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Thu Sep 13 04:18:00 MDT 2012

The annotated tag, samba-4.0.0rc1 has been created
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  replaces  samba-4.0.0beta8
 tagged by  Karolin Seeger
        on  Thu Sep 13 12:06:50 2012 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
samba4: tag release samba-4.0.0rc1
Version: GnuPG v2.0.18 (GNU/Linux)


Alexander Bokovoy (14):
      wafsamba/samba_abi: fix signature parsing for structures
      gen_abi.sh: filter out symbols not needed for ABI
      wafsamba/samba_abi: allow negative matches in abi_match
      s3-passdb: wrap secrets.tdb accessors used by PDB modules
      s3-passdb: convert pdb_ldap to use secrets wrappers
      s3-passdb: convert pdb_ipa to use secrets wrappers
      s4-torture: dns torture test depends on AD DC build
      s3-waf: avoid exporting init symbols from statically linked modules
      s3-smbldap: use smbldap_ prefix for all functions
      s3-smbldap: use smbldap_ prefixed functions
      s3-smbldap: make smbldap public library and maintain its ABI
      s3-passdb: update abi_match and ignore more statically linked functions
      s3-pdb: filter out more symbols only used in ldapsam internals
      lib/krb5_wrap: when deleting default realm, pass char*, not char**

Andreas Schneider (14):
      s3-winbind: DON'T PANIC if we couldn't find the domain.
      s4-dns: Fix linking the dns service.
      wafsamba: Add support for manpages in SAMBA_MODULE.
      wafsamba: Add a CONFIGURE_FILE option.
      waf: Create catalog file for manpage generation.
      docs: Remove old ldb manpages.
      docs: Remove old tdb manpages.
      waf: Rename nmblookup manpage to nmblookup4.
      waf: Fix bug #8801 - build s3fs manpages.
      docs: Move idmap manpage to there old location.
      docs: Bump version up to 4.0.
      wafsamba: Add a SAMBAMANPAGES function.
      docs: Build manpages correctly.
      s3-rap: Open printers with the right access mask.

Andrew Bartlett (57):
      VERSION: Move on to beta9
      auth/credentials: Do not print passwords in a talloc memory dump
      s4-libnet: Fix memory leak of lsa_RefDomainList and lsa_String onto libnet_ctx
      s4-kdc: Give information on how long the password history is
      s4-dsdb: Remove unused tmp_ctx leaked onto long-term ldb_context
      s4-kdc: Improve grammer and clarity of password change failure messages.
      s4-dsdb: Remove unused variables
      selftest: skip tests if the tarball did not include the alpha13 provision
      build: Only make bin/ if it does not exist
      s4-classicupgrade: Show more clearly what is wrong with the Adminstrator SID
      build: skip shipping the alpha13 provision in the release tarballs
      docs: Remove docs for removed parameter 'parinoid server security'
      docs: Remove references to security=share and security=server from the smb.conf docs
      docs: Fix undocumented target to find smb.conf directives in the right place
      remove extra tab from Makefile
      docs: Remove docs for removed parameter 'display charset'
      docs: Remove merged-branches.txt
      docs: Update Roadmap
      docs: Move Samba4 HOWTO link into README
      s3-passdb: Rename pdb_samba4 to samba_dsdb and autoconfigure when we are a AD DC
      s4-samba-tool: Ensure we also sync the SACL as well as the DACL during sysvolreset
      file_server: Clarify code by avoiding a goto
      s4-selftest: Try to make ntacl unit tests better match their names
      s4-selftest: Try a more complex ACL - this example from a GPO
      build: remove unused HAVE_NO_ACLS define
      file_server: Run task_server_terminate when smbd exists
      build: vfs_fake_acls does not need the acl lib
      build: Remove references to charset modules - we no longer have these
      build: sync the waf ACL checks with configure.in
      file_server: Remove explicit set of passdb backend in fileserver.conf
      build: Remove unused deps from vfs modules
      s4-provision: Fix error message to contain the string SSDL of the failed-to-match ACL
      samba_tool: Fix ntacl get to correctly output in sddl
      samba_tool: Improve samba-tool ntacl get/set to use the local sam.ldb SID
      selftest: Add python blackbox tests for samba-tool ntacl get/set
      s3-printing: Restrict printing=cups to systems with cups development headers at build time
      join.py: Only replicate DNS zones if the source DC had DNS zones
      selftest: Add tests for the dlz_bind9 module
      selftest: Test configure stage of dlz_bind9
      build: Do not compile lib/sysquotas*.c files as part of configure
      build: Remove Unicos support (quota in particular)
      s3-configure: Only use sysquotas by default
      s3-smbd: Remove Linux support from old (pre-sysquotas) code
      s3-smbd: Remove BSD support from old (pre-sysquotas) code
      s3-smbd: Remove HPUX support from old (pre-sysquotas) code
      s3-smbd: Remove IRIX support from old (pre-sysquotas) code
      s3-smbd: Remove remaining references to removed OS support in old-style quota code
      torture: Add discard_const_p() to work around dlz_create prototype
      provision: Only give the "no posix ACLs" exception if we could not set the SD
      smbd: Print ACL used to create hash in vfs_xattr_common
      smbd-posix_acls: Use a IDL union to store the ACL entry
      smbd: Remove pre-allocation of ACL array in sys_acl_init()
      smbd: Add extra VFS hooks to get the posix ACL as a blob
      dns_server: Attempt to SET and UNSET the sessionInfo to match the incoming user
      dns_server: Remove parameter 'dns recursive queries' and base this on 'dns forwarder'
      wintest: Rework support for the internal DNS server
      wintest: Fix --use-ntvfs handling

