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Karolin Seeger kseeger at samba.org
Mon May 4 14:56:35 GMT 2009

The annotated tag, tdb-1-1-3 has been created
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  replaces  release-4-0-0alpha7
 tagged by  Karolin Seeger
        on  Mon May 4 16:55:07 2009 +0200

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tag tdb-1-1-3
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Alexander Zagrebin (1):
      Missing break in conversion function prevents tdb password database update.

Andrew Bartlett (18):
      Allow 'net vampire' to work without an existing smb.conf
      Don't print the admin password if we don't set one.
      Pull in all the schema information during DRS schema fetch
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.samba.org/data/git/samba into abartlet-devel
      Update talloc version so we don't fail on system talloc 1.2.0
      Remove parse_control from header, long after the function was removed
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.samba.org/data/git/samba into master-devel
      s3:smbldap Remove smbldap_get_dn
      s3:printing Convert nt_printer_publish_ads() to use talloc better
      s3:libads Make ads_get_dn() take a talloc context
      s3:smbtorture Convert charcnv torture suite to use push_ucs2_talloc()
      s3:kerberos Rework smb_krb5_unparse_name() to take a talloc context
      s3:smbldap convert the easy cases to push_utf8_talloc()
      s3:charcnv Remove unused ucs2_to_unistr2()
      s3:charcnv Remove unused unistr2 functions
      s3:rpc_parse remove unused prs_unistr2()
      s3:charcnv Remove unused unistrcpy() and unistrlen()
      s3:lib Use push_ucs2_talloc() in ms_fnmatch()

Andrew Tridgell (5):
      added a test that triggers a bug in the Samba3 notify code
      fixed a bug in message handling for code the change notify code
      removed leading spaces from embedded ldif
      fixed more embedded spaces in LDIF
      use a base64 encoded password when changing passwords

Andy Kelk (1):
      Add dirsort module

Björn Jacke (22):
      don't hardcode python path
      some shells are picky about ^ without quotes
      make man page (un)install more portable
      use test -f, Solaris /bin/sh doesn't know test -e
      don't rely on shebang's perl path, call our $PERL instead
      fix "dubious escape" warning of Studio compiler
      use LIB_PATH_VAR in selftest.sh if we have it
      fix configure check by avoiding main(main(...))
      fix some typos
      fix build on old Heimdal based systems
      Ñ•3/winbind_pam: fix gcc 4.4 compile warning
      s3:dsgetdcname: use parentheses in if condition to make negation clear
      s3: ifdef sendfile code that's only used in other ifdef'ed sendfile code
      remove non standard way to point to ctdb path
      s3/pam_smbpass: don't link agains KRB5LIBS
      s3/cifs: don't link cifs mount helpers agains popt
      s3/ldbtools: don't neddlessly link against wbinbind libs
      don't set -O twice
      to be portable, use options first, arguments last
      clean up lib64 linking paths the same way as lib
      remove needless rpath stuff for default paths as early as possible
      Ñ•3/configure: fix regexp for ld version recognition

Bo Yang (4):
      Initialize the id_map status in idmap_ldap to avoid surprise
      More fix to initialize idmap statuses
      Fix careless mistake in winbindd_setup_sig_usr2_handler
      Fix crash in async_smb.c

Brad Hards (1):
      Update instructions for checking out pidl.

Dan Sledz (3):
      It appears that the first time we see a uid/gid that winbind can't map,
      s3 pdb_wbc_sam: LookupRids should return sAMAccountName, not NT4 names
      s3: Fix a free of an uninitialized variable in winbind_get_sid_aliases

Dave Richards (2):
      s3: Add strict lock/unlock calls to the vfs layer to replace is_locked
      s3 OneFS: Add kernel strict locking support

David Kwan (1):
      s3 onefs: Change error status to NT_ACCESS_DENIED for errors in SET_SECURITY_DESC

Derrell Lipman (2):
      [Bug 6228] SMBC_open_ctx failure due to path resolve failure doesn't set errno
      Ensure parameter types match format string

