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Karolin Seeger kseeger at samba.org
Tue Jan 26 07:13:31 MST 2010

The annotated tag, release-3-5-0rc2 has been created
        at  94bf3471d9196f3bf070d73ef2fa804f09c106b2 (tag)
   tagging  6e4252217a6f239a64afc5103d6416c402e5e10f (commit)
  replaces  release-3-5-0rc1
 tagged by  Karolin Seeger
        on  Tue Jan 26 15:11:54 2010 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
tag release-3-5-0rc2
Version: GnuPG v2.0.12 (GNU/Linux)


André Hentschel (1):
      net: Add German translation, specially for the command listing

Björn Jacke (3):
      s3/i18n/de: improve some German translations
      Ñ•3/i18n/de: fix typo
      s3/net: split up some printable stings to ease i18n

Giovanni Bajo (1):
      s3-lanman: Allow a level2 descriptor for a level1 NetShareGetInfo

Günther Deschner (2):
      s3-docs: mention -K option in pdbedit manpage.
      s3-libsmbclient: Fix crash bug in SMBC_parse_path().

Jeremy Allison (7):
      Re-fix bug 5202 - cannot change ACLs on writable file with "dos filemode=yes"
      Fix bug #7033 - SMBrmdir call always returns true, even on failure to delete a directory.
      Fix two uses of strncat -> strlcat. Ensure proper use of strncpy when setting socket name.
      Fix bug #7036 - net rpc getsid fails in hardened windows environments.
      Fix bug #6876 - Delete of an object whose parent folder does not have delete rights fails even if the delete right is set on the object.
      Modification of fix for bug 6876 - Delete of an object whose parent folder does not have delete rights fails even if the delete right is set on the object
      Fix bug 7045 - Bad (non memory copying) interfaces in smbc_setXXXX calls.

Kai Blin (5):
      s3 net: Fix compile error with WITH_DNS_UPDATES
      s3 net/i18n: Use only one spelling for "Usage:"
      s3 net/i18n: update .po files
      s3 net: Fix compile warnings
      s3 net/i18n: Update .po files

Karolin Seeger (11):
      VERSION: Raise version number up to 3.5.0rc2.
      WHATSNEW: Start 3.5.0rc2 release notes.
      s3-docs: Adapt version number in man vfs_scannedonly.
      WHATSNEW: Update release notes.
      s3-docs: Fix typos.
      WHATSNEW: Update changes since 3.5.0rc1.
      WHATSNEW: Update changes.
      s3/docs: Fix typo.
      lib/popt: Fix typo in README.
      s3-docs: Fix version in man ldbrename.
      WHATSNEW: Update changes.

Michael Adam (15):
      docs: fix xml tag in the pdbedit manpage
      s3:check_sam_security: untangle assignment from statement
      s3:auth:sam_password_ok: enhance readability (imho) by adding some pointers
      s3:auth:sam_password_ok: fix allocation of a data blob.
      s3:auth: use data_blob_null instead of data_blob(NULL, 0) in sam_password_ok()
      s3:auth:sam_password_ok: take username, acct_ctrl and nt/lm hashes, not sampass
      s3:auth:check_sam_security: null out sampass after it has been stolen.
      s3:auth:check_sam_security: create (and use) a common exit point
      s3:auth:check_sam_security: fix a leading tab/ws mixup
      s3:auth:check_sam_security: improve calling and logging of pdb_update_sam_account
      s3:smbd:password_in_history: treat entry with 0 salt as 0 + plain nt hash
      s3:passdb: store the plain nt passwords hashes in history, not salted md5
      s3:auth:check_sam_security: introduce a bool var to control pad_pw_count incrementation
      s3:auth: don't update the bad pw count if pw is among last 2 history entries
      s3:auth: fix account unlock regression introduced with fix for bug #4347

Olivier Sessink (3):
      Bug #7028 part1
      Part 4 of bug #7028 - include scannedonly VFS module
      s3-docs: Add man page for vfs_scannedonly.

SASAJIMA Toshihiro (1):
      Fix bug #7034 - vfs_cap causes signal 11 (SIGSEGV) (cherry picked from commit ca847952054f5bbde1d40ad4260589b6fcc9721d)

Stefan Metzmacher (2):
      s3:smbldap: add smbldap_talloc_first_attribute()
      s3:pdb_ldap: restore Samba 3.0.x behavior and use the first "uid" value.

Volker Lendecke (33):
      s3: Lock down some srvsvc calls according to what w2k3 seems to do
      s3: Fix a segfault in winbindd_dual_ccache_ntlm_auth()
      s3: Fix a winbind segfault in "trusted_domains"
      s3: Lift the version of the scannedonly VFS module (cherry picked from commit 2d4dda0688d5c88fb73ae17db970afe9d0f77f6a)
      s3: Fix a crash in libsmbclient used against the OpenSolaris CIFS server
      s3:pdb_ldap: Fix large paged search.
      s3: Avoid a memset(, 0, ) call
      s3: Fix a typo
      s3: Simplify pdb_set_plaintext_passwd() slightly
      s3: Simplify pdb_set_plaintext_passwd() a bit
      s3: Make use of talloc_array in pdb_set_plaintext_passwd()
      s3: Simplify pdb_set_plaintext_passwd by using talloc_zero_array
      s3: Simplify pdb_set_plaintext_passwd: memcpy deals fine with 0 bytes
      s3: Simplify pdb_set_plaintext_passwd() by removing a redundant condition
      s3: Add a paranoia check to pdb_set_plaintext_passwd()
      s3: Simplify pdb_set_plaintext_passwd: pwHistLen==0 was checked above
      s3: Simplify pdb_set_plaintext_passwd: pwhistory==NULL can not happen anymore
      Simplify E_md5hash a bit
      s3: Factor password_in_history() out of check_passwd_history()
      s3: Add wbinfo --ccache-save
      s3: Add the session key to the ccache_ntlm_auth response
      libwbclient: Actually implement wbcCredentialCache()
      s3: Add ccache use to cli_session_setup_ntlmssp
      s3: Add -C (--use-ccache) to popt_common_credentials
      s3: Use -C in smbclient
      s3: Enable -C in rpcclient
      s3: Fix a bug in net's use of popt
      s3: add libnetapi_set_use_ccache()
      s3: Add --use-ccache to net
      s3-libsmbclient: Add smbc_setOptionUseCCache()
      s3: Enable use of ccache by default for libsmbclient

William Jojo (1):
      s3: Fix bug 7052: "DFS broken on AIX (maybe others)"


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