[SCM] CTDB repository - annotated tag ctdb-1.0.86 created - ctdb-1.0.86

Ronnie Sahlberg sahlberg at samba.org
Wed Jul 1 08:23:43 GMT 2009

The annotated tag, ctdb-1.0.86 has been created
        at  67500a6532a6bba397539f55d6320d3f96b8c74f (tag)
   tagging  841a2d9635341baa1a6dd9ec558fc7cadb4e3af4 (commit)
  replaces  ctdb-1.0.85
 tagged by  Ronnie Sahlberg
        on  Tue Jun 30 08:54:11 2009 +1000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
tag for the 1.0.86 release
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Ronnie Sahlberg (11):
      Dont access the reclock file at all if VerifyRecoveryLock is zero and also
      Allow setting the recovery lock file as "", which means that we do not use a file and that we implicitely also disable the recovery lock checking.
      Document that you can run ctdb without a reclock file in the sysconfig file
      add a control to read the current reclock file from a node
      return NULL and not a "" when there is no reclock file returned from the server
      update the recovery daemon to read the recovery lock file off the main daemon and handle when the file is changed/enabled/disabled
      add a control to set the reclock file
      disable VerifyRecoveryLock when the user modifies the filename
      Do not allow the "VerifyRecoveryLock" tunable to be changed if there is no reclock file
      update the man pages with the "getreclock" and "setreclock" commands.
      New version 1.0.86


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