Günther Deschner (387):
      s3-spoolss: remove some unused defines and structs.
      spoolss: add spoolss_JobStatus.
      s3-spoolss: job status defines moved to IDL.
      s3: re-run make samba3-idl.
      s3-spoolss: fix search_notify(). sorry...
      spoolss: add spoolss_JobInfo2, JobInfo3 and JobInfo4 (new in vista).
      spoolss: add 2 new SPOOLSS_JOB_CONTROL values.
      s3: re-run make samba3-idl.
      s3-spoolss: add rpccli_spoolss_getjob convenience wrapper.
      s3-spoolss: remove old rpccli_spoolss_getjob.
      s3-rpcclient: use is_valid_policy_hnd before closing handles.
      s3-rpcclient: add getjob spoolss command.
      s3-spoolss: use DSPRINT flags instead of SPOOLS_DS flags.
      spoolss: add spoolss_PortInfo3 and spoolss_PortInfoFF.
      spoolss: fill in spoolss_SetJobInfo1,2,3,4.
      s3: re-run make samba3-idl.
      error-codes: add WERR_DEVICE_NOT_CONNECTED.
      spoolss: use dummy pointers for truncated devmode and secdesc in SetJobInfo2/4.
      spoolss: move up printer and job status codes.
      s3: re-run make samba3-idl.
      s3-rpcclient: zero out devmode and secdesc in setdriver and setprinter command.
      s3-spoolss: PRINTER_STATUS_OK has been moved to IDL.
      spoolss: make all enum out info pointers a pointer to an array.
      s3: re-run make samba3-idl.
      spoolss: fix spoolss enum calls helper macro code after pointer changes.
      s4-smbtorture: fix RPC-SPOOLSS test after enum out info pointer changes.
      s4-smbtorture: fix RPC-SPOOLSS-WIN.
      s4-smbtorture: fix s3 flavor rpc spoolss test.
      s4-smbtorture: exit early in test_EnumPorts when no port info has been returned.
      s4-spoolss: fix spoolss server enum calls after pointer changes.
      spoolss: fix [size_is] declaration for enum calls.
      s3: re-run make samba3-idl.
      s3-spoolss: add convencience wrapper around rpccli_spoolss_EnumForms.
      s3-rpcclient: use new rpccli_spoolss_enumforms wrapper.
      s3-net: use new rpccli_spoolss_enumforms wrapper.
      s3-spoolss: remove old rpccli_spoolss_enumforms.
      spoolss: flag spoolss_FormInfo1 and 2 with [public,gensize].
      s3: re-run make samba3-idl.
      s3-spoolss: use pidl for _spoolss_EnumForms.
      s3-spoolss: use form flags from idl in rpcclient and net.
      s3-spoolss: remove old _spoolss_EnumForms.
      s3-spoolss: Fix Coverity ID #891 (UNINIT).
      spoolss: fill in spoolss_EnumPrintProcDataTypes IDL.
      s3: re-run make samba3-idl.
      spoolss: add spoolss_EnumPrintProcDataTypes to enum macro helper.
      s4-smbtorture: add test_EnumPrintProcDataTypes to RPC-SPOOLSS test.
      spoolss: flag spoolss_PrintProcessorInfo1 [public,gensize].
      s3: re-run make samba3-idl.
      s3-spoolss: use pidl for _spoolss_EnumPrintProcessors.
      s3-spoolss: remove old spoolss_EnumPrintProcessors.
      s3-spoolss: add rpccli_spoolss_enumprintprocessors convenience wrapper.
      s3-rpcclient: add enumprocs command to enumerate print processors.
      s3-spoolss: use pidl for _spoolss_EnumPrintProcDataTypes.
      s3-spoolss: remove old spoolss_EnumPrintProcDataTypes.
      s3-spoolss: add rpccli_spoolss_enumprintprocessordatatypes convenience wrapper.
      s3-rpcclient: add enumprocdatatypes command to enumerate print processor data
      spoolss: flag spoolss_PortInfo structs as [public,gensize].
      s3: re-run make samba3-idl.
      s3-spoolss: use pidl for _spoolss_EnumPorts.
      s3-spoolss: remove old spoolss_EnumPorts.
      s3-spoolss: add rpccli_spoolss_enumports convenience wrapper.
      s3-rpcclient: use rpccli_spoolss_enumports wrapper.
      spoolss: flag spoolss_MonitorInfo structs [public,gensize].
      s3: re-run make samba3-idl.
      s3-spoolss: use pidl for _spoolss_EnumMonitors.
      s3-spoolss: remove old spoolss_EnumMonitors.
      s3-spoolss: add rpccli_spoolss_enummonitors convenience wrapper.
      s3-rpcclient: add enummonitors command to enumerate print monitors.
      s3-spoolss: remove more leftovers from old enumports call.
      s4-spoolss: just return OK for dcesrv_spoolss_EnumPrintProcDataTypes for now.
      spoolss: fix typo in spoolss_EnumJobs_info union helper fn.
      spoolss: fix typo in spoolss_EnumPrintProcessors_info union helper fn.
      s3-spoolss: make jobname a const char * in print_job_start().
      s3-spoolss: add macros from s4 spoolss server.
      s3-spoolss: use macros for _spoolss_EnumPrintProcessors.
      s3-spoolss: use macros for _spoolss_EnumPorts.
      s3-spoolss: use macros for _spoolss_EnumPrintProcDataTypes.
      s3-spoolss: use macros for _spoolss_EnumMonitors.
      s3-spoolss: use macros for _spoolss_GetPrinterDriverDirectory.
      s3-spoolss: use macros for _spoolss_GetPrintProcessorDirectory.
      s3-spoolss: use macros for _spoolss_EnumForms and split out level 1 enum.
      s3-spoolss: use macros for _spoolss_GetForm and split out level 1 get.
      s3-spoolss: add rpccli_spoolss_enumjobs convenience wrapper.
      s3-rpcclient: use rpccli_spoolss_enumjobs wrapper in enumjobs command.
      s3-spoolss: remove old rpccli_spoolss_enumjobs wrapper.
      spoolss: flag spoolss_JobInfo union and structures [public,gensize].
      s3: re-run make samba3-idl.
      s3-spoolss: add construct_dev_mode_new.
      s3-spoolss: use pidl for _spoolss_EnumJobs.
      s3-spoolss: use pidl for _spoolss_GetJob.
      s3-spoolss: remove old spoolss_GetJob and spoolss_EnumJob.
      s3-spoolss: add rpccli_spoolss_enumprinterdrivers convenience wrapper.
      s3-rpcclient: use rpccli_spoolss_enumprinterdrivers wrapper.
      s3-net: use rpccli_spoolss_enumprinterdrivers wrapper.
      s3-spoolss: remove old rpccli_spoolss_enumprinterdrivers wrapper.
      spoolss: add [gensize] flag to spoolss_DriverInfo union.
      s3: re-run make samba3-idl.
      s3-spoolss: use pidl for _spoolss_EnumPrinterDrivers.
      s3-spoolss: remove old spoolss_EnumPrinterDrivers.
      s3-spoolss: remove old leftover driver print functions.
      s3-spoolss: use pidl for _spoolss_GetPrinterDriver2.
      s3-spoolss: remove old spoolss_GetPrinterDriver2.
      s3-spoolss: add rpccli_spoolss_enumprinters convenience wrapper.
      s3-rpcclient: use rpccli_spoolss_enumprinters wrapper.
      s3-net: use rpccli_spoolss_enumprinters wrapper.
      s3-spoolss: remove old enumprinters wrapper.
      spoolss: flag PrinterInfo union and levels as [public,gensize].
      s3: re-run make samba3-idl.
      s3-spoolss: use pidl for _spoolss_EnumPrinters.
      s3-spoolss: remove old spoolss_EnumPrinters.
      s3-spoolss: add snum_is_shared_printer fn.
      s3-spoolss: use snum_is_shared_printer (allows to make code a little easier to
      s3-rpcclient: pure cosmetics for cmd_spoolss_enum_ports.
      s3-rpcclient: pure cosmetics for cmd_spoolss_getprinter.
      s3-rpcclient: pure cosmetics for cmd_spoolss_getdriver.
      s3-spoolss: use pidl for _spoolss_GetPrinter.
      s3-spoolss: remove old spoolss_GetPrinter.
      s3-spoolss: remove some unused functions.
      s3-spoolss: remove more unused marshalling code.
      s3-spoolss: remove obsolete get_a_builtin_ntform.
      s3-spoolss: remove more unused defines.
      s3-spoolss: add pull_spoolss_PrinterData().
      s3-spoolss: add push_spoolss_PrinterData().
      s4-smbtorture: fix build warning in test_EnumPrintProcDataTypes.
      spoolss: make spoolss_GetPrinterData out.data ref pointers.
      s3: re-run make samba3-idl.
      spoolss: fix GetPrinterData buffer helper.
      s4-smbtorture: fix test_GetPrinterData tests after out pointer changes.
      s4-spoolss: fix spoolss_GetPrinterData w.r.t. out pointer changes.
      spoolss: fix IDL for spoolss_SetPrinterData.
      s3: re-run make samba3-idl.
      spoolss: fix ndr_push_spoolss_SetPrinterData.
      spoolss: use uint8 array instead of DATA_BLOB in EnumPrinterData IDL out pointer.
      spoolss: use winreg_Type instead of spoolss_PrinterDataType for XPrinterData calls.
      s3: re-run make samba3-idl.
      s4-spoolss: use winreg_Type for GetPrinterData implementation.
      s4-smbtorture: fix RPC-SPOOLSS test after PrinterData changes.
      s3-spoolss: remove unused ADD_JOBINFO_1.
      s3-spoolss: add rpccli_spoolss_getprinterdata convenience wrapper.
      s3-rpcclient: use rpccli_spoolss_getprinterdata.
      s3-spoolss: remove old rpccli_spoolss_getprinterdata.
      s3-spoolss: use pidl for _spoolss_GetPrinterData.
      s3-spoolss: remove old spoolss_GetPrinterData.
      s3-rpcclient: use rpccli_spoolss_SetPrinterData.
      s3-spoolss: remove old rpccli_spoolss_setprinterdata wrapper.
      s3-spoolss: use pidl for _spoolss_SetPrinterData.
      s3-spoolss: remove old spoolss_SetPrinterData.
      s3-net: temporary disable net_spoolss_setprinterdata.
      s3-rpcclient: use rpccli_spoolss_EnumPrinterData in enumdata command.
      s3-spoolss: remove rpccli_spoolss_enumprinterdata.
      s3-spoolss: use pidl for _spoolss_EnumPrinterData.
      s3-spoolss: remove spoolss_EnumPrinterData.
      s3-net: use rpccli_spoolss_EnumPrinterData.
      s3-net: fix net_spoolss_setprinterdata.
      s3-rpcclient: fix cmd_spoolss_getprinterdataex.
      s3-spoolss: cleanup _spoolss_GetPrinterDataEx a little.
      s3-spoolss: cleanup _spoolss_SetPrinterDataEx a little.
      s3-net: fix net_spoolss_setprinterdataex.
      spoolss: use nstring_array in spoolss_EnumPrinterKey.
      s3: re-run make samba3-idl.
      s4-smbtorture: fix test_EnumPrinterKey.
      s3-spoolss: add rpccli_spoolss_enumprinterkey convenience wrapper.
      s3-rpcclient: use rpccli_spoolss_enumprinterkey wrapper.
      s3-net: use rpccli_spoolss_enumprinterkey wrapper.
      s3-spoolss: remove old rpccli_spoolss_enumprinterkey wrapper.
      s3-spoolss: use pidl for _spoolss_EnumPrinterKey.
      s3-spoolss: remove old spoolss_EnumPrinterKey.
      s3: remove rpc_parse/parse_buffer.c completely.
      s3-spoolss: remove unused get_printer_dataex().
      s3-spoolss: remove unused init_unistr_array().
      s3-spoolss: remove PRINTER_MESSAGE flags and struct, this was never used.
      s3-spoolss: move PRINTER_ATTRIBUTE_SAMBA to printing backend, where they belong.
      s3-spoolss: rename temporary convert_devicemode_new function.
      s3-spoolss: move SYSTEMTIME parsing to a more generic place, as suggested.
      s3-spoolss/registry: use marshall_sec_desc in fill_in_printer_values().
      s3-spoolss/registry: use libndr to push a spoolss_DeviceMode in fill_in_printer_values().
      s3-spoolss: rename construct_dev_mode_new to construct_dev_mode.
      s3-spoolss: rename convert_nt_devicemode_new to convert_nt_devicemode.
      s3-spoolss: rename convert_printer_info_new to convert_printer_info.
      s3-spoolss: remove unused DEVICEMODE parsing and header.
      s3-spoolss: move DRIVER_X_VERSION flags into the backend, where they belong to.
      spoolss: add range checks for priority element in spoolss_JobInfo structs.
      spoolss: add SPL Port definitions to IDL.
      spoolss: use PRINTER_NOTIFY_TYPE and JOB_NOTIFY_TYPE in favor of "old" s4 defines.
      s3: re-run make samba3-idl.
      s3-spoolss: remove PRIORITY defines, that were never used.
      s3-spoolss: remove SPL Port definitions now in IDL.
      s3-spoolss: remove PRINTER_NOTIFY_TYPE and JOB_NOTIFY_TYPE now defined in IDL.
      s4-smbtorture: fix spoolss notify test for notify type changes.
      s3-spoolss: remove (disabled) enum_all_printers_info_1_remote.
      s3-spoolss: remove unused RPC_BUFFER definition.
      spoolss: add spoolss_PrinterEnumValues.
      s3: re-run make samba3-idl.
      s3-rpcclient: say that we are displaying a REG_MULTI_SZ in display_reg_value().
      spoolss: fix spoolss_PrinterEnumValues w.r.t. size calculation of PrinterData.
      s3: re-run make samba3-idl.
      spoolss: add spoolss_EnumPrinterDataEx triple call.
