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Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Tue Jun 5 05:53:38 MDT 2012

The annotated tag, samba-4.0.0beta1 has been created
        at  ed4150be2498b4235c4f17c44d456851baa34915 (tag)
   tagging  bbe6cad55d6271e0b3bb3064dbac76ca928eb978 (commit)
  replaces  samba-4.0.0alpha21
 tagged by  Andrew Bartlett
        on  Tue Jun 5 21:53:35 2012 +1000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
samba4: tag release samba-4.0.0beta1
Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)


Alexander Bokovoy (6):
      s3-configure.in: when ADS support is disabled, unset HAVE_GSSAPI
      dns_hosts_file: move to a separate subsystem
      freebsd9: support both WAF MIT krb5 build and autoconf build against MIT krb5
      waf-mitkrb5: enable dcerpc_server library to support OpenChange client code
      waf: check for krb5_create_checksum and krb5_creds.flags for some Heimdal versions
      Revert "waf-mitkrb5: enable dcerpc_server library to support OpenChange client code"

Amitay Isaacs (1):
      dsdb: Fix error checking conditions in partition_metadata module

Andrew Bartlett (80):
      move VERSION to alpha22
      s3-winbindd: Always map the LDAP error code to an NTSTATUS
      s3-libads: Use a reducing page size to try and cope with a slow LDAP server
      s3-utils: Use ads_do_search_retry in net ads search
      s3-build: Remove build of libaddns.a from the autoconf build
      build: Remove all references to libuuid
      build: Remove unused release scripts for talloc
      build: Remove unused release scripts for tdb
      build: Remove unused release scripts for tevent
      build: Provide .pc file for libnetapi
      build: Provide .pc file for libsmbsharemodes
      s3-iconv: Remove unused script/gen-8bit-gap.sh
      s3-build: Remove build of libtalloc.so from the autoconf build
      s3-build: Remove build of libtdb.so from the autoconf build
      lib/param: Harmonise 'password server' parameter between s3 and s4
      lib/param: Add .flags to wins parameters to match s3
      lib/param: Add .flags to max/min protocol to match s3
      param: Sort global param functions macros to ease the s3/s4 merge
      param: mark realm parameter as const
      lib/param: Mark a few more parameters const (matching s3)
      lib/param: Import s3 parameters into lib/param to allow the parameter lists merge
      s3-param: Rename lp_dns_proxy() -> lp_wins_dns_proxy() for clarity
      s3-param: Import parameters from lib/param to make this list common
      s3-param: Use same variable names as lib/param
      s3-param: Use same function name for "max xmit" as lib/param
      lib/param: Add a few more s3 parameters
      lib/param: Put common FN_ macros into param_functions.c
      s3-build: We do not have CHARSET modules any more
      s3-loadparm: Swap synonyms of max/min protocol to server max/min protocol
      lib/krb5_wrap: Move krb5_princ_size helper to source4 as it is only used there
      build: Make gss_wrap_iov mandatory for krb5 build
      s3-build: Fix configure checks for Heimdal
      s4-provision: Use the s3fs file server by default in migrations
      build: Add automatic compare of config.h files to recursive waf build
      .gitignore: remove already-gone gen-8bit-gap.sh
      lib/replace: Copy lib/system.c xattr wrappers to lib/replace
      lib/replace: DEBUG is not acceptable here, as this may not be linked into Samba
      lib/replace: We cannot use strchr_m in lib/replace
      lib/replace: xattr wrappers in lib/replace rather than source3/lib/system.c
      s4-xattr: Use libreplace xattr functions directly
      lib/replace: Merge remaining xattr test details from lib/util
      build: Always attempt to build posix ACLs
      lib/replace: Relicence xattr.c to LGPLv3
      build: Check correctly for sendfile (missing .h in header)
      libreplace: Fix autoconf build on platforms needing xattrs
      libreplace: Add missing tests for HAVE_MREMAP and HAVE_SHARED_MMAP
      ccan: fix autoconf test for isblank()
      build: Show extra configure results found by WAF as well
      build: Remove check for res_ninit (Revert "s3: Check for res_ninit")
      libreplace: Solaris needs system/dir.h for that xattr wrapper implementation
      libreplace: Fix build on MacOS where we have the same fn name but more arguments
      libreplace: Use true rather than True in xattr.c
      libreplace: Link libreplace against attr when required
      s3-build: Remove finddead
      libreplace: Fix up MacOS xattr functions
      s3-libnetapi: Cope with popt versions without POPT_TABLEEND
      lib/replace: Undo change of 0 -> NULL
      librepace: put #defines after #include "sys/xattr.h"
      lib/krb5_wrap: Remove unused smb_krb5_get_creds
      build: Match autoconf build and disable ACLs on MacOS (darwin)
      libreplace: Ensure we link xattr.c on MacOS
      libreplace: Remove autoconf build system
      libreplace: Add copyrights to ease tracking of this file in future
      Remove Manifest.  The information here was outdated
      s3-smbd: Remove support for protocols before LANMAN1
      VERSION: prepare for beta1 by setting and parsing the beta version
      WHATSNEW: Update for beta1
      s4-provision: Place xattr.tdb in the actual state directory
      s4-provision: Test for posix ACLs in the actual sysvol path
      WHATSNEW: Note FreeBSD improvements
      WHATSNEW: Mention trouble with DNS replication
      WHATSNEW: mention FreeBSD getaddrinfo() issue
      wintest: Fix test-s3.py to use smbclient3 under the name smbclient
      WHATSNEW: Add details on NTP and DNS as new protocols we cover
      Roadmap: Clarify that 4.0 is our next release
      build: Remove unused check for HAVE_UNSIGNED_CHAR
      build: Add test for HAVE_BROKEN_POSIX_FALLOCATE to waf build
      build: Add newlines for clarity
      VERSION: Mark release as beta1

