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Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Tue May 1 03:30:04 MDT 2012

The annotated tag, samba-4.0.0alpha20 has been created
        at  33f767d0d564fa219fbe9715f457a2ae34a67729 (tag)
   tagging  edb15ffef29fbb69a4d1dfc862fe8d6a3a027347 (commit)
  replaces  ldb-1.1.6
 tagged by  Andrew Bartlett
        on  Tue May 1 18:53:02 2012 +1000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
samba4: tag release samba-4.0.0alpha20
Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)


Alexander Bokovoy (4):
      waf: move krb5 checks to a separate waf file
      Make sure krb5_principal_get_num_comp is identified as present for Heimdal build
      lib/replace: split out GSSAPI from lib/replace/system/kerberos.h into lib/replace/system/gssapi.h

Amitay Isaacs (1):
      s4-upgradedns: Update serverdn with only the attributes that have changed

Andreas Schneider (1):
      s3-waf: Cleanup smbregistry.

Andrew Bartlett (46):
      s4-s3upgrade: Ignore (with warning) groups that are listed but we cannot list members for
      s4-s3upgrade: Do not ever set a domain-wide maxPwdAge of 0
      s4-samba-tool: Fix samba-tool fsmo seize
      dbcheck: Add a check that every FSMO role has a valid owner
      s3-passdb: Remove unused sampass->pass_must_change_time
      s3-dbwrap: Remove dead code: talloc_stackframe() cannot fail
      s3-xattr_tdb: Remove dead code: talloc_stackframe() cannot fail
      s4-provision: Always give the warning if we are using eadb.  It really should be for testing only
      s4-python: Ensure we handle the no-eadb case for system xattrs in get/setntacl
      libwbclient: bump version to 0.9, and add this version to .pc file
      wafsamba: allow certain public libraries to be forced to be private
      selftest: Add extra info on what is failing in wbclient tests
      dlz_bind9: Also produce and install binary plugin for bind 9.9
      s3-dbwrap: A void function can not return a value
      s4-libnet: Fix segfault shown by wbinfo --group-info=administrator
      s4-libnet: Fix continue_groupinfo_opengroup to check correct state info
      selftest: Add test for bug #8884: wbinfo --group-info=administrator segfaults s4-winbindd
      build: Remove support for system libwbclient
      build: Remove support for a system libsmbclient
      s4-libnet: Fix continue_groupinfo_openuser to check correct state info
      s4-libnet Always return after composite_error()
      s4-libnet Always return after composite_error()
      s4-s3upgrade: print the error message from passdb.error exceptions
      s4-torture: enable raw.composite test again, and convert to new style test
      s4-messaging: Use generate_random() to get a unique ID for messaging clients
      selftest: push --target selection into plansmbtorturetestsuite
      s4-torture: never return false in the raw.composite torture test
      selftest: Remove silly space before unit test name
      selftest: Place the test environment at the end of the failure lines
      selftest: Add test to ensure that bug #8872 does not come back
      s4-torture: Move various samba3 tests to the torture_suite_add_1smb_test wrapper
      s4-torture: move samba3 tests to use torture helper functions
      s4-torture: convert samba3misc tests to use torture_failure and torture_assert
      s4-messaging: Fill in the whole server_id in all use cases
      s3-lib Add a way to allocate the task_id value in server_id
      s3-auth_samba4: use new_server_id_task() to allocate server id values
      s4-libnet: Add mem_ctx to libnet_Lookup calls (bug #8889)
      s4-libnet: Add mem_ctx to libnet_DomainOpen calls (bug #8889)
      s4-libnet: Add mem_ctx to libnet_DomainClose calls (bug #8889)
      s4-libnet: Add mem_ctx to libnet_rpc_groupinfo calls (bug #8889)
      s4-libnet: Add mem_ctx to libnet_rpc_useradd calls (bug #8889)
      s4-libnet: Add mem_ctx to libnet_rpc_userdel calls (bug #8889)
      s4-libnet: Add mem_ctx to libnet_rpc_usermod calls (bug #8889)
      s4-libnet: Add mem_ctx to libnet_rpc_groupadd calls (bug #8889)
      s4-libnet: Add mem_ctx to libnet_rpc_groupdel calls (bug #8889)
      prepare WHATSNEW for alpha20 and mark as release

Andrew Tridgell (3):
      replace: added ENOATTR define if undefined
      dsdb: added SHOW_DELETED to samldb_member_check()
      dbcheck: added fix for incorrect RMD_FLAGS

Björn Jacke (1):
      s3/ldap: remove outdated netscape ds 5 schema file

Christof Schmitt (2):
      passdb: Do not panic in initialize_password_db
      net: Let get*sid return error from passdb init

Daniele Dario (1):
      Added number of FSMO roles owned by the server we are trying to demote.