      s3: re-run make samba3-idl.
      spoolss: add ndr_push/pull_spoolss_EnumPrinterDataEx helper.
      s3-spoolss: add rpccli_spoolss_enumprinterdataex convenience wrapper.
      s3-rpcclient: use rpccli_spoolss_enumprinterdataex wrapper.
      s3-net: use rpccli_spoolss_enumprinterdataex.
      s3-spoolss: remove old rpccli_spoolss_enumprinterdataex.
      s4-smbtorture: fix spoolss_EnumPrinterDataEx tests.
      s3-spoolss: use rpccli_spoolss_enumprinterdataex in ldap_printer.c.
      spoolss: fix ndr_push_spoolss_EnumPrinterDataEx.
      s4-smbtorture: fix spoolss_EnumPrinterKey callers in RPC-SPOOLSS-WIN test.
      spoolss: rename NDR_SPOOLSS_SIZE_ENUM macro to NDR_SPOOLSS_SIZE_ENUM_LEVEL in
      spoolss: add ndr_size_spoolss_EnumPrinterDataEx_info in spoolss helper.
      s3-spoolss: add SPOOLSS_BUFFER_ARRAY macro.
      s3-spoolss: add registry_value_to_printer_enum_value.
      s3-printing: use marshall/unmarshall_sec_desc_buf in sec_desc_upg_fn().
      s3-spoolss: remove custom syntax_spoolss and use the syntax defined in IDL.
      s3-rpc_parse: move prs_uint64 to rpc_parse/parse_prs.c.
      spoolss: make spoolss_Field a nodiscriminant union of 2 sets of notify flag enums.
      s3: re-run make samba3-idl.
      spoolss: add custom ndr_print_spoolss_Field.
      s4-smbtorture: fix spoolss notify test after spoolss_Field changes.
      s3-rpcclient: fix spoolss notify test after spoolss_Field changes.
      s3-spoolss: fix spoolss server after spoolss_Field changes.
      s3-spoolss: use printer and job notify enums provided by idl.
      s3-spoolss: use pidl for _spoolss_EnumPrinterDataEx.
      s3-spoolss: remove old spoolss_EnumPrinterDataEx.
      s3-spoolss: remove rpc_parse/parse_spoolss.c alltogether.
      s3-spoolss: remove rpc_server/srv_spoolss.c alltogether.
      s3-spoolss: remove include/rpc_spoolss.h.
      spoolss: add my copyright.
      s3-smbcontrol: use correct PRINTER_NOTIFY flags.
      s3-rpc_client: remove unused CLI_DO_RPC_WERR macro.
      s3-rpc_parse: remove unused BUFFER5 and UNISTR3.
      s3-spoolss: fix _spoolss_EnumPrinterDataEx error path.
      s3-spoolss: fix _spoolss_GetPrinterData printerserver handle query error code.
      s3-rpc_parse: remove some unused parsing code.
      s3: remove POLICY_HND.
      s3-samr: try to to fix password_expired flag handling.
      s3-net: Fix Coverity #886 (FORWARD_NULL).
      s3-krb5: Fix Coverity #722 (RESOURCE_LEAK).
      s3-spoolss: pure comsetics.
      s3-net: Fix Coverity #898 (UNINIT).
      s3-net: Fix Coverity #861 (UNINIT).
      s3-krb5: Fix Coverity #762 (REVERSE_INULL).
      s3-netapi: Fix Coverity #776 (REVERSE_INULL).
      s3-netapi: Fix Coverity #775 (REVERSE_INULL).
      s3-netapi: Fix Coverity #774 (REVERSE_INULL).
      s3-rpcclient: allow to set flags in enumprinters command.
      s3-spoolss: apply some const in spoolss server.
      s3-spoolss: add enum_all_printers_info_level().
      s3-spoolss: use enum_all_printers_info_level for level 1 and 2.
      s3-spoolss: implement enumprinters_level5.
      s3-spoolss: implement enumprinters_level4.
      s3-spoolss: _spoolss_EnumPrinters level 3 always returns WERR_UNKNOWN_LEVEL.
      s3: add missing prototype for auth_wbc_init().
      s3-spoolss: implement enumprinters_level0.
      s3-libnet: Fix Bug #6193: avoid messing with sync_context in libnet_samsync_delta().
      s3-registry: remove last sec_io_desc() caller.
      s3: remove unused rpc_parse/parse_sec.c file.
      s3-rpc_parse: remove unused smb_io_domsid().
      s3-net: Fix Bug #6102. NetQueryDisplayInformation could return wrong information.
      s3:rpc_parse: remove unused init_unistr().
      s3-libnetapi: fix creds in libnetapi_open_ipc_connection().
      error-codes: add WERR_DS_DRA_SOURCE_DISABLED.
      s3-libnet: only call libnet_dssync_process() startup and shutdown callbacks when filled in.
      s3-libnet-samsync: use parent talloc context for libnet_samsync_passdb.
      s3-libnet-samsync: some pure cosmetics.
      s3-passdb: add smb_create_user().
      s3-libnet-samsync: use smb_create_user().
      s3-libnet-samsync: return appropriate error code in fetch_sam_entry().
      s3-auth: rename static smb_create_user(). Sorry...
      s3-spoolss: implement _spoolss_GetPrinterDriver2 level 101 (Bug #5140).
      s3-lsa: don't SAFE_FREE talloced structs.
      s3-lsa: use LSA_ROLE definitions in _lsa_QueryInfoPolicy().
      s3-nsswitch: Fix Bug #6238. Make sure wbcLogoffUserParams are properly
      s3-nsswitch: Fix Bug #6238 2nd part. zero blob pointer in wbcLogoffUserParams.
      s3-examples: Fix Bug #6205. Correct sample smb.conf share configuration.
      s3-samr: add support for setting password hashes via samr_SetUserInfo level 21.
      s3-samr: add support for _samr_Connect3() while planning to pass a s4 smbtorture test.
      s3-svcctl: Fix _svcctl_EnumServicesStatusW() crash bug on too small buffer.
      svcctl: Fix svcctl_ControlsAccepted bitmask.
      s3: re-run make samba3-idl.
      s3-libads: avoid NULL talloc context with ads_get_dn().
      s3-spoolss: set servername to global_myname() in set_printer_hnd_name().
      s3-svcctl: no need to define SVCCTL_NUM_INTERNAL_SERVICES twice in a file.
      svcctl: use offered/needed for buffer sizes as in spoolss.
      selftest: add a fake root user to nss_wrapper_passwd in s3.
      s3-selftest: Samba3 passes RPC-SVCCTL so enable it during make test.
      s3-util-sock: add ismyaddr() check in is_myname_or_ipaddr().
      s3-selftest: add root for make test as well (not only make selftest).
      s4-smbtorture: Small fix for RPC-SPOOLSS-WIN to deal with driver-less printers.
      s3-selftest: As Samba3 now passes RPC-SPOOLSS-WIN enable it against ourself.
      s3-rpc-server: remove unused rpc_server/srv_util.c file.
      s3-eventlog: move rpc_server/srv_eventlog_lib.c out of rpc_server.
      s3-eventlog: split out evlog_convert_tdb_to_evt().
      s4-smbtorture: fix test_ReportEventLog in RPC-EVENTLOG.
      error-codes: add some service related error codes.
      s3-net: Fix Bug #5329: add "net rpc service delete/create".
      s3-svcctl: Fix _svcctl_EnumServicesStatusW (again).
      s4-smbtorture: add test_QueryServiceStatus() to RPC-SVCCTL.
      s4-smbtorture: add test_QueryServiceConfigW() to RPC-SVCCTL.
      svcctl: Fix IDL for svcctl_QueryServiceObjectSecurity and Set call.
      s3: re-run make samba3-idl.
      s3-svcctl: Fix _svcctl_Set/GetServiceObjectSecurity after IDL changes.
      s4-smbtorture: add test_QueryServiceObjectSecurity() to RPC-SVCCTL test.
      s3-svcctl: Fix invalid buffer memset in _svcctl_QueryServiceObjectSecurity().
      svcctl: use svcctl_ServiceState type for dependent calls in IDL.
      s3: re-run make samba3-idl.
      s4-smbtorture: add test_EnumDependentServicesW() to RPC-SVCCTL.
      s3-svcctl: minor fix for _svcctl_EnumDependentServicesW().
      ntsvcs: add PNP_GetIdListFlags flags.
      s3: re-run make samba3-idl.
      error-codes: add WERR_CM_INVALID_POINTER.
      s3-rpcclient: allow to set flags in cmd_ntsvcs_get_dev_list().
      s4-smbtorture: perform the ntsvcs devicelist tests against the Spooler service.
      s3-ntsvcs: fix _PNP_GetDeviceList and _PNP_GetDeviceListSize.
      s3-selftest: enable the RPC-NTSVCS torture test against Samba3.
      eventlog: make EVENTLOG_FULL_INFORMATION a public struct.
      s3: re-run make samba3-idl.
      s3-eventlog: implement _eventlog_GetLogInformation().
      s3-eventlog: implement _eventlog_FlushEventLog().
      s3-spoolss: add support for level 8 in _spoolss_GetPrinter().
      s3-spoolss: implement dummy _spoolss_AddPort().
      spoolss: fix order of strings in PrinterInfo1 structs.
      s3: re-run make samba3-idl.
      s4-smbtorture: use printerinfo level 1 name, not description in
      s3-spoolss: add generic enumprinterdrivers_level function.
      s3-spoolss: use enumprinterdrivers_level() for level 1 enum.
      s3-spoolss: use enumprinterdrivers_level() for level 2 enum.
      s3-spoolss: use enumprinterdrivers_level() for level 3 enum.
      spoolss: add spoolss_DriverAttributes bitmask.
      s3: re-run make samba3-idl.
      s3-spoolss: Fix permission checks for _spoolss_AddForm,SetForm and DelForm.
      s3-loadparm: Fix resume command typo for "printing = vlp".
      s3-spoolss: fix typo in fill_printer_driver_info3().
      s4-smbtorture: move test_ReplyOpenPrinter from RPC-SPOOLSS to RPC-SPOOLSS-NOTIFY.
      s4-smbtorture: disable test_SecondaryClosePrinter when running against s3 for now.
      s4-smbtorture: fix two valgrind warnings.
      s3-rpcclient: add set_job command.
      s4-smbtorture: print SPOOLSS_JOB_CONTROL flags in RPC-SPOOLSS test.
      s3-spoolss: remove unused dup_nt_devicemode().
      s3-svcctl: fix memcpy in _svcctl_EnumServicesStatusW().
      s4-smbtorture: make sure samba3 does not regress in EnumServicesStatusW call.
      s3-nsswitch: fix make test_wbpad.
      libwbclient: Fix undocumented arguments doxygen warnings.
      netdomjoin-gui: make sure to grey out change fields when not running as root.
      s3-spoolss: Fix format of description string in spoolss_PrinterInfo1.
      s4-smbtorture: define TORTURE_DEFAULT_SERVICE and set to netlogon.
      s3-examples: make sure to match correct key name in adssearch.
      s4-smbtorture: Fix crash bugs in RPC-SAMR_ACCESSMASK.
      s3-lsa: Fix Bug #6263. Unexpected LookupSids reply crashes XP pre-SP3.
      s3-docs: document warn_pwd_expire pam_winbind option in manpage.
      s4-smbtorture: Fix crash in RPC-LSA-LOOKUP
      s4-smbtorture: add LSA-LOOKUPSIDS to verify bug #6263.
      s3-selftest: enable RPC-LSA-LOOKUPSIDS against samba 3.
      s3-docs: fix typo in smb.conf.5.
      s4-smbtorture: disable CreateUser2 tests when running RPC-SAMR-PASSWORDS-PWDLAST
      s3-selftest: enable RPC-SAMR-PASSWORDS-PWDLASTSET whilte testing Samba3.
      s3-samr: set the builtin_domain bool flag in get_samr_dispinfo_by_sid().
      s3-selftest: samba 3 also passes RPC-JOIN so enable it.
      s4-smbtorture: Fix RPC-SPOOLSS-WIN for printers with a lot of jobs in the queue.
      s4-smbtorture: rework test_EnumPrinterDrivers() a little to succeed with s3.
      s4-smbtorture: Skip Job pause and resume on paused printers for Samba 3 for now.
      s3-selftest: enable RPC-SPOOLSS.
      s3-spoolss: remove some direct checks for 0 uid in AddForm,SetForm,DelForm.
      s4-smbtorture: test all levels in test_GetJob().
      s3-printing: use sec_initial_uid() instead "0" in print_access_check().
      s3-printing: use ARRAY_SIZE() macro in forms functions.
      s3-secdesc: move all winreg access bits to IDL.
      s3-selftest: test wbinfo --allocate-uid/gid.
      s3-idmap: Fix bug #6286: Call init function for builtin idmap modules before probing for them as shared modules.
      s4-smbtorture: change default service to spooler in RPC-SVCCTL.
      s4-smbtorture: add test_StartServiceW() to RPC-SVCCTL.
      s4-smbtorture: add test_ControlService() to RPC-SVCCTL.
      s3-svcctl: fix _svcctl_ControlService.
      s3-svcctl: indicate that the spooler is already running if it does.
      s3-svcctl: Fix crash in _svcctl_EnumServicesStatusW().
      s3-net: make sure to call libnetapi init functions at the top of "net rpc" command.
      svcctl: Fix IDL for svcctl_StartServiceW().
      samr: fix samr_ConnectVersion enum which is 32bit not 16bit.
      s3-net: make "net eventlog" help output a little more appropriate.
      s3-docs: document "net eventlog" in net manpage.
      s3-spoolss: add support for _spoolss_EnumPrinterDrivers() level 4.
      s3-spoolss: add support for _spoolss_EnumPrinterDrivers() level 5.
      s3-spoolss: add support for _spoolss_EnumPrinterDrivers() level 6.
      s3-test: make it possible to find the built vlp in "make test".

