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Karolin Seeger kseeger at samba.org
Mon Jun 25 11:43:43 MDT 2012

The annotated tag, samba-3.6.6 has been created
        at  ecd84e3dadda130c8096cd007edb2e36f32fb493 (tag)
   tagging  71e1aa5279977453f08cd59158eb797fcdf51de0 (commit)
  replaces  samba-3.6.5
 tagged by  Karolin Seeger
        on  Sun Jun 24 20:11:12 2012 +0200

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tag samba-3.6.6
Version: GnuPG v2.0.15 (GNU/Linux)


Alejandro Escanero Blanco (1):
      s3:auth/server_info: the primary rid should be in the groups rid array (bug #8798)

Alexander Bokovoy (1):
      s3-librpc-crypto: avoid crash with MIT krb5 1.10.0 in gss_get_name_attribute()

Andreas Schneider (1):
      s3-auth: Don't lookup the system user in pdb.

Andrew Bartlett (6):
      Fix for bug #8727 - smbclient fails with posix large reads.
      s3-winbindd Only use SamLogonEx when we can get unencrypted session keys
      s3-winbindd: Always map the LDAP error code to an NTSTATUS
      s3-libads: Use a reducing page size to try and cope with a slow LDAP server
      s3-utils: Use ads_do_search_retry in net ads search

Björn Baumbach (3):
      docs-xml: fix default name resolve order (fix bug #7564)
      docs: remove whitespace in example samba.ldif (fix bug #8789) (cherry picked from commit 9a68a98e87e5597ba684bea3d5e6a44951e51973)
      s3-printing: Add new printers to registry.

Björn Jacke (3):
      s3/ldap: remove outdated netscape ds 5 schema file
      s3: fix compile of krb5 locator on Solaris
      s3: remove dependency on automake for "make everything"

Brad Smith (1):
      s3: Add sys_statvfs() wrapper support for OpenBSD/FreeBSD/DragonFly.

Christian Ambach (3):
      s3:winbindd fix a return code check
      Allow vfs_aio_pthread to build as a static module.
      Fix bug #8807 - dcerpc_lsa_lookup_sids_noalloc() crashes when groups has more than 1000 groups

David Disseldorp (1):
      s3-printing: fix crash in printer_list_set_printer()

Gregor Beck (2):
      s3:dbwrap: traverse records created within this transaction.
      s3:registry avoid pruning the sequencenumber while flushing the regsubkey_ctr

Günther Deschner (1):
      s3-dbwrap_ctdb: fix the build.

Herb Lewis (1):
      Second part of fix for bug 8953 - winbind can hang as nbt_getdc() has no timeout.

Ira Cooper (4):
      Fix bug #8729 - getpass regressions on Solaris/Illumos - 3.6 and master.
      s3-popt: Fix configure.developer builds on Solaris.
      s3-passdb: Fix negative SID->uid/gid cache handling. (bug #8952)
      Fix bad bugfix for bug #8910 - resolve_ads() code can return zero addresses and miss valid DC IP addresses

