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 tagged by  Karolin Seeger
        on  Thu Nov 27 16:57:47 2008 +0100

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tag release-3-3-0rc1
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Andreas Schneider (4):
      Delete the krb5 ccname variable from the PAM environment if set.
      Delete the krb5 ccname variable from the PAM environment if set.
      Create a function out of pam_sm_close_session to delete the credentials.
      Fix circular dependency error with autoconf 2.6.3.

Andrew Tridgell (1):
      use glibc sys/inotify.h header

Bo Yang (2):
      i18n/l10n pam_winbind
      Fix broken msgids in ntstatus_errors

Dan Sledz (2):
      FreeBSD configure check for backtrace_symbols
      Allow SYSLOG_FACILITY to be modified with a new configure option called --with-syslog-facility

Davide Sfriso (1):
      Fix bug #5906 when running winbindd on a Samba PDC. Winbindd crash on 'getent group'.

Derrell Lipman (2):
      Fix bug 5805: don't close stdout
      Error return is False, not -1

Dina Fine (1):
      Fix bug #5908 - Samba 3.0.32 - internal change notify on share directory fails"

Gerald (Jerry) Carter (4):
      libaddns: Use the same prerequisite for DDNS update as Windows XP.
      net_dns: Make "lwinet ads dns register" honor the "interfaces" parameter.
      idmap_adex: Add log messages to dc_add_domain for easier debugging.
      idmap_adex: Add more debugging to the basic search function.

Günther Deschner (1):
      winbindd: add event based machine password change.

