[SCM] Samba Shared Repository - branch master updated - c165770f943d157c11d44566558ae07bf901bd26

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at samba.org
Sat Nov 1 02:16:37 GMT 2008

The branch, master has been updated
       via  c165770f943d157c11d44566558ae07bf901bd26 (commit)
       via  2c81fd70ca4997947275ce823f08c895000fbc3d (commit)
       via  9de80e7abceb3c64c658f2aeeb5ca68e980e89c8 (commit)
      from  54eaf2de74b4779919ae97b54abceb3878894bf6 (commit)


- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
commit c165770f943d157c11d44566558ae07bf901bd26
Merge: 2c81fd70ca4997947275ce823f08c895000fbc3d 54eaf2de74b4779919ae97b54abceb3878894bf6
Author: Jelmer Vernooij <jelmer at samba.org>
Date:   Sat Nov 1 03:15:59 2008 +0100

    Merge branch 'master' of git://git.samba.org/samba

commit 2c81fd70ca4997947275ce823f08c895000fbc3d
Author: Jelmer Vernooij <jelmer at samba.org>
Date:   Sat Nov 1 03:15:10 2008 +0100

    proto.h: Remove prototypes already in other header files.

commit 9de80e7abceb3c64c658f2aeeb5ca68e980e89c8
Author: Jelmer Vernooij <jelmer at samba.org>
Date:   Sat Nov 1 03:14:43 2008 +0100

    Samba3: Include util.h header file rather than having custom prototypes.


Summary of changes:
 lib/util/util.h              |   30 ++++++++---
 lib/util/util_ldb.h          |    2 +
 source3/include/includes.h   |    2 +
 source3/include/proto.h      |  120 ------------------------------------------
 source3/include/smb_macros.h |   12 +----
 source3/param/loadparm.c     |   45 ++--------------
 source4/include/includes.h   |    4 +-
 7 files changed, 35 insertions(+), 180 deletions(-)

Changeset truncated at 500 lines:

