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Ronnie Sahlberg sahlberg at samba.org
Wed Feb 29 18:57:42 MST 2012

The annotated tag, ctdb-1.13 has been created
        at  2c3cc0cd57e388eb48d780b691156ac074045570 (tag)
   tagging  05e75dea9eaa0decc2909e0c2cf1715c81374200 (commit)
  replaces  ctdb-1.12
 tagged by  Ronnie Sahlberg
        on  Thu Mar 1 12:55:51 2012 +1100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
tag for 1.13
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


Andreas Schneider (1):
      libutil: Remove obsolete signal type cast.

Martin Schwenke (57):
      Clean up warnings: ‘tevent_loop_allow_nesting’ is deprecated
      Clean up warnings: remove changed_flags in monitor_helper
      Fix typo in ctdb_ltdb_store_server()
      Clean up warnings: log some unchecked return codes from function calls
      Clean up warnings: remove set but unused variable from rb_test
      Clean up warnings: remove unused variable alen from scsi_io
      Clean up warnings: remove unused function dump_packet()
      Clean up warnings: -Wunused-but-set-variable in tevent_signal.c
      Clean up warnings: add -Wno-format-zero-length to CFLAGS
      Fix ctdb scriptstatus -n all
      Clean up warnings: popt sure does some strange things
      Fix lib/replace
      Clean up warnings: rpcgen output contains unused variable.
      Added some #ifndefs to stop files being included multiple times.
      Move some common functions to common/ctdb_ltdb.c
      Rename ctdb_control_destructor() to ctdb_client_control_destructor()
      Rename ctdb_ctrl_getscriptstatus() parameter to avoid shadowing a global
      Rename ctdb_control_get_stat_history() local variable to avoid shadowing.
      Tests: change ctdb_takeover_tests.c to include ctdbd code
      Make some ctdb_takeover.c functions static
      Relax an out of memory message.
      Eventscripts: Make 40.fs_use use less processes and arguably clearer.
      Eventscripts - remove $0 from error messages in 40.fs_use
      Eventscripts - add facility to 10.interface to delete unmanaged IPs
      ctdb tool - simplify main() by taking most code out of a loop
      ctdb tool - commands that don't use the daemon can't take -n/--node
      ctdb tool - short circuit most of the logic in main for non-daemon commands
      ctdb tool - replace fprintf with DEBUG
      ctdb tool - move parsing of nodestring to where it is needed
      ctdb tool - generalise nodestring parsing for -n
      ctdb tool - factor out status printing functions
      ctdb tool - new command "ctdb nodestatus [nodestring]"
      ctdb tool - remove verify_node() function
      Rename struct traverse_state to allow tools C files to be #included.
      Tests - test code for parse_nodestring() function
      Tests - make a comment more accurate
      Tests: eventscripts - add tests for CTDB_DELETE_UNEXPECTED_IPS="yes"
      ctdb tool - Fix parse_nodestring() related issues
      Tests - update test code for ctdb tool code and libctdb stubs
      libctdb - add ctdb_getvnnmap()
      ctdb tool - convert control_status() over to use just libctdb()
      Tests - more libctdb stubs and supporting state faking functions
      Tests - more libctdb stub test infrastructure
      Tests - allow tools/ctdb.c:main() to be used
      ctdb tool - free some memory used by popt
      Tests - add a version of the ctdb tool that compiles against libctdb stubs
      Tests: libctdb stubs should fail when current node disconnected
      Tests: fix usage message in ctdb_tool_libctdb
      Tests: initial ctdb tool testcases
      Tests - let run_tests.sh take a list of tests to run
      Tests - ctdb tool - fix "ctdb status" test
      Tests - ctdb tool - add verbose option and output filtering
      Tests: new test to check that "ctdb delip" removes the IP from interface.
      Tests: eventscripts - make init test pass with recent change to 10.interface
      Tests: eventscripts - fix breakage in some NFS tests
      Tests - IP allocation simulation - LCP2 => non-deterministic
      Test - IP allocation simulation - add -e option to run the daemon's algorithm

Mathieu Parent (11):
      config/functions: CTDB_VARDIR is /var/lib/ctdb on Debian-like systems
      config can be in /etc/default/ instead of /etc/sysconfig/
      config can be in /etc/default/ instead of /etc/sysconfig/ (ctdb_gnostics part)
      Nagios plugin for CTDB
      Fix ctdb-crash-cleanup sysconfig handling
      Remove zero-length gnu_printf format string in ctdb_daemon.c (gcc warning)
      Move platform-specific code to common/system_*
      GNU/Hurd support
      Add kFreeBSD support
      Define ETIME on non-supporting platforms
      Load platform dependent objs instead of Linux one

