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Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Mon Aug 27 18:16:23 MDT 2012

The annotated tag, samba-4.0.0beta7 has been created
        at  1f3d4c321be9547e04a8895073fce2366add7fc3 (tag)
   tagging  c41894c7dd512eeddacb6810405b64ad180af6e0 (commit)
  replaces  tevent-0.9.17
 tagged by  Andrew Bartlett
        on  Tue Aug 28 10:18:12 2012 +1000

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samba4: tag release samba-4.0.0beta7
Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)


Andrew Bartlett (89):
      s3-torture: Allow vfstest to set ACLs on a directory
      s4-dsdb: Ensure we always free tmp_ctx in schema refresh check
      build: Ensure -Werror=format works with -Wformat=2 on NULL format strings
      s4-kcc: Avoid use-after-free of dn and add tmp_ctx
      s4-dsdb: Use tmp_ctx in kccsrv_check_deleted to avoid leaking memory onto part->dn
      s3-vfs: Allow vfs_xattr_tdb to work without a connected share
      s4-ntvfs: Ensure we do not attempt to write EAs on streams
      s4-ntvfs: Add TODO on ea_size
      s3-smbd: Push smb_fname into estimate_ea_size
      s3-smbd: Do not look for EA information on a stream
      s3-smbd: ensure we give appropriate errors for EA requests on streams
      s3-vfs: Use the system. namespace for fake ACLs
      s3-vfs: Correct the implementation of fake_acls_sys_acl_delete_def_file()
      s3-vfs: Add lstat and lchown hooks to the vfs_fake_acls module
      s3-build: Enable vfs_fake_acls when in developer mode or on the build farm
      build: Do not put a .distversion file into the GIT tree
      WHATSNEW: Remove over-caution on s3fs and explain browsing better
      doc-BUILD_SYSTEMS.txt: The grand rename is complete
      s4-torture: Improve raw.streams test to cover EAs and to use torture_assert()
      s4-torture: Show that we cannot have extended attributes on streams
      s4-torture: Show that we cannot list extended attributes on streams
      selftest: Use new fake_acls module
      s4-torture: Use torture_fail() in the unix.unix_info2 test
      build: Remove accidentily added line in samba_version.py
      build: Remove special case for the build farm
      s3-pysmbd: Add hook for a VFS chown()
      s3-passdb: Allow pdb_sid_to_id to work on any SID
      s3-pysmbd: Correct comments in python VFS bindings
      s3-pysmbd: Add get/set functions for the posix ACL layer
      build: Create bin/ when doing 'waf dist' from a fresh checkout
      s3-vfs: Make vfs_aio_fork erratic timing behaviour a run-time option
      selftest: Add tests for vfs_aio_fork
      s4-provision: pass use_ntvfs from C wrappers and set to true in tests/vampire
      s4-classicupgrade: Add --use-ntvfs option
      selftest: Specify --use-ntvfs to provision in test scripts
      selftest: Pass --use-ntvfs to provison in renamedc test
      s3-vfs: Remove extra calls to SMB_VFS_HANDLE_GET_DATA
      s4-python: complete python bindigns for smb_acls.idl
      s3-pysmbd: Correct the python type for smb_acl_t
      s4-python: Complete python bindings for idmap.idl
      selftest: Specify --use-ntvfs for the chdcpass environment
      selftest: Specify --use-ntvfs when testing the LDAP backend init code
      selftest: Specify --use-ntvfs when testing the newuser code
      selftest: Specify --use-ntvfs when testing the group code
      selftest: Set --use-ntvfs for rodc, vampire_dc, promoted_vampire_dc and subdom_dc
      s4-upgradeprovision: Use ntvfs in reference provision
      s4-dsdb: Do not use a possibly-old loadparm context in schema reload
      s4-dsdb: Remove unused variables
      file_server: Move default VFS module settings to loadparm.c
      s4-provision: set POSIX ACLs to for use with the smbd file server (s3fs)
      s4-scripting: Redefine getntacl() as accessing via the smbd VFS or directly
      selftest: Add a test of the NT ACL -> posix ACL mapping layer
      selftest: Extend posixacl test to check the actual ACL
      selftest: Cope with the multiple possible representations of -1 in posixacl.py
      selftest: Add a test of the NT ACL -> posix ACL mapping layer to selftest
      s4-samba-tool: Add 'samba-tool ntacl sysvolreset' tool
      s3-pysmbd: Allow a mode to be specified for the simple ACL
      s4-provision: Fix internal documentation
      s3-pysmbd: Fix error message
      param: Add startup checks for valid server role/binary combinations
      s4-selftest: Add testing of samba-tool ntacl sysvolreset
      s3-smbd: Add talloc_stackframe() to get_nt_acl_no_snum()
      s3-pysmbd: Fix return type of smbd.get_nt_acl
      s3-smbd: Add security_info_wanted argument to get_nt_acl_no_snum
      s4-samba-tool: Add samba-tool ntacl sysvolcheck command
      s4-selftest: Add test for samba-tool ntacl sysvolcheck
      s4-selftest: Always set vfs objects in selftest smb.conf
      s3-param: Avoid assert on use of talloc_tos() without stackframe
      examples: Remove security=share and security=server from example smb.conf
      s4-libnet: Ensure termination of enctype array in libnet_export_keytab()
      lib/krb5_wrap: Bring list of all enc types into krb5_wrap
      lib/krb5_wrap: Move kerberos_enctype_to_bitmap() into krb5_wrap
      s4-classicupgrade: Use s3param.get_context() instead of result.lp
      s4-classicupgrade: Do all the queries of data before the provision()
      s4-classicupgrade: Read WINS DB before the provision
      lib/krb5_wrap: Move enctype conversion functions into a simple helper file
      s3-secrets: Add helper function to set machine account password from secrets_tdb_sync
      s3-secrets: Handle all valid ROLE_ values in get_default_sec_channel()
      s3-secrets: Use talloc_stackframe() in secrets_init_path()
      s4-dsdb: Add secrets_tdb_sync - an ldb module to keep secrets.tdb in sync
      s4-dsdb: Remove double-free in update_keytab module
      auth/credentials: Expand secrets.tdb fetch of secrets to preserve workstation and realm
      selftest: Add test of smbclient --machine-pass against and using both s3 and s4
      auth/credentials: Rework credentials handling to try and find the most recent machine pw
      s3-passdb: Allow reload of the static passdb from python
      s4-classicupgrade: Do the setting of the sysvol ACLs last, after idmap is configured
      selftest: Fix comment in blackbox_s3upgrade.sh
      WHATSNEW: prepare for 4.0 beta7
      VERSION: Mark as the beta7 release