Jelmer Vernooij (38):
      Eliminate two duplicate SEC_ACE_TYPE constants already provided by
      Merge branch 'master' of git://git.samba.org/samba into HEAD
      Add allow_badcharcnv argument to all conversion function, for
      Sync smb_iconv_t type, convert_string return type with Samba 3 equivalents.
      Move next_token_talloc() to top-level.
      Move next_token_talloc to util.c, as util_str.c is only compiled inside samba 4.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.samba.org/data/git/samba into talloc-next
      Avoid using tevent_util.h, which won't be available if we use the system
      Merge branch 'master' of git://git.samba.org/samba into teventfix
      Merge branch 'master' of git://git.samba.org/samba into convenience
      Don't generate array iterators when the length of the array is always 0.
      Rerun pidl.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.samba.org/data/git/samba into talloc-next
      Merge branch 'master' of git://git.samba.org/samba into convenience
      Move secace.c to top-level.
      Keep using Samba3's charset.h for now.
      Also re-add removed codepoint_t; I'm clearly not having my day today.
      dom_sid.h: Include dependency security.h that provides the dom_sid struct.
      Move secacl to top-level.
      s4: Use same function signature for convert_* as s3.
      Add header files for secace and secacl.
      Use common header file for character set handling in Samba 3 and Samba 4.
      Merge branch 'master' of git://git.samba.org/samba into convenience
      Use shared header file for character sets, remove old definitions from samba3 smb.h.
      Import ISO-8859-1, 646 from Samba 3 iconv.
      Merge branch 'master' of git://git.samba.org/samba into convenience
      Use samba3's own iconv implementation for now, until all changes are
      Fix test_surrounding in samba4.rpcecho.python.
      Revert accidental reintroduction of void ** bug.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.samba.org/data/git/samba
      Fix prototype mismatch.
      Allow using external libtalloc.
      Fix fallback if system doesn't provide talloc.
      Remove unused CONST_DISCARD macro.
      Depend on newer talloc for Samba 4 in the merged build as well.
      configure: Add common file with minimum versions of external libraries.
      Properly strip /usr/lib and /usr/include for the merged build.
      Specify explicit path to vlp, for those not having vlp in $PATH.