Günther Deschner (120):
      s3-samr-server: be consistent when reporting we do password complexity.
      s3-samr-server: fix access check in _samr_QuerySecurity().
      s3-samr-server: _samr_DeleteUser needs to wipe out the user_handle on success.
      netapi: NetGroupEnum_r needs to handle servers with no groups.
      s3-samr-server: fix return code in _samr_QueryDisplayInformation.
      s3-samr-server: unify callback convention: _samr_QueryDomainInfo.
      s3-samr-server: unify callback convention: _samr_UserSetInfo.
      netapi: fix NetUserGetGroups_r returning partial results.
      netapi: fix add_GROUP_USERS_INFO_X_buffer.
      netapi: start supporting NetUserSetInfo level 3.
      netapi: fix case statement in example NetUserSetModals code.
      netapi: add NetFile testsuite.
      netapi: add more fields to USER_INFO_X.
      re-run make idl.
      build: add "make test_wbpad" for checking winbind 32/64bit structure padding.
      s3-samr-idl: add SAM server specific access rights.
      s3-samr: remove duplicate copies of SAM server specific access rights.
      s3-samr-idl: add User Object specific access rights.
      s3-samr: remove duplicate copies of SAM user specific access rights.
      s3-samr-idl: add Domain Object specific access rights.
      s3-samr: remove duplicate copies of Domain Object specific access rights.
      s3-samr-idl: add Group Object specific access rights.
      s3-samr: remove duplicate copies of Group Object specific access rights.
      s3-samr-idl: add Alias Object specific access rights.
      s3-samr: remove duplicate copies of Alias Object specific access rights.
      security-idl: add STANDARD_RIGHTS_X bits.
      pam_winbind: translate some more string.
      Fix PNP_GetHwProfInfo() (fixes Bug: #5888).
      re-run make idl.
      re-run make idl.
      make some more parts of security.idl public and re-run make idl.
      s3-libgpo: fix build for security cse.
      s3-libnet-samsync: use enctype 23 for vampired keytab entries.
      idl: fix svcctl_QueryServiceConfigW.
      s3: re-run make idl.
      s3: use IDL generated rpc for _svcctl_QueryServiceConfigW.
      s3: remove rpccli_svcctl_query_config.
      s3: remove old marshalling for SVCCTL_QUERY_SERVICE_CONFIG.
      s3-svctl-server: fix remote rpc service management (bug #5888).
      s3-build: fix init_samba_module missing proto warning.
      netlogon: fix IDL for netr_DatabaseRedo.
      netlogon-idl: add netr_ChangeLogEntry.
      netlogon-idl: add netr_ChangeLogFlags.
      netlogon-idl: add netr_ChangeLogObject union.
      netlogon-idl: use netr_ChangeLogEntry subcontext in netr_DatabaseRedo.
      netlogon: add 8bit varients of netr_SamDatabaseID8Bit and netr_DeltaEnum.
      netlogon: use 8bit SamDatabaseID and DeltaEnum in netr_ChangeLogEntry.
      re-run make idl.
      s3-libnet-samsync: add support for partial replication.
      s3-net-vampire: add support for partial replication (individual deltas).
      s3-net: add net_dc_info struct.
      s3-net: add net_scan_dc function.
      s3-net: use net_scan_dc in net rpc vampire keytab.
      s3-net: add "net rpc vampire passdb" that allows to take arguments.
      s3-libnet: move add_to_keytab_entries to libnet_keytab.
      s3-libnet-samsync: add samsync_ops.
      s3-libnet-samsync: add samsync_ops to all samsync modules.
      s3-libnet-samsync: use samsync_ops.
      s3-libnet-samsync: call init and close ops function where appropriate.
      s3-libnet-samsync: move all modules to startup,process,finish callbacks.
      s3-libnet-samsync: pass sequence number pointer to process routine.
      s3-libnet-samsync: use netr_DatabaseDeltas unless full replication enforced.
      s3-libnet-samsync: pass back sequence number from fetch_sam_entries_keytab.
      s3-libnet-samsync: refactor libnet_samsync.
      s3-libnet-samsync: store samsync sequence number state in keytab.
      s3-winbindd: add dsgetdcname request and reply to winbind structure.
      wbinfo: fix dsgetdcname caller.
      krb5-locator: fix dsgetdcname caller.
      wbclient: add my copyright.
      wbclient: add wbcGuid structure.
      wbclient: add wbcGuidToString and wbcStringToGuid helper functions.
      wbclient: add wbcLookupDomainControllerEx call.
      s3-netlogon: fix type of parameters string in user delta.
      netlogon: change parameters string to lsa_BinaryString.
      netlogon: add init_netr_CryptPassword.
      netlogon: use init_netr_CryptPassword in "just_change_the_password"
      netlogon: refactor just_change_the_password a bit.
      netlogon: move password change code out to rpccli_netlogon_set_trust_password.
      libwbclient: fix wbcAuthenticateUserEx() to not ignore provided flags field.
      s3-docs: add very basic winbind_krb5_locator.7 manpage.
      s3-docs: fix typos in locator manpage found by metze.
      s3-winbindd: workaround for samr_ChangePasswordUser3 to User2 fallback for w2k dcs.
      s3-nbt: full merge of s4 nbt idl.
      s3: re-run make idl.
      s3: copy nbt/netlogon helper from s4.
      s3: fix all mailslot/nbt/cldap callers.
      s3-nbt: remove double nbt netlogon opcodes.
      The IRIX compiler does not like embedded unnamed unions.
      winbindd: only create machine pwd change event when in primary domain child.
      s3-winbindd: for now only change machine pwd when not using a system krb5 keytab.
      WHATSNEW: add some more items.
      libwbclient: add wbcBlob and wbcNamedBlob.
      libwbclient: add wbcAddNamedBlob.
      libwbclient: add wbcLogoffUserEx().
      libwbclient: add wbcLogonUser().
      pam_winbind: convert to use talloc.
      pam_winbind: prepare to use libwbclient inside pam_winbind.
      pam_winbind: add wbc_error_to_pam_error().
      pam_winbind: add wbc_auth_error_to_pam_error().
      pam_winbind: add _pam_check_remark_auth_err().
      pam_winbind: use libwbclient for WINBINDD_GETPWNAM.
      pam_winbind: use libwbclient for WINBINDD_INFO.
      pam_winbind: use libwbclient for WINBINDD_LOOKUPNAME/LOOKUPSID.
      pam_winbind: use libwbclient for WINBINDD_PAM_CHAUTHTOK.
      pam_winbind: use libwbclient for WINBINDD_PAM_LOGOFF.
      pam_winbind: use libwbclient for WINBINDD_PAM_AUTH.
      pam_winbind: use wbclient equivalents for ACB_PWNOEXP and some NETLOGON flags.
      pam_winbind: remove some unused macros.
      pam_winbind: fix wbc_auth_error_to_pam_error().
      pam_winbind: remove unused pam_winbind_request().
      pam_winbind: re-add mkhomedir option.
      pam_winbind: document mkhomedir option.
      Set the right return value if wbc_status is set to an error.
      pam_winbind: fix some invalid blob handling.
      s3-winbindd: use new, richer structures in WINBINDD_DSGETDCNAME implementation.
      krb5_locator: use wbcLookupDomainControllerEx() for query.
      WHATSNEW: add more items.
      s3-libnetjoin: try to show a better error message upon invalid configuration.
      s3-libnetjoin: fix build warning.
      s3-samr: fix _samr_LookupNames return code.