Björn Jacke (30):
      s3: add sysquotas_4B support
      s3: adopt the new sysquotas_4B support for BSD
      s3: remove some duplicate quota code
      waf: add new quota header checks and sysquota_4B source file
      sysquota: we need to list nfs4 as a separate fs name for the sys_get_nfs_quota backend
      s3:quota: don't force the block size to 512
      fileserver:sysquotas: remove wrong cast
      waf: add check for BSD_STYLE_STATVFS
      s3-smbd: Remove OSF1 support from old (pre-sysquotas) code
      s3:sysquota_xfs: check and include the right fs header file for xfs quotas
      s3:sysquota_xfs: fix logic so that we actually use this module on Linux
      s3:quota: clean up and consolidate the xfs quota checks and defines
      build: define _BSD_TYPES on IRIX to have types like u_short
      s3:sysquota-test: include ufs/ufs/quota.h only when found
      rpcserver: fix useless declaration warning
      s3:sysquota_nfs: fix build on Tru64 et alii
      s3:autoconf: look for irix xfs only when if we didn't find the Linux one before
      waf: make checks for different XFS flavours
      waf: add test for HAVE_DQB_FSOFTLIMIT
      waf: add tests for NFS quota stuff
      doc: improve quotacommand man page docu
      s3:quota: don't add the string '"' into the argument list
      s3: fix wrong invocations of talloc_realloc
      s3:quota-nfs: another build fix for the old Unix world
      s3:quota-nfs: add RQ_PATHLEN define for systems that don't have it
      wafbuild: add defines for linux quota and sysquota support
      quota: fix configure test for HP-UX
      s3:proto.h: remove duplicate disk_quotas prototypes
      quota: move function again to its belonging ifdef block
      s3: remove unneeded noquota.c file

Christian Ambach (3):
      s3:build fix autoconf build on RHEL5
      s3:client use more access bits for snapshot display
      s3:smbd Bump the smbd vfs interface version to 30

Christof Schmitt (3):
      s3:dbwrap_ctdb: Add DB name and key to warning message
      s3:doc Fix name of timeout parameter in documentation
      s3:vfs/time_audit: Add back pointer for sys_acl_delete_def_file_fn