Jeremy Allison (42):
      Add another torture test inspired by George @ Apple.
      Make us pass the RAW-RENAME torture test I just added.
      And the prize for the most pain caused in the build farm for a simple
      Fix bug #6082 - smbd_gpfs_getacl failed: Windows client can´t rename or
      Fix "ignore return" warning.
      Fix bug #6155 - "force group" is no longer working as expected.
      Fix crashes when running RAW-ACLs against system with tdb ACL modules
      Fix bug #6154 - zfs does not honor admin users.
      Second part of fix for #6154, ensure we return max access
      Fix bug #6160 - Office 2007 fails saving files to a Samba mapped drive.
      Last part of fix for #6154 - zfs does not honor admin users.
      Fix bug #6161 - smbclient corrupts source path in tar mode
      Now we're allowing a lower bound for auth_len, ensure we
      Get the sense of the integer wrap test the right way around. Sorry.
      Add simple POSIX open, mkdir and rmdir test.
      Fix bug #6186 - map readonly does not work
      Remove the static "struct client_connection" mess which is part of
      Remove pwd_cache.c, it was doing nothing. Make user_name, domain, and
      Add some appropriate const.
      Remove the global "struct cm_cred_struct" and associated calls, make
      Fix bug #6195 - Migrating from 3.0.x to 3.3.x can fail to update passdb.tdb correctly.
      Fix bug #6196 - Unable to serve files with colons to Linux CIFS/VFS client
      Allow DFS client paths to work when POSIX pathnames have been
      Modify simple POSIX open test to use filenames containing a ':'
      Ensure we never enter VFS_CREATE without having initialized
      Fix bug #6224 - nmbd waits 5 minutes at startup before checking if it needs to run elections
      Try and fix the build farm RAW-STREAMS errors. Ordering of
      Fix bug #6195 - Migrating from 3.0.x to 3.3.x can fail to update passdb.tdb correctly. For the clustering case.
      Fix the problem of 3.0.x passdb databases being version
      Ensure files starting with multiple dots are hidden
      Tidy up some convert_string_internal error cases, found by Andrew Bartlett.
      Allow pdbedit to change a user rid/sid. Based on a fix from Alexander Zagrebin <alexz at visp.ru>.
      Fix bug #6254 - PUT/GET produces an error in IPv6 to a smb-server(3.3) has parameter "msdfs root = yes"
      Fix bug #6089 - Winbind samr_OpenDomain not possible with Samba 3.2.6+
      When doing a cli_ulogoff don't invalidate the cnum, invalidate the vuid.
      Fix bug found by Tim Prouty, logging off and then re-using a vuid can cause smbd to
      Add torture tester to ensure we don't regress the ulogoff bug.
      Fix bug #6279 - winbindd crash. Cope with LDAP libraries returning LDAP_SUCCESS but not returning a result.
      Add comment explaining the previous fix.
      Fix coverity #910, uninitialized variable.
      Fix coverity #908, #909, uninitialized variable.
      Fix coverity #901 - uninitialized data.

