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Stefan Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Wed Apr 11 06:44:10 MDT 2012

The annotated tag, ldb-1.1.5 has been created
        at  2fcecfd1a43e0dcdcfce9be3067d7ed47fb73017 (tag)
   tagging  e17d12c23b2f56d8d29f7ee43148be85d28154c6 (commit)
  replaces  tdb-1.2.10
 tagged by  Stefan Metzmacher
        on  Wed Apr 11 14:42:01 2012 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
ldb: tag release ldb-1.1.5
Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux)


Amitay Isaacs (1):
      s4-upgradedns: Fix the fqdn for forest dns zone

Andreas Schneider (1):
      systemd: Add samba service file.

Andrew Bartlett (72):
      lib/util: Add smb_load_module that returns DEBUG(0) errors on failure
      s3-smbd: Inline init_modules() into only caller
      s3-vfs: Use new smb_load_module for better diagnostics
      s4-ntvfs: Rename xattr_tdb.c to posix_eadb.c and make more generally useful
      s3-vfs: initial work on posix:eadb module
      file_server: Move vfs objects initialisation into file_server.c smb.conf wrapper
      lib/util: charset modules do not exist any more
      s3-ntlm_auth Use GENSEC for gss-spnego server
      s3-ntlm_auth: add ntlm_auth_generate_session_info_pac()
      s3-auth: Order GENSEC mechs by priority, krb5 before NTLMSSP
      s3-ntlm_auth: use manage_gensec_request for squid-2.5-ntlmssp
      build: Reduce deps of ntlm_auth
      s3-libsmb: Remove unused spnego_parse_krb5_wrap()
      s3-libads: Rework kerberos_return_pac() to use GENSEC for the server-side
      s3-libads: Remove ads_verify_ticket() as it is now unused
      s3-krb5: Remove unused get_principal_from_tkt
      s3-krb5: Remove unused krb5_rd_req_return_keyblock_from_keytab
      s3-krb5: Remove unused get_authtime_from_tkt
      s3-krb5: remove unused get_auth_data_from_tkt
      s3-krb5: remove unused unwrap_pac()
      s3-krb5: Remove unused get_key_from_keytab
      s3-krb5: Remove unused smb_krb5_get_keyinfo_from_ap_req()
      s3-krb5 Remove unused get_enctype_from_ap_req
      s3-krb5 Remove unused get_kvno_from_ap_req()
      build: Remove unused check for HAVE_KRB5_TKT_ENC_PART2
      build: Remove checks for krb5_decode_ap_req, free_AP_REQ and KRB5_TICKET_HAS_KEYINFO
      lib/replace: Add getconf LFS_CFLAGS support to autoconf build
      build: use only standard _FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 macro for large files
      build: Add getconf LFS_CFLAGS support to waf build
      build: Require 64-bit files support and do not define HAVE_EXPLICIT_LARGEFILE_SUPPORT
      build: Remove configure tests for *64 functions and types
      build: do not use HAVE_EXPLICIT_LARGEFILE_SUPPORT and *64() fucntions any more
      build: Fix configure test that was declaring an off64_t
      Remove off64_t declarations
      build: #ifdef LARGE_SMB_OFF_T as off_t is now always 64 bits
      vfs: Remove -D_LARGEFILE64_SOURCE from vfs examples Makefile
      build: combine off_t 64 bit and largefile test
      build: Remove sys_ftruncate wrapper
      build: Remove sys_lseek wrapper
      build: Remove sys_ftell wrapper
      build: Remove fallback call to sys_open as HAVE_CREAT is not actually checked for
      build: Remove sys_creat wrapper
      build: Remove sys_open wrapper
      build: Remove sys_fopen wrapper
      build: Remove sys_opendir wrapper
      build: Remove sys_readdir wrapper
      build: Remove sys_seekdir wrapper
      build: Remove sys_telldir wrapper
      build: Remove sys_closedir wrapper
      build: Remove sys_rewinddir wrapper
      build: Remove SMB_STRUCT_DIRENT define
      build: Remove SMB_STRUCT_DIR define
      build: Remove SMB_STRUCT_FLOCK define
      build: Remove SMB_F* locking defines
      build: Fix sys_open() removal by including system/filesys.h
      build: Remove unused GLIBC_HACK_FCNTL64
      build: Add more assertions that fcntl locking works 64-bit
      build: Restore configure summary checking
      build: Fix bitrotted configure summary, we now also test HAVE_IFACE_GETIFADDRS
      build: Add configure summary checking to waf build
      s3-vfs: Remove unused lgetxattr call from VFS modules, system.c and configure
      s3-vfs: Remove unused llistxattr call from VFS modules, system.c and configure
      s3-vfs: Remove unused lsetxattr call from VFS modules, system.c and configure
      s3-build: Remove unused configure checks for xattr functions
      s3-vfs: Remove unused lremovexattr call from VFS modules, system.c and configure
      s3-build: Remove unused configure checks for xattr functions
      build: Remove SMB_OFF_T, replace with off_t
      autobuild: Also test a distribution-style build with external libs
      Revert "ldb: Permit desactivation of autocomit for every ldb_xxx_ctrl function"
      ldb: Detect failures in ldb.base again
      ldb: Allow access to the line number while reading ldif from a file
      ldb-tools: Place the whole of an ldif file in a transaction

