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Karolin Seeger kseeger at samba.org
Thu Jan 7 01:35:12 MST 2010

The annotated tag, release-3-4-4 has been created
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 tagged by  Karolin Seeger
        on  Thu Jan 7 09:33:56 2010 +0100

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tag release-3-4-4
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Andrew Tridgell (1):
      s3: fixed krb5 build problem on ubuntu karmic

Björn Jacke (2):
      s3:build: fix shared library build on QNX
      s3:build: remove redundant qnx block size definition

Günther Deschner (40):
      s3: Fix Bug #6869: Various annoying build warnings.
      s3-rpc_client: make sure cli_rpc_pipe_open_schannel() does not always return NT_STATUS_OK.
      s3-kerberos: add smb_krb5_principal_get_realm().
      cifs.upcall: Fix Bug #6868: support building with Heimdal we well as with MIT.
      docs: Fix Bug 6922: Add Registry patchfile for Win7 domain join.
      pidl:Samba3/ClientNDR: $size can be 'foo / 2' so we need to add '(' and ')'
      pidl: fix handling of output arguments in s3 client stubs.
      s3: re-run make samba3-idl.
      nsswitch: fix the build of the winbind krb5 locator plugin.
      s3-build: really fix build of winbind_krb5_locator.
      cifs.upcall: 2nd part of fix for Bug #6868: support building with Heimdal we well as with MIT.
      nsswitch: fix compile of winbind_krb5_locator with recent Heimdal versions.
      s3-kerberos: add check for prerequisite krb5/krb5.h header while checking for krb5/locate_plugin.h.
      s3-kerberos: next step to resolve Bug #6929: build with recent heimdal.
      s3-kerberos: Fix Bug #6929: build with recent heimdal.
      s3-kerberos: only use krb5 headers where required.
      s3-kerberos: add a missing reference to authdata headers.
      s3-kerberos: fix the build on Mac OS X 10.6.2.
      winreg: add winreg_Data union to IDL.
      misc: mark winreg_Data little-endian except for a REG_DWORD_BIG_ENDIAN.
      s3-util: add push_reg_sz() and push_reg_multi_sz() convenience functions.
      s3-util: add pull_reg_sz() and pull_reg_multi_sz() convenience functions.
      spoolss: fix spoolss_EnumPrinterKey IDL.
      s3-spoolss: fix spoolss_EnumPrinterKey client and server code.
      s3-spoolss: fixes for _spoolss_EnumPrinterKey client and server.
      s3-spoolss: simplify _spoolss_EnumPrinterKey a little more.
      s3-kerberos: do not include authdata headers before including krb5 headers.
      s4-smbtorture: fix spoolss_EnumPrinterKey client in RPC-SPOOLSS-WIN.
      s4-smbtorture: add tests for spoolss_EnumPrinterKey to RPC-SPOOLSS-PRINTER.
      spoolss: add spoolss_StringArray2.
      samba-spoolss: use spoolss_StringArray2 in spoolss_EnumPrinterKey.
      s3-spoolss: handle SEC_FLAG_MAXIMUM_ALLOWED in spoolss_OpenPrinterEx.
      spoolss: hand-marshall the spoolss_StringArray2 struct for spoolss_EnumPrinterKey.
      spoolss: add spoolss_KeyNames union.
      spoolss: use spoolss_KeyNames in spoolss_EnumPrinterKey.
      s3: re-run make samba3-idl.
      s3-spoolss: fix enumprinter key client and server.
      s4-smbtorture: enhance spoolss_EnumPrinterKey torture test.
      s4-smbtorture: fix and extend enum printerkey test.
      spoolss: remove unused spoolss_StringArray2.

Jelmer Vernooij (1):
      clikrb5: Prefer krb5_free_keytab_entry_contents to krb5_kt_free_entry.