Jeremy Allison (32):
      Change the signature of pthreadpool_finished_job() to return 0 on success, errno on fail and return the jobid in a separate variable.
      Add man page for vfs_aio_pthread module. (cherry picked from commit d8c699190d2cc0ce64395c7b2b10bb25c98a2943)
      Ensure we always free aio_ex on all error paths by moving the TALLOC_FREE call out of smbd_aio_complete_aio_ex() and into the caller.
      Add vfs_aio_pthread code.
      Update man page to fix typo vfs_aio_fork -> vfs_aio_pthread, add aio read size, aio write size examples. (cherry picked from commit 12b614a9298974ba5daee7aa8d1aa47006de01e2)
      Fix problem reported by Tom Lee <tlee2951 at gmail.com> - when calculating the share security mask, take priviliges into account for the connecting user.
      First part of fix for bug 8837 - smbd crashes when deleting directory and veto files are enabled.
      Third part of fix for bug #8837 - smbd crashes when deleting directory and veto files are enabled.
      Fix the talloc heirarchy when adding the unix delete token.
      The delete tokens are unique to each name hash representing a pathname, if we don't correctly return here we'll add duplicate tokens for a given pasname hash.
      Convert parse_delete_tokens_list() and unparse_share_modes() to use ndr encoding for the struct security_unix_token. We can do this as libsmb_share_modes never looks inside the delete tokens list, only implicitly gets the length.
      Final back port of fix for bug #8837 - smbd crashes when deleting directory and veto files are enabled.
      Fix bug #8897 - winbind_krb5_locator only returns one IP address.
      Fix bug #8831 - Inconsistent (with manpage) command-line switch for "help" in smbtree
      Fix incorrect debug - parent_name is never set !
      Bugfix for #8857 - Setting traverse rights fails to enable directory traversal when acl_xattr in use.
      s3-pam_winbind: Fix the build.
      Fix bug #8957 - Typo in pam_winbindd code MUST fix.
      Fix remove_duplicate_addrs2 to do exactly what it says. Previously it could leave zero addresses in the list. (cherry picked from commit 01e884675e3d1cffb0149108225fbd21c3a73f4e)
      Fix convert_ss2service() to filter out zero addresses.
      Protect all of the name resolution methods from returning null addrs. Ensure all returns go through remove_duplicate_addrs2(). (cherry picked from commit 11973608186926e5417ee81c8709ea5b0a7ef2e1)
      Fix the loop unrolling inside resolve_ads(). If we don't get an IP list don't use interpret_string_addr(), as this only returns one address, use interpret_string_addr_internal() instead.
      Fix bug #8882 - Broken processing of %U with vfs_full_audit when force user is set.
      Fix bug #8373 - Can't join XP Pro workstations to 3.6.1 DC.
      Fix bug #8953 - winbind can hang as nbt_getdc() has no timeout.
      Fix bug #8627: Crash bug in dns_create_probe.
      Forward port of Richard Sharpe's <realrichardsharpe at gmail.com> fix for bug #8970 - Possible memory leaks in the samba master process.
      Stop spamming the logs with "Could not remove pid XX from serverid.tdb" messages and initiating the cleanup function on every process deat
      We are triggering the cleanup_timeout_fn() too often, on exiting when an smbd is idle.
      Fix bug #8972 - Directory group write permission bit is set if unix extensions are enabled
      Complete fix for bug #8811 - sd_has_inheritable_components segfaults on an SD that se_access_check accepts.
      Fix bug #8922.

Joseph Tam (1):
      Fix bug #8877 - Syslog broken owing to mistyping of debug_settings.syslog.

Karolin Seeger (9):
      Bump version number up to 3.6.6.
      WHATSNEW: Start release notes for 3.6.6.
      Revert "s3: Add sys_statvfs() wrapper support for OpenBSD/FreeBSD/DragonFly."
      s3-docs: overrided -> overridden
      s3-docs: Fix several typos.
      s3-docs: Fix bug #7930.
      WHATSNEW: Start release notes for 3.6.6.
      WHATSNEW: Add more changes since 3.6.5.
      WHATSNEW: Break line properly.

Matthieu Patou (5):
      s3-winbind: don't try to do clever thing if the username is not found while authenticating through winbind
      s3-winbindd: Close netlogon connection if the status returned by the NetrSamLogonEx call is timeout in the pam_auth_crap path
      s3-winbindd: set the can_do_validation6 also for trusted domain
      s3-pid: Catch with pid filename's change when config file is not smb.conf
      s3-winbindd: call dump_core_setup after command line option has been parsed