diff --git a/lib/util/util.h b/lib/util/util.h
index 6a341b2..bfd09ba 100644
--- a/lib/util/util.h
+++ b/lib/util/util.h
@@ -49,13 +49,22 @@ extern const char *panic_action;
  * assert macros 
 #define SMB_ASSERT(b) do { if (!(b)) { \
-	DEBUG(0,("PANIC: assert failed at %s(%d)\n", __FILE__, __LINE__)); \
-	smb_panic("assert failed"); }} while (0)
+        DEBUG(0,("PANIC: assert failed at %s(%d): %s\n", \
+		 __FILE__, __LINE__, #b)), smb_panic("assert failed: " #b); }} while(0)
+/* redefine the assert macro for non-developer builds */
+#define SMB_ASSERT(b) do { if (!(b)) { \
+        DEBUG(0,("PANIC: assert failed at %s(%d): %s\n", \
+	    __FILE__, __LINE__, #b)); }} while (0)
+#if _SAMBA_BUILD_ == 4
 #if defined(VALGRIND)
 #define strlen(x) valgrind_strlen(x)
 #include "../lib/util/memory.h"
@@ -69,10 +78,12 @@ _PUBLIC_ void call_backtrace(void);
 _PUBLIC_ _NORETURN_ void smb_panic(const char *why);
+#if _SAMBA_BUILD_ == 4
 setup our fault handlers
 _PUBLIC_ void fault_setup(const char *pname);
   register a fault handler. 
@@ -168,12 +179,14 @@ _PUBLIC_ char *generate_random_str_list(TALLOC_CTX *mem_ctx, size_t len, const c
 _PUBLIC_ char *generate_random_str(TALLOC_CTX *mem_ctx, size_t len);
 /* The following definitions come from lib/util/dprintf.c  */
+#if _SAMBA_BUILD_ == 4
 _PUBLIC_ void d_set_iconv(smb_iconv_t);
 _PUBLIC_ int d_vfprintf(FILE *f, const char *format, va_list ap) PRINTF_ATTRIBUTE(2,0);
 _PUBLIC_ int d_fprintf(FILE *f, const char *format, ...) PRINTF_ATTRIBUTE(2,3);
 _PUBLIC_ int d_printf(const char *format, ...) PRINTF_ATTRIBUTE(1,2);
 _PUBLIC_ void display_set_stderr(void);
 /* The following definitions come from lib/util/util_str.c  */
@@ -286,11 +299,6 @@ limited by 'n' bytes
 _PUBLIC_ size_t ascii_len_n(const char *src, size_t n);
- Return a string representing a CIFS attribute for a file.
-_PUBLIC_ char *attrib_string(TALLOC_CTX *mem_ctx, uint32_t attrib);
  Set a boolean variable from the text value stored in the passed string.
  Returns true in success, false if the passed string does not correctly 
  represent a boolean.
@@ -306,10 +314,12 @@ _PUBLIC_ bool set_boolean(const char *boolean_string, bool *boolean);
 _PUBLIC_ bool conv_str_bool(const char * str, bool * val);
+#if _SAMBA_BUILD_ == 4
  * Convert a size specification like 16K into an integral number of bytes. 
 _PUBLIC_ bool conv_str_size(const char * str, uint64_t * val);
  * Parse a uint64_t value from a string
@@ -354,7 +364,9 @@ _PUBLIC_ bool strequal(const char *s1, const char *s2);
 /* The following definitions come from lib/util/util_strlist.c  */
 /* separators for lists */
+#ifndef LIST_SEP
 #define LIST_SEP " \t,\n\r"
   build a null terminated list of strings from a input string and a
@@ -642,6 +654,7 @@ _PUBLIC_ int sys_fsusage(const char *path, uint64_t *dfree, uint64_t *dsize);
  * @brief MS-style Filename matching
+#if _SAMBA_BUILD_ == 4
 /* protocol types. It assumes that higher protocols include lower protocols
    as subsets. FIXME: Move to one of the smb-specific headers */
 enum protocol_types {
@@ -658,6 +671,7 @@ int ms_fnmatch(const char *pattern, const char *string, enum protocol_types prot
 /** a generic fnmatch function - uses for non-CIFS pattern matching */
 int gen_fnmatch(const char *pattern, const char *string);
 /* The following definitions come from lib/util/mutex.c  */
@@ -707,10 +721,12 @@ _PUBLIC_ int idr_remove(struct idr_context *idp, int id);
 /* The following definitions come from lib/util/become_daemon.c  */
+#if _SAMBA_BUILD_ == 4
  Become a daemon, discarding the controlling terminal.
 _PUBLIC_ void become_daemon(bool fork);
  * Load a ini-style file.
diff --git a/lib/util/util_ldb.h b/lib/util/util_ldb.h
index 43f98ae..f9eb028 100644
--- a/lib/util/util_ldb.h
+++ b/lib/util/util_ldb.h
@@ -1,6 +1,8 @@
 #ifndef __LIB_UTIL_UTIL_LDB_H__
 #define __LIB_UTIL_UTIL_LDB_H__
+struct ldb_dn;
 /* The following definitions come from lib/util/util_ldb.c  */
 int gendb_search_v(struct ldb_context *ldb,
