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tag release-3-3-10
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Andrew Tridgell (1):
      s3: fixed krb5 build problem on ubuntu karmic

Bo Yang (3):
      Fix bug 6811 - pam_winbind references freed memory. s3: Fix reference to freed memory in pam_winbind.
      s3: Don't fail authentication when one or some group of require-membership-of is invalid.
      s3: Fix crash in pam_winbind, another reference to freed memory.

Günther Deschner (18):
      s3-rpc_client: protect rpc_pipe_np_smb_conn against a NULL struct rpc_pipe_client.
      s3-rpc_client: make sure cli_rpc_pipe_open_schannel() does not always return NT_STATUS_OK.
      docs: Fix Bug 6922: Add Registry patchfile for Win7 domain join.
      kerberos: fix some heimdal build warnings.
      s3-kerberos: fix some build warnings when building against heimdal.
      s3-kerberos: add smb_krb5_principal_get_realm().
      cifs.upcall: Fix Bug #6868: support building with Heimdal we well as with MIT.
      nsswitch: fix the build of the winbind krb5 locator plugin.
      s3-build: really fix build of winbind_krb5_locator.
      cifs.upcall: 2nd part of fix for Bug #6868: support building with Heimdal we well as with MIT.
      nsswitch: fix compile of winbind_krb5_locator with recent Heimdal versions.
      s3-kerberos: add check for prerequisite krb5/krb5.h header while checking for krb5/locate_plugin.h.
      s3-kerberos: next step to resolve Bug #6929: build with recent heimdal.
      s3-kerberos: Fix Bug #6929: build with recent heimdal.
      s3-kerberos: only use krb5 headers where required.
      s3-kerberos: do not include authdata headers before including krb5 headers.
      s3-kerberos: add a missing reference to authdata headers.
      s3-kerberos: fix the build on Mac OS X 10.6.2.

Jeff Layton (11):
      cifs.upcall: use pid value from kernel to determine KRB5CCNAME to use
      cifs.upcall: clean up logging and add debug messages
      cifs.upcall: formatting cleanup
      cifs.upcall: declare a structure for holding decoded args
      cifs.upcall: try getting a "cifs/" principal and fall back to "host/"
      cifs.upcall: clean up flag handling
      cifs.upcall: use ip address passed by kernel to get server's hostname
      cifs.upcall: fix IPv6 addrs sent to upcall to have colon delimiters
      cifs.upcall: switch to getopt_long
      cifs.upcall: make using ip address conditional on new option
      cifs.upcall: do a brute-force search for KRB5 credcache

Jelmer Vernooij (1):
      clikrb5: Prefer krb5_free_keytab_entry_contents to krb5_kt_free_entry.

Jeremy Allison (11):
      Fix bug 6828 - infinite timeout occurs when byte lock held outside of samba Jeremy.
      Fix bug 6829 - smbclient does not show special characters properly. All successful calls to cli_session_setup() *must* be followed by calls to cli_init_creds() to stash the credentials we successfully connected with. There were 2 codepaths where this was missing. This caused smbclient to be unable to open the \srvsvc pipe to do an RPC netserverenum, and cause it to fall back to a RAP netserverenum, which uses DOS codepage conversion rather than the full UCS2 of RPC, so the returned characters were not correct (unless the DOS codepage was set correctly). Phew. That was fun to track down :-). Includes logic simplification in libsmb_server.c Jeremy.
      Fix bug 6867 - trans2findnext returns reply_nterror(req, ntstatus) In a directory with a lot of files. Jeremy.
      Fix bug 6880 - cannot list workgroup servers reported by Alban Browaeys <prahal at yahoo.com> with fix. Revert 2e989bab0764c298a2530a2d4c8690258eba210c with extra comments - this broke workgroup enumeration. Jeremy.
      Fix bug 6875 - trans2 FIND_FIRST2 response --> FIND_FIRST2 Data -> Fille Attributes are returned as 0x220 for LANMAN2.1 dialect Jeremy.
      Second part of the fix for bug 6828 - infinite timeout occurs when byte lock held outside of samba. Fixes case where a connection with a pending lock can me marked "idle", and ensures that the lock queue timeout is always recalculated. Jeremy.
      Second part of fix for 6875 - trans2 FIND_FIRST2 response --> FIND_FIRST2 Data -> Fille Attributes are returned as 0x220 for LANMAN2.1 dial
      Fix bug #6939 - mangling method = hash breaks long filenames.
      Fix bug 7005 - mangle method = hash truncates files with dot '. ' character
      Re-fix bug 5202 - cannot change ACLs on writable file with "dos filemode=yes"
      Second part of fix for bug 6696 - smbd 3.3.7 crashes (signal 11) in dns_register_smbd_reply. Restore the code from 3.2 that actually initializes the struct dns_reg_state handle. Jeremy.

Jim McDonough (1):
      Prevent NULL dereference if group has no members

Kai Blin (1):
      s3 aclocal.m4: Fix iconv checks, clean up m4 code

Karolin Seeger (9):
      VERSION: Raise version number up to 3.3.10.
      WHATSNEW: Start WHATSNEW for 3.3.10.
      s3:packaging: Adapt directory name.
      s3:docs: Document "enable core files".
      s3:docs: Document "ldap page size".
      s3:docs: Document "aio write behind".
      s3:docs: Fix typo in man mount.cifs.
      WHATSNEW: Prepare release notes for Samba 3.3.10.
      WHATSNEW: Update release notes.

Michael Adam (1):
      s3:idmap_ldap: trim the " chars from the location string in idmap_ldap_db_init

Olaf Flebbe (1):
      s3/aio: Correctly handle aio_error() and errno.

Stefan Metzmacher (4):
      smbd: Fix opening the quota magic file
      s3:smbldap: add smbldap_talloc_first_attribute()
      s3:pdb_ldap: restore Samba 3.0.x behavior and use the first "uid" value.
      s3:configure: only check for gpfs_gpl.h

Timothy Miller (1):
      s3:smbd: Fix bug 6696

Volker Lendecke (5):
      s3:winbind: Fix bug 6793 -- segfault in winbindd_pam_auth
      Attempt to fix the build -- jlayton, please check!
      s3: Fix bug 6338 -- net rpc trustdom list always display "none"
      s3: Fix shadow copy display on Windows 7
      s3: Fix a segfault in "net" version 3.3


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