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Michael Adam obnox at samba.org
Thu Jan 12 08:34:54 MST 2012

The annotated tag, ctdb- has been created
        at  aeb27d1ee3d6c5d85c305c75b824769d864c87bc (tag)
   tagging  10dce70bf8a238702a5b81ffa8ea89edea9fc61f (commit)
  replaces  ctdb-
 tagged by  Michael Adam
        on  Thu Jan 12 14:49:41 2012 +0100

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David Disseldorp (1):
      io: Make queue_io_read() safe for reentry

Gregor Beck (1):
      ltdbtool: ignore empty (deleted) records per default.

Mathieu Parent (1):
      Correction of spelling errors

Michael Adam (67):
      packaging: honour rpm build target options handed in to makerpms.sh
      vacuum: rename "size" to "freelist_size" for clarity
      vacuum: fix an abundance of indentation white spaces in ctdb_vacuum_db()
      vacuum: fix a comment typo in vacuum_traverse()
      vacuum: fix horrible indentation/whitespacing for ctdb_vacuum_event()
      vacuum: fix a comment typo in vacuum_traverse()
      vacuum: write a big and up-to-date explaining comment for ctdb_vacuum_db()
      vacuum: update (C) from vacuum rewrite
      traverse: add a flag to enable transferring empty records in cluster wide traverse
      client: add version ctdb_traverse_ext() of ctdb_traverse() that can list empty records.
      ctdb: add an option --print-emptyrecords to enable printing of empty records in dumping databases
      doc: document the --print-emptyrecords switch in the "ctdb" manpage.
      ctdb: add an option --print-datasize to only print datasize instead of dumping data in db dumps
      doc: document the "--print-datasize" parameter to "ctdb"
      ctdb: add an option --print-lmaster to enable printing of lmaster in "ctdb catdb"
      doc: document the "--print-lmaster" parameter to "ctdb"
      ctdb: add an option --print-hash to enable printing of record hashes when dumping dbs
      ctdb: add output of jenkins hash to ctdb catdb (with --print-hash)
      doc: document the "--print-hash" parameter to "ctdb".
      ctdb: add an option --print-recordflags to trigger printing record flags in catdb and dumpdbbackup
      doc: document the "--print-recordflags" parameter to "ctdb"
      doc: commit generated ctdb.1 manpages after xml change
      traverse: fix traversing with empty records by adding a new (internal) control CTDB_CONTROL_TRAVERSE_START_EXT
      fix zero-initialization of header in _ctdbd_allocate_pkt to the correct size
      rb_tree: fix possible access-after-free-error in trbt_traversearray32_node
      vacuum: add ctdb_local_remove_from_delete_queue()
      ctdb_ltdb_store_server: when storing a record that is not to be scheduled for deletion, remove it from the delete queue
      vacuum: remove update_tuning_db()
      vacuum: change get_vacuum_interval() to simply return the VacuumDefaultInterval tunable
      vacuum: use get_vacuum_interval() in ctdb_vacuum_event()
      vacuum: remove struct vacuum_tuning_data (unused)
      vacuum: add new tunable VacuumInterval and mark Vacuum{Default,Min,Max}Interval obsolete
      vacuum: fix the VacuumInterval tunable's type to uint32_t in get_vacuum_interval()
      vacuum: initialize the delete_count in the vacuum data
      vacuum: appropriately rename delete_traverse()  to delete_marshall_traverse()
      vacuum: fix and improve a comment
      vacuum: improve vacuuming statistics for handling the delete_tree.
      vacuum: locally delete the records in the delete_tree that have be deleted remotely
      tools/ctdb: remove functionality of "ctdb vacuum", just keeping a stub.
      tools/ctdb: allow the "ctdb vacuum" stub to be run without the daemon running.
      vacuum: introduce a helper variable in add_record_to_vacuum_fetch_list() to reduce verbosity
      vacuum: introduce a helper variable for the vacuum fetch list in ctdb_vacuum_db()
      vacuum: appropriately rename vdata.list to vdata.vacuum_fetch_list
      vacuum: rename delete_tree to delete_list
      vacuum: factor out the fast vacuuming run into ctdb_vacuum_db_fast()
      vacuum: factor out full vacuum run out of ctdb_vacuum_db() as ctdb_vacuum_db_full()
      vacuum: factor processing of vacuum fetch lists out of ctdb_vacuum_db()
      vacuum: factor processing of the delete list out of ctdb_vacuum_db()
      vacuum: streamline ctdb_process_delete_list()
      vacuum: factor out initialization of the vacuum data from ctdb_vacuum_db()
      vacuum: add a comment explaining a race in the vacuum code.
      vacuum: add statistics output for processing of the delete list
      vacuum: initialize (to zero) the vacuum fetch list in ctdb_vacuum_init_vacuum_data()
      vacuum: improve debugging in insert_record_into_delete_queue()
      vacuum: add debug message to insert_record_into_delete_queue() for failed insert
      vacuum: improve debugging in delete_queue_traverse()
      vacuum: improve logging in insert_record_into_delete_queue()
      vacuum: improve logging in delete_record_traverse()
      vacuum: improve logging in remove_record_from_delete_queue()
      tunables: add a bool obsolete flag to the tunable_map list
      tunables: don't list obsolete tunables in the list_tunables control
      ctdb-tool: adapt formatting of "listvars" output to lenght of longest name
      doc:ctdb.1: adapt example output of "ctdb listvars" to current state
      doc:ctdb.1: explain that "ctdb listvars" does not list obsolete tunables any more
      doc:ctdb.1: add generated files after update
      ltdb_server: improve logging in ctdb_ltdb_store_server
      New version

Ronnie Sahlberg (5):
      add a new commandline flag -v to enable verbose output
      Fix a compiler warning
      ctdb: Add printing of the record flags when we are traversing a database to print its content.
      RB_TREE: Add mechanism to abort a traverse

Rusty Russell (4):
      takeover: prevent crash by avoiding free in traverse on RST timeout
      freeze: abort vacuuming when we're going to freeze.
      vacuum: fix crash on vacuum abort
      vacuum: disabling vacuuming during a freeze

Stefan Metzmacher (2):
      tools/ctdb: let "ctdb catdb" pass the persistent flag to ctdb_attach()
      tools/ctdb: add 'persistent' flag to "ctdb attach"

Volker Lendecke (1):
      In ctdb catdb, print the payload data length without the ctdb header length


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