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Andrew Tridgell tridge at samba.org
Mon Jul 9 00:53:35 MDT 2012

The annotated tag, ldb-1.1.8 has been created
        at  f70ae07402319317e0bc221cee95f3f150920bdc (tag)
   tagging  7b1fb36ad0df810b8629a4f5d5f069de4466d080 (commit)
  replaces  samba-4.0.0beta3
 tagged by  Andrew Tridgell
        on  Mon Jul 9 16:52:54 2012 +1000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
ldb: tag release ldb-1.1.8
Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux)


Amitay Isaacs (12):
      samba-tool: gpo: Fix policy DN
      samba-tool: gpo: Correct the attribute name from gPlink to gPLink
      samba-tool: gpo: Use gpo (id) instead of gpo_dn (DN)
      samba-tool: Fix indentation
      s4-pysmb: Add deltree() method to remove directory and its contents
      samba-tool: gpo: Add utility functions get_gpo_containers and del_gpo_link
      samba-tool: gpo: Refactor code using utility functions
      samba-tool: gpo: Use utility function dc_url() to set the connection url
      samba-tool: gpo: Add listcontainers subcommand to list containers using given GPO
      samba-tool: gpo: Add del subcommand to delete GPO
      samba-tool: gpo: Improve error messages
      samba-tool: gpo: Update copyright

Andreas Schneider (40):
      s3-winbind: Remove obsolte idmap_adex.
      doc: Remove documentation about idmap_adex.
      s3-printing: Remove deprecated lp_printer_admin().
      doc: Remove all references to 'printer admin' option.
      s3-passdb: Remove obsolte ldapsam_compat support.
      doc: Remove documentation for obsolete ldapsam_compat.
      s3-smbd: Remove deprecated 'share modes' option.
      doc: Remove references to deprecated 'share modes' parameter.
      s4-torture: Fix build warnings in lsa test.
      s4-torture: Use test_LookupSids3 function.
      s4-torture: Test LookupSids3 and LookupNames4 only over tcpip.
      s4-torture: Make sure ncacn_np tests are only called over the a pipe.
      s4-torture: Make sure lsa_OpenPolicy fails over TCP/IP.
      s4-torture: Make sure lsa_OpenPolicy2 fails over TCP/IP.
      s4-torture: Test LookupSids3/LookupNames4 over np and tcpip.
      s3-selftest: Run lsa tests over np and tcpip.
      s3-rpc_server: Make it possible to use more rpc exceptions.
      s3-rpc: Return the correct ntstatus depending on the transport.
      s3-lsarpc: Restrict the transport for ncacn_np functions.
      s3-lsarpc: Restrict lsa_LookupSids3 to ncacn_ip_tcp connections.
      s3-lsarpc: Restrict lsa_LookupNames4 to ncacn_ip_tcp connections.
      s3-lsarpc: Enforce a secure connection for LookupSids3 and LookupNames4.
      s4-torture: Add a lsarpc test_LookupSids3_fail function.
      s4-torture: Add a lsarpc test_LookupNames4_fail function.
      s4-torture: Add a lsarpc test_OpenPolicy_fail function.
      s4-torture: Add a lsarpc test_OpenPolicy2_fail function.
      s4-torture: Add a lsarpc test_GetUserName_fail function.
      s4-torture: Don't consider NONE_MAPPED an error in LookupNames4.
      s4-torture: Don't consider NONE_MAPPED an error in LookupSids3.
      s4-torture: Call lsarpc tests over the correct pipe.
      s4-libnet: Skip calling lsarpc functions over a wrong pipe.
      s4-selftest: Don't plan lsa.secrets tests over tcpip.
      s4-selftest: Don't run lsarpc requiring a named pipe over tcpip.
      selftest: Update knownfail list for samba4.rpc.lsalookup.
      s4-lsaprc: Don't call lsa_OpenPolicy2 in lsa_LookupNames4.
      s4-lsarpc: Don't call lsa_OpenPolicy2 in lsa_LookupSids3.
      s4-lsarpc: Restrict LookupNames4 to crypto connections only.
      s4-lsarpc: Restrict LookupSids3 to crypto connections only.
      s4-lsarpc: DCERPC_FAULT_ACCESS_DENIED for np
      s4-lsarpc: DCERPC_FAULT_ACCESS_DENIED for tcp