Andriy Syrovenko (3):
      Eliminate dependency on an external uuid library.
      build: Add option to specify where gettext is (/usr/local by default)
      Add '--use-ntvfs' option to 'samba-tool domain join'

Björn Jacke (1):
      s3: fix compile of krb5 locator on Solaris

Christian Ambach (5):
      s3:smbd/smb2_read improve debug message
      s3:smbd/smb2_setinfo add a debug message
      s3:smbd/smb2_getinfo add a debug message
      s3:smbd/smb2_find add a debug message
      s4:torture report connection error via torture_fail

Günther Deschner (2):
      s4-torture: verify #8373 and add ndr nbt tests for LOGON_PRIMARY_QUERY nbt_netlogon_requests.
      selftest: bug #8373 is fixed and we should always test this now.

Ira Cooper (1):
      Fix bad bugfix for bug #8910 - resolve_ads() code can return zero addresses and miss valid DC IP addresses

Jelmer Vernooij (1):
      Avoid all(), as it's not available in Python 2.4.

Jeremy Allison (13):
      Fix bug #8373 - Can't join XP Pro workstations to 3.6.1 DC.
      Fix an invalid state only reachable on server crash/abort.
      Ensure we only return NT_STATUS_DELETE_PENDING if the share modes are valid.
      Fix metze's complaint about the bugfix for bug #8953 - winbind can hang as nbt_getdc() has no timeout.
      Stop spamming the logs with "Could not remove pid XX from serverid.tdb" messages and initiating the cleanup function on every process death.
      We are triggering the cleanup_timeout_fn() too often, on exiting when an smbd is idle.
      Forward port of Richard Sharpe's <realrichardsharpe at gmail.com> fix for bug #8970 - Possible memory leaks in the samba master process.
      Remove an unused variable.
      Fix bug #8972 - Directory group write permission bit is set if unix extensions are enabled
      Tests for bug #8972 - Add a posix_share definition to s3 so we can do raw posix permissions checks.
      Tests for bug #8972 - Add a posix_share definition to s4 so we can do raw posix permissions checks.
      Tests for bug #8972 - run the POSIX tests against the posix_share.
      Tests for bug #8972 - Add permission checks to run_simple_posix_open_test().