Björn Baumbach (4):
      s3-utils: add do_reload_printers command to smbcontol
      docs: add reload-printers command to smbcontrol manual page
      docs: remove whitespace in example samba.ldif (fix bug #8789)
      docs-xml: fix default name resolve order (fix bug #7564)

Jelmer Vernooij (4):
      wafsamba: Avoid NameError when printing error about missing system deps.
      wafsamba: Return missing libs rather than last syslib.
      wafsamba: Parse Python versions as integers separated by dots.
      wafsamba/bundled: Fix typo in tuplize_version.

Jeremy Allison (13):
      Based on code from Richard Sharpe <realrichardsharpe at gmail.com>,
      Start to add truncate checks on all uses of strlcpy(). Reading lwn
      More strlcat/strlcpy truncate checks.
      Who would have guessed - checking returns from strlcat found a memory overwrite bug :-).
      Fix bug #8831 - Inconsistent (with manpage) command-line switch for "help" in smbtree
      Fix an IPv6 breakage I introduced by adding an strlcpy truncation check. Found by Matthieu Patou <mat at samba.org>.
      First part of fix for bug 8837 - smbd crashes when deleting directory and veto files are enabled.
      Second part of bugfix for bug #8837 - smbd crashes when deleting directory and veto files are enabled.
      Third part of fix for bug #8837 - smbd crashes when deleting directory and veto files are enabled.
      Bug found by Herb. blkcnt_t st_ex_blksize is defined as a signed value. When it is
      Found whilst back-porting the fix for bug 8837 - smbd crashes when deleting directory and veto files are enabled.
      Move blksize_t and blkcnt_t to replace.h from includes.h. Should help with platforms that don't have these.
      On advice from Jelmer and Andrew, move the blksize_t and blkcnt_t tests into libreplace to make it standalone.

Kai Blin (1):
      s4 dns: Allow updating PTR records.

Matthieu Patou (1):
      ldb: Permit desactivation of autocomit for every ldb_xxx_ctrl function

Richard Sharpe (3):
      Make sure we claim that a DACL or SACL is present if the SD says so
      Add an open and close method to samba.smb.SMB so we can open and close files.
      Fix some of the issues that Jelmer identified in my first patch. This might be

Stefan Metzmacher (8):
      s4:smb_server/smb: remove a request from the list before adding the next one in a chain.
      s4:smb_server/smb2: use helper variable smb2srv_chain_reply()
      s4:smb_server/smb2: fix memory leak in smb2srv_chain_reply()
      s4:smb_server/smb2: after smbsrv_terminate_connection() we have to return
      s4:smb_server/smb2: add missing 'return;' statements in smb2srv_chain_reply()
      s4:ldap_server: fix typo in DEBUG() message
      s4:librpc/rpc: don't mix up paylod ndr flags with the dcerpc layer
      s4:librpc/rpc: also parse ncacn_packet pdus with LIBNDR_FLAG_OBJECT_PRESENT

Volker Lendecke (14):
      s3: Fix a valgrind error
      s3: Avoid a crash with debug level 10
      s3-aio-fork: Fix an alignment warning on OS/X
      s3-aio-fork: Fix aio_suspend event hierarchy
      s3-aio-fork: Fix a segfault in vfs_aio_fork
      s3: Notifies should never time out
      s3: Enhance the dbwrap needed x attempts msg
      s3: Compile fix for dbwrap_file.c
      s3: Move the aio signal init to the vfs module
      s3: Initialize aio_pending_size from aio_pthread
      s3: Initialize aio_pending_size from aio_pthread
      s3: Fix the pthreadpool build on OS/X
      tevent: Fix a typo
      libreplace: We have a poll replacement based on select


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