Björn Jacke (4):
      libcli: fix value of NT_STATUS_FILE_NOT_AVAILABLE
      s3/registry: fix compile warning on openindiana
      crypto/aes_ccm_128: fix compile warning on openindiana
      s3: fix compile warning on openindiana

Christian Ambach (1):
      s3:vfs_tsmsm only send notifications when file was offline before

Daniel Liberman (1):
      Extending space for fqdn in wbinfo --trusted-domains in verbose mode

Herb Lewis (1):
      Fix bug #9104 - winbindd can mis-identify idle clients - can cause crashes and NDR parsing errors.

Jeremy Allison (6):
      Fix bug #9098 - winbind does not refresh kerberos tickets.
      Fix bug in SMB_FIND_INFO_STANDARD parsing found by Volker.
      Remove align_string(). No longer used.
      Move uppercasing the domain out of smb_pwd_check_ntlmv2()
      Remove useless bool "upper_case_domain" parameter.
      Remove useless bool "upper_case_domain" parameter from ntv2_owf_gen().

Matthias Dieter Wallnöfer (8):
      s4:dsdb_sort_objectClass_attr - use "data_blob_string_const" for setting values
      s4:dsdb_sort_objectClass_attr - simplify memory context handling
      LDB:ldif_handlers.c - LDB_OP_GREATER/LDB_OP_LESS are thought as ">=" or "<="
      s4:dsdb - always fail if a search filter could not be parsed
      LDB:ldbsearch - search filters do not only contain "="
      LDB:ldbsearch - add search filter tests
      LDB:ldb_tdb.c - deny multi-valued attributes manipulation with doublets
      s4:samldb LDB module - remove unused "member" attribute from search filter

Michael Adam (3):
      lib/util: add server_id_set_disconnected() and server_id_is_disconnected()
      s3: add a debug message for failed execv in sys_popen()
      s4:torture:basic: add more delete test - variants of deltest16 and deltest17