David Disseldorp (1):
      tdb: return unpack error on strdup failure

Gregor Beck (1):
      s3:lib: use includes.h with cbuf and srprs

Jeremy Allison (16):
      SEC_RIGHTS_DIR_PRIV_BACKUP and SEC_RIGHTS_DIR_PRIV_RESTORE aren't used anywhere. Remove (can re-add if needed).
      Factor out privilege checking code into se_file_access_check() which takes a bool priv_open_requested parameter.
      Change the S3 fileserver over to se_file_access_check().
      Add a comment showing where to set log level in tests.
      Rewrite torture_samba3_rpc_sharesec() to use a non-privileged user for share security descriptor testing.
      Now SEC_RIGHTS_PRIV_RESTORE and SEC_RIGHTS_PRIV_BACKUP don't include any generic bits (they're used directly in the fileserver where the generic bits have already been mapped into file specific bits) we need to add the generic bits to the test when we have these privileges.
      Remove an unncessary FTRUNCATE call in the open path. We can rely on O_TRUC.
      Add "backup_intent" bool to files_struct.
      Fix bug #9147 - winbind can't fetch user or group info from AD via LDAP
      Fix talloc memory heirarchy bug. If there's an SMB2 sessionsetup in flight when we're shut down, we end up freeing the struct smbXsrv_session *session pointer twice.
      samba3.smb2.durable-open.delete_on_close1 is now flapping (sometimes passes).
      At Michael's suggestion, factor common code into a function. My bad :-).
      Make metze happy and the code clearer :-).
      Remove ancient "optimization" global LastDir.
      Move cached cwd onto conn struct.
      In vfs modules, don't use 'conn->origpath' when we really mean 'conn->cwd'.

Kai Blin (28):
      s4 dns: Negotiate GSSAPI-based TKEYs
      s4 dns: Store TKEYs in a ringbuffer
      s4 dns: Handle GSS-TSIG signatures
      s4 dns: Verify incoming TSIG signatures
      HACK remove debug statement
      hack: dns_sign_tsig correct memcpy
      drop me
      more tsig_verify stuff
      s4 dns: Make sure to remember incoming tkey name
      s4 dns: Allow configuring signed updates
      s4 dns: Revert erroneous push from wrong branch
      s4 dns: Create IDL entry for TSIG-like record needed for signature check
      s4 dns: Move dns_find_tkey to an extra file
      s4 dns: TKEY record needs to remember incoming algorithm
      s4 dns: When we got a TKEY, we need to remember which key to use for signing
      s4 dns: Handle GSS-TSIG signature creation
      s4 dns: Verify incoming TSIG signatures
      s4 dns: Make sure to remember incoming tkey name
      s4 dns: Allow configuring signed updates
      s4 dns: Check if signing user is allowed to update records
      s4 dns: Make debug output less noisy
      s4 dns: Improve logging of delegated dns updates
      s4 dns: Run python tests in fl2003dc env
      s4 dns: Add libaddns-based simple tests
      s4 dns: use the internal DNS server per default
      loadparm: dns is now a default server service
      WHATSNEW.txt: Update DNS server description
      s4 provision: Ask for the dns forwarder IP address during interactive provision

Karolin Seeger (5):
      s4-docs: Remove empty s4 HOWTO Collection.
      docs: Rename manpages-3 -> manpages.
      docs: Rename htmlman3 -> htmlman.
      docs: Bump version up to 4.0.
      docs: Fix typo.

Luca Lorenzetto (1):
      nsswitch: fix crash on null pam change pw response

Matthieu Patou (3):
      osX define uint64_t as long long int
      uid_t is a synonym for int on osX
      Force cast to long as on some platform tv_usec is 32bit long