Gregor Beck (7):
      s3:registry: remove usage of reg_objects from libads/ldap_printer.c
      s3:registry: remove usage of reg_objects from srv_spoolss_nt.c
      s3:eventlogadm reimplement addsource using reg_api
      s3:eventlogadm make a transaction for addsource
      s3:registry: remove usage of reg_objects from cmd_spoolss.c
      s3:registry: remove usage of reg_objects from net_rpc_printer.c
      s4:torture: add a raw.session suite with a raw.session.reauth test

Jeremy Allison (11):
      Ensure we have 12 bytes of data for a SMB_SET_CIFS_UNIX_INFO call. Add debug.
      Add smb_raw_setfsinfo() - currently only available level is SMB_SET_CIFS_UNIX_INFO.
      Fix samba3.raw.samba3hide test - ensure we set up POSIX capabilities
      Add complete test program for Linux kernel aio inside configure.in (I discovered yesterday there are systems with only half the glibc changes needed to implement userspace kaio.
      Fix bug #8882 - Broken processing of %U with vfs_full_audit when force user is set.
      Fix bug reported by Dina_Fine at Dell.com.
      Fix remove_duplicate_addrs2 to do exactly what it says. Previously it could leave zero addresses in the list.
      Fix convert_ss2service() to filter out zero addresses.
      Protect all of the name resolution methods from returning null addrs. Ensure all returns go through remove_duplicate_addrs2().
      Fix the loop unrolling inside resolve_ads(). If we don't get
      Fix bug #8873 - self granting privileges in security=ads.

Joseph Tam (1):
      Fix bug #8877 - Syslog broken owing to mistyping of debug_settings.syslog.

Matthias Dieter Wallnöfer (5):
      s4:dsdb/pydsdb.c - call the "objectClass" normalisation code from Python
      s4:dbchecker.py - integrate the "objectClass" fixing code
      s4:dsdb/common/util.c - samdb_is_pdc() - fail if the "fSMORoleOwner" attribute has not been set
      s4:samldb LDB module - implement "fSMORoleOwner" attribute protection
      s4:samldb LDB module - homogenize LDB search attributes arrays

Matthieu Patou (9):
      samba_spnupdate: don't try to register DNS related SPN if we are not mastering the NC
      s4-kcc: avoid a false alarm with rodc
      idl: fix the charset for the source_dsa_address in DsReplicaDel call
      dfs_server: fix the response to please XP and Windows 2008R2 doing so avoid continious DFS requests from W2K8R2
      torture: change dfs tests now that we return a level 4 when level 4 is requested
      dns server: move very verbose debug to higher level 2 -> 8
      dsdb: change control from relax to dbcheck
      dsdb: more RELAX to DBCHECK control shift so that only dbcheck can do uncontrolled changes
      Add some debug for FOOBAR return case as they are hard to diagnose