diff --git a/source3/include/includes.h b/source3/include/includes.h
index 24e33c1..73600e3 100644
--- a/source3/include/includes.h
+++ b/source3/include/includes.h
@@ -572,6 +572,7 @@ extern void *cmdline_lp_ctx;
 struct smb_iconv_convenience *lp_iconv_convenience(void *lp_ctx);
 /* Lists, trees, caching, database... */
+#include "../lib/util/util.h"
 #include "../lib/util/xfile.h"
 #include "../lib/util/memory.h"
 #include "../lib/util/attr.h"
@@ -619,6 +620,7 @@ struct smb_iconv_convenience *lp_iconv_convenience(void *lp_ctx);
 #include "msdfs.h"
 #include "rap.h"
 #include "../lib/crypto/md5.h"
+#include "../lib/crypto/md4.h"
 #include "../lib/crypto/arcfour.h"
 #include "../lib/crypto/crc32.h"
 #include "../lib/crypto/hmacmd5.h"
diff --git a/source3/include/proto.h b/source3/include/proto.h
index c6609be..41ca5a0 100644
--- a/source3/include/proto.h
+++ b/source3/include/proto.h
@@ -542,7 +542,6 @@ int cancel_named_event(struct event_context *event_ctx,
 void dump_event_list(struct event_context *event_ctx);
 /* The following definitions come from lib/fault.c  */
 void fault_setup(void (*fn)(void *));
 void dump_core_setup(const char *progname);
@@ -555,10 +554,6 @@ const char *file_id_string_tos(const struct file_id *id);
 void push_file_id_16(char *buf, const struct file_id *id);
 void pull_file_id_16(char *buf, struct file_id *id);
-/* The following definitions come from lib/fsusage.c  */
-int sys_fsusage(const char *path, uint64_t *dfree, uint64_t *dsize);
 /* The following definitions come from lib/gencache.c  */
 bool gencache_init(void);
@@ -573,13 +568,6 @@ void gencache_iterate(void (*fn)(const char* key, const char *value, time_t time
 int gencache_lock_entry( const char *key );
 void gencache_unlock_entry( const char *key );
-/* The following definitions come from lib/genrand.c  */
-void set_rand_reseed_callback(void (*fn)(void *, int *), void *userdata);
-void set_need_random_reseed(void);
-void generate_random_buffer(uint8_t *out, int len);
-char *generate_random_str(TALLOC_CTX *mem_ctx, size_t len);
 /* The following definitions come from lib/iconv.c  */
 NTSTATUS smb_register_charset(struct charset_functions *funcs) ;
@@ -619,10 +607,6 @@ void init_ldap_debugging(void);
 char *escape_ldap_string_alloc(const char *s);
 char *escape_rdn_val_string_alloc(const char *s);
-/* The following definitions come from lib/md4.c  */
-void mdfour(unsigned char *out, const unsigned char *in, int n);
 /* The following definitions come from lib/module.c  */
 NTSTATUS smb_load_module(const char *module_name);
@@ -796,13 +780,6 @@ bool share_access_check(const NT_USER_TOKEN *token, const char *sharename,
 			uint32 desired_access);
 bool parse_usershare_acl(TALLOC_CTX *ctx, const char *acl_str, SEC_DESC **ppsd);
-/* The following definitions come from lib/signal.c  */
-void BlockSignals(bool block,int signum);
-void (*CatchSignal(int signum,void (*handler)(int )))(int);
-void CatchChild(void);
-void CatchChildLeaveStatus(void);
 /* The following definitions come from lib/smbldap.c  */
 int smb_ldap_start_tls(LDAP *ldap_struct, int version);
@@ -1105,45 +1082,14 @@ void register_msg_pool_usage(struct messaging_context *msg_ctx);
 /* The following definitions come from lib/time.c  */
-time_t get_time_t_max(void);
-void GetTimeOfDay(struct timeval *tval);
-time_t nt_time_to_unix(NTTIME nt);
-void unix_to_nt_time(NTTIME *nt, time_t t);
-bool null_time(time_t t);
-bool null_nttime(NTTIME t);
-bool null_timespec(struct timespec ts);
 void push_dos_date(uint8_t *buf, int offset, time_t unixdate, int zone_offset);
 void push_dos_date2(uint8_t *buf,int offset,time_t unixdate, int zone_offset);
 void push_dos_date3(uint8_t *buf,int offset,time_t unixdate, int zone_offset);
 time_t pull_dos_date(const uint8_t *date_ptr, int zone_offset);
 time_t pull_dos_date2(const uint8_t *date_ptr, int zone_offset);
 time_t pull_dos_date3(const uint8_t *date_ptr, int zone_offset);
-char *timestring(TALLOC_CTX *mem_ctx, time_t t);
-const char *nt_time_string(TALLOC_CTX *mem_ctx, NTTIME nt);