Jim McDonough (1):
      Don't look up local user for remote changes, even when root.

John H Terpstra (1):
      Added ability to revert to old modules for make revert.

Karolin Seeger (25):
      s3/docs: Add missing full stop.
      s3/packaging: Package new files properly.
      s3/packaging: Fix typo in comment.
      VERSION: Adapt version number.
      VERSION: Set version to 3.4.0pre1.
      s3/docs: Fix typo.
      s3/smbconf_reg: Fix typo.
      s3/gpo_ldap: Fix typo.
      s3/loadparm: Fiy typos.
      s3/popt.h: Fix typo.
      s3/docs: Raise version up to 3.4.
      s3/packaging: Add idmap_hash and idmap_adex to the list of built modules.
      s3/WHATSNEW: Add reference to Franky.
      s3/WHATSNEW: Add some more Franky specific stuff.
      s3/configure: Disable the automatic merged build.
      s3/WHATSNEW: Add Günther's spools conversion.
      s3/WHATSNEW: Correct description.
      s3/WHATSNEW: Add tevent to the list of internal changes.
      s3/WHATSNEW: Rewording.
      s3/docs: Remove documentation of "use kerberos keytab".
      s3/docs: Fix serveral typos.
      WHATSNEW: Add some WHATSNEW improvements.
      WHATSNEW: Add new net service subcommands to the WHATSNEW.

Martin Schwenke (1):
      In net_conf_import, start a transaction when importing a single share.

Michael Adam (70):
      s3:registry: provide transaction_start|commit|cancel fns for the registry tdb
      s3:registry: wrap deletekey_recursive in one big transaction.
      s3:libsmbconf: add transactions to the libsmbconf api
      s3:net: wrap net conf import into one big transaction
      Revert "Fix a O(n^2) algorithm in regdb_fetch_keys()"
      s3:registry: replace typedef "REGSUBKEY_CTR" by "struct regsubkey_ctr"
      s3:registry: don't directly access key->subkeys->num_subkeys in reg_api.c
      s3:registry: don't directly access key->subkeys->num_subkeys in reg_backend_db.
      s3:registry: don't directly access key->subkeys->subkeys[] in  reg_api.c
      s3:registry: don't directly access key->subkeys->subkeys[] in  reg_backend_db.c
      s3:registry: fix a comment
      s3:registry: add a regsubkey_ctr_init function for allocating a regsubkey_ctr
      s3:registry: add regsubkey_ctr_set_seqnum to hide implementation from caller.
      s3:registry: add regsubkey_ctr_get_seqnum() to hide implementation
      s3:registry: use regsubkey_ctr_init() in reg_api.c
      s3:registry: use regsubkey_ctr_init() in reg_backend_db.c
      s3:registry: use regsubkey_ctr_set_seqnum() in reg_backend_db.c
      s3:registry: use regsubkey_ctr_get_seqnum() in reg_backend_db.c
      s3:services_db: use regsubkey_ctr_init() instead of using talloc directly
      s3:registry: use regsubkey_ctr_init() in reg_eventlog.c
      s3:profiles: use regsubkey_ctr_init() instead of using talloc directly.
      s3:registry: remove definition of regsubkey_ctr from the surface.
      s3:registry: hash the list of subkeys in the regsubkey_ctr
      s3:net rpc registry: use regsubkey_ctr_init() instead of using talloc directly.
      s3: move definition of W_ERROR_NOT_OK_GOTO_DONE down to libcli/util/werror.h
      libcli/util/werror.h: add macro W_ERROR_NOT_OK_GOTO(x, y)
      s3:registry: add a create_subkey method to the backend ops.
      s3:registry: implement create_subkey for the db backend.
      s3:registry: implement create_subkey for the smbconf backend
      s3:registry: use create_reg_subkey() in reg_createkey().
      s3:registry: streamline reg_deletekey() somewhat.
      s3:registry: refactor deletion of value/secdesc/subkey list tdb records out
      s3:registry: streamline and cleanup regdb_set_secdesc() somewhat.
      s3:registry: refactor deletion of various subkey lists out of regdb_store_keys()
      s3:registry: add a delete_subkey method to the backend ops.
      s3:registry: implement delete_subkey in the db backend
      s3:registry: implement delete_subkey in the smbconf backend
      s3:registry: use delete_reg_subkey() in reg_deletekey()
      s3:registry: tighten the subkey loop in reg_deletekey_recursive()
      s3: Fix a memleak in dbwrap_rbt.
      s3:net conf: reduce memory usage of "net conf import".
      s3:smbconf: move smbconf_share_exists checks into backend
      s3:dbwrap_ctdb_marshall_add: don't leak the ctdb_rec_data to the outside
      version: fix handling of SAMBA_VERSION_VENDOR_PATCH.
      add a versiontest program to print samba_version_string().
      s3:build: make SHOWFLAGS target phony and add alias showflags
      s3:build: fix build of pam_winbind.so with static linking
      s3: fix the fix for bug #6195 - dont let smbd child processes panic
      s3:build: prevent from setting "-O -g", check for $debug first.
      libreplace: use libreplace_SAVE_CPPFLAGS instead of SAVE_CPPFLAGS
      s3:build: line-wrap assignment of FLAGS for readability
      s3:build: add a SHOWCFLAGS target for debugging how CFLAGS are assebled
      s3:build: first cut at fixing linking of shared/static libs internally
      s3:build: unify linking of libwbclient with a @LIBWBCLIENT_TARGET@
      s3:build: rename WINBIND_LIBS -> LIBWBCLIENT_LIBS for unification
      s3:build: no need to set LIBFOO_STATIC to the object collection any more
      s3:build: add LIBSMBCLIENT_LIBS and LIBSMBSHAREMODES_LIBS to Makefile
      s3:build: don't build the static libs unconditionally
      s3:build: add targets to show how libraries will be built / linked
      s3:net conf: don't store share names as lower case, but as given.
      fix the build of net: dos_errstr is replaced by win_errstr...
      s3:registry: Prevent creation of keys containing the '/' character.
      s3: Fix uninstallmo
      s3: make installmo and uninstallmo scripts executable
      s3:mark registry shares without path unavailable just as with text config
      s3:loadparm: prevent infinite include nesting.
      pm_process():raise level of debug message
      s3:loadparm: refactor process_registry_service out or process_registry_globals
      s3:smbd/service: switch load_registry_service/shares to use loadparm routines

