[SCM] Samba Shared Repository - annotated tag tevent-0.9.16 created

Stefan Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Sat Jun 9 02:01:21 MDT 2012

The annotated tag, tevent-0.9.16 has been created
        at  790ed11fce531e45d020e16c4fb62c55058ddb7d (tag)
   tagging  b725154fe7c49254093661d634c41f3fbfa46678 (commit)
  replaces  samba-4.0.0beta1
 tagged by  Stefan Metzmacher
        on  Sat Jun 9 10:02:45 2012 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
tevent: tag release tevent-0.9.16
Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux)


Alexander Bokovoy (3):
      auth-kerberos: avoid crash with MIT krb5 1.10.0 in gss_get_name_attribute()
      waf: support --without-ad-dc for Heimdal (embedded and system) as well
      waf: fix parsing krb5-config --version for MIT krb5

Andrew Bartlett (8):
      VERSION: mark as beta2 as we move on to the next release
      lib/replace: Fix snprintf() override for systems with a broken snprintf()
      build: Rationalise AIO support in configure, ensure on by default
      s3-libsmb: Fix error messages to correctly mention PLAINTEXT not LM
      build: Add missing deps and make MESSAGING a private library
      s4-libcli: Remove unused finddcs_nbt
      build: Tidy up broken posix_fallocate tests
      ccan: Only build ccan-failtest when we are in developer mode

Björn Jacke (6):
      s3: remove dependency on automake for "make everything"
      s3: temporary hack to make the waf build work withouth autotools being required
      s3: enable winbind also for upcoming FreeBSD/NetBSD releases >=10
      util: fix build on platforms without IPv6 support
      build: fix typo that breaks the HP-UX build
      build: try to fix large file support for AIX

David Disseldorp (5):
      idl: add File Server Remote VSS Protocol idl
      s3-rpcclient: add fsrvp commands
      doc: add FSRVP commands to rpcclient man page
      s4-torture: fsrvp test suite
      build: do not run fsrvp tests as part of selftest

Ira Cooper (1):
      s3-waf: Fix the winbindd active directory idmap support build.

Kai Blin (2):
      s4 dns: Structure tests a bit better
      s4 dns: Correctly handle A questions for CNAMEs

Martin Schwenke (2):
      lib/tevent: In poll_event_context, add a pointer back to the tevent_context
      lib/tevent: Add trace point callback

Matthieu Patou (1):
      s3-winbindd: call dump_core_setup after command line option has been parsed

Michael Adam (11):
      s4:dns-server: remove an extra blank line from handle_question()
      s3:smb.h: fix a comment typo
      s3:connections: add a CNUM_OFFSET for mapping between cnum and the bitmap index
      s3:smb: introduce a name TID_FIELD_INVALID for the invalid value for a cnum/tid
      s3:smb: change the value of TID_FIELD_INVALID from -1 to 0
      s3:include: change smb_request->tid to uint32_t
      s3:include: change connection_struct->cnum to uint32_t
      s3:include: change lock_context->tid to uint32_t
      s3:include: change lock_struct->fnum to uint64_t
      s3:smbd: remove ancient DMF_FIX from read_file().
      s3:smbd: remove unnecessary variable readret from read_file()

Rusty Russell (2):
      lib/tdb2: build tests when built at toplevel.
      samba_util: mark smb_panic as _NORETURN_.