Michael Adam (65):
      s3:smbd: in sys_disk_free(), fix a debug message
      s3:smbd: in sys_disk_free(), fix line length and indentation of debug statement
      s3:smbd: in sys_disk_free(), improve a debug message
      s3:smbd: in sys_disk_free(), improve a debug message
      s3: in sys_popen(), fix a debug message
      s3: in sys_popen(), validate input before opening the pipe.
      s3: in sys_popen(), improve call to pipe and report error to debug
      s3: in sys_popen(), untangle assigment from check and add a debug message in failure case
      s3: in sys_popen(), untangle function call from result check
      s3: in sys_popen(), add a debug message for failed extract_args()
      s3: in sys_popen(), add a debug message for failed fork
      s3:locking: fix trailing space in brl_close_fnum()
      param: remove unused define FN_LOCAL_PARM_CHAR()
      s4:torture:smb2: add a test for alloc size behaviour under durable reconnect
      s4:torture:smb2: fix name of test file in the durable-open.alloc-size test
      s4:torture:smb2: fix cut'n'paste error in the durable-v2-open.reopen2 test
      s4:torture:smb2: in the durable-v2-reopen1 test, use a minimal request
      s4:torture:smb2: simplify the durable-v2-open.reopen1 test
      s4:torture:smb2: simplify the durable-v2.reopen2 test (using only one i/o struct)
      s4:torture:smb2: fix durable-v2-open.reopen2 to pass against windows
      s4:torture:smb2: change the durable-open.file-position test to use one connection only
      s4:torture:smb2: simplify durable-open.file-position test to only use one I/O and one handle
      s3:smbd: also close durable file handles in a tdis
      s3:vfs: add durable VFS operations
      s3:smbd: initial durable handle support: special treatment of durable handles in close
      s3:smbd: add basic support for durable handle request and reconnect
      s3:smbd: add basic support for durable handle v2 request and reconnect
      loadparm: remove remnants of removed option "share modes"
      s3: add an option "kernel share modes" to be able to switch off using kernel flocks
      s3:smbd: don't set kernel flock if "kernel share modes = no"
      s3:smbd: make fd_open() public
      s3: introduce a new share config option "durable handles" defaulting to "yes"
      s3:vfs_default: add basic support for durable handle request and reconnect
      release-scripts: adapt build-manpages-git to moved manpage directory
      release-scripts: adapt build-manpages-nogit to renamed manpage directory
      docs: have configure correctly report ability to build manpages
      docs: add desciption of new parameter "kernel share modes" to the smb.conf manpage
      docs: describe the new parameter "durable handles" in the smb.conf manpage
      WHATSNEW: list SMB3 as max protocol and durable handles as changes since 4.0 beta8
      docs:build: make target "manpages" .PHONY, so manpages do get built...
      lib/replace: remove duplicate check for inotify
      s4:torture:smb2: fix the durable-open.delete_on_close1 test
      selftest: smb2.durable-open.delete_on_close1 is not flapping any more
      selftest: pass smb2.durable-open.delete_on_close1
      s4:torture:smb2: add a durable-open.delete_on_close2 test
      selftest: we fail the smb2.durable-open.delete_on_close2 test
      s4:torture:smb2: remove an unused variable from the oplock-exclusive1 test
      s4:torture:smb2: remove an unused variable from the oplock-exclusive2 test
      s4:torture:smb2: fix error reporting in the oplock-brl1 test
      s4:torture:smb2: fix error reporting in the oplock-brl2 test
      s4:torture:smb2: fix error reporting in the oplock-brl3 test
      release-scripts: let build-manpages-git store generated docs under bin/docs/
      release-scripts: let build-manpages-nogit store generated docs under ./bin/docs
      release-scripts: run build-manpages-git with bash
      release-scripts: run build-manpages-nogit with bash
      s3:build: rewrite autogen.sh to be called from any directory
      build:waf dist: factor out function to add list of files to the tarball
      build:dist: extend samba_dist.DIST_FILES() to take optional parameter extend(=False)
      build:dist: for snapshot builds, call DIST_DIRS with extend=True
      build:dist: make use of file / distfile more obvious in handling of DIST_FILES in "make dist"
      build:dist: extend meaning of DIST_FILES to also recurse into directories
      build:dist: call build-manpages-nogit for make dist and package generated files
      build:dist: call source3/autogen.sh and packaged generated files
      WHATSNEW: prepare release notes for 4.0.0rc1
      VERSION: Release Samba 4.0.0rc1

Michele Baldessari (4):
      Free protect_ids in secret_store_domain_sid() as the caller of fetch_secrets() must free the result in order to not leak memory.
      Free protect_ids in secret_store_domain_guid() as the caller of fetch_secrets() must free the result in order to not leak memory.
      Call TALLOC_FREE() before we return otherwise we will never free sam_account
      Set trans to a value that is not LDB_SUCCESS (all LDB_ constants are

Ralph Wuerthner (1):
      s3:vfs/time_audit: add path names to log messages

Simo Sorce (1):
      Avoid overriding default ccache for ads operations.

