[SCM] CTDB repository - annotated tag ctdb-1.0.80 created - ctdb-1.0.80

Ronnie Sahlberg sahlberg at samba.org
Wed May 6 06:29:10 GMT 2009

The annotated tag, ctdb-1.0.80 has been created
        at  83ba99b7451c877775ff890b88a9652ba6e6a08f (tag)
   tagging  bf1b76955db6ba00ec64686b53084268573ba6a0 (commit)
  replaces  ctdb-1.0.79
 tagged by  Ronnie Sahlberg
        on  Wed May 6 16:27:09 2009 +1000

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tag for 1.0.80
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Andrew Tridgell (5):
      Merge commit 'ronnie/master'
      Merge commit 'ronnie/master'
      Merge commit 'ronnie/master'
      Merge commit 'ronnie/master'
      change shutdown level for ctdb to be 01

Ronnie Sahlberg (8):
      If we can not pull a database from a node during recovery, mark this node as a "culprit" so that it will eventually become banned.
      tweak some timeouts so that we do trigger a banning even if the control hangs/timesout
      increase the loglevel for the message we print when we automatically release all ips when we have been in recovery for too long
      add a tuneable RecoveryDropAllIPs  so it is possible to control after how long a node that has been stuck in recovery will wait until it will yield all public addresses.
      add TDB_NO_NESTING. When this flag is set tdb will not allow any nested transactions and tdb_transaction_start() will implicitely _cancel() any pending transactions before starting any new ones.
      set the TDB_NO_NESTING flag for the tdb before we start a transaction from within recovery
      we only need to have transaction nesting disabled when we start the new transaction for the recovery
      dont unconditionally kill/restart ctdb when given "service ctdb start"   only start ctdb if it is not already running,   and print an error message othervise

root (3):
      Add a new variable VerifyRecoveryLock which can be used to disable the test that the recovery daemon holds the lock properly when performing a recovery
      when tracking the ctdb statistics,    only decrement num_clients and pending_calls IFF the counter is >0
      new version 1.0.80


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