-NTTIME nttime_from_string(const char *s);
-struct timeval timeval_zero(void);
-bool timeval_is_zero(const struct timeval *tv);
-struct timeval timeval_current(void);
-struct timeval timeval_set(uint32_t secs, uint32_t usecs);
-struct timeval timeval_add(const struct timeval *tv,
-			   uint32_t secs, uint32_t usecs);
-struct timeval timeval_sum(const struct timeval *tv1,
-			   const struct timeval *tv2);
-struct timeval timeval_current_ofs(uint32_t secs, uint32_t usecs);
-int timeval_compare(const struct timeval *tv1, const struct timeval *tv2);
-bool timeval_expired(const struct timeval *tv);
-double timeval_elapsed2(const struct timeval *tv1, const struct timeval *tv2);
-double timeval_elapsed(const struct timeval *tv);
-struct timeval timeval_min(const struct timeval *tv1,
-			   const struct timeval *tv2);
-struct timeval timeval_max(const struct timeval *tv1,
-			   const struct timeval *tv2);
-struct timeval timeval_until(const struct timeval *tv1,
-			     const struct timeval *tv2);
-NTTIME timeval_to_nttime(const struct timeval *tv);
 uint32 convert_time_t_to_uint32(time_t t);
 time_t convert_uint32_to_time_t(uint32 u);
-int get_time_zone(time_t t);
 bool nt_time_is_zero(const NTTIME *nt);
 time_t generalized_to_unix_time(const char *str);
 int get_server_zone_offset(void);
@@ -1180,7 +1126,6 @@ void cli_put_dos_date3(struct cli_state *cli, char *buf, int offset, time_t unix
 time_t cli_make_unix_date(struct cli_state *cli, const void *date_ptr);
 time_t cli_make_unix_date2(struct cli_state *cli, const void *date_ptr);
 time_t cli_make_unix_date3(struct cli_state *cli, const void *date_ptr);
-struct timespec nt_time_to_unix_timespec(NTTIME *nt);
 bool nt_time_equals(const NTTIME *nt1, const NTTIME *nt2);
 void TimeInit(void);
 void get_process_uptime(struct timeval *ret_time);
@@ -1228,16 +1173,12 @@ bool get_cmdline_auth_info_smb_encrypt(void);
 bool get_cmdline_auth_info_use_machine_account(void);
 bool get_cmdline_auth_info_copy(struct user_auth_info *info);
 bool set_cmdline_auth_info_machine_account_creds(void);
-const char *tmpdir(void);
 bool add_gid_to_array_unique(TALLOC_CTX *mem_ctx, gid_t gid,
 			     gid_t **gids, size_t *num_gids);
 const char *get_numlist(const char *p, uint32 **num, int *count);
 bool file_exist_stat(const char *fname,SMB_STRUCT_STAT *sbuf);
-bool file_exist(const char *fname);
 bool socket_exist(const char *fname);
-time_t file_modtime(const char *fname);
 bool directory_exist_stat(char *dname,SMB_STRUCT_STAT *st);
-bool directory_exist(const char *dname);
 SMB_OFF_T get_file_size(char *file_name);
 char *attrib_string(uint16 mode);
 void show_msg(char *buf);
@@ -1256,22 +1197,18 @@ bool reinit_after_fork(struct messaging_context *msg_ctx,
 		       bool parent_longlived);
 bool yesno(const char *p);
 void *malloc_(size_t size);
-void *malloc_array(size_t el_size, unsigned int count);
 void *memalign_array(size_t el_size, size_t align, unsigned int count);
 void *calloc_array(size_t size, size_t nmemb);
 void *Realloc(void *p, size_t size, bool free_old_on_error);
-void *realloc_array(void *p, size_t el_size, unsigned int count, bool free_old_on_error);
 void add_to_large_array(TALLOC_CTX *mem_ctx, size_t element_size,
 			void *element, void *_array, uint32 *num_elements,
 			ssize_t *array_size);
-void safe_free(void *p);
 char *talloc_get_myname(TALLOC_CTX *ctx);
 char *get_mydnsdomname(TALLOC_CTX *ctx);
 int interpret_protocol(const char *str,int def);
 char *automount_lookup(TALLOC_CTX *ctx, const char *user_name);
 char *automount_lookup(TALLOC_CTX *ctx, const char *user_name);
 bool process_exists(const struct server_id pid);
-bool process_exists_by_pid(pid_t pid);
 const char *uidtoname(uid_t uid);
 char *gidtoname(gid_t gid);
 uid_t nametouid(const char *name);
@@ -1290,20 +1227,12 @@ void ra_lanman_string( const char *native_lanman );
 const char *get_remote_arch_str(void);
 void set_remote_arch(enum remote_arch_types type);
 enum remote_arch_types get_remote_arch(void);
