[SCM] CTDB repository - annotated tag ctdb-2.1 created - ctdb-2.1

Amitay Isaacs amitay at samba.org
Tue Jan 8 21:52:47 MST 2013

The annotated tag, ctdb-2.1 has been created
        at  7406d21936dbf26167782fd4f336c10dcad3f405 (tag)
   tagging  7d8546ee4353851f0543d0ca2c4c67cb0cc75aea (commit)
  replaces  ctdb-2.0
 tagged by  Amitay Isaacs
        on  Wed Jan 9 15:47:18 2013 +1100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
New version 2.1

Amitay Isaacs (14):
      recoverd: Track the nodes that fail takeover run and set culprit count
      tools/ctdb: Do not use function return value as pnn
      locking: Do not use RECLOCK for tracking DB locks and latencies
      doc: Update ping_pong documentation to add -c option
      daemon: Check if log_latency_ms is set before using it
      daemon: Add a tunable to enable automatic database priority setting
      tests/complex: Add NFS test when CTDB is killed on one of the nodes
      daemon: Update the comment and remove redundant check in ctdb_start_transport()
      tools/ctdb: Add pdelete command to delete a record from persistent database
      tools/ctdb: Re-factor code to check if db exists given name or id
      tools/ctdb: Add setdbseqnum command to set __db_sequence_number__
      tests: Add a test for recovery of persistent databases
      daemon: On shutdown, destroy timed events that check if recoverd is active
      daemon: Protect against double free of callback state while shutting down

Martin Schwenke (38):
      Eventscripts: 10.interface startup event should only process interfaces once
      ctdbd: Make the link status of new interfaces more flexible
      Eventscripts: 10.interface should list configured interfaces
      Git should ignore generated include/version.h file
      Initscript: when checking status, print output of "ctdb ping" if it fails
      tests: Local daemons should use --listen instead of --node-ip
      ctdbd: Remove debug option --node-ip, use --listen instead
      ctdbd: Initialise the node flags in just one place
      Eventscripts: Do not restart NFS on reconfigure
      Eventscripts: Change the default reconfigure action to do nothing
      ctdbd: Clean up orphaned interfaces when an IP is deleted
      tests: new function ip2ipmask() for integration testing
      tests: new simple integration test for delip interface garbage collection
      tests/takeover: Support valgrinding the takeover code
      tests/takeover: IP allocation now selected via $CTDB_IP_ALGORITHM
      tests/takeover: Support testing of NoIPTakeoverOnDisabled
      tests/takeover: Do output filtering for deterministic IPs algorithm too
      tests/takeover: Initial tests for deterministic IPs
      tests/takeover: Add some LCP2 tests for case when no node are healthy
      recoverd: Fix a memory leak in IP allocation
      recoverd: Move the test for both 'DeterministicIPs' and 'NoIPFailback' set
      recoverd: Don't do failback at all when deterministic IPs are in use
      recoverd: basic_failback() can call find_takeover_node() directly
      recoverd: Trying to failback more IPs no longer allocates unassigned IPs
      recoverd: Move failback retry loop into basic_failback() and lcp2_failback()
      recoverd: New function unassign_unsuitable_ips()
      recoverd: Separate each IP allocation algorithm into its own function
      tests/eventscripts: Ratchet down debug level for ctdb_takeover_tests
      tests/simple: Add test to check recovery daemon IP verification
      scripts: Move drop_all_public_ips() to the functions file
      eventscripts: Each script should set CTDB_BASE if it is not set
      scripts: statd-callout should calculate CTDB_BASE if it is not set
      scripts: debug-hung-script.sh doesn't need functions/loadconfig
      ctdbd: Default value for debug_hung_script should use ETCDIR
      scripts: Make drop_all_public_ips() more robust
      scripts: Rework ctdb-crash-cleanup.sh so that it uses existing functions
      scripts: Make script_log() use supplied message, stop logger from hanging
      eventscripts: Fail the setup event if CTDB does not become ready

Michael Adam (6):
      vacuum: fix a comment typo
      recoverd: fix a comment typo
      recovery: data corruption of persistent DBs after recoveries: don't delete emtpy records
      utils:ping_pong: add a -c switch to check the lock before reading/writing
      events/50.samba: fix testparm background update
      ctdb:recover: fix a comment typo

Volker Lendecke (2):
      build: Fix the build with old system-installed tevent
      vacuum: Avoid some tallocs in ctdb recovery


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