Michael Adam (31):
      s3:smbd:smb2: fix an assignment-instead-of-check bug conn_snum_used()
      s3:smb2-server: session setup replies should always be signed (except for guest sessions)
      s3:dbwrap: change the dbwrap_traverse() wrapper to return the count in an additional parameter (similar to commit 8f098a635f713652c4846d71e24c0a199c25b8b7)
      s3:registry: implement values_need_update and subkeys_need_update in the smbconf backend
      s3:registry:reg_api: fix reg_queryvalue to not fail when values are modified while it runs (cherry picked from commit 5d26120b5ab180212d570dd256e8989e0c80224d)
      s4:torture:rpc:spoolss: also initialize driverName before checking it in test_PrinterData_DsSpooler() (cherry picked from commit 46428f96a4089925355b4eeebebb8d7f27e2ec0b)
      s3:registry: rename regval_ctr_key_exists() to regval_ctr_value_exists() (cherry picked from commit 60cdf3c8b5bbda9434f0d8a05fc581ab41b42d5c)
      s3:registry: add a new function regval_ctr_value_byname()
      s3:registry: fix a debug message typo (cherry picked from commit 9f82e1175f28bdc1c09e7bd795699b29049a77e3)
      s3:registry: improve log message in regdb_unpack_values() (cherry picked from commit ae441d97cdbe8e35cd342ba979bacc3757c06cb7)
      s3:registry: fix debug message in regdb_store_values_internal() (cherry picked from commit c46403f74116708f2f8b1d531f5881bb9d7f2a84)
      s3:registry: don't leak the old contents when updating the value cache (cherry picked from commit 0bf44361caace3a4974dafa305033fb926d0f6d6)
      s3:registry: untangle assignment from check and add a debugmessage in reg_setvalue() (cherry picked from commit a81d399456eb86ffb60bed8704cd8c7864b742db)
      s3:registry: fix race in reg_setvalue that could lead to data corruption
      s3:registry: untangle assignment from check in reg_deletevalue() (cherry picked from commit 585746338bda22ff8337d41c8cc50533c5facf56)
      s3:registry: wrap reg_deletevalue() in a transaction
      s3:registry: untangle assignments from checks in reg_createkey() (cherry picked from commit 4ac9625fe42ded0717aafdf6eec4c1b2217c3c68)
      s3:registry: wrap reg_createkey() in a transaction
      s3:registry: wrap reg_deletekey() into a transaction
      s3:registry:db: update the value container seqnum after storing/deleting to prevent next read from going to disk if possible
      s3:registry: update the seqnum in the subkey cache at the end of regval_store_keys
      s3:registry: fix seqnum race in fetch_values_internal
      s3:registry: fix seqnum race in regdb_fetch_keys_internal
      s3:registry: untangle assignment from check in regkey_open_onelevel() (cherry picked from commit 52d3c5c14898b5f2514d1512289370eb6f6fd369)
      s3:registry untangle an assignment from the check in regkey_open_onelevel() (cherry picked from commit 12b7b4f0a7d8607dc206c32a3822d5678c14d43b)
      s3:registry: convert reg_openkey() to use talloc instead of SMB_STRDUP etc (cherry picked from commit 42dd99d85ca04c10691f78d6340c6b702ade974b)
      s3:registry: let fill_subkey_cache return WERR_BADFILE when the subkey list could not be loaded
      s3:registry: use fill_subkey_cache to check exsistence in regkey_open_onelevel().
      s3:registry: remove a superfluous fill_subkey_cache() in reg_createkey()
      s3:registry: replace call to reg_openkey() in reg_createkey() by accesscheck. (cherry picked from commit c1cc15c33be8926ffef173b514d0fb260292d9a3)
      s3:registry: return error when Key does not exist in regdb_fetch_values_internal() (cherry picked from commit 8a723ddfc1645e52830fb5f47a34f032f9c38931)

Olaf Flebbe (1):
      Wrong assertion/comparison: Compare value not pointer

Ralph Wuerthner (1):
      s3-smbd: move print_backend_init() behind init_system_info()