Michael Adam (52):
      s4:torture:smb2: rename the session_reauth test to session_reauth1
      s4:torture:smb2: rename the file in the session-reauth1 test more systematically
      s4:torture:smb2: add a session.reauth2 test.
      s3:passdb: do not use the in-memory idmap cache (it will be removed)
      s3:id_cache: do not use the in-memory idmap cache (it is going to be removed)
      s3:memcache: remove the idmap-part from memcache
      s3:smbcontrol: remove an unused variable
      s3:registry: printing backend: use regdb options via ops struct, not directly
      s3:registry: make regdb_store_keys() static
      s3:registry: make regdb_fetch_keys() static
      s3:registry: make regdb_fetch_values() static
      s3:registry: make regdb_store_values() static
      s3:registry: make regdb_subkeys_need_update() static
      s3:registry: make regdb_values_need_update() static
      s3:registry:reg_api: fix reg_queryvalue to not fail when values are modified while it runs
      s4:torture:rpc:spoolss: also initialize driverName before checking it in test_PrinterData_DsSpooler()
      s3:registry: rename regval_ctr_key_exists() to regval_ctr_value_exists()
      s3:registry: add a new function regval_ctr_value_byname()
      s3:registry: fix a debug message typo
      s3:registry: improve log message in regdb_unpack_values()
      s3:registry: fix debug message in regdb_store_values_internal()
      s3:registry: don't leak the old contents when updating the value cache
      s3:registry: untangle assignment from check and add a debugmessage in reg_setvalue()
      s3:registry: fix race in reg_setvalue that could lead to data corruption
      s3:registry: untangle assignment from check in reg_deletevalue()
      s3:registry: wrap reg_deletevalue() in a transaction
      s3:registry: untangle assignments from checks in reg_createkey()
      s3:registry: wrap reg_createkey() in a transaction
      s3:registry: wrap reg_deletekey() into a transaction
      s3:registry:db: update the value container seqnum after storing/deleting to prevent next read from going to disk if possible
      s3:registry: update the seqnum in the subkey cache at the end of regval_store_keys
      s3:registry: fix seqnum race in fetch_values_internal
      s3:registry: fix seqnum race in regdb_fetch_keys_internal
      s3:registry: untangle assignment from check in regkey_open_onelevel()
      s3:registry untangle an assignment from the check in regkey_open_onelevel()
      s3:registry: convert reg_openkey() to use talloc instead of SMB_STRDUP etc
      s3:registry: let fill_subkey_cache return WERR_BADFILE when the subkey list could not be loaded
      s3:registry: use fill_subkey_cache to check exsistence in regkey_open_onelevel().
      s3:registry: remove a superfluous fill_subkey_cache() in reg_createkey()
      s3:registry: replace call to reg_openkey() in reg_createkey() by accesscheck.
      selftest: remove the "rpc.spoolss.printer" test from flapping
      selftest: remove .*printer.*print_test_extended from flapping
      selftest: mark failing print_tests more specifically
      selftest: mark the driver_info_winreg tests knownfail.
      selftest: remove samba3.rpc.spoolss.*printserver.openprinter_badnamelist from flapping
      selftest: remove printserver.enum_printers_servername from flapping
      s4:torture: add a rpc.samba3.smb-reauth1 test
      s4:torture: add a rpc.samba3.smb-reauth2 test
      s4:torture: add a rpc.samba3.smb2-reauth1 test
      s4:torture: add a rpc.samba3.smb2-reauth2 test
      s4:torture: add a check for talloc success in the rpc.samba3 suite
      s4:torture: add a check for talloc success in rpc.samba3.randomauth2

Pavel Březina (12):
      Talloc doc: talloc_strdup_append()
      Talloc doc: talloc_strdup_append_buffer()
      Talloc doc: talloc_strndup_append()
      Talloc doc: talloc_strndup_append_buffer()
      Talloc doc: talloc_asprintf_append_buffer()
      Talloc doc: talloc_set_abort_fn()
      Talloc doc: talloc_set_log_fn()
      Talloc doc: talloc_set_log_stderr()
      Talloc doc: TALLOC_FREE_FILL
      Talloc doc: talloc_pool() when not enough memory in the pool
      Talloc doc: when s == NULL in _append functions
      Talloc doc: talloc_strdup_append does not return duplicated string

Richard Sharpe (1):
      Add an audit file VFS routine so we can handle auditing with SACLs.

Simo Sorce (17):
      Fix Error messages
      waf: Fix mispelling
      Move README file in the right place.
      loadparm: Fix broken lp_ulong utility function
      loadparm: Add convenience function to return long integers
      loadparm: Add helper function to fetch default lifetime policies
      Use loadparm helper to find lifetime defaults
      Move kdc_get_policy helper in the lsa server where it belongs.
      Make krb5 context initialization not heimdal specific
      For now just disable this Heindal specific stuff in the MIT build
      Make krb5 wrapper library common so they can be used all over
      krb5_samba: Add support for krb5_princ_size when using Heimdal
      Cracknames: use krb wrapper functions so it works with MIT
      Avoid warning about KRB5_DEPRECATE with MIT libs
      Fix pam_winbind build against newer iniparser library
      addns: clean up headers
      replace: Fix use of mktemp

