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Amitay Isaacs amitay at samba.org
Thu Aug 22 21:59:02 MDT 2013

The annotated tag, ctdb-2.4 has been created
        at  76a8cb04294b2a9818806c4cc2196d8327009bc1 (tag)
   tagging  c446579fc442955ecc74f5566eaa0635c3171498 (commit)
  replaces  ctdb-2.3
 tagged by  Amitay Isaacs
        on  Fri Aug 23 13:51:40 2013 +1000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
New version 2.4

Amitay Isaacs (37):
      packaging: No need to check for existence of scripts, they always do
      packaging: Bundle debug_locks.sh script in RPM
      Revert "ctdbd: Remove incomplete ctdb_db_statistics_wire structure"
      ctdbd: Remove incomplete ctdb_db_statistics_wire structure
      ctdbd: Fix updating of hot keys in database statistics
      ctdbd: Don't consider a hot record if the hopcount is zero
      tools/ctdb: Only print the hot records with non-zero hopcount
      recoverd: Assemble up-to-date node flags information from remote nodes
      recoverd: Make sure to use jenkins hash for recovery databases
      client: Always use jenkins hash when attaching volatile databases
      recoverd: Use correct tdb flags when creating missing databases
      tests: Add a test program to hold a lock on a database
      ctdbd: Print set db sticky message after it's set
      locking: Move function find_lock_context() before ctdb_lock_schedule()
      locking: Do not create multiple lock processes for the same key
      eventscripts: Use configured RECLOCK file instead of asking CTDB
      eventscript: Wait for debug hung script to finish or timeout before continuing
      ctdbd: Avoid leaking file descriptor if talloc fails
      ctdbd: Improve high hopcount log messages when request is redirected
      ctdbd: When a record is made sticky, log only once
      common/io: Keep queue buffer size multiple of 4K
      Revert "recoverd: Use correct tdb flags when creating missing databases"
      recoverd: Use TDB_INCOMPATIBLE_HASH when creating volatile databases
      db_wrap: Make sure tdb messages are logged correctly
      vacuuming: Fix vacuuming bug where requests keep bouncing between nodes (part 1)
      vacuuming: Fix vacuuming bug where requests keep bouncing between nodes (part 2)
      common: Null terminate process name string so valgrind doesn't complain
      recoverd: Improve log message when nodes disagree on recmaster
      ctdbd: For volatile databases, write an empty record with rsn=0 only on dmaster
      ctdbd: Print a log message when a key becomes hot
      Revert "LACOUNT:  Add back lacount mechanism to defer migrating a fetched/read copy until after default of 20 consecutive requests from the same node"
      Revert "common/io: Keep queue buffer size multiple of 4K"
      common/io: Limit the queue buffer size for fair scheduling via tevent
      ctdbd: Make sure call data is freed if doing an early return
      ctdbd: Finish eventscript callback processing before debugging hung script
      traverse: Log when database traverse is started
      build: Fix build dependencies for ctdb_lock_tdb

Martin Schwenke (50):
      ctdbd: Allow extra recovery to repair persistent DBs during first recovery
      eventscripts: Get list of configured interfaces using "ctdb ifaces"
      eventscripts: A missing interface should cause monitoring to fail
      tests/eventscripts: Add tests for monitoring of missing interfaces
      ctdbd: Exit if something is already listening on CTDB socket
      ctdbd: Sleep at exit to allow time for log messages to flush
      tests/simple: Add -p in onnode test to help show groups of connections
      tests: Fix exit status of run_tests when a single test is run with -H
      tests/complex: Fix NFS tests to work with root_squash
      ctdbd: Pass event name to hung script debugger
      scripts: Run scriptstatus for hung event
      recoverd: Call takeover fail callback only once per node
      tests: Always tally the number of passed/failed tests
      tools/ctdb: Allow killtcp to read connections from standard input
      eventscripts: kill_tcp_connections() should send connections to stdin
      ctdbd: Kill client process without checking for tracked child
      initscript: The wrapper script should export CTDB_SOCKET
      doc: Update XML files to use standard DocBook DTD
      scripts: Do not run ctdb tool commands when debugging hung "init" event
      packaging: Allow setting custom release number in RPM spec file
      tests/simple: Fix the missing IP test
      tests/simple: Unreachable node test should wait for recovery to complete
      eventscripts: When restarting the nfslock service only show output of start
      eventscripts: Remove support for RPC service 'q' and 's' restart flags
      tests/eventscripts: Override background_with_logging(), just prepend "&"
      eventscripts: Separate out RPC service restart code
      eventscripts: Add modulo (%) operator to ctdb_check_counter()
      eventscripts: New configuration variable $CTDB_RPCINFO_LOCALHOST
      eventscripts: Print a message when waiting for TCP connections to be killed
      eventscripts: Improve message logged when a counter hits a limit
      tools/ctdb: Increase default control timeout to 10 seconds
      eventscripts: Become unhealthy faster on nfsd failure
      tools/ctdb: Use ctdb_get_pnn() to get PNN of the current node
      tools/ctdb: Factor, simplify and improve robustness of ipreallocate code
      tools/ctdb: Factor out common pattern used in disable/enable/stop/continue
      tools/ctdb: Reimplement ban/unban using update_flags_wait_and_ipreallocate()
      tools/ctdb: Fix message in showban when node is banned
      recoverd: Log more information when interfaces change
      recoverd: Move struct ctdb_public_ip_list back into ctdb_takeover.c
      recoverd: Remove an unused temporary talloc context
      tools/ctdb: Improve auto-all settings for some commands
      tools/ctdb: Remove more non-essential fetching of PNN from daemon
      tools/ctdb: Make most non-auto-all commands abort if run with -n all
      scripts: Remove gdb_backtrace
      eventscripts: Avoid using a temporary file in 62.cnfs
      tools/ctdb_diagnostics: Safer temporary file creation
      tools/ctdb_diagnostics: Add output of "ctdb getdbmap"
      packaging: Remove pushd/popd from maketarball.sh, don't need bash
      tests/simple: Minimise the chance of a monitor event being cancelled
      doc: Update NEWS

Michael Adam (3):
      server: fix wording and punctuation in comment block for ctdb_reply_dmaster().
      server: standardize formatting of comment block for ctdb_reply_dmaster() while I'm at it..
      util: In passing the code, fix a space vs. tab in set_close_on_exec().


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