Michael Adam (85):
      logging: properly cast sockaddr_in to sockaddr for bind in start_syslog_daemon()
      logging: some whitespace cleanup in ctdb_syslog_log()
      logging: properly cast sockaddr_in to sockaddr for sendto() in ctdb_syslog_log()
      system_linux: correctly cast sockaddr_in to sockaddr in ctdb_sys_send_tcp()
      system_linux: correctly cast sockaddr_in6 to sockaddr for sendto() in ctdb_sys_send_tcp()
      update lib/replace to current upstream version (samba master)
      build: add libreplace network checks to configure
      add socket_wrapper from samba
      build: add option --enable-socket-wrapper to build binaries with socket wrapper support
      build: add socket_wrapper objects to test binaries
      build: add target libctdb.so.0 and symlink libctdb.so
      vacuum: rename "size" to "freelist_size" for clarity
      vacuum: fix an abundance of indentation white spaces in ctdb_vacuum_db()
      vacuum: fix a comment typo in vacuum_traverse()
      vacuum: fix horrible indentation/whitespacing for ctdb_vacuum_event()
      vacuum: fix a comment typo in vacuum_traverse()
      vacuum: write a big and up-to-date explaining comment for ctdb_vacuum_db()
      vacuum: update (C) from vacuum rewrite
      traverse: add a flag to enable transferring empty records in cluster wide traverse
      client: add version ctdb_traverse_ext() of ctdb_traverse() that can list empty records.
      ctdb: add an option --print-emptyrecords to enable printing of empty records in dumping databases
      doc: document the --print-emptyrecords switch in the "ctdb" manpage.
      doc: commit generated ctdb.1 manpages after xml change
      ctdb: add an option --print-datasize to only print datasize instead of dumping data in db dumps
      doc: document the "--print-datasize" parameter to "ctdb"
      doc: commit generated ctdb.1 manpages after xml change
      ctdb: add an option --print-lmaster to enable printing of lmaster in "ctdb catdb"
      doc: document the "--print-lmaster" parameter to "ctdb"
      doc: commit generated ctdb.1 manpages after xml change
      ctdb: add an option --print-hash to enable printing of record hashes when dumping dbs
      doc: document the "--print-hash" parameter to "ctdb".
      doc: commit generated ctdb.1 manpages after xml change
      ctdb: add an option --print-recordflags to trigger printing record flags in catdb and dumpdbbackup
      doc: document the "--print-recordflags" parameter to "ctdb"
      doc: commit generated ctdb.1 manpages after xml change
      traverse: fix traversing with empty records by adding a new (internal) control CTDB_CONTROL_TRAVERSE_START_EXT
      Revert "Fix the build that broke in 8281bb210858ed04992eacea7f6d02261e0fc1b1"
      libctdb: fix libctdb's traverse after changes in the core
      fix zero-initialization of header in _ctdbd_allocate_pkt to the correct size
      rb_tree: fix possible access-after-free-error in trbt_traversearray32_node
      vacuum: add ctdb_local_remove_from_delete_queue()
      ctdb_ltdb_store_server: when storing a record that is not to be scheduled for deletion, remove it from the delete queue
      vacuum: remove update_tuning_db()
      vacuum: change get_vacuum_interval() to simply return the VacuumDefaultInterval tunable
      vacuum: use get_vacuum_interval() in ctdb_vacuum_event()
      vacuum: remove struct vacuum_tuning_data (unused)
      vacuum: add new tunable VacuumInterval and mark Vacuum{Default,Min,Max}Interval obsolete
      vacuum: fix the VacuumInterval tunable's type to uint32_t in get_vacuum_interval()
      vacuum: initialize the delete_count in the vacuum data
      vacuum: appropriately rename delete_traverse()  to delete_marshall_traverse()
      vacuum: fix and improve a comment
      vacuum: improve vacuuming statistics for handling the delete_tree.
      vacuum: locally delete the records in the delete_tree that have be deleted remotely
      tools/ctdb: remove functionality of "ctdb vacuum", just keeping a stub.
      tools/ctdb: allow the "ctdb vacuum" stub to be run without the daemon running.
      vacuum: introduce a helper variable in add_record_to_vacuum_fetch_list() to reduce verbosity
      vacuum: introduce a helper variable for the vacuum fetch list in ctdb_vacuum_db()
      vacuum: appropriately rename vdata.list to vdata.vacuum_fetch_list
      vacuum: rename delete_tree to delete_list
      vacuum: factor out the fast vacuuming run into ctdb_vacuum_db_fast()
      vacuum: factor out full vacuum run out of ctdb_vacuum_db() as ctdb_vacuum_db_full()
      vacuum: factor processing of vacuum fetch lists out of ctdb_vacuum_db()
      vacuum: factor processing of the delete list out of ctdb_vacuum_db()
      vacuum: streamline ctdb_process_delete_list()
      vacuum: factor out initialization of the vacuum data from ctdb_vacuum_db()
      vacuum: add a comment explaining a race in the vacuum code.
      tunables: add a bool obsolete flag to the tunable_map list
      tunables: don't list obsolete tunables in the list_tunables control
      ctdb-tool: adapt formatting of "listvars" output to lenght of longest name
      doc:ctdb.1: adapt example output of "ctdb listvars" to current state
      doc:ctdb.1: explain that "ctdb listvars" does not list obsolete tunables any more
      doc:ctdb.1: add generated files after update
      vacuum: add statistics output for processing of the delete list
      vacuum: initialize (to zero) the vacuum fetch list in ctdb_vacuum_init_vacuum_data()
      vacuum: improve debugging in insert_record_into_delete_queue()
      vacuum: add debug message to insert_record_into_delete_queue() for failed insert
      vacuum: improve debugging in delete_queue_traverse()
      vacuum: improve logging in insert_record_into_delete_queue()
      vacuum: improve logging in delete_record_traverse()
      vacuum: improve logging in remove_record_from_delete_queue()
      server: fix a comment typo
      Fix the build on freebsd9. (typo in flags?)
      server: move the code for the update_record control to its own file
      server:update_record: make ctdb_childwrite static
      server:update_record: remove some blood stains (trailing spaces...)