Stefan Metzmacher (11):
      s3-dbwrap: dbwrap_watch_record_stored => NT_STATUS_NOT_FOUND is ok...
      s4:libnet_become_dc: add missing 'return' after composite_error()
      s4:librpc/rpc: directly return after composite_error()
      s4:libnet: pass an explicit mem_ctx to libnet_rpc_userinfo_send() (bug #8889)
      s4:ntvfs/ipc: don't echo back the smb2 ioctl input_buffer
      libcli/smb: move SMB2_IOCTL_FLAG_IS_FSCTL to smb2_constants.h
      s3:libsmb: add smb2cli_ioctl*
      s3:libsmb/cli_np_tstream: remove unused tstream_cli_np_existing()
      s3:libsmb/cli_np_tstream: add support for SMB2
      s3:winbindd: also try SMB2 when connecting to "IPC$"
      s4:librpc: create a binding on the pipe if necessary in dcerpc_pipe_open_smb2_send()

Volker Lendecke (60):
      Talloc doc: Fix a cut&paste error
      libsmb: Actually use an introduced variable
      s4-torture: Make notify a suite
      s4-torture: Separate out the notify tcon subtest
      s4-torture: Separate out the notify dir subtest
      s4-torture: Separate out the notify mask subtest
      s4-torture: Separate out the notify recursive subtest
      s4-torture: Separate out the notify mask_change subtest
      s4-torture: Separate out the notify file subtest
      s4-torture: Separate out the notify tdis subtest
      s4-torture: Separate out the notify exit subtest
      s4-torture: Separate out the notify ulogoff subtest
      s4-torture: Separate out the notify tcp_dis subtest
      s4-torture: Separate out the notify double subtest
      s4-torture: Separate out the notify tree subtest
      s4-torture: Separate out the notify overflow subtest
      s4-torture: Separate out the notify basedir subtest
      s4-torture: Separate out the notify alignment subtest
      s4-torture: notify all is empty now
      s3-dbwrap: Fix an unused var warning
      s4-torture: Use 2 client connections for raw.notify.recursive
      s4-torture: Use 2 client connections for raw.notify.tree
      s4-torture: Use 2 client connections for raw.notify.mask
      s4-torture: Fix the raw.notify mask test
      s3: Fix a "ISO C90 forbids mixed declarations and code"
      s3: Fix Coverity ID 2749: REVERSE_INULL
      s3: Attempt to fix Coverity ID 2748: INTEGER_OVERFLOW
      s3: Fix Coverity ID 2747: FORWARD_NULL
      s3: Fix Coverity ID 2745 and 2746: FORWARD_NULL
      s3: Fix Coverity ID 2744: CHECKED_RETURN
      s3: Fix Coverity ID 2743: CHECKED_RETURN
      librpc: Make finding newest pidl file more portable
      s3: Fix Coverity ID 2682: NULL_RETURNS
      s3: Fix the build on FreeBSD
      s3: Fix Coverity ID 2686 -- RESOURCE_LEAK
      s3: Fix Coverity ID 2727 to 2740 -- UNINIT
      s3: Fix Coverity ID 2682 -- NULL_RETURNS
      s3: Remove an unused variable
      s3: Fix msg_channel in the cluster case
      s3-dbwrap: Add dbwrap_db_id
      s3-dbwrap: Add "db_context" to "db_record"
      s3-dbwrap: Add dbwrap_set_stored_callback
      s3-dbwrap: Add dbwrap_record_watch_send/recv
      s3-dbwrap: Add "listwatchers" to dbwrap_tool
      s3-g_lock: Use dbwrap_record_watch_send/recv
      s3: Remove two unused variables
      s3: Initialize "stored_callback" in dbwrap_cache
      s3: Implement db_id for dbwrap_cache
      talloc: Fix copy&paste errors
      s3: Fix Coverity ID 2751: REVERSE_INULL
      s3: Attempt to fix the build without kerberos
      s3: Introduce variable "indyniov" for easier reading
      s3: Fix a typo
      s3: Simplify check_reduced_name a bit
      libcli: Use data_blob_null
      s3: Remove an unused variable
      s3: Remove code TALLOC_FREE already does
      s3: oplock_timeout is a talloc child of fsp
      s3: Fix bug 8904 -- wbinfo --lookup-sids "" crashes winbind
      s3: Remove a SMB_ASSERT


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