Jeremy Allison (11):
      Fix bug 6867 - trans2findnext returns reply_nterror(req, ntstatus) In a directory with a lot of files. Jeremy.
      Fix bug 6880 - cannot list workgroup servers reported by Alban Browaeys <prahal at yahoo.com> with fix. Revert 2e989bab0764c298a2530a2d4c8690258eba210c with extra comments - this broke workgroup enumeration. Jeremy.
      Fix bug 6875 - trans2 FIND_FIRST2 response --> FIND_FIRST2 Data -> Fille Attributes are returned as 0x220 for LANMAN2.1 dialect Jeremy.
      Fix bug 6861 - rfc1738_unescape converts '+' characters to spaces. Stop rfc1738_unescape() from mangling '+' characters to spaces. Noticed by Andrew Bartlett. Jeremy.
      Second part of the fix for bug 6828 - infinite timeout occurs when byte lock held outside of samba. Fixes case where a connection with a pending lock can me marked "idle", and ensures that the lock queue timeout is always recalculated. Jeremy.
      Fix bug #6898 - Samba duplicates file content on appending. Move posix case semantics out from under the VFS. Jeremy.
      Second part of fix for 6875 - trans2 FIND_FIRST2 response --> FIND_FIRST2 Data -> Fille Attributes are returned as 0x220 for LANMAN2.1 dialect
      s3:posix_acls: Fix bug 6841 - "map acl inherit = yes" not working.
      Fix bug #6939 - mangling method = hash breaks long filenames.
      Fix bug 7005 - mangle method = hash truncates files with dot '.' character
      Fix bug 6837 - "Too many open files" when trying to access large number of files

Jim McDonough (2):
      s3: Prevent glibc errors: talloc()ed memory should not be SAFE_FREE()ed.
      Prevent NULL dereference if group has no members

Kai Blin (1):
      s3 aclocal.m4: Fix iconv checks, clean up m4 code

Karolin Seeger (23):
      VERSION: Raise version number up to 3.4.4.
      WHATSNEW: Start 3.4.4 release notes.
      s3/docs: Document new pdbedit -K option.
      s3/docs: Remove reference to nonexistent file.
      s3/docs: Fix typo.
      s3:configure: Fix typo in libtalloc check.
      s3/docs: Document "enable spoolss".
      create-tarball: Make it more comfortable to use the --copy-docs option.
      s3:docs: Document "cache directory" and "state directory".
      s3:docs: Document "enable core files".
      s3:docs: Document "ldap page size".
      s3:docs: Document "aio write behind".
      s3:docs: Fix typo in man mount.cifs.
      s3:auth: Fix typo in debug message.
      create-tarball: Readd RFCs (fixes the merged build).
      s3:docs: Document "directory name cache size".
      s3:packaging: Fix typo in comment.
      s3:packaging: Fix source dir.
      s3:packaging: Fix version detection.
      WHATSNEW: Start release notes for Samba 3.4.4.
      WHATSNEW: Update changes.
      WHATSNEW: Update changes.
      WHATSNEW: Update changes.

Matt Kraai (1):
      s3: Do not redefine strupr.

Michael Adam (5):
      s3: pdbedit: add option --kickoff-time/-K to set the user's kickoff time
      s3:fix endianness bug in dbwrap_change_uint32_atomic() (bug #6901)
      s3:fix endianness bug in dbwrap_change_int32_atomic() (bug #6901)
      s3:idmap_ldap: trim the " chars from the location string in idmap_ldap_alloc_init
      s3:idmap_ldap: trim the " chars from the location string in idmap_ldap_db_init

Stefan Metzmacher (2):
      s3:configure: only check for gpfs_gpl.h
      pidl:NDR/Parser: $size can be 'foo / 2' so we need to add '(' and ')'

Volker Lendecke (5):
      s3: Fix bug 6338 -- net rpc trustdom list always display "none"
      s3: Fix shadow copy display on Windows 7
      fix bogus "out of memory" winbind msg
      s3:pdb_ldap: Fix large paged search.
      s3: Fix _samr_GetAliasMembership for results with 0 rids


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