Ronnie Sahlberg (60):
      SRVID ranges: Change the ranges for SRVIDs to allow 8 bit prefixes
      Eventscripts: Add special -ECANCELED status for monitor events that are cancelled
      Merge remote branch 'martins/warnings'
      Merge remote branch 'martins/hashinclude'
      Merge remote branch 'martins/ctdb_control_oom'
      Merge remote branch 'martins/scriptstatus'
      Merge remote branch 'martins/eventscripts'
      This breaks the build since the recovery loop is different in master
      DB Seqnum: must provide a ctdb_ltdb_header when calling ctdb_ltdb_fetch()
      LibCTDB: add get persistent db seqnum control
      Recover Persistent database DB by DB and not record by record
      DOC: describe the RecoverPDBBySeqNum tunable
      check_srvids: remove the <pnn> from the commandline so that we only specify the list of <srvids>
      LibCTDB: add support for the check-srvids control
      ctdb: use libctdb version of check-srvids call
      DOC: document the check_srvids debugging command
      Fix the build that broke in 8281bb210858ed04992eacea7f6d02261e0fc1b1
      LibCTDB: Add support for the 'get interfaces' control and update the ctdb tool to use this interface
      Return the peer_pid properly to the caller
      DOC: Update the manpage to describe all relevant tunables
      Merge remote branch 'martins/nodestatus'
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.samba.org/data/git/ctdb
      explain why we use FIONREAD
      Niceify the readonlyrecord API. Dont force clients to be exposed to the featch_with_header function
      ReadOnly: update the loop test tool to print number of fetches per second
      ReadOnly  update documentation
      Add a hoook to the ctdb initscript that we can call out to for applications that want to
      Merge remote branch 'martins/takeover'
      Merge remote branch 'martins/tests'
      TESTS: ctdb_fetch needs to allow tevent nesting
      CTDB: update tfetch so we can specify a hexadecimal string as key
      TFETCH add verbose flag to print also the record ltdb heaer
      Ad test tool to store data and ctdb header into a local tdb file
      TESTS: Add a test that verifies that RecoverPDBBySeqNum works as expected.
      STATISTICS: add total counts for number of delegations and number of revokes
      ReadOnly: add per-database statistics to view how much delegations/revokes we have
      READONLY:  allow specifying the db name for setdbreadonly instead of just the hash
      READONLY: document the command to activate readonly record support
      READONLY: Update the fetch-readonly-once test tool to use CTDB_SOCKET if set
      READONLY: add test for creating and revoking delegations
      TESTS: Add test for wipedb command
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.samba.org/data/git/ctdb
      ReadOnly: Make sure we dont try to fast-vacuum records that are set for readonly delegation
      ReadOnly: We can not use ctdb_ltdb_store from a client/child context since
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Revert "ReadOnly: We can not use ctdb_ltdb_store from a client/child context since"
      READONLY: dont schedule for fast vacuum deletion if any of the readonly record flags are set
      READONLY: only send a control to schedule fast-vacuuming from child context iff we have a connection open to the main daemon
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Log the "Received SHUTDOWN ..." first in the shutown process instead of last.
      when shutting down ctdb, allow it 30 seconds instead of 10 before will -9 the daemon
      change TDB to be valgrind nice
      Eventscripts: remove the horrible horrible circular reference between state and callback since these two structures do not even share the same parent talloc context.
      Make KILLTCP structure a child of VNN so that it is freed at the same time
      When adding ips to nodes, set up a deferred rebalance for the whole node to trigger after 60 seconds in case the normal ipreallocated is not sufficient to trigger rebalance.
      Add a tunable variable to control how long we defer after a ctdb addip until we force a rebalance and try to failback addresses onto this node
      Vacuuming: change default timeout to 120 seconds
      READONLY: skip vacuuming or deleting records with readonly delegations.
      New version 1.13

Stefan Metzmacher (3):
      recoverd: let async_getcap_callback() also update ctdb->capabilities
      recoverd: try to become the recovery master if we have the capability, but the current master doesn't
      recoverd: try to become the recovery master if we have the capability, but the current master doesn't

Volker Lendecke (8):
      Add "ctdb check_srvid"
      Fix a cut&paste error
      FreeBSD does not define s6_addr32, only s6_addr
      Add includes required on FreeBSD
      Add common/system_freebsd.c
      Fix some documentation typos


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