Stefan Metzmacher (68):
      s4:torture/locktest: fix compiler warning
      s3:libsmb: don't require a pinbuf in cli_smb_recv() to keep the memory
      s3:libsmb: remove unused 'inbuf' variable
      s3:libsmb: use inhdr instead of inbuf in session setup related functions
      s3:libsmb: use inhdr instead of inbuf in tree connect related functions
      s3:libsmb: change cli_sesssetup_blob_* to use uint8_t instead of char for inbuf
      s3:libsmb: fix the talloc parent of clistr_pull_talloc() in cli_notify_done()
      s3:lib: split things into a conn_tdb.h
      s3:smbd: make typedef write_cache private to fileio.c
      s3:smbd: remove typedef for struct write_cache
      s3:includes: move struct share_mode_lock to locking.h
      s3:smbd: add vfs_remove_all_fsp_extensions()
      s3:smbd: make use of vfs_remove_all_fsp_extensions() in file_free()
      s3:smbd: make struct vfs_fsp_data private to vfs.c
      s3:smbd: dup_file_fsp() never gets called for print files
      s3:smbd: fcb_or_dos_open() can be static
      s3:smbd: use print_spool_rap_jobid() in reply_ioctl()
      s3:smbd: use print_spool_rap_jobid() in call_trans2ioctl()
      s3:printing: make struct print_file_data private to printspoolss.c
      s3:printing: add print_spool_rap_jobid()
      s3:smbd: add change_notify_fsp_has_changes()
      s3:smbd: make use of change_notify_fsp_has_changes()
      s3:smbd: make struct notify_change_buf private to notify.c
      s3:smbd: move struct privilege_paths to smbd.h
      s3:smbd: move struct trans_state to smbd.h
      s3:includes: move union unid_t to vfs.h
      s3:include: move struct fd_handle/files_struct to vfs.h
      s3:include: move struct stream_struct to vfs.h
      s3:include: move struct connection_struct (and sub structs) to vfs.h
      s3:include: move struct smb_file_time to vfs.h
      s3:include: move struct smb_filename to vfs.h
      s3:smbd: move UCF_ defines to smbd.h
      s3:include: remove unused forward declaration of deferred_open_record in smb.h
      s3:include: move some prototypes (e.g. smb_register_vfs) to vfs.h
      examples/VFS: don't use smbd/proto.h
      s3:lib: we don't need smbd/proto.h in smbd_shim.c
      s3:modules: we don't need smbd/proto.h in vfs_shadow_copy2.c
      s3:utils: use smbd/smbd.h instead of just smbd/proto.h
      s3:torture: use smbd/smbd.h instead of just smbd/proto.h in vfstest_chain.c
      s3:printing: use smbd/smbd.h instead of just smbd/proto.h in queue_process.c
      s3:smbd: move forward declaration of struct aio_extra to smbd.h
      s3:smbd: use 'struct user_struct' instead of typedef'ed 'user_struct'
      s3:include: remove typedef user_struct
      s3:smbd: move struct user_struct to globals.h
      s3:include: move sys_acl prototypes to smb_acls.h
      s3:includes: change vuid_cache_entry->vuid to uint64_t
      s3:include: change connection_struct->vuid to uint64_t
      s3:include: change files_struct->vuid to uint64_t
      s3:include: move struct smb_request to vfs.h
      s3:include: change smb_request->vuid to uint64_t
      s3:smbd: change trans_state->vuid to uint64_t
      s3:include: change current_user->vuid to uint64_t
      s3:smbd: change conn_ctx->vuid to uint64_t
      s3:printing: let print_spool_open() take a uint64_t vuid
      s3:smbd: let open_fake_file() take a uint64_t vuid
      s3:smbd: let conn_clear_vuid_caches() take a uint64_t vuid
      s3:smbd: let make_connection() take a uint64_t vuid
      s3:smbd: use UID_FIELD_INVALID (0) instead of (uint16)-1 when calling close_cnum()
      s3:smbd: let close_cnum() take a uint64_t vuid
      s3:smbd: let fcb_or_dos_open() take a uint64_t vuid
      s3:smbd: change vuid to uint64_t in uid.c
      s3:smbd: pass down vuid as uint64_t in ipc.c
      s3:smbd: pass down vuid as uint64_t in lanman.c
      s3:smbd: let file_close_pid/file_close_user take a uint64_t vuid
      s3:smbd: change user_struct->vuid to uint64_t
      script/commit_mark.sh: add the current branch name
      tevent: expose tevent_context_init_ops
      tevent: change version to 0.9.16


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