Herb Lewis (1):
      Convert to use VFS layer.

Holger Hetterich (3):
      Enable optional anonymization of user names,
      Update the manpage for vfs_smb_traffic_analyzer to include the anonymize_prefix option
      Fix the "Premature end of data in tag" error when buiding the manpage, fix a typo in the text, add an example for anonymization usage.

Jeff Layton (3):
      mount.cifs: have uppercase_string return success on NULL pointer
      mount.cifs: make return codes match the return codes for /bin/mount (try #3)
      mount.cifs: use lock/unlock_mtab scheme from util-linux-ng mount prog

Jeremy Allison (76):
      Fix bug #5080. Access to cups-printers via samba broken with cups 1.3.4, Unsupported character set.
      Don't reject a successful alloc :-(.
      Document "cups connection timeout".
      Simply our main loop processing. A lot :-). Correctly use events for all the previous "special" cases.
      Correctly fix smbclient to terminate on eof from server.
      Make map_errno_from_nt_status() a generic call, not just a cli specific one.
      Update vfs version as I've added a const to the security_descriptor paramter in fset_nt_acl().
      Fix const warning.
      Fix bug #5814 - Winbindd dumping core in a strange manner while doing "rescan_trusted_domain".
      Deal with inheritance from parent directory when setting Windows
      For the vfs_acl_xattr.c module, make sure we map GENERIC file and directory bits
      Remove SEC_ACCESS. It's a uint32_t.
      Ensure we handle signals correctly during the async calls.
      If you have a large number of cups printers, then scanning for print info can cause a client to timeout
      Async is trickier than it looks :-). Don't use a stack variable for a private data ptr.
      Allow data flow to be debugged and only log on error. All seems ok now.
      Ensure we do reinit_after_fork().
      Initialize near creation of resource. Makes code clearer.
      Whitespace tidyup and an optimization to remove a talloc.
      Note url explaining this code.
      Attempt to fix bug #5818 - "smbcacls: sorts ACEs improperly and loses inheritance", based on
      Don't use debug level 1 to log a trivial message.
      Fix bug 5826 - Directory/Filenames get truncated when 3.2.0 client acesses old server.
      Cope with bad trans2mkdir requests from System i QNTC IBM SMB client.
      Unify access checks for lsa server functions.
      Remove the requirement for ldap call made as root. Add in security
      Cope with MAXIMUM_ALLOWED_ACCESS requests when opening handles.
      Fix net rpc vampire, based on an *amazing* piece of debugging work by "Cooper S. Blake" <the_analogkid at yahoo.com>.
      Janitor for Guenther, "fix _lsa_GetUserName."
      Fix warnings. Jeremy.
      Allow a new file to inherit the Windows ACL from its parent.
      Coverity fix #CID: 607 - resource leak on error path.
      Coverity fix CID: 592 - null deref (can't happen but doesn't hurt to be sure).
      Fix CID 574 - tidies up the code expression.
      Fix CID 606 - failed to return -1 after socket() fail.
      Fix CID: 456 - resource leak on function exit.
      Inherit Windows ACLs on a new directory.
      Start moving us closer to passing S4 RAW-ACL test using the vfs_acl_xattr module. Inheritance fails at the moment though.
      Unify se_access_check with the S4 code. Will make
      Remove unused variable.
      Another unused variable.
      Get closer to passing S4 RAW-ACLs.
      Pass all the non-inherited S4 RAW-ACL tests.
      Pass the directory versions of the RAW-ACL (still not inheritance). Refactor some common code between open_file_ntcreate() and open_directory().
      Pass all of RAW-ACLS except for inheritence. Working on that next.
      Add reference to bug #4308 to remind me to add regression test to smbtorture.
      Fix crash in module, get more of the NULL acl test right.
      Only one more issue with NULL ACL test left to solve.
      Don't call FSET_NT_ACL on file create if there's no SD to set. Leave the default ACL in place.
      Final fix to make us pass NULL SD test in RAW-ACLs. Not sure if this is 100% right. Only inheritance left to fix.
      Start factoring out the inheritance differences.
      Fix bug #5825 - Account locking out doesnt work with an LDAP backend.Based on a problem found by Boyang. Only the pdb_nds backend implements login attempts so this was broken for tdbsam and ldap.
      Make us clean under valgrind --leak-check=full by using talloc_autofree_context() instead of NULL.
      If we didn't inherit any ACE's the ACE pointer should be NULL.
      Fix a subtle logic bug in the adaption of se_create_child_secdesc(), pass RAW-ACL inheritance tests. Only access masks for SD get/set left to fix.
      Added vfs_acl_tdb.c module to do ACLs completely in userspace. Passes all of RAW-ACLS except for the last test which uses a non-POSIX chown. More testing/documentation to follow.
      Fix bug  5889. "delete veto files = no" seems to break.
      Fix bug 5891] : smbd crashed when viewing the eventlog exported by "eventlog list"
      Fix memory leak in error path, spotted by Martin Zielinski <mz at seh.de>.
      Pretty print out SD's on get/set.
      Fix the build (hangs head in shame :-).
      Move v2 from timestamp to 16-byte hash. Got the change in before on disk format is fixed.
      Fix bug #5900 reported by monyo at samba.gr.jp - vfs_readonly.so does not work.
      Fix bug #5904 - libnss_wins causes SIGABRT while servicing getaddrinfo() request.
      Add functions to delete NTACL on posix ACL set.
      This code mixes up int and uint32 when pulling out of a TDB. This is very bad. Fixing... May fix bug #5891, not sure.
      Re-structure Volker's patch to "Fix trans2findfirst for the large directory optimization". Makes the change clearer.
      Second part of fix for bug #5891 - smbd crashed when viewing the eventlog exported by "eventlog list". Don't leak memory on error paths.
      First part of fix for bug #5903 - vfs_streams_xattr breaks contents of the file.
      Ensure we always reply in reply_printopen().
      Second part of the fix for bug #5903 - vfs_streams_xattr breaks contents of the file
      Use fxattr calls whenever possible (trying to work around the strange Linux kernel oplock bug).
      Fix the logic bug that caused us to run into kernel oplocks on an open for a stream inside a file with stream_xattr module. On opening the base_fsp we must break existing oplocks.
      Revert f268d75f5ed1258b08c5571780ea3be6724daed4 - "Fix the logic bug that caused us to
      Fix bug #5873 - ACL inheritance cannot be broken. This regresses #4308, but that will have to
      Fix bug #5914 - Build failure: redefinition of struct name_list

