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Michael Adam obnox at samba.org
Fri Jun 24 01:23:22 MDT 2011

The annotated tag, ctdb- has been created
        at  89356bef2ea17074192b629b63d47f0bdf3b66a3 (tag)
   tagging  14a1bf4fff4ce4a48704d09324e4757fbf043f92 (commit)
  replaces  ctdb-1.0.114
 tagged by  Michael Adam
        on  Fri Jun 24 09:22:26 2011 +0200

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Gregor Beck (4):
      ctdb catdb: fix escaping of '"' and '\'
      add ltdbtool - a standalone ltdb tool
      ltdbtool: add manpage
      ltdbtool: add manpage html + roff

Michael Adam (73):
      server: add a comment explaining the call redirect logic in ctdb_call_send_redirect().
      Remove prototype of non-existing function ctdb_set_max_lacount()
      gitignore: add vi swap files
      gitignore: add tags file
      tests: fix segfault in randrec test when connection to daemon fails.
      tests: fix segfault in fetch test when connection to ctdb failed.
      tests: fix segfault in fetch_one test when connection to ctdbd fails
      tests: fix segfault in store test when connection to ctdbd failed.
      Fix typos in a comment in vacuum_traverse.
      vacuum: in ctdb_vacuum_db, fix the length of the array of vacuum fetch lists
      vacuum: correctly send TRY_DELETE_RECORDS ctrl to all active nodes
      vacuum: reduce indentation of the loop sending VACUUM_FETCH controls
      vacuum: check lmaster against num_nodes instead of vnn_map->size
      server: when we migrate off a record with data, set the MIGRATED_WITH_DATA flag
      recoverd: in a recovery, set the MIGRATED_WITH_DATA flag on all records
      call: add new call flag CTDB_CALL_FLAG_VACUUM_MIGRATION
      call: Move definition of call flags down to the definition of the flags field.
      add a new record flag CTDB_REC_FLAG_VACUUM_MIGRATED.
      server: in the VACUUM_FETCH handler, add the VACUUM_MIGRAION to the call flags
      call: transfer the record flags in the ctdb call packets.
      call: hand the submitted record_flags to local record storage function.
      call: becoming dmaster in VACUUM_MIGRATION, set the VACUUM_MIGRATED record flag
      Add a delete_queue to the ctdb database context struct.
      When attaching to a non-persistent DB, initialize the delete_queue.
      vaccum: clear the fast-path vacuuming delete_queue after creating the vacuuming child.
      When wiping a database, clear the delete_queue.
      server: rename ctdb_repack_db() to ctdb_vacuum_and_repack_db()
      vacuum: refactor new add_record_to_vacuum_fetch_list() out of vacuum_traverse().
      vacuum: skip adding records to list of records to send to lmaster on lmaster
      vacuum: refactor new add_record_to_delete_tree() out of vacuum_traverse().
      vacuum: reduce indentation in add_record_to_delete_tree()
      vacuum: add delete_queue_traverse() for traversal of the delete_queue.
      vacuum: traverse the delete_queue befor traversing the database.
      Add a tunable VacuumFastPathCount.
      vacuum: add a fast_path_count to the vacuum_handle.
      vacuum: bump the number of fast-path runs in the vacuum child destructor
      vacuum: reset the fast path count in the event handle if it exceeds the limit.
      vacuum: Only run full vacuumig (db traverse) every VacuumFastPathCount times.
      vacuum: disable full db-traverse vacuuming runs when VacuumFastPathCount == 0
      vacuum: change all Vacuum*Interval tunables to default to 10
      vacuum: refactor insert_delete_record_data_into_tree() out of add_record_to_delete_tree()
      vacuum: add statistics output to the fast and full traverse runs.
      vacuum: lower level of hash collision debug message to INFO
      control: add macro CHECK_CONTROL_MIN_DATA_SIZE.
      control: add a new control opcode CTDB_CONTROL_SCHEDULE_FOR_DELETION
      server: implement a new control SCHEDULE_FOR_DELETION to fill the delete_queue.
      vacuum: add ctdb_local_schedule_for_deletion()
      client: add accessor function ctdb_header_from_record_handle().
      test: send SCHEDULE_FOR_DELETION control from randrec test.
      daemon: fill ctdb->ctdbd_pid early
      server: create a server variant ctdb_ltdb_store_server() of ctdb_ltdb_store().
      server: Use the ctdb_ltdb_store_server() in the ctdb daemon for non-persistent dbs
      ctdb_ltdb_store_server: delete an empty record that is safe to delete instead of storing locally.
      ctdb_ltdb_store_server: implement fastpath vacuuming deletion based on VACUUM_MIGRATED flag.
      ctdb_ltdb_store_server: always store the data when ctdb_ltdb_store() is called from the client
      ctdb_ltdb_store_server: Improve debug message in ctdb_ltdb_store when store or delete fails.
      ctdb_ltdb_store_server: add ability to send SCHEDULE_FOR_DELETION control to ctdb_ltdb_store.
      ctdb_private.h: add record flag CTDB_REC_FLAG_AUTOMATIC
      ltdb: add the CTDB_REC_FLAG_AUTOMATIC to the initial header in ctdb_ltdb_fetch()
      ctdb_ltdb_store_server: honour the AUTOMATIC record flag
      vacuum: raise a debug level from INFO to DEBUG
      vacuum: refactor insert_record_into_delete_queue out of ctdb_control_schedule_for_deletion
      vacuum: use insert_record_into_delete_queue in ctdb_local_schedule_for_deletion.
      vacuum: fix a comment typo
      vacuum: use tdb_jenkins_hash() instead of ctdb_hash() for vacuuming lists.
      build "ltdbtool" in "make all"
      install ltdbtool with "make install"
      install the ltdbtool manpage with "make install"
      packaging: add ltdbtool and its manpage to the RPM
      ctdb.init: check for availability of "tdbtool check" and "tdbdump"
      ctdb.init: print a warning when tdbdump is found but tdbtoo or "tdbtool check" is not available
      packaging: remove the dependency to tdbtool and tdbdump from the spec file
      Version Start a new series of versions 1.0.114.X based on 1.0.114

Ronnie Sahlberg (4):
      add extra logging for failed ctdb_ltdb_unlock() for a few more places
      Remove LACOUNT and LACCESSOR and migrate the records immediately.
      Add two new flags for the ltdb header.
      Vacuuming: initialize a variable to avoid a harmless valgrind hit

Stefan Metzmacher (14):
      server/monitor: ask for a takeoverrun after propagating our new flags
      server/recoverd: do takeover_run after verifying the reclock file
      server/recoverd: if we can't get the recovery lock, ban ourself
      server/banning: also release all ips if we're banning ourself
      events.d/11.routing: handle "updateip" event
      event.d/13.per_ip_routing: remember the result if we want to print it
      Revert "config: let 13.per_ip_routing use a flock for generate_auto_link_local()"
      config/13.per_ip_routing: use a global flock for the events which need to do something
      config/13.per_ip_routing: we don't need locks in generate_table_id() anymore
      config/13.per_ip_routing: add CTDB_PER_IP_ROUTING_DEBUG option for debugging
      config/interface_modify.sh: before calling a script check if it exists and is executable
      config/interface_modify.sh: do the echo before running the script
      Revert "Ignore any scripts that timesout for most events, except startup."
      lib/tdb: backport from ctdb/1.2 and ctdb/master


CTDB repository

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