Richard Sharpe (5):
      Honor SeTakeOwnershiPrivilege when client asks for SEC_STD_WRITE_OWNER but has no permission for that, but token has SeTakeOwnershipPrivilege
      Fix bug #8797 - Samba does not correctly handle DENY ACEs when privileges apply. Signed-off-by: Jeremy Allison <jra at samba.org> (cherry picked from commit 9aafc490db58017133bbd7a7f49264ee0d48f0ff)
      s3-VFS: Fix building out-of-tree modules.
      Fix the overwriting of errno before use in a DEBUG statement and use the return value from store_acl_blob_fsp rather than ignoring it.
      Check the return from create_acl_blob

SATOH Fumiyasu (1):
      s3-docs: Prepend '/' to filename argument (Bug #8826)

Simo Sorce (1):
      Fix pam_winbind build against newer iniparser library.

Stefan Metzmacher (27):
      s3:client: ignore SMBecho errors (the server may not support it) (bug #8139) Signed-off-by: Jeremy Allison <jra at samba.org>
      s3:auth: fix potential gap creation in wbcsids_to_samr_RidWithAttributeArray()
      s3:auth: fill the sids array of the info3 in wbcAuthUserInfo_to_netr_SamInfo3() (bug #8739)
      s3:smb2_server: fix a logic error, we should sign non guest sessions
      s3:dbwrap_ctdb: return the number of records in db_ctdb_traverse() for persistent dbs
      Fix bug #8311 - Winzip occasionally can not read files out of an open winzip dialog.
      s3:smbd: set req->smb2req->compat_chain_fsp in file_fsp()
      s3:smb2_lock: use smb2req->compat_chain_fsp instead of looking it up again
      s3:smb2_lock: use fsp->fnum as locking context
      s3:smb2_read: pass fsp->fnum to init_strict_lock_struct()
      s3:smb2_write: pass fsp->fnum to init_strict_lock_struct()
      s3:smbd: add file_fsp_smb2()
      s3:smb2_flush: make use of file_fsp_smb2()
      s3:smb2_close: make use of file_fsp_smb2()
      s3:smb2_break: make use of file_fsp_smb2()
      s3:smb2_find: make use of file_fsp_smb2()
      s3:smb2_getinfo: make use of file_fsp_smb2()
      3:smb2_setinfo: make use of file_fsp_smb2()
      s3:smb2_notify: make use of file_fsp_smb2()
      s3:smb2_read: make use of file_fsp_smb2()
      s3:smb2_write: make use of file_fsp_smb2()
      s3:smb2_lock: make use of file_fsp_smb2()
      s3:smb2_ioctl: make use of file_fsp_smb2()
      Revert "s3:smbd: set req->smb2req->compat_chain_fsp in file_fsp()"
      s3:smbd: try to make fsp->fh->gen_id as globally unique as possible
      s3:smbd: add a fsp_persistent_id() function
      s3:smbd: use fsp_persistent_id() as persistent_file_id part for SMB2 (bug #8995)

Steve Langasek (1):
      Fix bug 8920, null dereference

Volker Lendecke (12):
      s3: Delete streams on directories
      s3: Add rmdir operation to streams_depot
      s3: Add SERVERID_UNIQUE_ID_NOT_TO_VERIFY, bug 8760
      s3: Fix bug 8567 -- segfault in dom_sid_compare
      v3-6-test: Further fix for bug 8338
      s3-aio-fork: Fix aio_suspend event hierarchy
      s3-aio-fork: Fix a segfault in vfs_aio_fork
      s3: Fix a segfault with debug level 3 on Solaris
      s3: Fix bug 8904 -- wbinfo --lookup-sids "" crashes winbind
      s3: Fix uninitialized memory read in talloc_free()
      Part 1 of fix for bug #8998 - Notify code can miss a ChDir.
      Part 2 of fix for bug #8998 - Notify code can miss a ChDir.


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