Joe Smith (1):
      Fixed typo in source/utils/net_rap.c

Kai Blin (10):
      ntlm_auth: Put huge NTLMv2 blobs into extra_data on CRAP auth
      net: Fix net rap printq info documentation (bug #5892)
      libsmb: Fix up pointer passed to cli_send_trans in cli_link_internal
      tags: Ignore include/proto.h from tag generation
      libwbclient: Add placeholder functions for wbcQuery[GSU]idTo[GSU]id
      libwbclient: Add placeholder function for WINBINDD_GETGRLST
      libwbclient: Fix typo in wbcGetgrent docstring.
      libwbclient: Add placeholder function for WINBINDD_CCACHE_NTLMAUTH
      libwbclient: Implement wbcGetpwent
      libwbclient: Implement wbcGetgrent and wbcGetgrlist

Karolin Seeger (14):
      VERSION: Raise version number.
      WHATSNEW: Start WHATSNEW for 3.3.0rc1.
      WHATSNEW: Update changes since 3.3.0pre2.
      WHATSNEW: Update changes since 3.3.0pre2.
      WHATSNEW: Update changes since 3.3.0pre2.
      s3 create-tarball.sh: Remove dashes in git commands.
      WHATSNEW: Update changes since 3.3.0pre2.
      WHATSNEW: Update changes since 3.3.0pre2.
      manpages: Document new wbinfo idmapping options.
      build-docs: Use 'git clean' instead of 'git-clean'.
      WHATSNEW: Update changes since 3.3.0pre2.
      WHATSNEW: Update changes and release date.
      WHATSNEW: Update changes.
      WHATSNEW: Update changes.