Simo Sorce (6):
      Make struct tevent_req opaque
      Fix wbclient.c wrt tevent_req changes too.
      Fix potential segfaults using freed memory.
      Fix extended operation return path.
      Avoid duplicate aces
      Fix profile acls in some corner cases

Stefan Metzmacher (90):
      s4:VERSION: mark as 4.0.0-alpha8 gitsnapshot
      s4:ldb_map: include ldb_includes.h first to get replace.h as first header
      libreplace: make it possible to disable socket_wrapper via -DSOCKET_WRAPPER_DISABLE=1
      s4:heimdal_build: don't always build setprogname.o
      s4:Makefile: try to fix 'make installheaders' on *BSD systems
      s4:heimdal_build: correrctly switch closefrom() and get/setprogname() replacements on and off
      tevent: add tevent_queue infrastructure
      lib/torture: fix depency to map_nt_error_from_unix()
      libcli/security: fix the source3 build
      libcli/security: fix the source4 build
      talloc: add talloc_get_type_abort()
      lib/util: remove samba specific talloc_get_type_abort()
      socket_wrapper: don't crash if we get EAGAIN from real_recv()
      s4:blackbox/test_ldb: make use of the $VALGRIND envvar
      socket_wrapper: prepare pcap support for ipv6 traffic
      socket_wrapper: pass down sockaddr instead of sockaddr_in to prepare pcap support for ipv6
      socket_wrapper: add ipv6 pcap support
      socket_wrapper: add multiple interface support for ipv6
      s4:errormap: map ECANCELED to NT_STATUS_CANCELLED
      s3:libsmb: smb signing works the same for extented and non-extended security
      s3:errormap: add ECANCELED, ERRDOS/ERRbadfid, NT_STATUS_CANCELLED mapping
      s3:signing: the seqnum should only be decremented by 1 for ntcancel requests
      s3:winbindd_cm: remove useless cli_setup_signing_state(*cli, Undefined) call
      s3:libsmb: remove cli_setup_signing_state() and add struct cli_state *cli_initialise_ex()
      s3:libsmb: merge cli_setup_signing_state() into cli_initialise_ex()
      s3:make_test: run CHAIN1 test
      socket_wrapper: make it possible to bind to '::'
      socket_wrapper: correctly handle connected dgram sockets
      socket_wrapper: downgrade ipv6 sockets to ipv4 is in connect() if the dest is ipv4
      socket_wrapper: try to make ipv6 support more portable
      s3:lib: interfaces.c isn't used in the configure tests anymore
      socket_wrapper: wrap readv() and writev()
      s3:libsmb: fix a lot of cli_push() bugs
      s3:libsmb: only treat a return 0 as end of file
      s3:libsmb: add an option to cli_push to let the caller provide the buffers
      tevent: add tevent_req_received() function
      tevent: add tevent_req_callback_data_void() macro
      lib/replace: make sure we include <sys/uio.h> before socket_wrapper.h
      async_sock: fix truncating of the temporary iovec in writev_send/recv()
      LDAP-BENCH-CLDAP: also test CLDAP rootdse searches.
      Revert "s3:libsmb: add an option to cli_push to let the caller provide the buffers"
      s4:ldb: setup tevent debug functions on a selfcreated event context
      talloc: add talloc_set_abort_fn()
      tevent: add tevent_signal_support()
      tevent: add tevent_set_abort_fn()
      tevent: pass __location__ to tevent_loop_once/wait()
      s3:events: pass __location__ to event_loop_*()
      tevent: don't allow nested tevent_loop_once() anymore
      s4:ldb: allow nested events until the code is fixed to avoid them
      s4:events: allow nested events until we fixed all code to avoid them
      tevent: add tevent_loop_set_nesting_hook()
      tevent: add tevent_loop_until()
      s4:build: try to fix the build with the ibm checker in the build-farm
      lib/replace: use AC_TRY_LINK() to verify that getifaddrs() and freeifaddrs() are available
      nsswitch: only define TALLOC_FREE if needed
      s3: only define TALLOC_FREE if needed
      talloc: add TALLOC_FREE()
      talloc: add useful talloc_array_length() macro
      talloc: change version to 1.3.0
      tevent: change version to 0.9.4 as the ABI has changed
      s4:build: require tevent 0.9.4
      tevent: let tevent_loop_once() just run one fd event
      tevent: check signal events first in event_loop_once
      tevent: add tevent_common_loop_wait() helper function and use it
      s3:events: make use of tevent_common_loop_wait()
      tevent: add support for immediate events
      s3:events: add support for immediate events
      tevent: use TALLOC_FREE() in tevent_req.c
      tevent: use an immediate event fot tevent_req_post()
      tevent: use an immediate event as trigger for tevent_queue
      tevent: store the location where a request was finished
      tevent: change version to 0.9.5 after the ABI has changed
      s4:build: require tevent 0.9.5
      s3:smbd: don't exit the parent when we have no connections
      s3:printing: use a fd event to monitor the pipe to the parent
      s3:printing: use tevent_loop_wait() instead of manual looping
      s3:smbd: use tevent_loop_once() in the parent event loop
      s3:winbindd: remove unused close_winbindd_socket() function
      s3:winbindd: move non event related code out of process_loop() in the the caller
      s3:winbindd: accept new connections via fd events
      s3:lib/util_sock: use sys_recv() instead of sys_read() on sockets
      s3:libsmb: fix smb signing for fragmented trans/trans2/nttrans requests
      s3:libsmb: always create bytes array in cli_trans code
      s3:smbd: if we allow trans2 on the IPC$ share, then we have to allow transs2 too.
      socket_wrapper: fix crash bug in swrap_readv/writev
      socket_wrapper: fix the build on systems without ipv6 support
      s3:net_rpc: don't shutdown a cli_state passed from the caller
      s3:net: add --request-timeout option
      s3:docs: document the --request-timeout option of net

