: fix whitespaces in access_check.c
      libcli/security: fix formating in access_check.c
      libcli/security: simplify get_ace_object_type()
      libcli/security: avoid usage of dom_sid_parse_talloc() in sec_access_check_ds()
      libcli/security: add init_mask to existing children in insert_in_object_tree
      dsdb-acl: remove unused variable
      ldb: fix a warning by converting from TDB_DATA to struct ldb_val

Stephen Gallagher (1):
      ldb: Move doxygen comments for ldb_connect to the right place

Tsukasa Hamano (1):
      Fix bug #9471 - SEGV when using second vfs module.

Volker Lendecke (68):
      s3: Fix some blank line endings
      s3: Fix Coverity ID 741407 -- resource leak
      s3: Do not free a string where we should not
      s3: Do not free a string where we should not
      s3: Fix bug 9428 -- inotify detection broken
      s3: Avoid some transaction_commit on gencache.tdb
      s3: Open gencache_notrans with TDB_NOSYNC
      s3: Use dbwrap_parse_record in fetch_share_mode_unlocked
      dbwrap: Use dbwrap_parse_record in dbwrap_fetch_uint32_bystring
      s3: test dbwrap_ctdb
      s3: Remove header==NULL code from db_ctdb_marshall_record
      s3: Slightly simplify db_ctdb_transaction_commit
      s3: Add db_ctdb_ltdb_parse
      s3: Use db_ctdb_ltdb_parse in db_ctdb_ltdb_fetch
      s3: Use db_ctdb_ltdb_parse in db_ctdb_fetch_db_seqnum_from_db
      s3: Slightly simplify db_ctdb_marshall_loop_next
      s3: Factor out db_ctdb_marshall_loop_next_key from db_ctdb_marshall_loop_next
      s3: reduce db_ctdb_marshall_loop_next to specialized db_ctdb_marshall_buf_parse
      s3: Factor out parse_newest_in_marshall_buffer from pull_newest_from_marshall_buffer
      s3: Avoid db_ctdb_fetch for persistent databases
      s3: Remove unused code for fetching persistent ctdb records
      s3: Factor out db_ctdb_can_use_local_hdr from db_ctdb_can_use_local_copy
      s3: Directly parse local existing records in db_ctdb_parse_record
      s3: Remove db_ctdb_fetch
      dbwrap: Use talloc_zero in db_open_cache
      dbwrap: Use talloc_zero in db_open_rbt
      dbwrap: No need to NULL out a talloc_zero'ed structure element
      dbwrap: Remove an unnecessary if-statement
      dbwrap: Do not rely on dbwrap_record_get_value to return a talloc object
      Fix Bug 9422 - large read requests cause server to issue malformed reply
      s3: Fix clear_if_first for the async echo handler
      s3: Fix a typo in a debug message
      tdb: Fix a missing CONVERT
      tdb: Fix a typo
      tdb: Fix a comment
      tdb: Fix blank line endings
      tdb: Slightly simplify tdb_lock_list
      tdb: Simplify logic in tdb_lock_list slightly
      tdb: Factor out tdb_lock_covered_by_allrecord_lock from tdb_lock_list
      tdb: Use tdb_lock_covered_by_allrecord_lock in tdb_unlock
      tdb: Fix a typo
      tdb: Fix a typo
      tdb: Make tdb_new_database() follow a more conventional style
      tdb: Add a comment explaining the "check"
      tdb: Fix \n in error messages
      tdb: Fix undefined prototype warnings
      smbd: Fix bug 9549 -- Memleak in the async echo handler
      smbd: Fix a typo
      smbd: Simplify an if-expression
      smbd: Remove some ()
      dbwrap: Use INCOMPATIBLE_HASH for dbwrap_watchers.tdb
      winbind: Fix error check in unpack_tdc_domains
      winbind: Fix some missing NULL checks
      samr: Split up an assignment from an if condition
      samr: Make use of posix_openpt
      Fix bug 9548: Correctly detect O_DIRECT
      configure: Fix bug 9546, aio_suspend detection on FreeBSD
      smbd: Always compile vfs_commit
      smbd: Fix bug 9544, part 1
      smbd: Fix bug 9544, part 2
      test: dbwrap_tool requires --persistent for the registry now
      tevent: Fix a comment
      winbind: Use standard tevent_context_init
      winbind: Introduce "struct child_handler_state"
      winbind: Handle child requests in a tevent_fd
      smbtorture: Satisfy a linker dependency
      smbd: Fix a NULL vs false return error
      Avoid a very small memleak on talloc_tos()


Samba Shared Repository

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