Martin Schwenke (1):
      Add @CIFSUPCALL_PROGS@ to "all" target so cifs.upcall gets built at

Mathias Dietz (1):
      Search for gpfs functions in both libgpfs_gpl.so an libgpfs.so

Michael Adam (20):
      build: fix bug #5677 - fix test_{shlibs,nss_modules,pam_modules} on Solaris
      build: fix bug #5765 - fix installlibs on solaris by using portable "test -r"
      winbind: fix smbd hanging on Solaris when winbindd closes socket.
      winbindd: speed up fill_grent_mem (i.e. winbindd_getgrent) a lot.
      build: prevent make errors for picky makes when $(EXTRA_ALL_TARGETS) is empty
      make keytab filename argument mandatory to "net rpc vampire keytab"
      winbind_util: fix an implicit cast compile warning.
      eventlog: don't crash in sync_eventlog_params().
      winbindd: fix a comment typo
      winbindd_util: add prototype for fill_domain_username_talloc().
      winbindd_util: add fill_domain_username_talloc().
      winbindd_rpc: add domain prefix to username in lookup_groupmem().
      winbindd_ads: honour "winbind use default domain" in lookup_groupmem().
      winbindd_group: sanely handle NULL domain in add_member().
      winbindd_group: don't list the domain twice when expanding internal aliases
      winbindd_ads: prevent negative GM/ cache entries due to broken connections
      s3-winbindd_ads: use the reconnect methods instead of the rpc methods directly
      winbindd: make all winbind rpc-methods static.
      nfs4_acls: make prototype header match definition for smb_set_nt_acl_nfs4()
      zfsacl: "return" is not a function.

Nils Goroll (1):
      zfsacl: Prevent calling POSIX ACL vfs methods on zfs share.

Stefan Metzmacher (2):
      security.idl: sometimes ACEs have some padding at the end
      libads/ldap.c: return an error instead of crashing when no realm is given

Steven Danneman (6):
      Whitespace and >80 column cleanups.
      Fix extended DN parse error when AD object does not have a SID.
      Added ability to set id mappings in wbinfo.
      Added ability to remove id mappings in wbinfo and libwbclient.
      Clean-up various trailing space and >80 column lines.
      Fix to allow setting of NULL DACL/SACL

TAKAHASHI Motonobu (1):
      Fix bug 5901: Default for streams_depot location

Tim Prouty (3):
      Fixed build warning "passing arg from incompatible pointer type"
      Fixed "might be uninitialized" warning
      s3: fix a few "shadows a global declaration" warnings

Volker Lendecke (38):
      "gwen/cc" does not like the double const :-)
      Fix a potential NULL deref in line 258 found by the IBM checker
      Fix an uninitialized variable found by the IBM Checker
      Fix an unlikely memleak found by the IBM checker
      Fix an uninitialized variable warning
      OS/X does not have rl_done in readline.h
      Fix some missing error handlings
      Remove an unused variable
      Fix some nonempty blank lines
      Log in the parent winbind log where a request is going
      If name_to_fqdn fails, retry with the dns domain the DC gave us
      Remove unused CHECK_FSP macro
      Fix a typo
      Remove a pointless level of indirection
      Make use of ZERO_STRUCT (the first memset was actually wrong)
      Fix a "nexted extern declaration" warning
      Fix some nonempty blank lines
      Make use of talloc_tos()
      Fix the build
      Remove unused #defines
      Fix bug 5691: SIGBUS on Solaris
      Fix a valgrind error in idmap_ad_sids_to_unixids()
      Move the global hosts_allow() check out of the processing loop:
      Use a direct compare instead of calling strncmp in valid_smb_header
      "fn_new"->"fn" in smb_messages[], we got beyond that :-)
      Fix bug 5840: Segfault in "rpcclient lsaaddacctrights"
      wbinfo --sid-to-fullname
      Fix bug 5860: safe_strcpy gives a nasty error message for overlong strings
      Fix bug triggered by the RAW-SAMBA3OPLOCKLOGOFF test
      Ignore 3.0 style invalid group mappings during upgrade to ldb
      sys_pwnam doesn't return talloced memory, so don't mix up the returned struct.
      Rename some variables in getpwnam_alloc() for clarity
      Actually finish memcache_add_talloc
      Make memcache_add_talloc NULL out the source pointer
      Fix a memleak in calculate_next_machine_pwd_change (This used to be commit 5314f06dcdf14ce5e038a03a3e4dfded227bd00c)
      Use talloc_stackframe() in machine_password_change_handler (This used to be commit 79103000b13c95325534db749a0da638a3eb1807)
      Fix the offset checks in the trans routines

Yasuma Takeda (1):
      Fix bug #5909 - MS-DFS does not work on Vista, if link name includes multibyte character.


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