S Hargagan (1):
      Fix bug #9085 - NMB registration for a duplicate workstation fails with registration refuse

Stefan Metzmacher (47):
      s4:cldap_server: set DS_SERVER_SELECT_SECRET_DOMAIN_6 if we're a RODC
      s4:cldap_server: only return DS_SERVER_*TIMESERV if "ntp_signd" is used
      s3:smb2_server: add some const to print_req_vectors()
      s3:smb2_server: verify the signature before the session_status
      s3:smb2_server: try to sign an error response if we have a signing key
      s4:libcli/smb2: reset trsnport->compound.related when a compound chain is finished
      libcli/smb: make sure the SMB2_TRANSFORM pdu is complete
      s3:smbd: make use of ENCRYPTION_REQUIRED()
      s3:smbd: lp_smb_encrypt() returns SMB_SIGNING_* values
      s3:smbd: don't disconnect the client when a share has "smb encrypt = required"
      s3:smb2_server: add SMB3 encryption support
      s3:smb2_negprot: annouce/negotiate SMB3 encryption support
      s3:selftest: add some tests against a share the requires encryption
      lib/util: add server_id_equal()
      s3:lib: implement serverid_equal() as macro of server_id_equal()
      lib/util: add server_id_from_string()
      s3:lib: implement interpret_pid() as wrapper of server_id_from_string()
      lib/util: let server_id_str() skip the task_id if 0 in the cluster case too
      s3:smb2_server: remove dump_data() from smbd_smb2_request_pending_timer()
      smbXsrv.idl: add nonce_* to smbsrv_session
      s3:smb2_server: use smbXsrv_session->nonce_*
      s3:smb2_break: encrypt OPLOCK BREAK notifications
      lib/param: fix usage of 'write list = +Group'
      s3:lib: remove CTDB_CONTROL_CHECK_SRVIDS optimization in serverids_exist() for now
      s3:lib: implement serverid_exists() as wrapper of serverids_exist()
      s3:g_lock: use serverid_exists() with SERVERID_UNIQUE_ID_NOT_TO_VERIFY
      s3:lib: implement process_exists() as wrapper of serverid_exists()
      lib/util: don't SMB_ASSERT() in process_exists_by_pid()
      s3:lib: SERVERID_UNIQUE_ID_NOT_TO_VERIFY only means not to verify the 'unique_id' part
      s3:lib: inline processes_exist() into serverids_exist()
      s3:lib: use server_id_is_disconnected() in serverids_exist()
      s3:lib: only loop over the server_ids we need to verify in serverids_exist()
      s3:lib: readd the CTDB_CONTROL_CHECK_SRVIDS optimization to serverids_exist()
      s3:lib: remove unused processes_exist()
      s3:lib: make sure we don't try to send messages to server_id's marked as disconnected
      libcli/smb: wscript_build => wscript
      libcli/smb: split out a smb_transport private library
      s4:librpc/rpc: use talloc_zero for 'struct rpc_request'
      s4:librpc/rpc: use dcerpc_req_dequeue() in dcerpc_request_recv_data()
      s4:librpc/rpc: also call dcerpc_schedule_io_trigger() after bind and alter_context responses
      s4:librpc/rpc: don't do async requests if gensec doesn't support async replies (bug #9097)
      s4:winbind: convert wb_sid2domain to tevent_req internally
      s4:winbind: convert wb_sam_logon_send/recv to tevent_req
      s4:winbind: convert wb_update_rodc_dns_send/recv to tevent_req
      s4:winbind: add a netlogon_queue (tevent_queue)
      s4:winbind: let wb_sam_logon_send/recv() use the netlogon_queue (bug #9097)
      s4:winbind: let wb_update_rodc_dns_send/recv use netlogon_queue (bug #9097)

Volker Lendecke (8):
      s3-libsmb: Add a python wrapper
      s3-libsmb: Add a simple test for python bindings
      s4: Fix returns in py_check_dcerpc_type
      s3: Merge vfs_gpfs_hsm_notify into vfs_gpfs.c
      s3: Remove the gpfs_hsm_notify module
      s3-vfs: Fix calls of lp_parm_talloc_string
      s3: Adapt the tsmsm module to the new aio routines
      s4-torture: Test for #9058


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