[SCM] Samba Shared Repository - branch master updated

Björn Jacke bjacke at samba.org
Tue Feb 19 12:57:02 MST 2013

The branch, master has been updated
       via  ff8ba06 build/autoconf: fix check for GNU ld version
      from  432dde0 s3:build fix the build with --fake-kaserver


- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
commit ff8ba0628f6f13a5be1df94e5ac2e83008b7c69c
Author: Björn Jacke <bj at sernet.de>
Date:   Tue Feb 19 15:30:34 2013 +0100

    build/autoconf: fix check for GNU ld version
    we need to look for the version once in the stdout and once in the stderr
    output. Some version of ld output to stdout, some output to stderr. redirecting
    stderr to stdout messes the output up in our case, that's why we have to do two
    runs. See also bug #7825.
    Signed-off-by: Bjoern Jacke <bj at sernet.de>
    Reviewed-by: Stefan Metzmacher <metze at samba.org>
    Autobuild-User(master): Björn Jacke <bj at sernet.de>
    Autobuild-Date(master): Tue Feb 19 20:56:12 CET 2013 on sn-devel-104


Summary of changes:
 source3/configure.in |    6 +++++-
 1 files changed, 5 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

Changeset truncated at 500 lines:

diff --git a/source3/configure.in b/source3/configure.in
index 1b24ad6..594f4b9 100644
--- a/source3/configure.in
+++ b/source3/configure.in
@@ -227,7 +227,11 @@ dnl Certain versions of GNU ld the default is not to have the
 dnl --allow-shlib-undefined flag defined.  This causes a stackload of
 dnl warnings when building modules.
 if test "$ac_cv_prog_gnu_ld" = "yes"; then
-	ac_cv_gnu_ld_version=`$CC -Wl,-v /dev/null 2>&1 < /dev/null | grep "GNU ld"`
+	ac_cv_gnu_ld_version=`$CC -Wl,-v /dev/null 2> /dev/null < /dev/null | grep "GNU ld"`
+	# we need to make a 2nd (separate!) check on the output of stderr, see bug #7825:
+	if test -z ${ac_cv_gnu_ld_version} ; then
+	  ac_cv_gnu_ld_version=`$CC -Wl,-v /dev/null 2>&1 > /dev/null < /dev/null | grep "GNU ld"`
+	fi
 	AC_MSG_CHECKING(GNU ld release date)
 	ac_cv_gnu_ld_date=`echo $ac_cv_gnu_ld_version | sed -n 's,^.*\([2-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]\)[-]*\([01][0-9]\)[-]*\([0-3][0-9]\).*$,\1\2\3,p'`

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