Kai Blin (5):
      s4-dns: Use proper talloc hierarchy for AAAA records in create_response_rr
      s4-dns: Use proper talloc hierarchy for NS records in create_response_rr
      s4-dns: Use W_ERROR_HAVE_NO_MEMORY in create_response_rr
      Add myself as libcli/dns maintainer
      libcli/dns: Rename UDP-based calls to reflect their use

Luk Claes (19):
      s3:libsmb: remove unused (un)set_pending functions
      s3:libsmb: get rid of cli_sockopt
      s3:libsmb: get rid of cli_state_*_sockaddr
      s3:libsmb: get rid of cli_state_remote_name
      s3:libsmb: get rid of cli_state_protocol
      s3:libsmb: get rid of cli_state_capabilities
      s3:libsmb: get rid of cli_state_server_session_key
      s3:libsmb: get rid of cli_state_max_requests
      s3:libsmb: get rid of cli_state_encryption_on
      s3:libsmb: get rid of cli_state_server_challenge
      s3:libsmb: get rid of cli_state_server_gss_blob
      s3:libsmb: get rid of cli_state_security_mode
      s3:libsmb: get rid of cli_state_server_time_zone
      s3:libsmb: get rid of cli_state_disconnect
      s3:libsmb: get rid of cli_negprot
      s3:libsmb: get rid of cli_has_async_calls
      s3:libsmb: get rid of clisigning routines
      s3:libsmb: get rid of cli_ucs2
      s3:libsmb: get rid of cli_smb_req_*,cli_smb_wct_ofs,cli_smb_chain_send

Martin Schwenke (1):
      s3:build(autoconf): fix "no AC_LANG_SOURCE call detected" warnings

Matthias Dieter Wallnöfer (1):
      s4:dbchecker - handle the "none" case correctly

Michael Adam (29):
      s3:build: fix some spacing in wscript_build
      s3:selftest: introduce a variable for binpath('nmblookup3') in tests.py
      s3:selftest: introduce a variable for binpath('smbclient3') to test.py
      s3:selftest: introduce a variable for binpath('wbinfo') in tests.py
      s3:selftest: introduce a variable for binpath('net') in tests.py
      s3:selftest: introduce a variable for binpath('smbtorture3') in tests.py
      s3:selftest: introduce a variable for binpath('ntlm_auth3') in tests.py
      s3:selftest: introduce a variable for binpath('dbwrap_tool') in tests.py
      s3:selftest: improve strange linebreaks for blackbox tests in tests.py for readability
      selftest: add a binary mapping for nmblookup4
      s3:selftest: add a binary mapping for nmblookup4
      selftest:Samba4: use the nmblookup4 binary mapping
      s4:selftest: determine nmblookup via binary mapping for blackbox test in tests.py
      build: add a build suffix ("4") for s4-binaries
      build: rename build targets nmblookup -> nmblookup4 and nmblookup3 -> nmblookup
      selftest: add a binary mapping for smbclient4
      s3:selftest: add a binary mapping for smbclient4
      s4:selftest: change the blackbox.smbclient test to use binary mapping for smbclient
      s4:selftets: change the blackbox.bogusdomain test to use binary mapping for smbclient
      s4:selftest: change the blackbox.samba_tool test to use a binary mapping for smbclient
      s4:selftest: change the blackbox.chgdcpass test to use a binary mapping for smbclient
      s4:selftest: change the blackbox.export.keytab test to use a binary mapping for smbclient
      s4:selftest: change the blackbox.kinit test to use a binary mapping for smbclient
      s4:selftest: change the blackbox.pkinit test to use a binary mapping for smbclient
      s4:selftest: change the blackbox.passwords test to use a binary mapping for smbclient
      s4:selftest: change the blackbox.samba_tool_demote test to use a binary mapping for smbclient
      build: rename build targets smbclient -> smbclient4 and smbclient3 -> smbclient
      wintest: introduce a variable to contain the (relative) path of smbclient
      wintest: use (renamed) smbclient4 tool as smbclient