Andrew Bartlett (18):
      VERSION: Move on to beta4!
      build: Run distcheck in the correct directory
      WHATSNEW: Spell out version, avoid samba4 except to refer to the past
      ldb: bump version due to header and internal implementation changes
      s4-dsdb: Use parent_object_guid to find the correct parent for new objects
      s4-dsdb: Give a much better error message when parentGUID generation fails
      s4-samba-tool: Provide a samba-tool domain dcpromo that upgrades a member to a DC
      s4-selftest: Test samba-tool domain dcpromo
      s4-classicupgrade: Demote any other 'BDC' accounts back to a member server during upgrade
      pyldb: Fix dn concat operation to be the other way around
      s4-pydsdb: Improve PyErr_LDB_{DN,}_OR_RAISE to use py_check_dcerpc_type
      s4-pydsdb: Add bindings for dsdb_find_nc_root()
      pyldb: Add bindings for ldb_dn_remove_base_components
      pydsdb: Add bindings for dsdb_wellknown_dn()
      s4-dsdb: Remove unused variables in py_dsdb_get_partitions_dn
      s4-dbcheck: Check for an object without a parent
      s4-selftest: do a dbcheck on our two vampire DCs
      lib/ldb: Bump ldb release due to pyldb changes

Björn Baumbach (1):
      wafsamba: samba_version: add samba version suffix to vcs_fields

Björn Jacke (7):
      s3: if we know a file is immutable, report it to be readonly
      replace: make the INT64_MAX define more portable
      s4/heimdal: fix make-proto.pl with perl 5.16
      s3: evaluate MNT_QUOTA and MNT_RDONLY in statvfs also on darwin
      lib/addns: remove use of uint8 uint16 and uint32 in favour of C99 types
      lib/addns: remove defines we don't need or have for sure via libreplace
      talloc: remove unused variables

Christof Schmitt (1):
      auth: Common function for retrieving PAC_LOGIN_INFO from PAC

David Disseldorp (1):
      ndr: fix push/pull DATA_BLOB with NDR_NOALIGN

Günther Deschner (3):
      ntprinting: make decode_ntprinting helpers public in idl.
      ntprinting: mark the final 4 byte null pointer for printer data in ndr_pull_ntprinting_printer as read.
      s4-torture: add ntprinting ndr operations testsuite.

Jeremy Allison (6):
      Ensure we select the correct syscall numbers on a 32-bit Linux system.
      Fix the waf/autoconf builds to detect correctly the 32-bit or 64-bit syscall ABI on Linux.
      Allow init_aio_threadpool() to be setup for different threadpool handles with different completion functions.
      Add function set_thread_credentials_permanently(). Panic if fail.
      Move copy_unix_token() from locking/locking.c to lib/util.c.
      Add waf/configure tests for openat.

Michael Adam (10):
      s3:smbd:smb2: change smbXsrv_session0 to smbXsrv_session in struct user_struct.
      s3:smbd:smb2: change smbXsrv_tcon0  to smbXsrv_tcon in smbd_smb2_request_check_tcon()
      s3:smbd: include smbXsrv.h before smbd/proto.h to have the smbXsrv_ structs available
      s3:smbd:smb2: fix prototype of make_connection_smb2() to use smbXsrv_tcon
      s3:smbd: Include smbXsrv.h before vfs.h (in smbd.h) so that the smbXsrv structures are available
      s3:smb: include "smbXsrv.h" before "vfs.h"
      s3:vfs: use smbXsrv_tcon instead of smbXsrv_tcon0 in connection_struct.
      s3:vfs: use smbXsrv_open instead of smbXsrv_open0 in files_struct
      s3:registry: untangle assignment from check in reg_enumvalue()
      s3:registry: untangle assignment from check in reg_enumkey()

Rusty Russell (1):
      ntdb: make --disable-ntdb work properly.

Volker Lendecke (3):
      s3: Fix Coverity ID 709218 Uninitialized pointer read
      s3: Fix Coverity ID 709217 Dereference after null check
      s3: Fix Coverity ID 709470 Uninitialized scalar variable


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