-void print_asc(int level, const unsigned char *buf,int len);
-void dump_data(int level, const unsigned char *buf1,int len);
-void dump_data_pw(const char *msg, const uchar * data, size_t len);
-void dump_data_skip_zeros(int level, const uint8_t *buf, int len);
 const char *tab_depth(int level, int depth);
 int str_checksum(const char *s);
 void zero_free(void *p, size_t size);
 int set_maxfiles(int requested_max);
 int smb_mkstemp(char *name_template);
 void *smb_xmalloc_array(size_t size, unsigned int count);
-void *smb_xmemdup(const void *p, size_t size);
-char *smb_xstrdup(const char *s);
-char *smb_xstrndup(const char *s, size_t n);
-void *memdup(const void *p, size_t size);
 char *myhostname(void);
 char *lock_path(const char *name);
 char *pid_path(const char *name);
@@ -1364,17 +1293,8 @@ const char *strip_hostname(const char *s);
 /* The following definitions come from lib/util_file.c  */
-char *fgets_slash(char *s2,int maxlen,XFILE *f);
-char *file_load(const char *fname, size_t *size, size_t maxsize, TALLOC_CTX *mem_ctx);
-char **file_lines_parse(char *p, size_t size, int *numlines, TALLOC_CTX *mem_ctx);
-bool unmap_file(void* start, size_t size);
-void *map_file(const char *fname, size_t size);
-char **file_lines_load(const char *fname, int *numlines, size_t maxsize, TALLOC_CTX *mem_ctx);
-char **fd_lines_load(int fd, int *numlines, size_t maxsize, TALLOC_CTX *mem_ctx);
 char **file_lines_pload(const char *syscmd, int *numlines);
 void file_lines_free(char **lines);
-void file_lines_slashcont(char **lines);
-bool file_save(const char *fname, const void *packet, size_t length);
 /* The following definitions come from lib/util_nscd.c  */
@@ -1486,21 +1406,15 @@ NTSTATUS sid_array_from_info3(TALLOC_CTX *mem_ctx,
 bool interpret_string_addr_internal(struct addrinfo **ppres,
 					const char *str, int flags);
-bool is_ipaddress_v4(const char *str);
-bool is_ipaddress(const char *str);
 bool is_broadcast_addr(const struct sockaddr *pss);
-uint32 interpret_addr(const char *str);
-struct in_addr interpret_addr2(const char *str);
 bool interpret_string_addr(struct sockaddr_storage *pss,
 		const char *str,
 		int flags);
 bool is_loopback_ip_v4(struct in_addr ip);
 bool is_loopback_addr(const struct sockaddr *pss);
-bool is_zero_ip_v4(struct in_addr ip);
 bool is_zero_addr(const struct sockaddr *pss);
 void zero_ip_v4(struct in_addr *ip);
 void zero_addr(struct sockaddr_storage *pss);
-bool same_net_v4(struct in_addr ip1,struct in_addr ip2,struct in_addr mask);
 void in_addr_to_sockaddr_storage(struct sockaddr_storage *ss,
 		struct in_addr ip);
 bool same_net(const struct sockaddr *ip1,
@@ -1581,22 +1495,17 @@ bool next_token_no_ltrim_talloc(TALLOC_CTX *ctx,
 			const char *sep);
 int StrCaseCmp(const char *s, const char *t);
 int StrnCaseCmp(const char *s, const char *t, size_t len);
-bool strequal(const char *s1, const char *s2);
 bool strnequal(const char *s1,const char *s2,size_t n);
 bool strcsequal(const char *s1,const char *s2);
-int strwicmp(const char *psz1, const char *psz2);
 void strnorm(char *s, int case_default);
 bool strisnormal(const char *s, int case_default);
-void string_replace( char *s, char oldc, char newc );
 char *push_skip_string(char *buf);
 char *skip_string(const char *base, size_t len, char *buf);
 size_t str_charnum(const char *s);
 size_t str_ascii_charnum(const char *s);
 bool trim_char(char *s,char cfront,char cback);
-bool trim_string(char *s,const char *front,const char *back);
 bool strhasupper(const char *s);
 bool strhaslower(const char *s);
-size_t count_chars(const char *s,char c);
 char *safe_strcpy_fn(const char *fn,
 		int line,
 		char *dest,
@@ -1614,9 +1523,6 @@ char *alpha_strcpy_fn(const char *fn,
 		const char *other_safe_chars,
 		size_t maxlength);
 char *StrnCpy_fn(const char *fn, int line,char *dest,const char *src,size_t n);
-size_t strhex_to_str(char *buf, size_t buf_len, const char *strhex, size_t strhex_len);
-DATA_BLOB strhex_to_data_blob(TALLOC_CTX *mem_ctx, const char *strhex);