Stefan Metzmacher (41):
      s3:smbd: remove unused get_number_of_exclusive_open_oplocks()
      s3:smbd: move global oplocks vars to smbd_server_connection
      s3:smbd: pass smbd_server_connection to should_notify_deferred_opens()
      s3:smbd: move global koplocks to smbd_server_connection
      s3:smbd: move global smbd_msg_state to smbXsrv_connection
      s3:selftest: run smbtorture3 CLEANUP3 in the s3dc:local environment
      s3:rpc_client: tstream_cli_np_open_send() doesn't expect a leading backslash
      s3:cli_np_tstream: pass a leading backslash for the pipe name for SMB1
      s4:torture/samba3rpc: add smb2-pipe-name
      s4:torture/samba3rpc: add smb1-pipe-name
      s3:smb2_create: do not remove leading backslash from pipe names
      s3:rpc_server: return OBJECT_NAME_NOT_FOUND instead of PIPE_NOT_AVAILABLE
      s3:smbd: only strip \\ off the name if present (for ntcreatex)
      s3:smbd: fix reply_open_pipe_and_X() to behave like windows (2008 R2)
      s3:rpc_server: don't do any magic in is_known_pipename() anymore
      s3:selftest: run rpc.samba3.smb[1|2]-pipe-name
      s4:ntvfs/ipc: fix protocol specific processing of pipe names
      s3:smb2cli_ioctl: fix requests without output_buffer.length > 0 against windows
      libcli/smb: add some more FSCTL_* defines
      s3:smb2_ioctl: add some more validation checks
      s3:smb2_ioctl: add more validation checks
      s3:smb2_ioctl: verify credit charge
      s3:libsmb: fallback to SMBtcon for old servers
      s3:libsmb: use cli_tree_connect() instead of cli_tcon_andx()
      s3:utils: use cli_tree_connect() instead of cli_tcon_andx()
      s3:libsmb: use nb_connect_send() directly instead of doing a 0 timer for port 139
      lib/dbwrap: remove unused per db_record pointer in dbwrap_rbt
      lib/dbwrap: fix db_rbt_store and update the per record node pointer
      lib/dbwrap: don't alter the record on failure in db_rbt_store()
      lib/dbwrap: make it possible to delete/store the current record during traverse
      s3:vfs_hpuxacl: remove unused file_find_fd() calls
      s3:smbd: use server_messaging_context() instead of sconn->msg_ctx in exit_server_common()
      s3:smbd/oplock: avoid procid_is_me()
      s3:smbd/open: avoid procid_is_me()
      s3:smbd/close: avoid procid_is_me()
      s3: Fix an assert to trigger in close_remove_share_mode
      s3:smbd/close: do an early return in close_directory()
      s3:smbd/close: remove unused goto out from close_directory()
      s3:smbd/close: call del_share_mode() directly before TALLOC_FREE(lck)
      Revert "s3: Fix bug 8371"
      s3:smbd: make conn_close_all() a void function

Volker Lendecke (37):
      s3: Add "share_mode_stale_pid"
      s3: Check for serverid_exists in notify_deferred_opens
      s3: Check for serverid_exists in open_mode_check
      s3: Check for serverid_exists in smb_posix_unlink
      s3: Check for serverid_exists in rename_share_filename
      s3: Check for serverid_exists in find_oplock_types
      s3: Be less picky on stale share mode entries
      s3: Check for serverid_exists in close_remove_share_mode
      s3: Check for serverid_exists in close_directory
      s3: Do not check the PIDs is parse_share_modes
      s3: Test whether get_share_mode_lock cleans up stale processes
      s4-dns: Add some NULL checks to create_response_rr
      s4-dns: Use talloc_asprintf_append_buffer in create_response_rr
      s4-dns: Fix an unlikely potential memleak
      s4-dns: Remove some break; statements
      librpc: Fix some typos
      s4-dns: Fix some typos
      s4-dns: Add debug output for unmappable WERROR to DNS errcode
      s4-dns: Create a proper talloc hierarchy in create_response_rr
      lib: add tevent_req_poll_werror
      s4-dns: Make ask_forwarder async
      s4-dns: Make dns_server_process_query async
      s4-dns: Remove unused sync ask_forwarder wrapper
      s4-dns: Make dns_process_send asyn
      s4-dns: Remove sync dns_server_process_query
      s4-dns: Make the UDP dns server async
      s4-dns: Make the TCP dns server async
      s4-dns: Remove sync dns_process
      librpc: Fix an incompatible pointer type warning
      s3: Fix some 64-bit warnings
      s3: Avoid a lot of calls to serverid_exists()
      s3: Same fix as 8576256, this time for fgetxattr
      s3: Slightly simplify close_remove_share_mode
      s3: Simplify get_delete_on_close_token slightly
      s3: Simplify get_delete_on_close_token more
      s3: Make close_remove_share_mode a bit more readable
      s3: Do an early return in close_remove_share_mode


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