Stefan Metzmacher (40):
      file_server: use 'subreq' as variable instead of 'req'
      s3:smb2_create: check for SMB2_CREATE_TAG_DHNC first
      s4:torture/smb2: don't expect a DHnQ response in a DHnC request
      s4:torture/smb2: check that the server should ignore the fname in a DHnC request
      s4:torture/smb2: add smb2.durable-v2-open.reopen{1,2} tests
      selftest/knownfail: samba3.smb2.durable-v2-open.reopen{1,2} fails currently
      selftest/knownfail: samba3.smb2.durable-open.alloc-size fails currently
      s3:smbXsrv.idl: add properties for durable handles to smbXsrv_open_global0
      s3:smbXsrv_open: add smb2srv_open_recreate() to support durable handles
      s3:locking: add mark_share_mode_disconnected()
      s3:locking: add brl_mark_disconnected() and brl_reconnect_disconnected()
      s3:smbd: add disconnected checks to the open code.
      s3:param: change "server max protocol" to "SMB3"
      docs-xml: change "server max protocol" to "SMB3"
      selftest/Samba3: don't explicitly set 'server max protocol'
      selftest/knownfail: we pass some samba3.smb2.durable-* tests now
      s4:provision: ask the admin about the desired DNS implementation
      s4:samba-tool: allow sys.exit(ret) to control the exit code
      s4:samba-tool: remove unused code in testparm.py
      s4:python/netcmd: give the Commad implementations access to the raw arguments
      s4:samba-tool: add 'samba-tool domain provision'
      s4:scripting: use the 'sbin_files' variable
      s4:scripting: install samba_kcc to SBINDIR
      s4:setup/tests: make use of samba-tool domain provision
      testprogs/blackbox: make use of samba-tool domain provision
      wintest: make use of samba-tool domain provision
      selftest/Samba4: make use of samba-tool domain provision
      s4:setup: remove standalone 'provision'
      s4:scripting: rename upgradeprovision -> samba_upgradeprovision
      WHATSNEW: provision and updateprovision have new names
      s4:selftest: run thet dlz_bind9. tests in the chgdcpass env
      s4:provision: don't add the dns-HOSTNAME account if we use the internal dns server
      s4:upgradehelpers.py: don't require a dns-$HOSTNAME account
      selftest:Samba4: don't provision with BIND9_DLZ
      s4:samba_upgradedns: delete dns-HOSTNAME account if using the internal dns server
      s4:dns_server: remove wrong and unused dsdb_check_access_on_dn() check
      lib/param: add some more alias for 'allow dns updates' options.
      lib/param: change the default for 'allow dns updates' to 'secure only'
      wintest: try to fix settings for the internal dns server
      selftest: let provision_plugin_s4_dc use SMB3

Volker Lendecke (19):
      s3: Fix a few "warning: ISO C90 forbids mixed declarations and code"
      s3: Remove a shadowing variable declaration
      s3: Fix warnings in aio_fork.c
      s3: Make an if statement a bit easier to read
      s3: Fix memleaks in pylibsmb.c
      s3: Fix some nonempty blank lines
      s3: Make "open_match_attributes" static
      s3: Fix a comment
      s3: Slightly simplify open_file_ntcreate
      s3: Factor out calculation of clear_ads
      s3: Factor out disposition_to_open_flags
      s3: Fix a typo
      s3: Put a comment into the right place
      s3: Slightly simplify fd_open_atomic
      s3: Fix 64-bit warnings in vfs_media_harmony
      s3: Fix a panic when shutting down
      s3: delete requests are not special
      smbtorture: Test that delete requests are not special
      s3: Run raw.oplock


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