-char *hex_encode_talloc(TALLOC_CTX *mem_ctx, const unsigned char *buff_in, size_t len);
 bool in_list(const char *s, const char *list, bool casesensitive);
 void string_free(char **s);
 bool string_set(char **dest,const char *src);
@@ -1664,10 +1570,6 @@ size_t strlen_m_term_null(const char *s);
 char *binary_string_rfc2254(char *buf, int len);
 char *binary_string(char *buf, int len);
 int fstr_sprintf(fstring s, const char *fmt, ...);
-char **str_list_make(TALLOC_CTX *mem_ctx, const char *string, const char *sep);
-char **str_list_copy(TALLOC_CTX *mem_ctx, const char **list);
-bool str_list_equal(const char **list1, const char **list2);
-size_t str_list_length( const char * const*list );
 bool str_list_sub_basic( char **list, const char *smb_name,
 			 const char *domain_name );
 bool str_list_substitute(char **list, const char *pattern, const char *insert);
@@ -1698,9 +1600,6 @@ char *sstring_sub(const char *src, char front, char back);
 bool validate_net_name( const char *name,
 		const char *invalid_chars,
 		int max_len);
-size_t ascii_len_n(const char *src, size_t n);
-size_t utf16_len(const void *buf);
-size_t utf16_len_n(const void *src, size_t n);
 char *escape_shell_string(const char *src);
 /* The following definitions come from lib/util_unistr.c  */
@@ -1825,25 +1724,6 @@ void wins_srv_tags_free(char **list);
 struct in_addr wins_srv_ip_tag(const char *tag, struct in_addr src_ip);
 unsigned wins_srv_count_tag(const char *tag);
-/* The following definitions come from lib/xfile.c  */
-int x_setvbuf(XFILE *f, char *buf, int mode, size_t size);
-XFILE *x_fopen(const char *fname, int flags, mode_t mode);
-XFILE *x_fdup(const XFILE *f);
-int x_fclose(XFILE *f);
-size_t x_fwrite(const void *p, size_t size, size_t nmemb, XFILE *f);
-int x_fileno(const XFILE *f);
-int x_fflush(XFILE *f);
-void x_setbuffer(XFILE *f, char *buf, size_t size);
-void x_setbuf(XFILE *f, char *buf);
-void x_setlinebuf(XFILE *f);
-int x_feof(XFILE *f);
-int x_ferror(XFILE *f);
-int x_fgetc(XFILE *f);
-size_t x_fread(void *p, size_t size, size_t nmemb, XFILE *f);
-char *x_fgets(char *s, int size, XFILE *stream) ;
-off_t x_tseek(XFILE *f, off_t offset, int whence);
 /* The following definitions come from libads/ads_status.c  */
 ADS_STATUS ads_build_error(enum ads_error_type etype, 
diff --git a/source3/include/smb_macros.h b/source3/include/smb_macros.h
index d2e0aa9..668dc18 100644
--- a/source3/include/smb_macros.h
+++ b/source3/include/smb_macros.h
@@ -45,17 +45,7 @@
 #define SAFE_FREE(x) do { if ((x) != NULL) {free(x); x=NULL;} } while(0)
-/* assert macros */
-#define SMB_ASSERT(b) ( (b) ? (void)0 : \
-        (DEBUG(0,("PANIC: assert failed at %s(%d): %s\n", \
-		 __FILE__, __LINE__, #b)), smb_panic("assert failed: " #b)))
-/* redefine the assert macro for non-developer builds */
-#define SMB_ASSERT(b) ( (b) ? (void)0 : \
-        (DEBUG(0,("PANIC: assert failed at %s(%d): %s\n", \
-	    __FILE__, __LINE__, #b))))
 #define SMB_WARN(condition, message) \
     ((condition) ? (void)0 : \
diff --git a/source3/param/loadparm.c b/source3/param/loadparm.c
index d91d34d..800a47c 100644
--- a/source3/param/loadparm.c
+++ b/source3/param/loadparm.c
@@ -5418,7 +5418,6 @@ FN_GLOBAL_INTEGER(lp_client_ldap_sasl_wrapping, &Globals.client_ldap_sasl_wrappi
 static int map_parameter(const char *pszParmName);
 static int map_parameter_canonical(const char *pszParmName, bool *inverse);
-static bool set_boolean(bool *pb, const char *pszParmValue);
 static const char *get_boolean(bool bool_value);
 static int getservicebyname(const char *pszServiceName,
 			    struct service *pserviceDest);
@@ -5532,7 +5531,7 @@ static bool lp_bool(const char *s)
 		return False;
-	if (!set_boolean(&ret,s)) {
+	if (!set_boolean(s, &ret)) {
 		DEBUG(0,("lp_bool(%s): value is not boolean!\n",s));
 		return False;
@@ -6315,48 +6314,12 @@ void show_parameter_list(void)
- Set a boolean variable from the text value stored in the passed string.

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