Steve Langasek (1):
      s3: Fix bugs in the detection of the GNU ld version (Bug #6147)

Steven Danneman (3):
      s3: fix guest auth when winbindd is running
      s3: Remove madvise support
      Add missing newlines to debug statements

Tim Prouty (21):
      s3 OneFS: Refactor config code and cleanup includes
      s3: Fix incompatible type warnings
      s3 OneFS: Add parameter to ignore streams
      s3 passdb: Add back some useful debug statements
      socket wrapper: Fix 'might be used uninitialized' warning
      s3: Change open_streams_for_delete to call through the vfs layer
      s3 OneFS: Use the public open_streams_for_delete
      pidl: Don't generate variables declarations for pointless array counters.
      librpc: Re-run make idl_full from source3
      s3 torture: Simple warning fix
      tevent: Fix might be unitialized warning
      s3 torture: Fix unitialized variable to avoid closing a random fnum
      s3: Don't return in a void funtion
      s3 onefs: Correctly error out when the read returns EOF
      s3: parse_packet can return NULL which is then dereferenced in match_mailslot_name
      s3 onefs: Add missing newlines to debug statements in the onefs module
      s3 onefs: Quiet a log message about oplocks being requested on streams
      s3 oplocks: Refactor level II oplock contention
      s3 onefs: Simplify level 2 oplock self-contention
      s3 oplocks: Add back procid_str to debug message
      s3 onefs: Fix case-insensitivity for mangled names

Timur (2):
      build: format the header check for netinet/ip.h more nicely
      build: fix detection of netinet/ip.h on FreeBSD

Volker Lendecke (93):
      Speed up "net conf list"
      Speed up "net conf list"
      Add dbwrap->parse_record
      Add db_tdb_parse
      Add sorted subkey cache
      Add a comment describing the sorted subkeys
      Wrap creating the sorted subkey cache in a transaction
      Add tevent_ntstatus
      Add tevent_req helpers to includes.h
      Convert open_socket_out to tevent_req
      Remove a temporary debug message -- sorry
      Use talloc_tos() in regkey_access_check()
      Simplify async_connect_send slightly
      Fix async reading winbindd_response
      Only copy sharename up from rap_to_pjobid
      Attempt to fix the build
      Make use of gpfs_get_real_filename optional
      Attempt to fix the build on IRIX
      Complete the fix for bug 6100
      Fix some nonempty blank lines
      Fix a smbclient segfault against security=share servers
      Shape up pdb_search a bit by making it a talloc ctx with a destructor
      Add "queue" to writev_send
      Add tevent_req wbc helpers
      Convert wb_req_write to tevent_req
      Convert wb_req_read to tevent_req
      Convert wb_resp_read to tevent_req
      Convert wb_resp_write to tevent_req
      Move "struct req_read_state" where it belongs
      Add parameter "queue" to wb_int_trans_send
      Convert wb_int_trans to tevent_req
      Convert wb_connect to tevent_req
      Convert wb_open_pipe to tevent_req
      Don't copy the winbindd_request in wb_trans
      Fix a typo
      Don't log NDR_PRINT_DEBUG at level 0, this always ends up in syslog
      Add a vfs_preopen module to hide fs latencies
      Make opt_nocache static to winbindd.c
      Fix #6167: winbindd -n should disable the winbind idmap cache
      Fix #3954
      Add queue argument to wb_resp_write
      Fix a malloc/talloc mismatch when cli_initialise() fails
      Use tevent_wakeup_send in open_socket_out_defer
      Convert open_socket_out_defer to tevent_req
      Use tevent_wakeup_send in wb_trans
      Remove some unused code from async_req.[ch]
      Make struct wb_context private to wbclient.c
      Remove an unnecessary variable
      Convert wb_trans to tevent_req
      Remove unused async_req references from wb_reqtrans.c
      Fix a valgrind error
      Convert np_write to tevent_req
      Convert np_read to tevent_req
      Remove some transitional code in writev_send
      Fix #6130: Don't crash in winbindd_rpc lookup_groupmem() on unmapped members
      Use StrCaseCmp in the dirsort module
      Document the dirsort module
      Only build the dirsort module if we have the dirfd function
      talloc_array_length: talloc_get_size deals fine with NULL
      Fix connect to port 139 only -- thanks gd for bugging me :-)
      Disable dns_sd by default
      Add avahi detection to configure
      Add tevent avahi binding
      Use avahi to register _smb._tcp in smbd
      Fix bug 6097
      Fix two memleaks in the encryption code
      Avahi disables a timer by tv=NULL in avahi_timeout_update(), do not crash
      Fix a scary "fill_share_mode_lock failed" message
      Fix a talloc/malloc screwup in file_lines_pload
      Fix the build of nfsv4_acls.c
      Fix external np read after conversion to tevent_req
      Fix a debug msg typo
      Print an error if trying a merged build without a system kerberos lib
      Use procid_str in debug messages for better cluster-debuggability
      Use cluster-aware procid_is_me instead of comparing pid's
      Use recv instead of read in read_packet_handler
      Pass the current debuglevel down to the forked smbd
      Ensure 0-termination for the forked-smbd debug output
      Keep the forked-smbd stdout reader around longer
      Fix smbd crash for close_on_completion
      Fix two c++ warnings in vfs_gpfs.c
      Add prototype for smbd_gpfs_get_realfilename_path
      Make some functions static to vfs_gpfs.c
      Fix a memleak in an unlikely error path in change_notify_create()
      We have to deny a level 2 oplock if kernel oplocks are enabled
      Fix a bug in smbclient not sending the correct called name
      Remove the so-far unused lua-stuff for the 3.4 release
      Do not use the file system GET_REAL_FILENAME for mangled names
      Fix Coverity ID 884: DEADCODE
      Fix Coverity ID 628, Andrew B., please check!
      Fix Coverity ID 626: DEADCODE
      Revert "Do not use the file system GET_REAL_FILENAME for mangled names"
      Fix annoying debug messages when no snapshots are used

Zack Kirsch (1):
      s3 onefs: Async failures are resulting in SMB_ASSERT->smb_panic while running many of the LOCK torture tests.


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